Malayalam Wedding Gift Hamper Set Of 8

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The traditional Malayalam wedding hamper comes with a gorgeous golden leaf trinket, staying true to the white and golden colour theme of an authentic and traditional Malayalam wedding. The hamper also contains 1 set of green rose tea light holders for the wedding guests and the bride's girlfriends, attending the wedding-themes parties, to celebrate the essence of a traditional South Indian wedding. Not to mention, the wedding hamper comes with 1 shola gajra and 1 pack of mogra aromatic incense cones to add some wonderful fragrance to the traditional wedding festivities.

The wedding hamper completes the entire Malayalam wedding experience by featuring 1 potli bag and 2 types of mouth fresheners or mukhwas as gifts for wedding guests.

Nestip: The golden leaf trinket of the hamper can be used as a table centrepiece to arrange fresh flowers and flower petals.

JNS24A01 - Gold leaf trinket - 15cm L x 9.5cm B
TL39NSI04 - Tea light holder - 8cm D x 2cm H
INC12NSI02 - Mogra aromatic incense cone - 3.5cm H

Colour: Multicolour


Sl. No. Product Name SKU Quantity Price
1 Leaf Trinket Dish JNS24A01 1 600
2 Green Rose Tea Light Holder TL39NSI04 2 265
3 Mogra MOGRA 1 90
4 Mogra incense INC12NSI02 1 145
5 Mouth Freshener (Sp Madrasi)
MU38NSI04 1 50
6 Mouth Freshener (Churi)
MU38NSI02 1 45
7 Potli6 POTLI6 1 245

Total Hamper Value- Rs. 1,440.00
Discounted Hamper Value- Rs. 1,155.00

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