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Bowls are an essential part of dining, and serve multiple purposes, whether it’s to serve side curries, breakfast cereal, or be used as a mixing bowl, or salad bowl. What makes a bowl more utilitarian is the addition of handles and Nestasia has an array of bowls with handles to suit one’s choice and beautifully grace the dinner table. The excellent ceramic bowls with handles are attractive and multipurpose, making them ideal for serving a large as well as a medium portion of both hot and cold dishes. The ceramic bowls with handles may be really useful when baking and also have a stunning appearance when they are on display.

Nestasia has a range of bowls available that feature handles on both side of the bowl that provides ease in carrying the bowl while serving dishes. The bowls also feature lids that keep the dish steaming hot and fresh for a longer duration. These ceramic bowls are also the perfect buddies for baking enthusiasts and the handles enable one to take a good grip on the bowls. Bake dishes like lasagna, pasta, spaghetti, carbonara, and ravioli or bake cakes like banana cakes, blueberry muffins, lemon cake, cheesecake, fruit cake, vanilla cake, and marble cake using our collection. 

The bowls with handles on both sides also comprise cooking pots with lids that are safe to be placed on the flame. The cooking pots also comprise lids to retain the steam and make cooking an easier feat. The ceramic bowls are perfect for cooking daily meals like steamed rice, chicken curry, or some mixed vegetable side dish. The lids also have outlets to let the excess steam out. The glass bowl with handles can be easily referred to as borosil microwave bowl as the glass bowls with handles can be easily placed into the microwave for baking one’s desired dish.

The bowls by Nestasia also have variants featuring long wooden handles as well as ceramic handles on one side. These bowls are the go-to dishes for baking the trending one-bowl dishes. The ceramic bowls with handles are ideal for creating salad mixes like pasta salad or the classic caesar salad. The bowls with a wooden handle aren’t safe to be placed in the microwave but being poor conductors of heat, the ceramic bowls with a wooden handle can make the perfect dish for serving hot food to guests.

The bowls with handles feature colours in both soothing hues as well as in popping colours. The ceramic bowls with handles in colours of pastel pink, blue, grey, and stark white offer a subtle elegance to the table and let the vibrant colours of the cooked dishes be the main highlight of the dining table. The ceramic bowls with handles also come in bright colours of yellow, green, red, orange, and teal and some even feature ornate gold detailings that add a touch of opulence to the table setting.

The Mandala patterned bowls with handles add a traditional touch to the table that also brightens up the ambience. The Mandala patterns feature florals and intertwining vines and leaves that are extremely colourful and make for excellent serveware

The bowls with handles that have been crafted of high-quality ceramic come in varying shapes to suit each individual’s utility. The ceramic bowls come in a cylindrical shape, oval shape, cone shape, and square shapes and even feature quirky abstract shapes. The bowls come in a matte finish as well as a glossy sheen to suit each individual’s aesthetics. The bowls with matte finish add a modern and minimalistic touch to the table and will perfectly suit Oriental cuisines and Japanese cuisines. The Nitori bowls with handles feature contrasting shades of blue and white, red and white, and yellow and white and feature geometric patterns and abstract shapes. The Nitori bowls are the go-to serveware for sushis, sashimis, or for serving noodles and rice. The bowls with handles also feature vibrant nature-themed patterns of leaves and flowers that beautify the table with their addition. Textures of varying styles such are ribbed textures, scalloped textures, honeycomb textures and exquisite floral textures adorn the surface of the ceramic bowl to add a unique depth to the table setting.

With Nestasia, you can get the perfect bowls with handles to make a statement on the table and make serving an enjoyable as well as an easy feat.

Product Name Price
Bowl With Wooden Handle Rs.825
Ice Cream Shape Bowl With Handle 400 ml Rs.725
Bowl with Handle Rs.480
Ceramic Bowl With Handle Black 450 ml Rs.825
Snack Bowl With Handle Nitori Rs.650
Ice Cream Bowl With Handle Vanilla 400 ml Rs.725
Swirl Baking Bowl With Handle Yellow Rs.550