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Preserve your treasured memories in our sleek and stylish photo frame. Our unique and designer photo frames will transform the presentation of your favorite snaps.

Unique Collection of High Quality, Beautiful Photo Frames

Photos aren’t just pictures we decided to click when the moment called for it. Rather, they are a moment in time. Captured whispers of existence. An alchemy of turning our most cherished moments into tangible memories. Therefore, it’s only natural that we would want to display such mementoes around our homes with the help of photo frames. 

They’re the silent sentinels that elegantly encase fleeting moments. But it’s not enough to simply buy any random photo frame and try to incorporate that into our home decor. Rather, photo frames must naturally blend into our existing style of home decor. From the colour palettes and textures of the furniture and soft furnishings we include in our space to the style of decor objects and wall art, the photo frames we choose must align with the overall aesthetic. 

Therefore, having said this, there are a few factors to consider when choosing the first photo frame for yourself. 

Photo Frames in Different Shapes and Sizes 

The first thing to consider when choosing your photo frames is the shapes and sizes, which involves examining the key features of the photos you plan to display. This includes aspects like their actual dimensions, whether they're in landscape or portrait orientation, as well as the type of photo and its significance to you. Nestasia has an array of photo frames in different shapes and sizes. Let’s dig a little deeper into the collection. 

Rectangular Photo Frames:

Square and rectangular photo frames are by far the most versatile shape as they can fit into any interior design style, making them ideal for traditional photo displays or gallery walls. Moreover, if you’re confused about which shape to choose, square and rectangular photo frames are a safe choice.  

Within Nestasia’s collection, find rectangular frames adorned with sleek lines, metallic hues, and intricate nature-inspired motifs, where your treasured moments find a home adorned with modern elegance. 

Round Photo Frames:

Round photo frames offer a unique charm, gently softening the overall appearance of your home decor with their graceful curves and timeless elegance. Their rounded edges add a touch of sophistication and warmth to any space, making them particularly well-suited for vintage and classical interior design styles.

In vintage interior decor, round photo frames bring an aura of elegance and romance reminiscent of the interior design style of that period. They effortlessly complement ornate furnishings, floral patterned cushion covers, and antique vases, adding a whimsical and charming touch to the ambience. 

On the other hand, when incorporated into a classical home decor style, round frames add a sense of balance and harmony to formal spaces. They have a unique ability to soften the sharp angles of traditional furniture pieces and architectural features such as crown mouldings, creating a sense of fluidity and grace.

Nestasia’s round photo frames feature muted colours and floral detailing making them the perfect way to incorporate some vintage flair into your space. 

Oval Photo Frames:

Like round photo frames, oval photo frames also add a delicate softness to our home decor, but with a subtle twist in their graceful curvature. Their elongated shape brings a sense of elegance and sophistication to any space, creating a charming focal point that draws the eye and captures attention. 

Nestasia’s oval photo frame collection features a range of designs that effortlessly blend into different interior designs. Featuring chic vintage designs, metallic finishings, and sleek lines, our collection of oval photo frames adds a touch of timeless beauty to your cherished memories. Explore Nestasia's oval photo frame collection and add a touch of sophistication to your living space today!

Geometric Photo Frames:

Geometric-shaped photo frames bring a modern edge and artistic flair to your home decor, adding a dynamic element that catches the eye and sparks interest. These shapes usually work best for industrial style decor or contemporary interior design styles as they focus on clean, minimalist lines. 

For example, geometric frames complement the raw and utilitarian aesthetic when used in industrial-style interiors. Made from materials like metal, these frames add an urban edge to the decor. Their angular shapes and industrial finishes blend seamlessly with exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and metal accents, creating that modern and edgy atmosphere industrial-style interiors are known for.

Nestasia’s collection of geometric photo frames features muted and bejewelled tones and sleek lines that help you display your pictures in a modern, artistic manner that is full of personality. Explore geometric photo frames online at Nestasia. 

4-Slot Photo Frames:

Sometimes, it’s just not enough to showcase a single photo from a distant memory. Sometimes, we want to showcase as much of the joy and happiness associated with time as possible. That’s where multiple slot photo frames come in. 

They offer a unique way to display multiple memories in a single frame, allowing you to create captivating collages that tell a story or capture a theme. Each slot becomes a window into a different moment, allowing you to relive multiple memories at once. Such photo frames work best for rustic or farmhouse interior design styles. 

Nestasia’s collection of 4-slot photo frames is the perfect way to add a delicate yet whimsical touch to your home decor. With their soft, pastel colours and floral motifs that capture nature's raw beauty, these frames evoke a sense of tranquillity and charm that rustic and farmhouse interior decor is known for. Explore multiple and 4-slot photo frames online at Nestasia. 

Small photo frames: 

Small photo frames are just as precious as our most cherished mementoes. They remind us that even the smallest memories can hold immense significance in our hearts. 

Perfect for smaller spaces or adding to existing decor arrangements, small frames offer beauty without being overwhelming. They fit seamlessly on shelves or side tables, they add a loving warmth to any corner of your home. 

Nestasia’s collection of small photo frames perfectly captures this delicate beauty. Explore small photo frames online at Nestasia. 

Medium photo frames:

Medium-sized photo frames offer a perfect balance between presence and subtlety, allowing us to showcase our memories with elegance and grace. While being large enough to stand out and become focal points in any space, they can also blend into the existing decor and act as accents that elevate the entire decor of any space when styled appropriately. 

Nestasia’s collection of medium photo frames combines style with such functionality, offering the ideal way to showcase your memories with sophistication. Explore medium photo frames online at Nestasia. 

Large photo frames:

Large photo frames make a bold statement, commanding attention and becoming striking focal points in any room. They dominate the space with their grand presence, instantly drawing the eye and becoming centrepieces of your decor. 

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that they are statement decor pieces in their own right, adding depth and personality to your walls. Whether you choose a sleek and modern design or an ornate and vintage style, they become focal points that anchor the entire room's aesthetic. As a result, including them in your home decor should be done selectively. 

Nestasia’s large photo frame collection is a fusion of style and drama that helps you bring a sense of grandeur while displaying your photos. Explore large photo frames online at Nestasia. 

Photo Frames for Every Home Style

The next factor that should be considered when choosing your photo frames is the style of home decor that already exists within your home. For example, if you’re someone who has a minimalistic aesthetic, then opting for loud photo frames, with multiple accents and motifs adorning their exterior would simply look odd. 

Modern Photo Frames:

Modern photo frames tend to focus on clean sleek lines, allowing the attention to solely fall on the photo rather than the frame itself. With their timeless simplicity, modern photo frames effortlessly complement a variety of decor styles, from minimalist and Scandinavian to industrial and urban chic. This makes them versatile accents that enhance the aesthetic of any room.

Vintage Photo Frames:

Vintage photo frames are like windows into the past credited to their intricate designs and ornate details. Such photo frames are often considered works of art as they’re adorned with delicate filigree, embossed patterns, and rich finishes that evoke a sense of timeless elegance and romanticism that was prevalent at the time. 

Such characteristics make vintage photo frames perfect for a few different interior design styles including traditional, shabby chic, eclectic, and bohemian. 

Rustic Photo Frames:

Rustic photo frames are the embodiment of natural charm and rugged elegance, capturing the simplicity and warmth of countryside serenity within their handcrafted designs. These frames exude earthy aesthetics, with textures and finishes that highlight the raw beauty of their materials. 

Furthermore, rustic frames bring a cosy charm to your decor reminiscent of the comfort and tranquillity of a rustic cabin or farmhouse. This makes the photo frame perfect for those trying to achieve a homely and inviting atmosphere that makes any space feel warm and welcoming.

Classic Photo Frames:

Classic photo frame designs are steeped in the elegance and grandeur of ancient traditions as they are usually adorned with intricate details and refined finishes that echo classical antiquity. These frames often feature elegant motifs inspired by classical art such as acanthus leaves and laurel wreaths. Such intricate carvings and gilded touches add a layer of opulence and sophistication that is necessary for the photo frames to truly be considered classic. 

Bohemian Photo Frames:

Bohemian photo frames are often considered to be expressions of art due to their eclectic appeal. Often adorned with intricate patterns, vibrant colours, and a multitude of textures, bohemian photo frames add a sense of free-spirited creativity to a space. 

Bohemian photo frames are ideal for those who embrace an individualistic style, i.e., want something that is one of a kind. This in turn allows you to mix and match photo frames and the type of decor you pair with the frame, ultimately creating a personalised and dynamic display of cherished memories. 

Minimalist Photo Frames:

Like modern photo frames, minimalist photo frames honour the beauty of simplicity through clean lines and unembellished designs allowing your photos to take centre stage. Each photo frame is a study in restraint and embraces the whole ‘where less is truly more’ concept. 

Furthermore, they offer a versatile and enduring aesthetic that can quite literally fit into any interior design style, making them a safe and ever-green option to include in your personal home decor and photo frame collection. 

Industrial Photo Frames: 

Like the interior design itself, industrial photo frames are edgy and focus on the use of metal, sleek lines, and dark tones that add to the utilitarian aesthetic of the interior style. These frames celebrate raw authenticity, showcasing materials in their most natural form. Think weathered wood, exposed metal, and distressed finishes that showcase the beauty of imperfection. 

However, such an aesthetic actually makes industrial photo frames extremely versatile and easy to incorporate into several different interior designs that stray away from the typical industrial, modern contemporary, or glam styles all thanks to their neutral tones and straightforward designs. 

Glam Photo Frames: 

Glam photo frames boast lavish details, featuring shimmering accents like crystals, mirrored surfaces, and metallic finishes. The intricate embellishments add a touch of extravagance, making each frame a statement piece that demands the attention of those who enter the room. 

Quality Materials for Lasting Picture Frames:

Another factor to consider when choosing your photo frames is the materials and the quality of it being used. Different materials create a different vibe and add textures to a space. Therefore, it’s important to consider the materials when choosing your photo frames. Nestasia offers a range of quality materials to choose from. 

Wooden Photo Frames:

When crafted from quality wood, wooden photo frames offer a warm, organic touch that not many other materials can achieve. The rich textures and grains of the wood add depth and character, making each frame unique. Whether finished in a sleek modern polish or a rustic distressed look, wooden photo frames exude timeless elegance and blend seamlessly with any decor style. 

Metal Photo Frames: 

Metal is inherently a durable material known for its strength and longevity, making metal photo frames a timeless choice for preserving your most precious memories. The sleek lines and metallic sheen of metal frames add a touch of contemporary elegance to any space, while their durability ensures that your photos are protected for years to come, especially if crafted from metals such as stainless steel, brass, or aluminium. 

Glass Photo Frames:

Glass photo frames are probably the most elegant option of materials to choose from. Crafted from quality glass, these frames offer a pristine showcase for your photos while providing durability and clarity. The transparent nature of glass allows your photos to shine, enhancing their colours and details with unmatched clarity. 

But above all, glass photo frames create a lightness and openness that create an elegant ensemble, making them irresistible and a popular choice to include in home decor. 

Acrylic Photo Frames:

Acrylic photo frames have a more modern appeal to them that combines sleekness with durability. Lightweight yet sturdy, acrylic frames are resistant to shattering and discolouration, ensuring your memories are preserved beautifully over time. Whether in minimalist designs or bold shapes, acrylic frames add a touch of sophistication and modernity to your decor. 

Functional Photo Frames with beautiful Designs

Wall-Mounted Photo Frames:

More often than not, we overlook decorating our walls as we can’t find the right wall decor or art that connects with us on a deeper level. That’s where the beauty of wall-mounted photo frames comes in. With the ability to turn bare walls into captivating galleries of life and love, hanging photo frames make us wander, pause, and reminisce over the captured fragments of time within, making them essential to our home decor. 

Nestasia’s wall-mounted photo frame collection enhances the room's ambiance with an aura of refined grace. Featuring sweet, soft peachy hues, floral motifs, bird ornaments, these hanging photo frames are sure to help you cast a glow of nostalgia and beauty. 

Table Top Photo Frames:

Tabletop photo frames are often seen as the most intimate type of photo frames because they can be placed on our desks, bedside tables, vanities, and other personal spaces where these cherished memories are displayed exclusively for our own enjoyment. 

But while they are portals into our past, they also serve as decor pieces that completely change the vibe of the room with an elegant warmth. 

Nestasia’s collection of free standing collection is extensive ensuring everyone can find the perfect photo frames that seamlessly blend into any and every interior design. Explores table top photo frames online at Nestasia. 

Portrait and Landscape Orientations:

Mixing and matching portrait and landscape photo frames creates a dynamic visual rhythm that adds depth and intrigue to any display. This thoughtful juxtaposition not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also invites the viewer to explore each frame individually, appreciating the unique stories and emotions captured within. At Nestasia, you can find portrait and landscape photo frames of all colours, designs, and sizes. 

Photo Frames Perfect for Every Occasion: 

Another aspect that you should consider when buying a photo frame is the occasion it’s for. Let’s dig a little deeper to get more clarity into the statement. 

Wedding Photo Frames: 

Wedding photo frames are crafted to be as elegant and delicate as the memories they encase. They often feature sleek, clean lines, intricate details such as ornate filigree, delicate floral motifs, or shimmering accents that evoke the timeless beauty of a wedding day. 

Whether displaying a single iconic moment or a collage of memories from the special day, anniversary photo frames and wedding photo frames serve as exquisite keepsakes that capture the joy, romance, and promises of a lifelong journey together.

Nestasia’s collection of wedding photo frames and anniversary photo frames perfectly captures such elegance through pastel and bejeweled tones, delicately sleek frame structures, and intricate details. Explore wedding photo frames online at Nestasia. 

Baby Photo Frames:

Baby shower photo frames capture the joy and anticipation surrounding the imminent arrival of a new baby, infusing the occasion with warmth and tenderness. These frames are often adorned with playful designs such as animal accents or whimsical florals, reflecting the cheerful atmosphere of the celebration. 

The design of baby shower photo frames is imbued with sentimentality, making them both decorative accents and meaningful memorabilias. Nestasia’s collection of baby photo frames perfectly capture these qualities. With pastel tones that add a jovial essence to the frame and daisy motifs that showcase the delicateness of the occasion, you’re bound to find something that you love. 

Family Photo Frames: 

Family photo frames are crafted to celebrate the bonds and memories shared among loved ones, creating a cohesive and heartwarming display that honors the richness of family life. These frames often feature classic designs with timeless elegance and are crafted from materials such as wood or metal to bring a touch of warmth to the space. 

Furthermore, family photo frames tend to feature simplistic designs as families love to create collages with them. As a result, when styled together, it creates a visually intriguing ensemble that truly relies on the whole concept of “the beauty behind simplicity”. Anything with intricate, avant grade designs would become overwhelming for both the space and eye. 

Enhance Any Space or Interiors with Nestasia’s Photo Frames

The final aspect that you should consider is where the photo frame would be placed in your home. Every space and room requires different types of photo frames that contribute to the overall ambience created within that specific space. 

Living Room Photo Frames:

The living room is the heart of the house. It’s a place where conversations are never ending and laughter is louder than ever, ultimately creating the best of memories. Therefore, when you’re choosing photo frames that will be placed in your living room, it should strike a delicate balance of style, sentiment, and harmony with the existing decor.

For example, the size of the frames should be proportional to the wall space available, ensuring they neither overwhelm nor get lost in the arrangement. Similarly, you should opt for materials that are either an extension of existing materials and textures within the space, or contrast them. For example, wooden frame often complement traditional photo frames while metal ones add a contemporary touch. 

Remember, opting for frames that complement the overall aesthetic of the space is key.

Bedroom Photo Frames:  

The photos that we display in our bedrooms tend to be far more personal than the rest we display around our homes. Therefore, when selecting photo frames for the bedroom, consider both aesthetic appeal and emotional resonance.

However, the best part about bedroom photo frames is that you can be wild or muted as you want. You can choose frames that feature metallic crowns, for example, adding a regal yet whimsical feel to the room. 

But really the deciding foctor is the placement of the photo frame within the bedroom. For example, if placed on your bedside table, opt for small photo frames. Whereas, large photo frames would look best as wall-mounted photo frames. 

Office Photo Frames: 

Office photo frames are personal touches that can inspire, motivate, and add a sense of individuality to the workspace.However, when choosing office photo frames, it’s important to remember that we are decorating a professional setting rather than a personal one. Therefore, our choices must reflect this as such. 

Having said this, the golden rule to follow that will never let you down is opting for photo frames that complement the overall decor of the office. For example, modern contemporary interior styles, opt for metallic finishes or simple black and white photo frames. Furthermore, be wary of the size of your photo frames. Opt for small photo frames or medium photo frames as you don’t want it to take up too much space or draw too much attention. 

Hallway Photo Frames: 

Hallway photo frames are best when displayed as wall-mounted photo frames as they act as a visually guide into a person’s life. Therefore, when choosing hallway photo frames they must be simple enough to ensure the photo takes centre stage, but have the ability to be aesthetically impactful. 

When choosing hallway photo frames, you begin with the fundamentals, i.e., the interior design style. Whether it's modern, traditional, or eclectic, select photo frames that enhance the existing colour scheme and materials. For instance, sleek metallic frames can add a contemporary touch, while rustic wooden frames can enhance a more vintage or country-inspired hallway.

Another aspect to consider when choosing hallway photo frames are the size and arrangement of the frames to make the most of the hallway space. Create a cohesive display by using frames of similar styles or sizes, or mix different sizes and orientations for a more eclectic look. Pay attention to spacing and alignment to ensure a balanced and visually appealing presentation along the hallway walls. 

FAQs About Photo Frames

How can I keep my photo frames clean and well-maintained?

Cleaning your photo frames is relatively easy and straightforward. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you keep your photo frames clean and well-maintained. 

  1. Regularly use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth to remove any dust from the frame with ease. 
  2. To maintain it’s crystal clear appearance, you can use a glass or window cleaner to wipe down the glass part of the frame. 
  3. If you need to store frames, wrap them in bubble wrap or soft cloth and place them in a sturdy box.
  4. Periodically check the frames for any signs of damage, loose backing, or mold.

Where can I place my photo frames?

You can place your photo frames anywhere in your home, but finding the perfect spot for each frame requires considering its specific attributes. Factors such as the photo frame's size, the surrounding decor, and whether it can be wall-mounted or is a free-standing photo frame are all important to think about before deciding on a location.

For instance, placing a large photo frame on a mantle cluttered with small trinkets can create an unbalanced and awkward look. Similarly, a small frame might get lost on a large, empty wall. Therefore, it's crucial to match the photo frame's size and style with its surroundings to enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.

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