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    Gardening is hope, joy, and beauty, all rolled into one. Something as simple as planting a seed, nurturing it, and watching the greens flourish, is fascinating and awe-inspiring. To help a seasonal gardener and inspire a budding one, Nestasia has ceramic planters, glass planters to house those greens. And if natural plants don’t thrive (due to the lack of sunlight) in one’s interiors, faux florals, and leaves, with an uncanny resemblance to their natural inspirers, are the go-to options.

    Faux florals crafted with PU Silk and requiring minimal dusting, feature soothing as well as vibrant shades to adorn the interior to ‘Make Home Special’. Nestasia’s range of artificial flowers is a fantastic way to add some greenery and liveliness to the decor. There are various ways to utilize artificial plants, from little succulents to stems of flowers and leaves, to make the house look fuller, fresher, and brighter. One of the primary reasons one may opt for artificial flowers is that they don't have to worry about them being maintained, whether it’s daily watering or potting them; instead, one can just sit back and admire the colorful plethora of artificial blooms. One can choose their favorite artificial flower without worrying about a particular season to get the natural ones. Artificial flowers are also the ideal option for those suffering from hay fever and pollen allergies. Hydrangeas, roses, chrysanthemums, peonies, orchids, camellias, cherry blossoms, daisies, tulips, lavenders, lilies, sunflowers, anthuriums, and more are the assorted faux florals that have been designed with expertise to brighten the dull and drab corners.

    If planting natural greens is one’s forte, they may opt for Nestasia’s exquisite range of planters that feature water outlets. At the same time, several planters and pots also comprise trays to ensure that excess water from the soil does not spill through the outlet at the planter’s base. The ceramic planters with trays are a great option for planting indoor plants to bring the serenity and beauty that nature provides, into one’s home. The planters are available in various patterns to suit all themes of interiors, be it modern or minimalist, Scandinavian or traditional.

    The planters by Nestasia are each unique in their aesthetic and have been carefully crafted keeping in mind what will beautify one’s indoor space and garden. The planters with textured floral motifs radiate a traditional aura with their earthenware appeal and ethnic designs to grace homes. Lustrous gold abstract patterns adorn the surface of opulent planters that add a luxe element to the home’s decor. The monochromatic styled planters with their sleek finish make the perfect addition to a modern home or a minimalistic styled corner. The planters with stands add an elevated look to the decor and highlight the natural or artificial plants that may adorn the planter. The metallic sheen of the stands adds an element of lavishness to the space, making the planters with stands, the perfect centerpiece of the table. 

    Planters featuring adorable shapes and designs like those of foxes, owls, hedgehogs, and elephants add a whimsical touch to the decor and are a great gifting option as well. Nestasia’s assorted planters, each with their own unique appeal, set a style statement and define the interior. The ceramic planters are available in varying sizes that one can place either in their garden, on the terrace, balcony, workstation, mantle top, or whichever area one wants the planters to be the highlight of. With the unique patterns and textures of planters, one has the option not only to house their greens but to decorate their home to be a haven of beauty.

    Whatever be the reason or aim for creating a garden at home, a real gardener would never deny that gardening involves active involvement, patience, care, and love and that it is sometimes a labor-intensive task. There are various garden tools that will make managing the small personalized garden in one’s house easier and more pleasant. Nestasia has the availability of garden tools just for that. Gardening requires the use of a digging shovel. Many chores need the use of a curved blade shovel, including digging holes for planting succulents and shrubs, turning over compacted soil in beds, and transferring soil and organic compost from one location to another. Garden trowels are used to dig up smaller portions of soil and to plant small plants such as herbs, cacti, and shrubs. The grubber is a basic yet essential instrument for leveling and spreading materials such as dirt. It can be used to loosen the soil around the base of the plant and also for removing the extra weeds.

    Liven up the spirit of all those who step into your abode with the addition of beaming lively florals and make gardening an easy feat, all with the help of Nestasia.