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Vases nowadays are personality and artistic expressions that inspire eccentric decorations, ranging from the amorous to the art nouveau. There is no doubt about it: floristry has never been more versatile or creative. Credits for the flower curating shift can be offered to Nestasia, given its wide variety of vases and flower pots. The organization extends its welcome to all the curators to this paradise of faux flowers and their perfectly suitable homes- vases. 

Vases and flower pots are not just meant to be kept at home, but at the office too! Beautiful flowers revitalize the ambiance and the office in addition to adding color to one’s lifestyle. Artistic, foxy flower vases can be adorned with flowers to brighten, embellish, and decorate the overall home decor. Here, we call Nestasia, ‘the one stop destination for the vases and flowers’. A gorgeous flower vase is believed to be the ultimate décor element for a house or workplace since it brings out the natural beauty of flowers.

Who would have guessed that a flower vase could perform as a necessary piece of décor?

The truth is that you can make your humble abode or workspace appear more enchanting and modish using vases. The gracious and imaginatively made flower vases that are available at Nestasia’s online store can be put to use to enrich the space. 

However, with a great range of choices comes a great deal of confusion about what to choose over the other because just everything seems so gorgeous. Not only are the vases at Nestasia sculpted in various sizes, but are molded in kaleidoscopic styles. Table vases, floor vases, wall vases- these are debossed into glass vases, metal vases, resin vases, wooden vases, stone vases, and ceramic vases and are styled in Scandinavian, Nordic, and rustic styles. These vases' appealing curves will tempt everybody to compose combinations of wildflowers, stems, or a singular bloom; bulbous vases with thin necks don't require a flashy arrangement; every single component stands out on its own. Surprise! Surprise! Nestasia possesses exactly what’s going in your mind after reading it- so why not check out our collection?

Although lilies, roses, sunflowers, and tulips, with a tiny bit of eucalyptus charm, have become quite popular on social media, at least some of their success can be attributed to using them alone in Nestasia’s novel sorts of vases. Popular pastel and concealer tones complement green foliage very well, which is why this color trends in vases.

The forms and patterns of Nestasia’s vases are also quite essential. As opposed to conventional bowl-shaped flower vases, cylindrical and bottle-shaped vases are popular options for workplaces. The ideal places to keep flower vases are on tabletops, desks, cabinets, and bookshelves because they make excellent centerpieces. Splendidly colored flower pots can diminish the blooms' beauty. Therefore, it is preferable to use vases with soft or light hues to enhance the attractiveness of the flowers. 

Glass vases have been in fashion for ages. Even in larger sizes and more vibrant colors, Netsasia’s glass vases have such a light appearance due to their porosity. They give a place a serene, unfettered air of flair. Glass is a material that provides artists and designers with a plethora of creative options. Traditional spherical and bottleneck vases are still there, along with uniquely glassblower-created forms that boldly display their abilities. Color progressions, multicolored glass, and an antique appearance with air bubbles are other trendy styles.

When talking about styles, let’s dive into one of the three mentioned above. Scandinavian vases are Nestasia’s personal (biased, yes!) favorite pick, the sole reason being their austere and superb craftsmanship- the hallmarks of Scandinavian design. Therefore, less is always more when it comes to accessorizing with creative touches. The layout of Scandinavian vases is strongly tied to the concept of minimalism since it aims to create a space with simplicity, and that’s what Nestasia delivers. Any Scandinavian decor's fundamental color scheme is mostly made up of shades of grey, white, brown, black, and a burst of vibrancy. Light-colored walls create a simple and airy atmosphere by letting the furniture and knick-knacks stand out.

Fresh flowers and foliage can add the finishing touches of elegance to any house, expanding the frontiers of minimalist design beyond bare furniture and stark empty spaces. Greenery is a must-have in any Scandinavian home since it adds a touch of nature and has numerous health advantages. Plants symbolize the fresh and maximal essence of nature as well as the spirit of grandeur that distinguishes botanical opulence, adding the ideal amount of color pop to an otherwise bland space. It’s amazing how Nestasia’s Scandinavian vases complement a Scandinavian home decor seamlessly! An earthy planter or vase can be effectively used to accentuate the beauty of these new plants.

Flowers have the power to perform marvels, revive a weary soul, and rejuvenate one from within. It is fair to say that the vases and flowers will add grace and refinement to your spaces and will appeal to anybody with a natural affinity for beauty. Enhance the sight of the home décor with flower vases available at Nestasia, which will display the delicate little flowers, and gratify your soul. Believe in the power of a bouquet of flowers that may completely change your home's vibe and ambiance.

When it comes to creating a home garden, a gardening enthusiast can’t avoid buying a flower vase online. It’s easier to buy vases online because gardeners can avoid visiting from shop to shop to choose the best flower vase. Another reason to purchase online vases is to browse through different products and compare their prices before choosing the best pick. Nestasia offers a wide range of flower vases, including ceramic, glass, and decorative vases, which can be used as traditional flower pots as well as home decor vases. Whether it’s to decorate the living room or keep the home garden fancy and tidy, at Nestasia, there’s a modern flower vase pot suitable for every purpose. 

Choosing the right flower vase forliving room can be critical for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and interior decor of the room. It’s essential to select a perfect vase to enhance the natural beauty of a fresh bouquet of flowers and make the blooms look like statement pieces. The best way to do that is to carefully examine and consider the texture, design, and material of the decorative flower vase before purchasing it, especially when looking for a flower vase online

Furthermore, different blooms will usually require different styles of vases to show off their unique colours and natural beauty. A glass flower vase can be ideal to create a stunning reflective surface for the flowers in a living room. Choosing a selection of decorative vases made of coloured glass can be an excellent way to display various flowers as the centerpieces of the living room to spruce the room decor. It’s best to use a transparent and long-necked glass vase for flowers like larkspur or delphiniums, to make the blooms clearly visible so that their vibrant colours can speak for themselves. 

On the other hand, a ceramic flower vase might be more appropriate while decorating a mantelpiece. Nestasia offers an exclusive collection of ceramic decorative vases for an artful display of various designs and textures to enhance the mantle decor of any room. Even though a ceramic vase can be used as an attractive permanent display on a mantelpiece, filling it with a few single stems of seasonal flowers can add a splash of fresh colours to liven up the space. Moreover, Nestasia has a collection of tall ceramic vases, which can be gorgeous decor items for the living room and can work quite well with any modern decor ideas to add a rustic appeal to the room. 

Not only living rooms, but decorative vases can also help in amping up the aesthetic appeal of an old bookshelf. To decorate shelves, textured ceramic vases with bold colours can be the best choice because they can make even a plain bookshelf look vibrant and artsy. Nestasia also offers textured hollow flower pots, which can be perfect to add a unique, abstract look to an old bookshelf. However, it’s best to paint the shelves in neutral and muted tones while using ceramic vases with bold colours to maintain a pleasing colour contrast. This way, the colours of the vases will stand out prominently without competing with the colour of the shelves, improving the room’s visual appeal.

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to adding floral displays to a living room. In fact, a small flower vase or a bud vase can be more effective than a large decorative vase to highlight each bloom. Using a cluster of small flower vases can be ideal for elegant and sophisticated table designs. Bud vases can go a long way for displaying mini bunches of single stems while decorating a dinner table. Nestasia’s small flower pots are available in different colours and designs suitable for creating impactful floral displays in a dining room. 

In contrast, decorating a living room with a few leafy branches and long-stemmed flowers can be best done using a narrow-necked flower vase. Nestasia has quite a collection of long, narrow-necked vases of glass and ceramic with abstract designs to add an artistic flair to any room decor. In this context, a long, tinted glass flower vase can be perfect to accent colourful blooms or heighten the beauty of ordinary wild flowers. Place a few tinted glass vases on the windowsill and watch them shine like stunning jewels in the sunlight, thanks to their colourful, reflective surface. 

When it comes to decorating a coffee table or sideboard in the living room, pairing different decorative vases can produce the best results. Pair a small modern flower vase having a ribbed texture with a narrow-necked, long vintage vase to create a dynamic visual effect to spruce up a monotonous living room decor. Using flower pots having contrasting colours can also be effective in creating an eye-pleasing floral display without being too over the top while bringing some life into the room. 

Most people like to include colourful and bold, decorative flowers, like dahlias or long-stemmed roses, in their floral displays. But they often disregard the simple fact that arranging a bunch of such vibrant flowers in a single flower vase pot can be quite overpowering and ruin the entire look of a room by competing with the rest of the decor items. To avoid such a decor conundrum, it’s best to arrange these flowers in a series of long and narrow-necked vintage flower pots. Nestasia’s ceramic flower vases with cool, neutral tones can be excellent for showing off the vibrant colours of these decorative flowers without making the floral display excessively bold or overpowering. 

Even though fresh flowers are the most common choice for floral displays, they have a limited lifespan and wither away pretty fast. That’s why decorating with dried flowers is a better option when creating a permanent floral display in the living room. Since the stems of dried flowers can look a bit messy, it’s best to use opaque ceramic flower pots to hide the stems. Moreover, dried flowers are mostly arranged in large bunches, which can make their stems appear even more haphazard and disorganised. That’s why opaque or colored glass flower vases are the most preferred vase options to arrange dried flowers. Vintage home decor vases featuring solid colours can also be excellent in highlighting the beauty of dried blooms. 

Beside vintage flower vases, sculptural vases can also work well in adding some interesting visual element to an empty living room corner. Nestasia offers a series of sculptural vases in several colours, textures, and designs to brighten up any living room decor. Not just vintage ceramic and glass vases, Nestasia also has a variety of tube flower vases with wood or metal frames to decorate small tables or walls. These unique flower pots offer a minimalistic chic vibe that’s ideal for decorating small spaces, like work desks and side tables, by arranging single stems of blooms. Since these tube vases come encased in a metal or wooden frame, they can be easily hung on the walls for a laid-back and modern room decor. 

When talking about contemporary and quirky home decor ideas, Nestasia’s metal flower vase shells need a special mention because of their unique design making them look like a modern abstract art piece. These flower pots look like line drawings and offer an interesting visual appeal with single flower stalks. 

Get ready to redecorate your home by adding some floral elements using these stunning home decor vases from Nestasia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which floral decor items are the best for home decor?

Floral decor items by Nestasia come in a wide variety of colours, types, and sizes. Artificial floral decor items are the best options for home decor due to their permanency and ease of maintenance. The artificial flowers can be easily dusted and continue to maintain their vibrant colours, unlike natural flowers that dry soon. The floral decor items can be placed in our wide range of glass flower vases and ceramic vases.

2. What planters are best for the outdoors?

The ceramic planters by Nestasia are the best option for placing your plants outdoor. Our ceramic planters come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, while some planters also feature coasters and stands for better functionality. The planters feature a smooth finish that ensures that there are no chips and cracks on the surface due to the external exposure.

3. Will a ceramic planter crack in the cold?

Our ceramic planters have drainage holes, as a result of which the excess water drains out. Hence, there's no chance of the water in the ceramic planter freezing, expanding, and then leading the ceramic planter to crack. It's also important to keep ceramic planters that are glazed, to be placed outside during winters, as there'll be lesser chances of the ceramic planter cracking.

4. How do you use a ceramic planter?

Ceramic planters are ideal for growing indoor plants and can also be placed on the balcony or patio. The planters with drainage holes are perfect for housing the natural greens so that excess water drains out. To use a ceramic planter, fill the bed of the ceramic planter with soil, place the plant and fill the rest of the surrounding space with fertilizer-mixed soil.

5. How do you know what size planter you need?

Make sure the pot you choose for a new plant includes drainage holes and provides ample space for the plant to grow and its roots to expand. Get a planter that is at least an inch wider than the diameter of the root mass of your plant. If you anticipate your plant to grow quickly, use a planter that is up to four inches wider.

6. What is the difference between indoor plant pots and outdoor plant pots?

Outdoor pots should have at least one drainage hole to ensure water can run freely through the soil and the excess water can go out the bottom. Indoor plant pots will generally not have a drainage hole, and if they do, the planters will consist of a wooden coaster, ensuring that water doesn't spill on the surface.

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