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Baby bowls can help facilitate the development of motor skills while eating. Bright and colorful bowls, cups, and spoons can make your baby more interested and excited about the food. Our baby feeding bowls come in exciting colors with a suction pad at the base to make the meal more enjoyable and less messy. Our suction bowls work great to avoid any spills and mess during weaning. It also helps your baby to feed itself with our baby-friendly feeding essentials. So let your baby push their fingers or feeding spoon against the bowl to scoop some yummy food.

Our collection of baby bowls and cups are made of 100% stainless steel interiors and PET exteriors which are double-walled to keep the food warm for a long time. The entire collection is made leak-proof, so you can store and carry your baby bowls and cups without worrying about spillage. The lid of the bowls and cups is made airtight, and it also has a steam release cap for cooling food. Both the bowls and cups are provided with cute handles to easily carry them on the go. 

Baby spoons are also made in stainless steel with an easy-feeding design suitable for kids and toddlers. The handle is coated with smoothly designed PET material for better gripping and to avoid getting it heated.

Shape and Size

At Nestasia, we always try to bring the best out of everything. Likewise, our baby feeding bowls come in different shapes and sizes with a lid. Our categories of products range from babies to toddlers. For your convenience, all the capacities are mentioned so you can get the right size of the bowls according to your need and can choose from small, medium, or large sizes. Besides, we have different shapes of circular bowls, tall cups, and feeding spoons with cute miniature patterns to attract the kids. 

The stainless steel baby bowl, baby feeding spoon, and baby milk cup are must-have baby feeding essentials for a mess-free, safe, and memorable weaning experience for you and your little munchkin. 

Colors and Patterns

Nestasia believes in adding more colors to your life, which is why we have come up with several color options for your little ones. You will find the best baby bowls, cups, and spoons here and colorful options, including red, blue, yellow, pink, white, and orange, all with different designs and patterns like whale patterns, cartoon prints, and animal prints. Such prints are specifically made for kids to make their meals enjoyable. 

The lid and handle of the bowls and cups are designed in fish or whale tail shape, while some are simple double handles for easy gripping. The designs of the bowls and cups and their easiness make them the best buy for your kids. The baby bowls and spoons are an ideal feeding companion for your baby.


We offer several bowls with lids, cups with lids, and spoons for babies. They are available in several colors, sizes, patterns, and designs. Each of the products is provided with handles for easy holding and serving. We also have bowls with an airtight silicone lid and two water chambers on the sides to pour in warm water to keep the food content warm. The suction baby bowls will hold them in one place, so babies can enjoy their meal with reduced spills, and the silicon suction base can be easily removed for cleaning. 

You can buy the same patterns of different sizes of bowls, cups, and spoons to make a complete feeding set for your baby. You don’t have to worry about safety while feeding as stainless steel is safe-to-use for babies. You can also combine the bowls and spoons to make the best baby bowls and spoons set.


You can serve all types of meals to your babies in our stainless steel baby feeding bowls like porridge, stews, veggies, pureed fruits, vegetables, meat, cerelac, and so on, while the baby cup can be used to serve water, milk, soups, juices, etc. The handles are easy to grip so even your toddlers can hold and carry them. The stream release cap helps in fast cooling of the food, and if closed, warm meals will remain warm for a long time. So let your baby have your deliciously homemade meal whenever and wherever.


Nestasia offers a wide range of baby products with the pricing as per the quality we provide, which also matches different budget requirements. Our kids-friendly range of feeding essentials is durable, safe, and long-lasting, and we promise it will be worth every penny you invest.