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The perfect partner for a snack-time fest, Nestasia’s range of dip bowls is the zing that those nibbles need. The ideal snack-dip pair can be a game-changer during high tea or soirees. Those savory nachos or potato wedges deserve the perfect creamy, spicy, or tangy dip. The party people, you will understand this the most, isn’t it? How can a party go without exotic dips and only chips? To aid with this, our range of dipping sauce bowls is the perfect solution as their vibrant colors and patterns elevate the platter and the table in totality. 

Our dip bowls are available with and without handles, each excelling in its aesthetic. The small bowls for dips with handles are available in an assortment of hues, ensuring easy grip, while also making the serving of warm accompaniments oh-so-easy. The dip bowls are available in a range of vibrant colors and pastel hues which will stand out on any table, whether it's a dining table or a coffee table. The monochrome-colored chip and dip bowls may be easily paired with contrasting snack plates and platters to create an elevated and elaborative setting.

The sectioned dip bowls have a bonus slot for placing one’s snack of choice. It provides ease of consuming fritters and munchies while relaxing due to the compact designs. The small bowls have patterns ranging from polka dots, florals, and several natural elements to provide a traditional touch to the tablescape. They are available in shape variations of geometrical, scalloped, natural, and abstract. The mini bowls are manufactured with premium non-chipping ceramic, stainless steel, and stoneware. The dip bowls have a sleek construction which also offers ease in cleaning. Our range of dip bowls includes glass bowls in round and floral shapes to perfectly pair with dinner sets on the occasions of a housewarming, anniversary, birthday, wedding, trousseau, and other festivities like Christmas and Diwali. 

Sauces paired with snacks, mayonnaise for fries, hummus or beetroot dip for lavash and pita, Schezwan sauce or chili oil for dumplings, wasabi for sushi, pesto dip for toast, jalapeno or salsa dips for nachos and quesadillas, creamy cheese and mayo dip to make veggies more delightful, traditional spinach dip to pair with some crispy breadsticks, can all be served in our dip bowls. In the bowls, seasonings like parsley, oregano, chili flakes, rosemary, and other herbs and spices can be offered. 

These cost-effective products are created with the goal of meeting every culinary requirement while making the snack-time experience an enjoyable feat. If you think dip bowls are just for dips, my friend, you are making a big mistake. So, let me tell you that the dip bowls can be used to store small stationery items like paper clips, erasers, sharpeners, etc. They can also be used as a place for keeping your medicines right beside the bed. You can also buy different types of bowls and create a dip tray rainbow of them all, and gift them to your dear friends, family, and relatives. It’s bound to make them happy every time they look at them.

Product Name Price
Dainty Patterned Dip Bowl 100 ml Rs.190
Carmella Floral Round Dip Bowl 100 ml Rs.185
Eclectic Stoneware Dip Bowl Grey 50 ml Rs.295
Pebble Glazed Dip Bowl With Chopsticks Rest Rs.190
Galaxy Stone Pottery Dip Bowl With Chopsticks Rest Rs.190
Sapphire Ceramic Dip Bowl With Chopstick Rest Rs.179
Galaxy Stone Pottery Dip Bowl Charcoal Black 50ml Rs.245