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The search for cute gifts and thoughtful gifts for all occasions is over. Nestasia's gifts section caters to all events like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Diwali gifts, Rakshabandhan gifts, Christmas Gifts and more!


1. Can I put a votive candle in a tea light holder?

Votive candles burn for a longer period of time than tea lights because of their larger size and usually come in a candle jar of their own. However, the diameter of tea lights and votives is roughly similar due to which both tea lights and votives can simply be placed in the tea light holder. However, you need to be careful as the wax may stain the tealight holders, hence, it's advisable to keep the votive for a shorter duration in a tealight holder.

2. What to include in Diwali hampers?

For the foodies, include snacks like makhanas or nuts with the Diwali hamper. If you know a coffee connoisseur, coffee mugs or our drip coffee makers and filters can be included with the gift hamper. We also have hampers with skincare essentials while Diwali hampers have also been specially assorted for tea lovers with cups and flavoured tea leaves.

3. What are the different types of wall hanging?

Wall hangings are a great way of sprucing up the home interior by placing pieces of wall art that resonate with your aesthetic. Nestasia has different types of wall hangings that you can display in your home. We have tapestries, mirrors, and photo frames in different shapes and sizes, handcrafted Sabai wall plates, multifunctional wall shelves, and wall hooks that are utilitarian as well as decorative. Our mandala trivets and coasters can also double up as wall hangings.

4. How to choose a travel kit set?

Efficient packing is always the target when travelling. Travel kits are convenient while allowing the proper organisation of essentials. You might want to look at kits that fit requirements in terms of size, weight, and material. Our travel kits are small, compact, and lightweight and are therefore simple to tuck into one's luggage. Our travel kits comprise bags of different sizes and are available in materials of velvet, satin, and vegan leather.

5. What kind of soap do you use in a soap dispenser?

Regular handwash liquid soap can be poured into our soap dispensers for daily use. Liquid hand soap is a more convenient and hygienic way of washing hands than a soap bar. You can use almost any type of liquid soap from the shelf with Nestasia's pump ceramic soap dispenser. You can also put liquid dishwasher soap in the soap dispenser for using in the kitchen.