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Gifts For Mom
Cherish the warm and nurturing spirit of motherhood with our exquisite collection of useful gifts for moms. Our presents for Mom will convey your lifelong gratitude and appreciation.

Gifts for Mom

Shower your mom with presents - Meaningful gifts for Mom

Welcome to Nestasia's exquisite "Gifts For Mom" collection, where we celebrate the unending love and warmth of mothers. Our home decor and lifestyle brand has curated a selection that resonates with every sentiment you hold for her. From useful presents for mom to luxury gifts that epitomize your appreciation, we offer a diverse range that captures the essence of your relationship. 

Whether you want to gift your mom gorgeous home accessories, home decor items, kitchenware, bags and accessories, dinner sets, or home furnishings - we’ve got it all in this collection. Discover the perfect gift for mummy, blending practicality and elegance seamlessly. Explore our array of unique gifts for mom online, each thoughtfully chosen to reflect her individuality. 

Whether it's small yet meaningful gestures or indulgent tokens of affection, our collection features the best of both worlds. Experience the joy of giving with Nestasia's affordable luxury gifts for mom, designed to make her feel cherished and adored. Elevate your expression of gratitude with us and find the ideal gift she truly deserves.

Perfect Presents for Mom - Explore Best Gifts for Mom for Different Occasions

Mother's Day Gift Items

Discover a world of heartfelt gifts in our unique collection for Mother's Day gifting for the boss lady in the house. Nestasia proudly presents an exquisite array of presents for mom, honouring the unique bond you share, to make your mom feel super special on Mother’s Day. Choose from charming photo frames that capture timeless moments, luxurious scarves that envelop her in warmth, and versatile tote bags for her daily adventures. 

Infuse her space with love through scented candles and stylish cushion covers. Our collection also boasts elegant coffee mugs, practical makeup pouches, and functional organizers to make her life easier. Elevate her living space with indoor planters and an array of home accessories. With these thoughtful and unique gifts for mom online, celebrate her with small yet significant gestures. Discover the joy of gifting affordable luxury gifts for mom, curated to perfection.

Women’s Day Gift Items

Celebrate the superwoman that is your mom on Women's Day with our thoughtfully curated collection of gifts. Show your appreciation with presents designed to make her feel cherished and loved. Choose from elegant photo frames, versatile tote bags, and soothing scented candles that bring warmth to her space. 

Our selection also includes stylish coffee mugs, practical makeup pouches, and travel kits for her on-the-go needs. Spruce up her surroundings with wall art, and pamper her with luxurious bath sets. Discover exquisite jewellery boxes and a range of beauty accessories that reflect her unique style. These unique gifts for mom online are small gestures with a big meaning, allowing you to give her affordable luxury gifts that she truly deserves.

Birthday Gift Items For Mom

Make your mom's birthday truly memorable with our exquisite collection of gifts that express your love and admiration. Celebrate her with presents that speak to her uniqueness and grace. Choose from our carefully curated assortment, including sentimental photo frames, elegant vases, and versatile tote bags. Fill her world with warmth through scented candles and stylish scarves. 

Our collection also features charming coffee mugs, handy makeup pouches, duffel bags, and travel organizers for her convenience. Decorate her space with wall art, indulge her senses with bathroom accessories, and adorn her with jewellery boxes and beauty accessories. These unique gifts for mom online encompass profound affection, whether you are looking for affordable luxury gifts for mom or unique and small gifts for mom within budget.

Anniversary Gifts For Mom

Discover an exquisite collection of anniversary gift items for mom at Nestasia. Show your love with elegant and useful gifts for mom that include photo frames, vases, scarves, tote bags, scented candles, coffee mug sets, makeup pouches, travel kits, wall art, bath sets, jewellery boxes, and indoor planters.

Our curated selection offers the best gifts for mummy, combining usefulness and luxury. Choose from unique gifts for mom online, including small gifts for mom as well as affordable luxury gifts for mom. Celebrate with Nestasia, where every item is designed to express your appreciation for the most special woman in your life.

Explore home decor and gift items available at Nestasia

Home Decor Items

Explore Nestasia's exquisite collection of gifting items and elevate your home decor with our curated selection. Discover a symphony of decor objects, wall art that breathes life into your spaces, enchanting mirrors that reflect your style, and furniture that marries form and function seamlessly. 

Illuminate your surroundings with our captivating lamps, and add a touch of nature with our elegant vases and planters. Immerse yourself in a world of aesthetics and choose from an array of home accessories that redefine your lifestyle. Transform your house into a haven of artful living with Nestasia's thoughtfully crafted home decor items.

Bags and Pouches

Discover the perfect fusion of style and functionality with Nestasia's curated collection of gifting items. Level up your gifting game with our diverse range of bags and pouches. From sleek laptop bags to trendy sling bags, spacious tote bags to functional lunch bags, versatile duffel bags to ergonomic backpacks, and travel organiser kits to charming makeup pouches – we have something for every occasion. 

Embrace practical luxury and thoughtful design, making every outing a statement of elegance. Elevate your gifting experience with Nestasia's bags and pouches, where fashion meets function in the most delightful way.

Beauty accessories

Explore elegance and self-care with Nestasia's curated collection of beauty accessories for gifting your loved ones on special occasions. Elevate their relaxation routine with our luxurious eye masks and pamper them with delicate face masks, chic head scarves, and trendy hair bands. 

Unveil a world of style and comfort as you explore our handpicked gifting items, meticulously chosen to enhance the daily rituals of your loved ones. Make any celebratory occasion extra special for your friends and family and elevate their home and lifestyle with Nestasia's exquisite range of gifting items, where beauty meets functionality.

Soft furnishing

Embark on a journey of refined home decor and thoughtful gifting with Nestasia's exclusive collection. Introducing an array of soft furnishings, including cushion covers, rugs, bed covers, throws, and blankets, all meticulously curated to add charm and comfort to your spaces. 

Nestasia's distinctive designs, rich textures, and quality materials converge to bring sophistication and cosiness to any interior. Whether you're adorning your sanctuary or selecting the perfect present, our offerings redefine style and luxury. Elevate your living spaces and share the art of graceful living with Nestasia's exquisite range, where every piece weaves a story of elegance.


Make gifting special with Nestasia's exquisite collection. Our range encompasses a symphony of meticulously crafted items, from versatile organizer baskets to elegant makeup organisers, all designed to elevate your home and lifestyle. 

Indulge in the charm of our makeup pouches, perfect for on-the-go beauty, or explore the allure of jewellery organisers and jewellery boxes, showcasing your treasures with finesse. Embrace the art of thoughtful giving with Nestasia's diverse selection, where functionality meets aesthetics and every piece tells a story of sophistication and care.

Check out gifts for all occasions at Nestasia

Gifts For Dad: Check out the perfect collection of thoughtful gifts for dads at Nestasia. Our curated selection includes a range of stylish bags and accessories, adding a touch of sophistication to his look. Elevate his personal space with our premium bathroom accessories, while our stationery online can offer him a blend of practicality and elegance. If you're uncertain about the ideal gift for your dad, our Nestasia gift cards empower him to choose according to his taste. 

Gifts For Girlfriend: Explore Nestasia's curated collection of thoughtful gifts for girlfriends. Discover stylish bags, beauty accessories, and stationery online to elevate her every day. Infuse charm into her space with exquisite home decor items. Find the perfect blend of fashion and homeware, capturing the essence of your relationship through Nestasia's unique offerings.

Anniversary Gifts: Browse Nestasia's exquisite collection of anniversary gifts online. Discover a range of options, including elegant anniversary gift cards, charming gift bags, top-tier kitchenware, essential kitchen tools, luxurious dinnerware, exquisite crockery, and stylish ceramic dinner sets. Elevate your home decor and lifestyle with the collection of bowls and bakeware online at Nestasia.

Birthday Gifts: Indulge in Nestasia's selection of birthday gifts, where surprises come alive. Unveil a medley of options, from personalized gift cards to chic kitchenware and kitchen storage baskets. Elevate your space with opulent dinnerware, intricate ceramic sets, functional baking pots, baking trays, baking dishes, serving bowls, and other bowls online at Nestasia. Celebrate in style with these handpicked home accents and lifestyle essentials.

Housewarming Gifts: Indulge in a world of housewarming delights at Nestasia. Delight your loved ones with thoughtful gift cards or explore our curated selection of kitchenware online, including multipurpose storage baskets. Elevate dining experiences with our luxurious dinnerware and ceramic sets. From charming ramen bowls and soup bowls to stylish serving bowls and bowls with handles, our unique collection of luxury housewarming gifts adds both flair and functionality to any home decor.

Wedding Gifts: Discover the perfect wedding gifts for your loved ones at Nestasia. Explore a curated selection of exquisite options, from versatile wedding gift cards to elegant wedding gift hampers. Elevate their home with luxury dinnerware, ceramic dinner sets, and chic home furnishings. Make their journey together even more special with our thoughtfully crafted home decor items.

Gifts For Rakhi: Explore Nestasia's exquisite collection of Rakhi gifts online, featuring a delightful range of Rakhi gift cards and Rakhi gift hampers. Celebrate the bond of siblings with our handpicked selection, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your festivities. Add a touch of grandeur to your Raksha Bandhan celebrations with our thoughtfully curated Rakhi collection.

Gifts For Dhanteras: Embrace the festive spirit with Nestasia's curated collection of Dhanteras gifts online. Delight in the allure of exquisite gift cards, elevate your gifting with chic gift bags and explore a world of captivating home accessories, home furnishings, and decor items. Elevate your humble abode with our handpicked kitchenware, bakeware, and lifestyle accessories. Unveil the essence of Dhanteras with Nestasia.

Gifts For Christmas: Dive into the enchanting world of Nestasia's Christmas gift collection. Unveil an array of delightful surprises, from exquisite gift cards to chic gift bags. Elevate your dwelling with our diverse range of home accessories, furnishings, and decor items. Explore our bathroom accessories, kitchenware, bakeware, and more to add flair to your space. Embrace the spirit of giving and decorating this season!

Explore unique Diwali gifts online at Nestasia

Nestasia has a curated selection of one-of-a-kind luxury Diwali gifts available online. Embrace the festive spirit with our distinctive offerings, ranging from elegant gift cards and bags to opulent home accessories and furnishings. Elevate your space with bathroom luxuries and indulge in our range of luxury crockery and dinner sets. 

Infuse charm into every corner with our creative bakeware and captivating home decor items. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality through our assortment of bags and accessories. This Diwali, celebrate with Nestasia and redefine your home decor and lifestyle experience.

Why Choose Nestasia

As a renowned brand in home decor and lifestyle, Nestasia places a strong emphasis on quality, utility, and beauty (QUB). Embark on a journey through our meticulously curated selection of online home decor items, unveiling a diverse range of lavish choices tailored to meet various preferences and requirements. 

Explore our thoughtfully curated selection of home decor items and accessories that seamlessly unite captivating visuals with practicality, presenting delightful gift options for numerous occasions. Immerse yourself in our exclusive collection of contemporary home decor pieces, each thoughtfully and meticulously crafted to elevate your living space with modern allure. Discover the epitome of contemporary elegance through our intricately designed collections that cater to a variety of tastes and styles.


Can I include a personalized message with my gift for Mom?

Absolutely, including a personalised message with your gift for mom adds a heartfelt touch. Express your gratitude, love, and appreciation in a few sincere words with our gift cards to make gifting even more special and meaningful.

Are the gift items made of high-quality materials?

Yes, Nestasia’s gift items are crafted using premium materials to ensure durability and elegance. High-quality materials enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality, making the gifts a thoughtful choice that reflects your care and attention to detail.

Are there any special gift-wrapping options available?

Yes, we provide gift-wrapping options for all products. You can choose the option for gift-wrapping while ordering the products online through our website and surprise your mom with a stunning present. 

How long will it take for the gifts to be delivered?

It usually takes 7 to 10 business days to get the product delivered if you choose the standard delivery method. But if you want the gift to be delivered faster, you can choose our express delivery method and the order will reach your doorstep within 3 to 4 business days.

What kind of gift can be given to a mother?

Selecting a gift for your mother depends on her interests and preferences. Consider a personalised piece of jewellery to remind her of cherished moments. A handwritten letter expressing your love and gratitude holds sentimental value. A photo frame filled with family memories tugs at her heartstrings. A cozy throw blanket provides comfort and warmth. A thoughtful decor item aligning with her taste is a timeless choice. Whatever you choose, it's the sentiment behind the gift that will truly touch her heart.

How do I choose a gift for my mom?

Choosing a gift for your mom involves understanding her interests, needs, and personality. Reflect on her hobbies, favourite activities, and any hints she may have dropped. Consider her preferences for practical vs. sentimental items. Personalised gifts often hold special meaning, like custom jewellery or a handwritten letter. A gift that shows you've been attentive to her tastes and emotions will make her feel truly cherished. Ultimately, it's the thought and effort you put into the choice that will make the gift meaningful.

What are some popular gift items for moms in the collection?

Some popular gift items for moms in Nestasia’s collection include scarves, bags and accessories, travel kits, vases, indoor planters, decor items, kitchenware, bakeware, kitchen tools, crockery, and other home and lifestyle accessories. Choose any item from our collection that will suit your mom’s personal style and preferences to show your love and appreciation.


Product Name Price
Rose Crystal Red Wine Glass Mauve Set Of 6 300 ml Rs.1290
Mother And Child Contemporary Statue Rs.1250
Pastel Nordic Inspired Ceramic Flower Vase Pink Rs.1940
Set of 6 Highball Glass Tumbler 230ml Rs.950
Vintage Elephant Decor Piece White Rs.1999
Amber Clay 22 Piece Dinnerset For 6 Rs.12450
Floral Family Photo Frame Large 9.5"x7" Rs.1190