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    Adding delight to baking with fascinating moulds and trays!

    Cake moulds or cute mini baking cups?  Nestasia’s bakery collection has something for all baking needs. Use our molds and trays to come up with interesting designs that make homemade confectionary a treat. There are interesting star shaped moulds to attract kids to the kitchen table tops. Do you wish to make chocolate and muffin baking fun? Seek help from kids. The animated molds can get little ones to take interest in cooking, making it a super enriching experience from both ends. It can be used to personalize a house warming party too. With all Nestasia bakeries and molds, baking and freezing becomes easy.

    Our bestseller moulds

    Want to throw a party? Get creative with our exceptional collection by using funny mini cup moulds- needless to mention, it is a people-pleaser. Browse through our baking collection to make mouth-watering dishes.

    Baking dish

    Irrespective of the requirement, whether you want to bake brownies, chicken breast, or make sumptuous lasagnas; it is child’s play with our exotic baking trays. It guarantees even distribution of heat, leaving a brown crust that is perfect from all sides. Use our dish to bake spaghetti, tacos, roasted chicken, pizza or even meatballs.

    Baking trays

    Our multipurpose baking tray is most suited for all baking needs. Bake pie, tarts, cookies, or pastries on the exclusive trays. Try to experiment with dishes like tasty pizza and noodle bake to appease your taste buds. Baked potato steaks, dishes with roasted veggies and an all-time favorite like pumpkin nachos top the list.

    Ice cream molds

    All Popsicle lovers can make tasty and yummy homemade popsicles with our collection of moulds. Enjoy the different vibrant colors of these mould variants. Try making ice cream popsicles in different flavors like mixed fruit, watermelon, orange, avocado or even pistachio. Go experimental and come up with unique flavors and combinations of ice cream popsicles.

    Molding trays

    There is an assortment of candy pattern 3D trays. Make different flavored chocolates at home by melting chocolate and filling the cavities. Add a crunchy twist by garnishing it with nuts. It can be put to interesting uses for making tempered chocolates, cheesecakes or even pies. All you need to do is patiently enjoy the sumptuous taste.

    Letter moulds

    Make alphabets in chocolate mould trays, thereby giving a personalized touch to birthday parties. Some silicone moulds come with funny and quirky designs to make eating a treat for kids. It can be used for special occasions, parties, events, or even anniversaries making loved ones feel special.

    There are many educational uses of alphabet moulds like making crayons, homemade chalks or even erasers. Make it a must have for DIY craft with kids. Teens also love to make magnets and jewelry with our alphabet moulds.

    Muffin moulds

    Wish to make a special occasion more special? Buy these cute and colorful muffin moulds. They will give perfect shape to the muffins, fetching compliments. Add a splash of food color to make muffins look and taste delicious.

    Muffin molds can be used to make candies and candles. Using it for interesting formations will upgrade the baker’s creativity. Muffin molds can bring out delicious rice cups, scone cakes in various flavors, pizza muffins or even sushi cups. People also love to make spaghetti cups in muffin moulds to add some tasty vision to their cooking.

    Molds for kids

    Our bakery collection helps to spend time with kids by cooking and eating together. Using such bright molds in attractive shapes and sizes will make baking an experience to remember.

    Biscuit moulds

    Add silicone biscuit molds to any bakery collection and make mouth-watering dishes like mousse, tiramisu, or even truffle pudding. Try to please kids and guests with exemplary baking skills by making crispy biscuits layered with yummy chocolate. To make it look and taste more refined, sprinkle cocoa powder or whipped cream. Biscuit cakes have topped teen lists of dessert. Frozen dessert in biscuit molds can please any food connoisseur. Try making sugar cookies in different flavors to set a colorful table. Lay them on cake stand to make it more appetizing.

    Chocolate bar moulds

    Chocolate lovers can make chocolate bars at home to pacify their taste buds. Make different types of chocolates by pouring chocolate fondant and send personalized chocolates as gifts to friends and family during festivities or serve it as dessert post dinner. Try to make it look more premium by wrapping it in foil sheets of various colors. Add dry fruits to bring crunch to the tasty creation.  Kids can use chocolate moulds from our collection to make gummies, sugar candies, candy geodes, or even lollipops.

    Want to make something healthy? Use nuts to garnish it.

    Waffle moulds

    Our assorted range of waffle trays is a perfect go-to gear. Pour a rich taste by adding chocolate or maple syrup. Want to make waffles at home? Do serve it with ice cream as evening snacks or for breakfast. Baked gourmet waffles can appease any person with a sweet tooth. It might surprise you to know that baked waffles desserts taste equally good as frozen ones. Add peanut butter for some healthy twist.

    Fondant molds

    Our silicone fondant moulds can help make a chocolate fondant for a dessert feast. Use colored cream to enhance the look of cakes, cupcakes, and pastry. Our fascinating fondant moulds can be used to elaborately embellish dessert and cakes. Garnishing chocolate mousse or blueberry cakes with fondant moulds is capturing the trend. Chocolate domes look exotic when decorated with them.

    Our collection is ideal to please the baker in you who seeks perfection in every recipe. Our moulds and trays are made out of premium material to enrich baking interests with excellence. Nestasia provides bake ware that is perfectly healthy and safe to use for homes.

    Take a plunge into the wild world of baking and cooking. Experimenting with different molds will help to evaluate your baking habit. Find out whether you are more into baking cookies or muffins. After experimenting with a few options, decide which bake ware you need most and become more comfortable in your kitchen space.

    Our collection flaunts an exclusive range of bake ware; durable to make cooking a beguiling experience.