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Cleanliness is next to godliness and our collection of napkins can be the best cleaning buddy.

Timeless Elegance of Cloth Napkins Online

Whether you refer to them as table napkins, napkin towels, hand napkins or cloth serviettes are an essential part of an elegantly set table. Very few moments and home decor items are able to epitomize the intimacy of one’s abode better than a cozy meal around a dinner table, and table napkins or cloth serviettes are the quintessential home decor item to help achieve this goal. 

There is no denying that they instantly take any dinner table to the next level by adding a touch of sophistication, style, and class. However, its purpose is far greater than any other kitchen tool laid on the table. Table napkins or cloth serviettes prevent and clean spills, catch crumbs, and, at times, are used as a signalling tool by the host of the dinner party. Therefore, while table napkins, cloth serviettes, or napkin towels may seem like a small and insignificant addition to a well-set dining table, they’re actually the most hard-working kitchen tool on the table, and arguably the most important. 

Advantages of Cloth Napkins For Dining & Kitchen

Cloth napkins or table napkins have many advantages, therefore, if you’re using them every day, then great! If you’re not, then why not? 

Table Napkins are Reusable

While setting up our house to feel like a home is important, one thing that should never be compromised is the environment, after all, mother nature is our friend. And, that’s what makes cloth napkins a great alternative to disposable napkins.  

Cloth Napkins Hold Up Better Than Paper

Other than cloth napkins' elegant appearances, table napkins or cloth serviettes are known for their plush feel against the skin. The coarse, harsh feel of paper napkins against the skin can often lead to rashes, making cloth napkins that much more appealing. 

Cost Effectiveness of Cloth Napkins

Contrary to popular belief cloth napkins are far cheaper than one may think. While paper napkins may seem like the cheaper option at first, it doesn’t take into consideration volume over time. Cloth napkins are a one-time buy, last forever, and perfectly compliment your dinner sets and overall home decor. Therefore, investing in good quality table napkins or cloth serviettes is unquestionably a must from a monetary point of view. Nestasia offers a range of elegant cloth napkins for dining tables for a set of two ranging from INR 250 to INR 600. 

Easy to Clean

Cloth napkins are easy to clean, however, the key to making it a hassle-free experience is choosing the right colours and materials. 

Cotton napkins are extremely easy to clean and they can withstand regular machine washes, making them convenient for everyday use. On the other hand, linen cloth napkins are stain-resistant and fast-drying. Therefore, if you like opting for white or lighter-coloured table napkins, choosing linen cloth napkins is your way to go. 

Uses of Cloth Napkins for Kitchen & Dining

Cloth napkins have many uses and are a non-negotiable essential in every kitchen. 

Cloth napkins are not just a decorative item used at the dinner table. They have many everyday uses around the kitchen as well. Cloth napkins allow us to clean our countertops of any spills that may incur while cooking, ensuring a clean workspace throughout our culinary endeavours. Furthermore, cloth napkins act as makeshift pot holders or oven mitts, allowing us to easily handle hot cooking pots or pull out baking trays fresh from the oven. 

Table napkins or cloth serviettes are an essential part of dining etiquette as they allow guests to wipe and dap their mouth clean and dry after a meal, promoting a hygienic dining environment and maintaining a polished and respectful dining experience. 

Moreover, table napkins or cloth serviettes instantly elevate any dining table aesthetic as they act as decorative pieces. Cloth napkins come in many different colours and patterns and can be folded into many different designs. This enhances the experience and makes the experience all that more memorable for family and friends.

Buy Premium Cloth Napkins from Nestasia

Nestaisa offers a selection of cloth napkins that features vibrant colours, quirky designs, and high-quality plush materials. Each Nestasia cloth napkin design elevates your dining experience with a touch of sophistication. 

Crafted with love and attention to detail, our premium cloth napkins are designed to enhance the aesthetic of your dining space. Whether it’s a formal dinner party, a family picnic, or just a casual gathering for some long overdue catch-up sessions filled with laughter, Nestasia’s cloth napkins are the icing on the cake to make the occasion special and memorable.  

Care Instructions for Cloth Napkins

Nestasia’s cloth napkins are made from both 100% cotton or linen. Therefore, it’s advisable to read through the following care instructions to maintain the quality and lifespan of your cloth napkins.

Pre-wash: Before using your cotton napkins, we highly advise pre-washing them as this will remove any residue of finishing chemicals, thus ensuring better absorbency of the cloth napkin when used to clean up any spills. 

Separate colours: It’s always advisable to separate your coloured cotton napkins before washing them to prevent colour bleeding. We suggest sorting them into whites, darks, and coloured. Nestip: Always wash your reds separately as they are most likely to colour bleed. 

Machine wash and mild detergents: Wash your cotton napkins on a gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water to protect your fabric. Hot water will cause the cotton napkin to shrink. Ensure to use a mild detergent as harsh detergents will weaken the fabric of the cloth napkin over time. Furthermore, avoid fabric softeners as this will affect the absorbency of your linen or cotton napkin. 

Drying and storage: To extend the lifespan of your cotton napkins, we suggest air-drying them as this will prevent the material from shrinking and help maintain the fabric’s integrity. Nestip: Hang them indoors as contact with direct sunlight can cause the colour to fade over time. 

Storage: Store your cloth napkins in a cool, dry place to avoid any mould from developing. Furthermore, keep your table napkins out of direct sunlight as prolonged exposure can lead to colour fading. 

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Why Choose Nestasia?

Quality: Nestasia takes pride in offering quality products to every home in the country. Our plush cloth napkins are made from 100% cotton and linen, ensuring you can choose high-quality, durable table napkins to be a part of your dinner table. 

Easy to clean: Since our cloth napkins are made from 100% cotton and linen, they are extremely easy to clean and maintain as they can be regularly washed in the machine. 

Stylish designs: Nestasia’s cloth napkins feature vibrant colours and oh-so-stylish patterns, making them an essential kitchen tool you don’t want to miss out on. 


How do you maintain cloth napkins?

Wash your cloth napkins on a gentle tumble with cold water while using a mild detergent. This helps prolong the integrity of the material and maintain its colour and plush texture, thus ensuring your cloth napkin doesn’t weaken or shrink over time. 

How often should you wash cloth napkins?

The frequency at which you should wash your cloth napkins depends on how often you use them. 

If you use cloth napkins casually, i.e., for regular meals at home, then we suggest washing them after 2-3 uses as they won’t be heavily soiled. However, if you are only using your cloth napkins for formal or special occasions, we advise you to wash them after every use to maintain their pristine condition. 

Moreover, a general rule to follow when it comes to washing your cloth napkins is to wash them immediately if they stain to prevent the stain from setting. 

How long do you use cloth napkins?

The usage of cloth napkins typically depends on what you use them for. If you choose to use your cloth napkins to clean the table after a meal, then we suggest cleaning them after every use. This is because any spills can cause a stain to set into the material. 

Can you reuse cloth napkins?

One of the great features of cloth napkins is their reusability. Reusing cloth napkins is not only economical but also environmentally friendly, as it reduces the need for disposable alternatives such as paper napkins. 

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