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A good serving platter and cheese board collection plays a pivotal role in uplifting the aesthetics of a tablescape. Platters are essentially serving trays that help to supply multiple dishes together on a dining table. Nestasia’s range of platters includes cheese platters, platter trays, snack serving platters, dry snack serving platters, fruit platters, and Chinese platters among numerous others. 

Cheese boards are used to serve a course of meals with cheese. Cutting boards are very similar to cheese platter boards when it comes to how they look. However, there is just one point that makes them differ. Cheese serving platters are used for serving and displaying food. On the contrary, cutting boards are used for the purpose of chopping, cutting, and preparing food. Explore a profusion of ceramic platters and cheese boards at Nestasia. Every distinct piece is curated keeping the taste and preferences of every individual in focus. From a formal setup to a casual setup, our range of serving platters and cheese boards perfectly blends with it.

Range of Serving Platters and Cheese Board

Nestasia houses a wide array of serving platters and cheese boards. This includes grill platters and long grill plates, baking plates and baking trays, tiered cake stands, fruit platters, sushi serving platters, cheese platter boards, sectioned momo platters, charcuterie boards, cheese board sets, and more. There are some platters that come with handles on one or both sides. This eases handling and serving food on the plates and platters. Additionally, we also have a range of microwave-friendly platters. These could be used to bake mini cookies and cakes. Apart from that, our dishwasher-safe serving platter and cheese board ease cleaning the platter afterward. 

Shape and Size of Serving Platters and Cheese Board

Nestasia’s uniqueness lies in the vast choice of shapes and sizes of serving platters and cheese boards we’ve got to offer for all that you want to serve to your guests and family members. There are plenty of shapes that range from aesthetic and formal to fun and casual. You can choose from an array of traditional round, square, and rectangular-shaped serving platters. There are some other geometrical shapes as well that include octagon-shaped platters, pentagon-shaped serving platters, and triangular-shaped platters. Additionally, some fun and quirky shapes include Christmas tree-shaped platters, rectangular oceanic waves platters, platters with butterfly accents, platters with fondue sets, and teardrop-shaped platters. 

Getting kids to have a complete meal is a huge task. Hence, Nestasia also has a huge selection of cute and cartoon-shaped platters that works wonders with kids. These include bear platters, bunny platters, dinosaur-shaped platters, cloud-shaped platters, fish-shaped platters, lemon-shaped platters, cactus-shaped platters, cupcake-shaped platters, and peach-shaped platters amongst others. There are also number plate platters that add a fresh and quirky twist to the table decor. Apart from the variety of shapes, the serving platters and cheese board are also available in an array of sizes. All sizes are mentioned on the website so that makes choosing the perfect one for your home easy. 

Colors of Serving Platters and Cheese Board

Nestasia’s color palette includes colors that are aesthetically pleasing and makes the food pop. The set of colors includes a range of shades from eye-pleasing whites and classy black to pastels and contrasting hues. Our collection of serving platters and cheese boards includes gray, yellow, pink, orange, blue, green, and red amongst others. There are also marble and wooden cheese board and platters that you can choose from. 

You would find these colors in solid monochrome hues as well as blended aesthetically in prints and patterns. Our range of prints and patterns includes artistic mandala art, striped prints, floral and leafy prints, and marble prints amongst others. Along with these prints, there are also various cute prints to explore that are made especially for the kids. 

Usage of Serving Platters and Cheese Board

Nestasia’s range of platters and cheese platter boards are multitaskers. It could be used as a display to serve an assortment of starters and desserts. Additionally, it could be used to serve pancakes, crepes, Momo, saucy spaghetti, and even Indian food such as butter naan, and more. Our collection includes section plates too which can be used to serve food with sides such as chutney and more. 

The microwave-friendly platters can also be used to bake mini cookies and cakes. 

  • Cake Stands: The choice of cake stands at Nestasia is endless. These are essentially used to serve cakes aesthetically. Our cake stand with multiple tiers can be used to serve cupcakes, macarons, and more. The single-storey cake stands can function as platters for presenting delicacies as part of a festive setup. 
  • Charcuterie: A charcuterie is the thing you require when you are at a wine party. There are a variety of cheese and bread boards that you can explore at Nestasia. There are cheese cutting board sets, snacks serving platter sets, and more for you to choose the perfect pick for your home and table from. 
  • Serving Platters: Additionally, there are also various other serving platters to have a look at. These could be used to serve a couple of things including fruits, momo, and more. 


All our distinct pieces serve immense value for their price. Nestasia’s platters and cheese boards are not just multitaskers but are also highly durable and long-lasting. The price range is diverse and is based on the shape, size, material, and color that the product comes in.