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    Nothing delights the mind more than a cup of warm tea! True for so many out there, tea gives the rejuvenation much needed in the middle of work. To ensure that the requirements of tea at such occasions go well served, we have brought you one-person teapot sets, featuring a round-bottomed kettle and a large teacup coupled with a saucer. With soothing color tones and floral motifs, the single teapot set from the Jardin collection adds an aesthetic charm to your me-time tea breaks.

    Inviting colleagues to a formal tea party or preparing for light, noon-time brunch with friends - tea, coffee, or any warm refreshment is a must to get everyone feeling at home. As once the guests settle in and lose the nerves holding them back from interacting, candid conversations take a sail, and the event comes to life.

    Jardin tea sets can recreate the nature-blessed ambiance on a balcony, someplace cozy in the living room, or even inside an office cabin. Having a glass kettle that rests on a ceramic tea warmer base, one can choose to use tea light candles or wax melts to provide gentle heat to the brewing tea. Combining the vintage appeal and spirit of innovation, the kettle comes with a tea infuser with a few holes on its exterior. Optimal soaking of tea extracts and easy handling of the hot beverage - skilled artisans take care of all factors.

    Adorable Watermelon Tea Set Fiesta with its fun-inspiring, fruity clone theme infuses the summer vibes into any table decor. Or, how about you welcome home a Whale Tea Set in pastel shades of pink and blue to throw splashes of hearty laughter every time you sit for tea with family? Sounds much like a happy deal! We also have Terrazzo Tea Set(s) wearing multicolor, abstract patterns to grace your table with royalty-like grandeur on a festive day.

    Are you looking for gifts related to tea crockery? Nestasia happens to be your best stop for buying a ceramic tea cup set! We present to you a broad assortment of tea sets, ranging from vintage wonder, ombre modern chic, techno-metallic glaze to contemporary and minimalist - the tea kettles are modeled in quirky, ancient earthenware, or porcelain pot-like shapes; some accompanied by regular teacups with a curve or linear handle or even tumbler-design cups. A saucer or two, or even four can come with the ceramic teacup set, along with a milk pot and sugar container as in the case of the Modern Tea Set (available in purple and blue), and yes, a ceramic tea infuser too.

    Now, as you are already browsing in the tea set section, may we just lend in a suggestion. Don’t miss to catch a glance at some of the year-round favorites - the animated Cactus Tea Set, starry Midnight Tea Set, bohemian Travel Kettle, and many more if you can just scroll the page up and down a little!