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Airtight Jars Black And White
From Rs. 1,350
Pickle Jars With Tray Set of 6
Rs. 2,990
Pickle Jars With Tray Set of 4
Rs. 1,990
Pickle Jars With Tray Set of 3
Rs. 1,490
Pickle Jars With Tray Set of 2
Rs. 990
Ceramic Lunch Box
Rs. 1,350
Airtight Container Set White
From Rs. 890
Salt and Pepper Cellar
From Rs. 490
Glass Dispenser
From Rs. 8,450
CHICERAMIC Marble Spice Box with Drawers - Pink
Rs. 4,050
Rs. 100
Blue Spice Jar Set
Rs. 2,090 | Rs. 2,190
Rs. 100
Pink Spice Jar Set
Rs. 2,090 | Rs. 2,190
Rs. 300
MARSHAL Tray Jars & Tissue Box Set - Black Off White
Rs. 4,250 | Rs. 4,550
Rs. 60
CARA spice Jars Set
Rs. 2,090 | Rs. 2,150
Leaf Spice Jar Set
Rs. 1,450
Spice Jar with Lid Set of 3
Rs. 1,450
Colourful Spice Jar Set
Rs. 1,350
Airtight Jar
From Rs. 990
Ceramic Bowl with Lid
Rs. 290
Oven Safe Ceramic Container Box Set of 3
Rs. 990
White Spice Jar Set
Rs. 1,090
CHICERAMIC Marble Spice Box with Drawers - Grey
Rs. 4,050
Ceramic Jar Set
Rs. 1,350
Lunch Box With Bag
Rs. 3,190
Green Spice Jar Set
Rs. 1,090
Moonj Grass Basket
Rs. 1,190

Jar Set

Jars and canisters are a quintessential kitchen storage product. Be it to store snacks, dry fruits, candy, mouth freshener, spices, pickles, pasta, biscuits, chocolates, cookies and other snacks, or your vanity table for holding earbuds, cotton pads, makeup wipes, jewellery and small trinkets, the uses are many. 

Our newest metal jars and canisters that can double up as a jewellery box or gift box have a metal base with marble lid and an embellished knob that serves as a handle to lift the lid. Agate embellishments and wax candle jars are the newest addition to our collection. Our store also offers jar sets of 3 & 6 sections, for storing spices, condiments, chutneys, pickles, sauces, garnishes and more! If you have an open kitchen you can flaunt the pretty jars on your plank or kitchen island and even place it on your dining table or crockery cupboard. 

Our vinyl jar sets come in sets of 2, 3 & 4 jars with a tray. The jars are made of glass which helps in storing food, easy cleaning and make for great gifts. The sets with a matching PU leather cover, embellished with bows give it a festive luxurious look. Send sweets, cookies and dry fruit hampers to friends and family during festivals like Diwali, Rakhi and Holi in these jar sets with trays.