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Jars and lunchboxes are quintessential kitchen storage products. Be it to store snacks, dry fruits, candy, mouth fresheners, spices, pickles, pasta, biscuits, chocolates, cookies, and other food items, or place on your vanity table for holding earbuds, cotton pads, wet wipes, jewelry, and trinkets, their uses are endless. 

Kitchen jars are multi-use and we know all women out there are looking for the perfect storage jars and lunch boxes that not only look good in the kitchen but work well too. Kitchen jars are amazing to store spices and other condiments. The same works with lunch boxes, they can be used as lunchboxes or serving bowls, and are available at our online store for both adults and kids. 

These colorful and high-quality jars and lunch boxes will be an add-on to your kitchen interior. We also have high-quality food storage containers readily available for your use. They maintain the freshness such that even the odor remains unchanged. This helps you prepare tasty food while also keeping you healthy.

Shape and Size

In this fast-moving world, people prefer to have a lot of kitchen storage containers of various sizes and shapes in their kitchens for easy access to readymade food items such as snacks, and so on. This is because they help in food storage and they can be carried easily. They can be even stored in refrigerators, countertops, or shelves. 

A food storage container is used to hold food at room temperature, in the refrigerator, or in the freezer. There are several options and sizes available for storing food in any of these manners. Before selecting the type of container to use, several factors must be taken into consideration like the material of the container for the food being stored, shape, size, length of the storage container, and the available storage space. 

Our storage jars and lunch boxes come in different shapes and sizes and with a lid. Our categories of products range from smaller storage containers to ones that are larger in size. For your convenience, all the capacities are mentioned so you can get the right size of the lunch box according to your need and can choose from small, medium, or larger sizes. Besides, we have different shapes of circular, tall, and short lunch boxes in ceramic and stainless steel with beautiful designs and patterns.

Color and Pattern

Nestasia has a huge collection of jars and kitchen utility products like ceramic jars, glass jars with lids, lunch boxes, jars with lids, vintage style glass jars, spice, and condiment jars, kids lunch boxes, insulated lunch boxes, and others which are available in tons of color options like pink, blue, red, green, grey, white, yellow, transparent and others. 

Our canisters, mason jars, pantry storage jars, and lunchboxes have vibrant colors and beautiful patterns like geometric, abstract, marble, floral, fruit designs, leaves, and others. We also have a collection of textured ceramic jars that have smooth textures and come in sets with lids to store pickles, dry spices, chutneys, and more. 

You will find the best lunchboxes and kitchen storage containers here in colorful options, including red, blue, yellow, pink, white, and orange, all with different designs and patterns like whale patterns, cartoon prints, and animal prints which makes them cute lunch boxes, ideal for kids. Such prints are specifically made for kids to make their meals enjoyable. 

The lid and handle of the bowls and cups are designed in fish or whale tail shapes, while some are simple double handles for easy gripping. The designs of the lunch bowls and the easiness they provide in handling them make them the best buy for your kids as well.

Range and Usage

If you want an eco-friendly yet classy material to suit your kitchen aesthetics, ceramics and glass could be your best bet. They are the most hygienic materials used for food storage. However, food storage containers are found in various materials and shapes. Each of them is specifically designed for household and kitchen purposes.

Our collection of glass jars and canisters that can double up as a jewelry box or gift box comes in an all-glass body and knob that serves as a handle to lift the lid. Our store also offers jar sets of 3 and 6 sections, for storing spices, condiments, chutneys, pickles, sauces, garnishes, and more! If you have an open kitchen you can flaunt the pretty jars on your plank or kitchen island and even place them on your dining table or crockery cupboard. The jars work best as a pantry organization.

One of our very cute collections is the teddy bear lid jar that comes in three color variants - amber, ash grey, and green with a gold color lid which gives an eye-catching look to it. We also have options in airtight jars and lunch boxes that come in glass and ceramic material to keep your food fresh and crunchy. 

Our jar sets with lids come in sets of 2, 3, and 4 jars with a tray. The jars are made of glass which helps in storing food, easy cleaning, and make for great gifts. Send sweets, cookies and dry fruit hampers to friends and family during festivals like Diwali, Rakhi, and Holi in these jar sets with trays.

With the intention of providing you with the best, Nestasia has brought a wide collection of jars and lunch boxes online that are available in all price ranges according to their usability, type, pattern, and design. The set price is according to the quality of the product that we offer and we ensure to give only the best.