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Is a party without games a party at all? Nestasia’s wide range of exquisite party games is designed to offer amusement while facilitating interaction with your guests. Distinct games will create a fun ambience. You can plan the best game night with our indoor party games. These drinking games for adults will keep your guests happy, entertained, and laughing all the way to the end. It will truly be a party that your guests won't forget very soon. Cheer your party up with a broad variety of fun party games from our collection.


The Lucky Chip Game is designed to brighten up any boring party. This fun drinking game can be played by 2 to 6 people. The players fill the shot glasses and place them at the bottom of the board. Each player picks one color and chooses a matching set of glasses and chips. The player drops his chip down the track on the board passing through the small shots that guide the chip through the drink board. If the chip lands on the spot of a player's shot glass, the player whose shot glass occupies that place drinks the shot and refills the glass for the next round. If a player's chip falls in his own glass, then he gets a pass and all the other players take their shots. It’s a fun and exciting indoor party game for adults.

The latest mini golf course is on the market. Now you don’t have to go to the golf course to play your favorite game, and also let your weekend not be boring. The Table Golf Game is one of the unique party games from our collection. The mini-golf game is designed to be played indoors for adults. To make others drink, you must sink your shot precisely on time. The mini-golf is a definitive party game for an entertaining night. Experience golf in this smaller-than-usual setup with a twist making it more fun. Sink your shot right on time to make others drink. The more you miss, the more you drink.

Have some fun and liven up your party with a drinking games night. Way beyond your average game, it will keep the good times rolling and the alcohol flowing! Whether you just want a relaxing evening with friends or want to energize a crazy party, these games will definitely do the trick. The Dart Party Game is also great for bachelorette parties, casino nights, college dorms, adult party favors, and more! The game set has a circular dart board with amusing targets that refer to the number of shots you'll have to take after the magnetic arrow is thrown. If you lose the target, the next shot is yours! It's time to brush up one's aiming skills or the next drinking shot is yours!

The Mini Table Basketball is a twist to the usual basketball set up. Your aiming skills need to be sharpened, because if the ball doesn't fall through the basket, you have to chug down the entire drink, it's a hit or a miss situation. Table String Hockey is a quirky adult party game where one needs to place 5 pucks on every side of the board and use the string to send one through the gate. The player who clears his or her side of the board first, wins. If the ball falls through the hoop you are saved and if not, you've got to gulp all the drink.

Nestasia’s foldable and easily portable basketball will keep you and your guests entertained for hours during any gatherings or parties. The compact design makes for easy storage and can even fit in a desk drawer. Simply set the game in seconds and start playing when you feel boredom creeping in. This indoor party game of Basketball is an exact miniature of real Basketball-like action. Same rules as real Basketball, perfect to perform ball strikes at home or office, or just anywhere.

Another best party game, 3D Colorful Display is a perfect companion for your games night. The product comprises a frame with blunt colorful pins. One can create unique designs by placing the frame upside down and can see the creation by placing the frame vertically. You can just press on the pins with your hands or feet to make a 3D sculpture. This 3D impression game can inspire your imaginative thinking and hands-on ability. Let the imagination run free and create unique designs with your hands.

In the Slingshot game, the quantity you'll have to drink depends on the ring the ball is shot in.

The fun party games are portable and can be carried anywhere- to social gatherings, picnics, or get-togethers- and are accompanied by 4 glasses. Grab these fun drinking games and say no to boring house parties for life! Simply pull back the slingshot and aim carefully; depending on which ring you get your ball in, decides what you have to drink. The last person to stand in the game wins. It’s a great game to bring people together with laughter and drinks.

The competition is high as the night is. Get your friends together and drinks ready to party with our string hockey. Place 5 pucks on each side of the board and launch a puck with the string through the gate. The player shoots his pieces to the opponent's board with a catapult through the small hole in the middle. Whoever clears their side of the board first, wins. Enjoy your house party with our exciting game for adults.

Nestasia brings a great gift for someone who enjoys a lad's night in. A special drinking version of the classic Ludo board game played on a glass board and with 16 shot glasses. The childhood game of Ludo has been revamped to suit your party needs. As you move your coloured shot glass around the board to get to the home base, be careful. If your opponent's piece lands on a square with your piece, then you must take your shot and return to the starting area. Ludo with a twist! A fun party game to play with friends and family. 

Turn your party spot into a makeshift party spot with the mini Spin the Wheel set. The game is designed for 2-8 players, so grab your friends and get spinning. It’s a fun way to start your party with a perfect drinking game for social gatherings. Each shot glass is marked with different numbers. Place your bets and spin the roulette wheel to see whose number is up. If the number on the shot glass corresponds to the number played, you must drink from the shot glass.

Nestasia’s collection includes all kinds of party games for kids and booze-infused games for adults. Choose some of our party games for adults for your next gathering whether it's a dinner party, birthday, bachelorette, Christmas, or New Year, these games will rock the party. All of these games are fun and easy to organize, and we bet they will get everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.


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