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    Is a party without games, a party at all? Nestasia’s wide range of exquisite party games are designed to offer amusement while facilitating interaction. Distinct games will create a distinct ambience. Cheer your party up with a broad variety of fun party games from our collection.

    The Lucky Chip Game is designed to brighten up any boring party. A player needs to choose a glass and chip of the same color and turn by turn drop their chips at any point along the board's top. If a chip lands in a particular player’s glass, he or she needs to drink from the glass and the game continues further.

    The Table Golf Game is one of the unique party games from our collection. Golf is usually played on a golf course, but the mini golf game is designed to be played indoors. To make others drink, you must sink your shot precisely on time. You have to drink more the more you miss.

    The Dart Party Game will surely uplift the ambience of a party or social gathering. The game set has a circular dart with amusing targets that refer to the amount of shots you'll have to take after the magnetic arrow is thrown. If you lose the target, the next shot is yours!

    The Mini Table Basketball is a twist to the usual basketball set up. Your aiming skills need to be sharpened, because if the ball doesn't fall through the basket, you have to chug down the entire drink. Table String Hockey is a quirky game where one needs to place 5 pucks on every side of the board and use the string to send one through the gate. The player who clears his or her side of the board first, wins.

    3D Colourful Display is a perfect companion for your games night. The product comprises a frame with blunt colourful pins. One can create unique designs by placing the frame upside down and can see the creation by placing the frame vertically.

    In the Slingshot game, the quantity you'll have to drink depends on the ring the ball is shot in.

    The funky party games are portable and can be carried anywhere- social gatherings, picnics or get-togethers. Grab these fun party games and say no to boring house parties for life!