Home Decor Mirrors

    Buy wall mirror, handheld mirror, table mirror, designer mirror at Nestasia

    It is rightfully said that mirrors are a man’s best friend, and we wholeheartedly agree. Mirrors can make a home look spacious and also serve utility on a dressing table. Decorative wall mirrors or table mirrors also add to the aesthetic of the space. 

     With Nestasia’s range of mirrors, you can now transform the entire look of your home entrance and hallways.

    Types of Mirrors available in our collection

    Our mirrors are a rich addition both in office spaces and inside homes. 

    Mirrors with ornate carvings and vintage pieces

    Ornate carving mirrors are great pieces of decor for all spaces. From golden hued platings to vintage white marble looks - we have it all and more. You might as well convert a chest drawer into a dressing table with our exotic gold framed mirrors. 

    People with traditional home interiors can go for antique looking mirrors - which are in fact quite chic and trendy.

    Undoubtedly using our golden mirrors the right way will accentuate spaces. It can also improve room lighting when placed sensibly. Mirror can be used for framing exciting views - adding drama to a living space.

    Nestip: Use the golden mirrors as floor mirrors beside a floor cushion with a quirky throw for a quick elegant decor mix.

    Round mirrors

    Classic and contemporary - one can never go wrong with round mirrors. You’ll find both stand mirrors and hanging mirrors in a round shape in our collection to add to your list. 

    Quirky mirrors 

    From eye shaped table mirrors to stand mirrors with bunny ears - our range of small mirrors are also quite quirky and decorative. 

    From wall mirrors to handheld ones, the variety of mirrors we manufacture goes above and beyond.

    Interesting ways to incorporate mirrors into your home

    We have a few suggestions if you’re looking for interesting ways to spruce up your home decor with our exclusive mirrors. 

    Placing a mirror in the home foyer will add a rich look to the space which even helps to check hair or makeup before going out. Try framing it in an intriguing manner to get the best look.

    Place the premium quality mirrors from our collection opposite to the windows in the hall or bedroom to capture an enticing view. The sunlight reflected on the mirror from outside will even make your room look more vibrant and bright. 

    Have a lovely garden? Use mirrors to enjoy the garden view from a different angle. 

    Add it in your cozy kitchen space. Go for a large mirror if you have a small kitchen. It can completely change the look of a monotonous stretch of wall. It would not only enhance the overall look of the cabinet space but will also create the illusion of more space.

    Buy framed mirrors from Nestasia to embellish feature walls.

    Another look you can go for is arranging various size mirrors in modern bedroom interiors - it is quite the trend now. Go for mirror frames that are the right mix of contemporary and quirky. 

    Mirrors can also create a dramatic effect where an ordinary bedroom can be transformed into an interesting space. Some silken sheets with subtle lighting can convert the space into a rich ultra-glamorous den. 

    Nestip: It is important to focus on the background wall so that the color and texture of the mirror frame complements room elements. 

    As you can see, there are endless possibilities of using our trendy mirrors in home decor., so go ahead, browse and find one to blend with your room today!