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A mirror is a man’s best friend and for all the right reasons. Even though mirrors have been there since ancient times, over the years it has undergone several advancements to add more life to your home space and give an aesthetic touch to it. Well, a mirror is undoubtedly one of those elements of home decor that carries great utilitarian values with it. Apart from letting one ensure that they look proper, it also helps to reflect the designs and aura of a space. Hence, a correct choice of mirror largely influences the way a home space appears. Mirrors also make the interior spaces look more voluminous and add more appeal and elegance to them.

Pretty and functional, decorative mirrors are an easy addition to any room decor. With so many wonderful styles, there is a wide collection of luxury mirrors online at Nestasia. Whether you need to add a little flair to your bathroom or liven up any boring corner of your house, designer mirrors are a great solution that takes minimal effort and gives huge results. Nestasia has living room decorative mirrors, fancy mirrors for bedroom, desk mirrors, etc for every type of mirror decoration

Nestasia offers a vast choice of classy and stylish mirrors to beautify your home. Scroll through and explore a variety of mirrors that includes vintage mirrors, fancy mirrors, and decorative mirrors to add the zing that your abode requires. Revamp the complete look of your safe haven starting from your entrance to the empty walls of hallways, to your washrooms and your dressing tables with a choice of designer mirrors.

Shapes and sizes of mirrors at Nestasia

For having a mirror decoration at your home, choose mirrors of different shapes and sizes that complement each other. Mix and match different styles and shapes from all the different eras to have an elegant mirror decoration in your home or office. At Nestasia, you will find decorative mirror for wall and large decorative wall mirrors for living room of all the shapes like round, rectangle, square, oval, heart-shaped, etc., and of various sizes, including small, medium, and large. 

Our handheld designer mirrors are of convenient sizes which makes them compact and easy to carry while traveling. These fancy mirrors are available in attractive shapes like heart, round, square, and oval with intricate patterns and textures. 

The desk mirrors comes in an ideal size range, perfect to be kept on the dressing table, cabinets, and shelves. Some of our table mirrors also comes with trays and hooks that serve the purpose of organisers. The tabletop mirrors with stand are easy to place anywhere and are available in an array of shapes like rectangle, oval, round, heart-shaped, rabbit-shaped, etc.

The wall mirrors and hanging mirrors can either be placed against the wall or hung on the wall to get a beautiful utilitarian mirror wall decor. The big-size mirrors for wall decoration are available in round shapes and can be used to enhance any large space. The hanging mirror has a long chain that can be used to hang it anywhere easily to have a round mirror design.

Range of mirrors at Nestasia

A freshly polished mirror uplifts the charm of a dwelling space. If you want to choose from an array of mirrors that blends seamlessly with the decorations, color, and furniture of your home, we have got you covered. The range of our mirrors is endless and is apt for uplifting your home decor and office space decor

  • Wall Mirrors: One needs to be extremely careful while selecting the correct shape, size, and design of a wall mirror. These facts can heavily influence and change the look and feel of your interiors. With the passage of time, the decorative mirror for walls is getting more command over the other mirror styles. We say that choosing a wall mirror to add more shine to an internal space is always a good idea. Nestasia houses a galore of designer mirrors to explore from. The modern wall mirror design for the living room could either be used separately or can also be clubbed together with other similar mirrors of different sizes to create a mirror wall art.
  • Tabletop mirrors: A perfect tabletop mirror accentuates the look of a table. The shape and size of the tabletop mirrors must blend with the interior design and furnishing of the interiors of the room. An array of tabletop mirrors are available at Nestasia. The functionality of our mirrors is vast and comes in versatile designs to seamlessly amp up your vanity table. Our range of tabletop mirrors includes jewelry mirrors, table mirrors, and mirrors with trays
  • Handheld mirrors: These mirrors are ideal in situations when you want to zoom in on your face and focus on one particular area. Handheld mirrors are undoubtedly a great addition to your mirror collection. Nestasia’s antique-designed handheld mirror comes in an array of soothing and aesthetic colors and oozes art. Our handheld mirrors are apt to add a regal touch to an antique decor setup. One can use our handheld mirrors especially during their skincare routine or for a quick makeup fix. The lightweight nature of our handheld mirrors makes carrying them to places easier. 

Crafting of Nestasia’s Mirrors

Our collection of mirrors is infinite and ranges from modish and chic to antique and artistic pieces. The versatility of each piece caters to add charm to your decor setup.

  • Vintage Mirrors and Mirrors with Ornate Carvings: The choices for a vintage mirror and mirror with ornate carving that add a regal touch to your setup are plenty at Nestasia. Our elegant designer mirror exudes royalty with exotic gold frames and accents. They accentuate spaces when kept sensibly where there is an abundance of light. The sheer look of our mirrors uplifts any dull corner of your home decor adding a grand touch to it.
  • Modern and Quirky Mirrors: Choose from any of Nestasia’s modern and quirky mirrors to add a glam touch and vibrance to the dull walls of your home and office spaces. The simple and modish crafting of our mirrors tastefully cheers up any interior space. Our collection of modern and quirky-shaped mirrors encompasses decorative mirrors for wall, eye-shaped and rabbit-eared table top mirrors, and more. 

Usage of Nestasia’s Mirrors

Nestasia’s range of mirrors is multifunctional and could be tweaked in a couple of ways to accentuate your home. 

Our collection of wall mirrors could be aesthetically placed in the home foyer to add richness to the dull walls. In the bedrooms, these mirrors could be used to reflect the sunlight coming in, especially during the golden hours of the afternoon. Our wall mirrors could also be hung in your balcony garden at an angle to capture an alluring view. In your kitchen space, our round decorative mirrors can add an exciting touch and create the illusion of more space. 

Nestasia’s tabletop mirrors are perfect for modern homes. The versatility of our mirrors blends seamlessly with all decor setups adding more appeal to them. 

The choice of Nestasia’s range of mirrors is endless. The correct choice of a mirror is a perfect way to cancel the monotonous stretch of a wall or a room and turn it into an interesting space. Various factors come into play while selecting a mirror. These include the color, background, and furnishing of the room the mirror has to be placed in.

Choose from Nestasia’s array of premium mirror choices that are durable and of high quality. Our decorative mirror blends flawlessly with any decor. Spruce up your homescape or gift it to a loved one at a housewarming party or even a wedding.

Interesting ways to incorporate mirrors into your home

We have a few suggestions if you’re looking for interesting ways to spruce up your home decor with our exclusive mirrors

Placing a mirror in the home foyer will add a rich look to the space which even helps to check hair or makeup before going out. Try framing it in an intriguing manner to get the best look.

Place the premium quality mirrors from our collection opposite the windows in the hall or bedroom to capture an enticing view. The sunlight reflected in the mirror from outside will even make your room look more vibrant and bright. 

Have a lovely garden? Use mirrors to enjoy the garden view from a different angle. 

Add it to your cozy kitchen space. Go for a large mirror if you have a small kitchen. It can completely change the look of a monotonous stretch of wall. It would not only enhance the overall look of the cabinet space but will also create the illusion of more space.

Choosing a mirror for every room:

  • Living room mirror styles: Your living room is the centre of attraction of your house, so make sure it looks best with Nestasia’s mirrors for living room. Add space and dimension to your living room with decorative mirrors from Nestasia. A circular mirror design can be chosen for the modern wall mirror design for living room to place above the mantlepiece, or one can simply go for tabletop mirrors to be kept on the bookshelf, cabinets, mantle, and so on. The living room mirror wall will be the most attractive part of your house.
  • Bedroom mirror styles: The hanging mirrors can be chosen for wall mirror design for bedroom. If you have a dressing table, add a table mirror with stand that will help you in getting ready easily. You can even choose handheld mirrors for when you are putting your makeup on. Deck up your dressing table with a mirror with trays and jewellery mirror to keep trinkets and makeup accessories in one place.
  • Dining room mirror styles: The dining room provides a large space for room mirror design. A hanging mirror in the dining room should be placed on an empty wall opposite the window to reflect the natural light in the room. The mirror wall art can add depth to the dining experience.
  • Hallway mirror styles: The hallway can have large wall mirror decor to create the illusion of more space. A wall mirror decor works well in this area. If you have a console table, it can be decked up with table or desk mirrors so you can have a last-minute check-over before leaving the house.
  • Bathroom mirror styles: Besides the bedroom, the bathroom is another main room for grooming and beauty regimes, so having a mirror on the wall is essential. Round wall mirrors are a popular choice for bathrooms. You can use a hanging mirror above the sink to be used while shaving, washing your face, or simply taking a glance.

One can benefit from the placement of fancy mirror designs to have a visible impact on the appearance of your room. Mirrors can create an illusion of more space and bring more light to the room. You should set the mirror adjacent to the window so it can reflect the light coming in from the window into the room. A room can have a beautiful mirror wall art to enhance the interiors of the house. 

Price of mirrors at Nestasia

Buy mirror from our huge collection of decorative mirrors online for your decor needs at the best prices. Our high-quality fancy mirrors are up to the mark to suit your requirements. Nestasia intends to provide only the best for your homes and has brought a wide collection of decorative mirrors and wall mirrors online that are available in all price ranges according to their usability, type, pattern, design, color, and size. Buy large decorative mirrors for living room from Nestasia’s online store. The set price is according to the quality of the product that we offer and we ensure to give only the best as much as we can. Browse Nestasia’s best home decor mirrors and buy mirrors online at the best prices.

Shop mirrors online in India at Nestasia to embellish your accent walls.

Another look you can go for is arranging various sizes of mirrors in modern bedroom interiors - it is quite the trend now. Go for mirror frames that are the right mix of contemporary and quirky. 

Mirrors can also create a dramatic effect where an ordinary bedroom can be transformed into an interesting space. Some silken sheets with subtle lighting can convert the space into a rich ultra-glamorous den. 

Nestip: It is important to focus on the background wall so that the color and texture of the mirror frame complements room elements. 

As you can see, there are endless possibilities for using our trendy mirrors in home decor. so go ahead, browse and find one to blend with your room today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the types of mirror at Nestasia?

Nestasia has three categories of mirrors - wall mirrors, tabletop mirrors, and handheld mirrors. The wall mirrors have been carefully crafted in metal and glass material in a circular shape. The handheld mirrors reflect vintage as well as quirky style that will be a great purchase for quick fixes and can be easily carried anywhere. The tabletop mirrors are a beautiful and aesthetic addition to your interior design. Other mirrors in our collection include jewelry mirrors and mirrors with trays.

2. Where should decorative mirrors be placed?

One can place the decorative mirror on the dressing table or hang the mirror in the bathroom. Besides, decorative mirrors can also be placed or hung in the dining area opposite the dining table. The decorative mirrors can be hung in the entrance area or near the main gate. You can even decorate the walls of your living room and bedroom with mirrors. The tabletop mirrors can also be placed on mantles, shelves, and countertops.

3. What are the tips to consider while choosing mirror wall art?

Mirrors are a piece of art for home decor, so before you go with mirror wall art, you must make sure that the choice of mirror fits the main decoration style. Also, make sure you buy quality materials instead of cheap ones to support the weight of the wall mirror. Choose the mirror of the correct shape, size, and design to make your mirror wall art look luxurious, classy, and beautiful.

4. Why should you choose Nestasia for designer mirrors?

Nestasia offers a wide range of modish and classy designer mirrors. Each mirror has been crafted with the best quality material that is flawless and durable to add more life to your home and travel experiences. With Nestasia's designer mirrors you can amp up any empty wall or tabletop. Our premium quality mirrors are the right mix of contemporary and quirky styles.

5. How should one use mirrors for living room decor?

You can hang large decorative mirrors for living room on the wall opposite the window as they will reflect light and will produce an illusion of spaciousness. The mirror can be hung over the mantle or tabletop mirrors can be kept on the mantle for decoration. You can even go for different shapes of mirrors for living room decoration to create an elegant aesthetic effortlessly.

Mirrors Pricing

Product Name Price
Chic Pocket Mirror White Rs.375
Elegant Compact Mirror Sky Blue Rs.375
Foldable Compact Mirror Black Rs.375
Heart Shaped Pocket Mirror Pink Rs.395
Heart Shaped Foldable Pocket Mirror Black Rs.395
Heart Shaped Pocket Mirror Red Rs.395
Oval Wall Mirror Black Small Rs.3950