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Add the bougie touch of fine dining to your favourite snacks with our stunning selection of snack bowls and soup bowls.

Buy Soup Bowl & Snacks Bowl Online in India

Soup Bowls & Snack Bowls 

Snack and soup bowls make an extremely important part of any dining table décor. Browse through Nestasia’s exclusive collection to explore an array of chic and elegant bowls for soup and snacks. Our collection of multi-purpose bowls should make an absolute favorite for anyone who enjoys including pops of color or some personality on their table. 

From a choice of a pretty and aesthetic color palette to a variety of patterns, shapes, textures, and sizes, each of these bowls are unique pieces in itself. Most importantly, all these ceramic soup bowls and snack bowls are of great utility. A variety of food across various cuisines could be served in these bowls. The collection ranges from ceramic soup bowl set, soup bowl set with plate, snack bowl, stew bowl, ramen bowl, breakfast, and curry bowls to dessert dishes and much more.

Shape of Soup and Snack Bowls 

Nestasia offers a wide array of soup and snack bowls with numerous choices of shapes and sizes. The sizes range from small and medium, to large. Along with that, it also offers choices of different capacities. The capacities are mentioned with reference to the size of the product which further eases and enables you to choose the perfect product as per your need.

The soup bowls and snack bowls feature various eye-catching geometrical shapes. The range consists of leaf-shaped bowls, round-shaped bowls, heart-shaped bowls, ramen bowls, scallop bowls, fine leaf bowls, pudding bowls, star-shaped bowls, salad bowls, square-shaped bowls, ceramic bowls, and various other options.

Getting kids to eat is a real task! Keeping that in mind, Nestasia has also come up with kids-friendly bowls as a part of their collection. These include pineapple-shaped bowls, carrot-shaped bowls, and lemon-shaped bowls amongst others. Each of these bowls adds fun to the otherwise not-so-fun snack time.

Adding on to that, some of these snack plates and bowls come with handles. Some have handles on one side while others have them on both. This makes them easy and convenient to use, especially when you are carrying something warm or hot.

Some of these also come with a lid. This not only enables it to keep the food warm and protects it from any unwanted debris but enhances the complete look of it. The unique and attractive qualities of these utility bowls add to the fine dining experience of an individual, making home special.

Color and Pattern of Soup and Snack Bowls

If a varied option of colors and patterns is what you are looking for, then Nestasia is your one-stop solution for it. From white, black, teal, green, blue, brown, pink, yellow, orange, and ruby red, to soft aesthetically pleasing pastel colors, we provide a huge range of color options. There are also glossy and matte finishes available. 

A variety of patterns and textures are also available for you to choose from. The plate and bowls are available in ribbed, scalloped, glazed, marble, matte, ombre, and many more patterns and textures. Some of the unique features to look out for from our collection are floral patterns, geometrical shapes, teardrop shapes, linear patterns, abstract forms, fruit shapes, quirky patterns, retro styles, contemporary styles, polka dots, and much others. These quirky designs add to the uniqueness of each bowl.

Nestasia, also has a huge collection for everyone who loves minimalistic dining decor. There are plenty of monochromatic and ombre bowls in eye-soothing colors if you want to keep your layout simple. Our plates and bowls sets and bowls with lids come with both similar and contrasting colors and patterns.

Adding on to this, there are also some snack and soup bowls with kids-friendly patterns. This includes some cool and quirky cartoon designs inspired by your kids’ favorite characters to add joy to their dining experience.

Usage of Soup and Snack Bowls

Our snack serving bowls are made keeping their efficiency in mind. The snack and soup bowls could be placed inside the microwave for heating the food, while they are also dishwasher safe allowing easy washing. However, the gold-plated bowls are unsafe for the microwave.

Price of Soup and Snack Bowls 

Nestasia’s ideal snack and soup bowls match various budget requirements. The prices vary in accordance with the size, color, pattern, and texture of the bowls. The uniqueness and multi-functionality of each bowl add a refreshing touch to the dining table decor.

Soup Snack Bowls Pricing

Product Name Price
Pastel Gloss Finish Ceramic Bowl Set Of 4 400ml Rs.750
Azo Ceramic Side Snack Bowl Grey Set Of 4 340ml Rs.1960
Mandala Snack Bowl Set Of 6 With Chopsticks Rs.995
Set Of 4 Zoella Orange Dessert Bowls 200ml Rs.1000
Scallop Rimmed Ceramic Soup Bowl Set Of 4 Yellow Ochre 350ml Rs.1992
VERA Pink Bowl Rs.490
Aloha Soup Bowl 280 ml Set Of 6 Rs.1045