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    Nestasia’s range of Soup and Snack Bowls is a must-have for any appreciator and collector of fine tableware. The bowls are multipurpose and utilitarian, enabling one to serve a range of dishes across cuisines while elevating the tablescape. Fruits, snacks, breakfast cereals, side curries, noodles, ramen, soups, stews, desserts are some of the dishes which may be served in our array of bowls that vary in shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, and colors.

    The Soup and Snack bowls are available in ribbed, glazed, matte, scalloped, and marble textures. Patterns of polka dots, stripes, florals, fruits, geometric shapes adorn the surface of the bowls. Some soup and snack bowls also feature kid-friendly patterns and shapes of cartoon characters for a delightful eating experience.

    Our myriad of monochromatic and ombre bowls are minimalistic and may be paired with contrasting platters and plates. Some Soup and Snack bowls are equipped with handles for ease in carrying warm gravies and soups. The bowls featuring lids keep debris from entering the food while keeping it warm for a longer period. Most of our soup and snack bowls are microwave safe and oven friendly, while those with gold detailing are unsafe to be placed into the oven.

    The Soup and Snack Bowls are there to suit all kinds of budget requirements while being the ideal tableware for any and every occasion. The exquisite bowls with their array of colors and patterns add a refreshing touch to the table while impressing guests and elevating family dining or supper time.