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    Plates and platters are one of Nestasia’s bestsellers. 

    Range of plates:

    Our range of food plates includes: Serving plates, starter plates, dinner plates, breakfast plates, small snack plates, appetizer plates or plates for appetizer, side plates, fruit plates, single serve plates, trinket plates, platters, long plates, small plates, deep plates, pasta plates, plates with handle, section plates or plates with sections, decorative plates, soup plates, cup plates, microwave safe plates, cheese plates, cake plates, cheese boards, cheese platters, Lazy Susan turntable, sushi platters, areca leaf plates with palm prints, baking plates, dessert plates and more. 

    Shape of plates:

    Our ceramic plates come in a range of designs: From the classic round plates, to modern asymmetric plates, square plates, to quirky triangle plates, to long serving snacks plates or long platters and sushi plates, to boat plates for starters, hexagon plates, to large cheese boards and serving platters to edge geometric shapes. Nestasia also houses ceramic plates like funky plates like cactus plates shaped like cactus, fruit plates shaped liked different fruits, coral plates shaped like shells and corals, fish plates shaped like fishes, heart plates shaped like a heart, flower plate or floral plates shaped like fresh blossoms, gift plate shaped like a gift box, leaf plates shaped like leaves, ice cream plates shaped like an ice cream cone and so much more.

    Color of the plates:

    Our ceramic plates come in various colors: From the classic black plates and white plates to blue plates, yellow plates, green plates, grey plates, orange plates or the favorite pink plates or even the elite gold plates or silver plates - Nestasia has a range of colorful plates. If one is looking for variants like light blue plate, dark blue plate, off white plate, light pink plate, light purple plates or even colorful plates to complete their dinner set or crockery set for their crockery collection, then Nestasia is the place to go to. 

    Usage of plates: 

    Dinner Plates: Dinner plates are plates that can be used for serving full meals like dinners, lunch or even breakfast. The plates can range from a 9 inch dinner plate, a 10 inch dinner plate or even an 11 inch or 12 inch dinner plate. In contemporary settings, even 7inch plates and 8inch plates are being used as dinner plates that cater to healthy eating needs and are also popularly known as bread and butter plates. Dinner plates are an essential part of the tableware collection which forms a part of the dinner set. Dinner plates are not only the most important element of dinner at home but also for restaurants and hotels. Nestasia houses a range of ceramic dinner plates with multiple prints, shapes, sizes and colors. If one is looking for plates for restaurants, plates for cafes, plates for gym - Nestasia also takes bulk orders for plates. 

    Snack Plates: Any plate that is used for snack can be used as a snack plate. However, a snack plate is essentially a 6 inch plate, 7 inch plate or an 8 inch plate. The snack plates are also popularly called side plates, starter plates, salad plates or appetizer plates used as plates for salad, plates for sides, plates for starters or plates for appetizers. Sometimes the snack plates are also used as dessert plates for serving desserts like ice cream with brownie or cakes with chocolate sauce and more. 

    Pasta Plates: Pasta plates are those plates that have a slight depth. The pasta plates are also called deep plates as they have a depth of 1inch to 2 inches. The plates may have a depth towards the center with a wide rim or can also be entirely deep. These plates are different from the dinner plates or snack plates because they are used to serve food like pasta, ravioli, noodles or soupy noodles that have condiments with slight gravy. The depth of the plates ensure that the gravy does not spill outside the plates. 

    Long plates: As the name suggests, long plates are long in length and generally have a rectangular shape. The long plates can also come in fancy designs like leaf plates or boat plates. These ceramic long plates are used as serving plates for serving starters and snacks and are not used as dining plates. The long plates are reflective of a serving aesthetics of the household or restaurant that elevates the serving at the dining table. Head on to the long plates section on our website to view the range of these fancy looking platters.

    Section plates: Section plates are plates that are divided into sections. These plates or platters have a slight depth which keep the food away from spilling or from mixing into each other. The section plates are generally used as plates for toddlers or plates for kids or platters for serving nuts or starters. These plates are also popularly used as chip and dip plates where the dips or chutney or sauces are placed in the smaller section and the chips or crackers or nachos are placed in the bigger section. The plates are used at office canteens or college mess for serving full meals like rice, chapati, lentils, dal and salad. Nestasia houses a range of section plates that are multiutility and also stylish.

    Platters: Platters are dishware that were originally used as serve ware but have now also been upgraded to dining ware. Platters are essentially trays that may or may not be divided into sections and are used to serve multiple dishes on one plate. A platter could be a round platter, square platter, rectangle platter or in any other shape that can be made with ceramic, wood, plastic or even steel. Nestasia has a range of platters that can be used as cheese boards, cheese platters, platter trays for snacks or platter dishes for starters or dry fruit platters. 

    Small Plates: Small plates are mini plates that are also sometimes referred to as dessert plates. The plates refer to small dishes resembling personal size appetizers like sushi or sides like dips, sauces, wasabi that are served as a part of formal meals. Nestasia has a range of small plates that cover all formal dinner needs to all informal dinner needs. Nestasia’s small plates come in quirky shapes like fruits and flowers that not only make dining more aesthetically pleasing but also add to the decor of a table setting. 

    Almost all plates at Nestasia are made of ceramic. A ceramic is any of the various hard, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials made by shaping and then firing a nonmetallic mineral, such as clay, at a high temperature. Ceramic plates are not only hard and easy to clean but also a very good alternative to plastics. The heat resistant plates are considered non toxic and most plates without a gold lining can also be used in the microwave, oven and dishwasher. The porcelain category of ceramic plates are also pore less and are durable unless mishandled. The ceramic plates are also non sticky with a smooth texture that can be easily cleaned and dried.

    Price of plates:

    Price of plates is not a problem at Nestasia. We all look to buy plates online at discounted prices which is where Nestasia comes to the rescue. Nestasia has a range of reasonable plates with low prices and a range of luxury dining plates with a premium pricing. The plates range from INR 190 that can go up to INR 3,500. Some plates are also sold at a discounted price that can be viewed under the ‘Sale’ section on the website. 

    An attractive plate of food has many benefits for the hosts and guests at home or chef and consumers at a restaurant. For the host or a chef, plating allows many creative possibilities, a chance to leave an impression on the menu and create a signature dish. It is also a way to creatively reintroduce dishes that work well together, and present them in a unique style. Creative plating can also  be a simple way to upscale a serving that will make the hosts enjoy a better experience with an appetizing plate full of food appealing to their visual taste as well as their palette.

    Nestasia as a brand aspires to be a part of the 'Nest' of its customers which is why there is one for all and all for one. We believe in creating a greater dining experience for all our clients by sharing simple yet creative ideas on using crockery and creating something unique. Head on to our blog section to get some inspiration on plating ideas or dining experiences.