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Bowls complete a dining experience without doubt. While small bowls were used to serve tea and other alcoholic beverages in many ancient cultures, bowls have been used for serving and eating food for thousands of years now. Available in endless shapes and sizes, various types of bowls are used to serve different varieties of food. From big bowls to small bowls, and from round bowls to geometric bowls, Nestasia has it all for a luxurious dining experience.

While the name of fruit bowls or pasta bowls might suggest that these bowls can be used to serve freshly cut fruits and pasta respectively, but our bowls are stunners at multitasking. We have pasta bowl, salad bowl, cereal bowl, ramen bowl, noodle bowl, dessert bowl, chutney bowl, sauce bowl, ice cream bowl, fruit bowl, serving bowl, snack bowl, and sectioned bowl which can be used to serve your snacks like fries, popcorns, sandwiches, pasta, noodles, or gravy dishes, rice, fruits, desserts, and a lot more. We also have food bowls that are microwave safe bowls, oven safe bowls, and bowl sets for the ones who love baking.

Ramekins are tiny bowls, used for serving and baking. Ramekins can be used to set custards and jellies. These little bowls can also be used to bake muffins and cupcakes. We also have ramekins with lids. The bowls of these ramekins can be used to bake and serve whereas the lids can be used to cover the bowls.

Ceramic bowls are available as different variants of glossy bowls, matte bowls, oven safe bowls, microwave safe bowls, and snack bowls. The bowls can be used to serve gravy dishes, tossed vegetables, rice or noodles. These bowls can also be paired with cutlery sets.

We also have casserole and baking bowls which are oven safe and can be easily used for baking and serving. The casserole come with a lid to keep the bowl covered. The casserole also has handles so that the bowl can be carried easily. We have bowls with handle, bowls with stands, and bowls with wooden handle which can be used as microwave safe bowls, oven safe bowls, serving bowls, snack bowls, and soup bowls as well.

Some exciting shaped bowls like bath tub shaped bowl, heart shaped bowls, diamond shaped bowls, leaf shaped bowls, and fish shaped bowls can add to your quirky bowls collection. Our Vera collection bowls give a luxurious dining experience along with the Vera collection plates.

We have a wide variety of colorful bowls- red bowls, black bowls, yellow bowls, green bowls, orange bowls, pink bowls, and a lot more. The bowl collection has something for everyone- be it bowls for kids, bowls for serving food, bowls for kitchen, bowls for baking, bowls for snacks, and even bowls for gifting your dear ones, we’ve got your back.