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Baskets Introduction

Baskets and bags are multi-purpose storage essentials that are essential in any home and for everyone. Stow away knick-knacks, cushions, wires, books, or any other articles in our organising kitchen baskets and wicker baskets to keep the home clean and well-organised. Wicker baskets, kitchen baskets, flower baskets, gift baskets, fruit baskets, metal baskets, and decorative baskets are a homeware utility product that can be put to good use.

Although they may appear to take up more space than they actually do, wicker baskets and kitchen baskets are excellent for storing any excess objects and essentials that you may have lying around. Because of their various designs, contours, and hues, baskets may be incorporated into any space. Metal baskets and PVC baskets are adaptable, and deciding where to put them and what to put in them will definitely not be a hard task because Nestasia has baskets of types and sizes. Baskets bring flair and texture to any drab space and with their sleek styling, can also elevate the space effortlessly. The versatility and utility of baskets are unparalleled and make them one of the best elements to be added to the home decor.

Collection of Baskets Available at Nestasia

Baskets can be used as an easy storage option in every room of the house. You can easily incorporate storage into your home decor with Nestasia’s useful organisers and flower baskets because they are available in a range of designs, sizes, and materials. To stylishly arrange any room, Nestasia’s storage baskets are lightweight, sturdy, and also handy, enabling one to place the baskets in the desired corners. Use decorative baskets, fruit baskets, and gift baskets for convenient storage on shelves or behind a seating arrangement to make the most of your foyer. Place a few sizeable wicker baskets on the floor next to the entryway to create a drop area, where guests can keep their, bags, keys, coats, scarves and other accessories. Sort accessories like hats, gloves and other seasonal clothes that you use less frequently on a high shelf using baskets.

To collect various essentials that would otherwise clutter up your living area, baskets are the perfect option. Toys, books, DVDs, TV accessories, throw blankets, and other items can all be stored in Nestasia’s woven storage baskets. Put the baskets under a console table so that they are out of the way but yet accessible. Before guests arrive, you may quickly declutter the space with this basket storage solution. Sorting clothes into baskets will help your closet look more organised. To stop tall piles from falling over, put folded clothing into our wire storage baskets and store them on shelves. Put shoes, scarves, makeup accessories and other essentials in different sized baskets.

Storage baskets, be they metal baskets, flower baskets, or wicker baskets can be placed near corner tables or chairs in the living room. Extra throw blankets or hand towels can be kept close to the sofa in Nestasia’s handwoven Sabai baskets and Moonj baskets that are not only useful but also elevate the home decor. You can also decorate the interior by placing contrasting metal baskets and using them for placing books and magazines and other periodicals. Use woven or our cotton linen storage baskets in the bathroom to conceal extra toilet paper, hand towels, and other supplies. Depending on the kinds of products you need to keep, choose various sizes available at Nestasia. Stock a separate basket with scented lotions, soaps, and other toiletries that you can quickly access when guests arrive.

Bathrooms and laundry rooms need a lot of storage space for organising essentials. To organise items like soaps, cleaning supplies, brushes, sponges, and other things, opt for our PVC storage baskets. After organising your belongings in baskets, tuck them away in a closet or cupboard. Make sure to pick a basket that won't be harmed by chemicals or water like our sturdy PVC storage baskets. To arrange cooking oils and spices on the kitchen countertop, use our wicker baskets for kitchen as they can be easily wiped in case of contact with water or if there’s oil spillage. Put the kitchen basket on the kitchen countertop, so that it is easy to access frequently used ingredients be it spices, vegetable, or condiments while cooking.

Flower Baskets-

Basket organisers and flower baskets by Nestasia are made of different materials like woven dried grass, wood, PU leather, bamboo, and cane. Colourful baskets can help to add a splash of colour in any corner as part of your home decor. The vibrant and handcrafted baskets can also be used for artificial flower arrangements and can be placed as a centrepiece on the table.

Basket organisers are available in various sizes. Small planter baskets for holding plants and adding a decorative touch to the balcony garden, medium-sized magazine organisers for holding magazines and books, and large-sized laundry baskets to be used as a hamper are all available at our online store. A wide range of wooden and natural woven basket organisers are available to purchase online at Nestasia. 

Kitchen Baskets- 

Baskets made of PVC are the perfect additions to the kitchen or bathroom as they’re spacious enough to store toiletries, towels, and other essentials. The baskets can be placed on the kitchen shelf to organise spice jars, cutlery, and smaller utensils. Since there’s no chance of rusting in these organisers, you can easily utilise them for daily use purposes.

The PVC organisers with rotating bases look extremely luxe with their golden detailing and can be added to the vanity table for easy access to cosmetics and can also be placed as a centrepiece on the dining table. The rotating feature enables one to easily pick up the required condiments or cutlery. The organisers are also extremely easy to wipe clean to keep them looking stunning as usual. The smooth rotational feature of the organisers is enhanced with the additional feature of handles, enabling ease in placing the organisers wherever and whenever required.

Inside a congested freezer, plastic storage baskets serve as a clever space-saver. Put the goods in the baskets according to type (such as frozen pizzas in one, bags of vegetables in another). To prevent anything from getting lost in the freezer's back, label each basket. 

Utilize our handwoven baskets to add extra storage to the bedroom. Put extra blankets, pillowcases, and sheets in Nestasia’s baskets and tuck them beneath the bed. The vegan leather baskets are the perfect accents to be placed on top of the vanity table. Place trinkets like necklaces, earrings and finger rings into the basket. The baskets can also be used for organising perfume bottles and other cosmetic essentials like face creams and lipsticks. 

Nestasia’s knitted bamboo baskets have been handcrafted by expert artisans to bring artisanal beauty to homes. The gift baskets can be used for storing cutlery or may be placed as the centerpiece on the table to keep fresh fruits. These gift baskets help in keeping the space clear while providing a beautiful presentation.

Fruit Baskets- 

Included in the artisanal elements are also the Sabai baskets that are handwoven and lend an earthy element to the interior. The fruit baskets are perfect for kitchen organisation, and may be used to store fruits and vegetables. The Sabai organiser can also be used as snack trays for keeping jars of snacks, pickles, and munchies. The cylindrical Sabai baskets can be used as planters for placing artificial greens or for placing potted plants in them. The artisanal fruit baskets, handwoven by master craftsmen lend an earthy element to the home interior. The shallow Sabai baskets can be placed as centrepieces on the dining table for placing fresh fruits or even faux fruits for decoration purposes.

The multipurpose PVC ribbed transparent baskets and organizers come in 3 different colours of amber, grey, and transparent and work well in every corner of the house to declutter all the mess and store all the goods together in one place. These baskets are perfect as a laundry basket, for shoe storage, pantry organization, and kitchen organization. Easily set up this basket and create additional space to keep all your essentials together and create a visually appealing environment. 

These multipurpose organizer baskets can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, desks, and shelves to declutter every space. You can even use this in offices to clean your desktop and sitting space or use it as a desk organizer. The storage organizers are made of durable PVC material which can be used for a longer time. It is easy to clean and comes with gold detailed cutout handles for easy gripping and carrying. The storage organizers look chic and stylish and also elevate the interior design to give a stylish look. It is suitable for storing all kinds of small accessories as well as other items and can even be used as a hamper to hold snacks, drinks, and other party essentials.

Baskets For Gifts- 

Create a gift hamper with the help of our baskets by filling in snacks, chocolates or a range of different coloured flowers or different types of flowers. The baskets for gifts can solely be gifted as a housewarming present for organisation.

The rectangular storage baskets can also be used for storing spice jars or plates in them for later use and keeping the kitchen less messy. By stacking dishes in the baskets, you can keep the dinner plates or snack plates safe from scratches and breakage while also ensuring that you don’t have to worry about the burdened task of taking out your dishes from the showcase.

The vegan leather storage trays and storage baskets can be used to organise any desk or table and can add a touch of luxe with the vegan leather finish. It comes as a leather mat with buttons on four corners that can be buttoned to make the mat into a storage basket. The organiser tray can be placed in the living area to hold television remotes or in the room to organise a cluttered corner or on the study desk to organise stationery. The leather tray can be used as a valet tray to keep daily essentials like wallet and keys, as a decorative storage tray in the room or as an organizer for the dresser to keep perfume, junk jewellery, and trinkets.

Why choose Nestasia to buy baskets?

With Nestasia’s baskets, keep your home clean, organised and beautiful. The high-quality bags and baskets are the perfect way to declutter your home and help keep a tidy surrounding. Choose us, because we will make your home special, just in the ways you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the use of wicker baskets in the kitchen?

Wicker baskets in the kitchen are a stylish way to store dry vegetables like potatoes and onions. Wicker baskets are relatively simple to clean and lightweight. Wicker baskets or rattan baskets make the kitchen appear clean and well-organized while adding an earthy element to it. Nestasia's wicker baskets can be stacked and used to hold a variety of cookware and utensils. You stack the basket in the kitchen to hold more essentials.

  1. What are kitchen baskets used for?

Kitchen baskets by Nestasia are high in quality, lightweight and sized for easy storage. Modern kitchens are all about organisation, which is what gives modern kitchens the appearance of being tidy and clean. The kitchen baskets are best used for organising kitchen towels, spice jars, utensils and vegetables, Choosing the appropriate kind of basket is essential for a kitchen that is free of clutter.

  1. What do you store in a decorative basket?

Decorative baskets by Nestasia can be placed as a centrepiece on the table and decorated with artificial fruits by Nestasia. The decorative baskets can also be used to show off glass jars filled with colourful condiments or jars for decoration purposes filled with potpourri or fairy lights to show off glass jars. The decorative baskets can also be used to plant several small succulents and cacti.

  1. How to incorporate baskets into my home decor?

Baskets can be incorporated into the home decor by being used for holding snacks, wherein one can place smoothie mugs, packets of crisps and cookies into the basket. Baskets can also be used for artificial flower arrangements or for organising cosmetics and makeup products. Baskets can also be used for decorating treasured keepsakes or hanging on walls for placing essentials such as towels and throws.

  1. What material are baskets made of?

Baskets by Nestasia are made of high-quality materials to be highly functional and long-lasting. At Nestasia, we have baskets made of natural materials such as Sabai grass and Moonj grass that can be used for both decorative purposes as well as for organisation. The vegan leather baskets look extremely stylish & sleek and also come in several colours. The baskets constructed of PVC are sturdy options for daily use. We also have cotton linen baskets and metal baskets for use in home and kitchen organistaion.

Product Name Price
Basket For Essentials Rs.700
Metal Mesh Fruit Basket With Handle Rs.700
Multipurpose Storage Basket Orange Set Of 2 11 Inch Rs.495
Essentials Storage Basket Yellow Set Of 2 11 Inch Rs.495
Multipurpose Storage Basket Beige Set Of 2 11 Inch Rs.495
Eco-Friendly Planter Baskets Brown Set of 2 Rs.1650
Eco-Friendly Planter Baskets Red Set of 2 Rs.1650