Snack Plates

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VERA Green Deep Plate
Rs. 1,250
Mandala Round Dish
Rs. 595
Mandala Long Dish
Rs. 595
Sectioned Plate Nitori
Rs. 690
Sectioned Platter Nitori
Rs. 690
Dumpling Plate
Rs. 550
White Pasta Plate
Rs. 450
French Plates Set of 4
Rs. 1,650
Ceramic Plate for Snacks Set of 2
Rs. 790
Mandala Snack Plate Set of 2
Rs. 950
Sushi Platter Nitori
Rs. 590
Spring Platter
Rs. 1,150
Spring Plate With Handle
Rs. 750
Black Ceramic Plate S
Rs. 650
Breakfast Plate White
Rs. 490
Quarter Plate
Rs. 490
Ceramic Dining Set
Rs. 1,750
Breakfast Plate Red
Rs. 490
Plates made of ceramic apt for serving all kinds of snacks