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Make snack time a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds with our wide collection of premium snack plates.

Food becomes twice as good as it really is when presented in a way that has visual appeal. Amp up your presentation style with Nestasia. Browse through our range of stylish and elegant snack plates to make your food lively and presentable. Truth is, nobody wants to dine on boring plates. Thus, a perfect snack serving plate is one that not only serves utilitarian purposes but also carries a style factor with it. It adds to the beauty of a dining place with the aesthetic that it holds. 

Nestasia’s range of snack plates is absolutely what you need to take the boring factor away from your food. Find everything you require from our extensive range of snack plates that come in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, and textures. Serve an array of delicacies across numerous cuisines in these uniquely curated snack plates. Whether you are serving your guests, or your family, leave them happy and in a lively mood with good dining decor

Shapes and Sizes of Snack Plates

A good dining decor is one that has a collection of plates and platters of various shapes, sizes, and styles. Nestasia offers you exactly what you need to elevate your tablescape. We have the choicest collection of snack plates in numerous fascinating shapes and sizes that range from cute and artsy to chic and classy, giving you the option to explore a wide range. 

The sizes range from small, to medium and large with various unique and fascinating geometrical shapes. Our collection of shapes ranges from simple and elegant square snack plates, rectangle snack plates, and round plates to some unique shapes as well. These include pasta plates, leaf-shaped plates, heart-shaped plates, sun-shaped plates, raindrop-shaped plates, diamond-shaped plates, seashell plates, hexagon-shaped, plates, and star-shaped plates amongst many others.

Nestasia also understands how difficult it is for a parent to make their kids eat. Thus, we also have some kids-friendly snack plates that they would absolutely love. There are pineapple-shaped plates, fish-shaped plates, moon-shaped plates, and many others to keep your kids entertained while they finish their food. 

Some of the snack plates and snacks plate sets also come with accessories. You can browse through Nestasia to find some snack plates with sections to keep your dips and sauces in place and not get scattered all over. There are plates with handles too which makes it convenient to carry food with ease without burning your fingers. Additionally, the dimensions of each of these side plates are mentioned clearly to help you choose exactly what you are looking for. 

Color and Pattern of Snack Plates

We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the color, pattern, and aesthetics of dining decor. While some like it cool and quirky, others like it minimal and chic. Nestasia offers the choicest collection of eye-catchy snack plates that adds life to your dining room. Scroll through our collection of uniquely curated designs that come in various colors, patterns, and textures. Find the best match for your home from a variety of options across the color spectrum. From shades of light gray, dark gray, soft blue, pink, green, red, brown, to black, and white you would get a plethora of options to explore and choose from.

We also have an endless collection when it comes to different and quirky kinds of textures and patterns. Our collection infuses pretty floral patterns, teardrops patterns, spiral patterns, and geometric abstract patterns. It also boasts some fruits, veggies, and other cute patterns that kids would absolutely love. There are both matte, semi-glossy, and glossy finishes, hence you can shop for what you like the best. 

Usage of Snack Plates

Our snack plates could be used to serve a variety of delicacies from Indian and Continental to Chinese. You can serve an array of foods from momos, dim sums, skewers, kebabs, sausages, and more. The section plates make it easier to serve food with dips. Additionally, you can serve lasagna, risotto, and macaroni, amongst others on our pasta/snack plates. 

The vast collection of snack plates at Nestasia are made assuming multi-functionality to be one of their most important characteristics. Snack plates with handles and section plates come with additional benefits attached to them. These accessories help in easing the way you can use them. Each of our snack plates is extremely durable and long-lasting. Some of the snack plates in our collection are microwave friendly. Hence, you can warm various delicacies in a hassle-free way. Additionally, our dishwasher-safe snack plates make cleaning them later easy.

Price of Snack Plates

Nestasia has snack plates across various budgets. Each of the pieces is curated uniquely to add value to your price. The prices of each plate vary in accordance with the durability, sizes, shape, and pattern that they come in. Shop the best snack plates online from Nestasia’s extensive range of snack plates collection to make your home special. Add a regal touch to an otherwise dull and boring dining decor and leave your guests impressed.

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Snack Plates Pricing

Product Name Price
Grey Azo Set Of 4 Snack Plates 8 Inch Rs.4760
Azo Pink Ceramic Snack Plate Set Of 4 8 Inch Rs.4760
Zoella Ceramic Side Plates Set Of 4 Green 7 Inch Rs.2380
Ocean Ceramic Snack Plate White 6 Inch Rs.550
Set Of 4 Zoella Orange Ceramic Snack Plates 7 Inch Rs.2380
Ocean Ceramic Snack Plate Blue 6 Inch Rs.550
Ocean Ceramic Salad Plate White 7 Inch Rs.650