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    With Nestasia’s exclusive collection of glass cups, jugs, tumblers, and drinking glasses, the search for glassware ends here. Lay your hands on our wide range of glass tea cups, glass cups, or drinking glasses to enjoy your favorite hot and cold beverages. Our extensive glassware collection consists of wine glasses, juice glasses, champagne glasses, small glass cups, flute glasses, tumblers, dispensers, water glasses, water jugs, and much more. Our glassware sets come in exclusive designs and appear highly attractive, making them easier to use safely in any outdoor setting. The best part about our exquisite range of glassware is that there is something for every table decor connoisseur out there, with a tinge of both vintage and modern designs to appease their taste. 

    When there are visitors and guests popping up, earn the reputation of being an exemplary host by serving them with style and panache using our wide range of glassware. Get the exquisite and gorgeous drinking glasses that have been designed keeping minute details in mind. One can upgrade the look of their dining table or office desktop with our contemporary collection of glassware- from drinking glasses to glass coffee mugs, and so on.

    At Nestasia, we ensure that our customers get just the right accessories to become a 'super' host, whether it is glassware, barware, or serveware. Nestasia also offers a wide range of tumblers, daily-use glass bottles, drinking glasses, glass coffee mugs, glass tea cups, glass dinner plates, glass plates, glass bowls, and much more, and they come in a variety of colors and designs. Nestasia also has complimentary glassware accessories like art deco vases, tea kettles, designer ice buckets, etc.

    Storage jars

    Glass storage jars have become trendy. Store in it a variety of items including quick bites, dry snacks, puffed rice, or any yummy snack item. Keep these bottles on the table, so one does not need to rush to the kitchen every time they want to munch on something. It can also be used to store drinks, pickles, butter, and jam. One can also make salad dressings in the jar by shaking and emulsifying it. These days, serving iced beverages in glass jars is quite the trend and it also makes the coffee look more delicious.

    Drinking glasses

    Our wide range of drinking glasses looks undoubtedly sophisticated. Match them up with our stunning glass dinner plates, glass plate sets, or glass bowls of the same design to amp up your serving game a notch higher. There are multiple interesting uses of drinking glasses- use them to store candies or as a storage area for your reading glasses near the bedside table. Go creative and turn it into a desktop organizer. It is easy to snack around in drinking glasses, so try serving nuts, snacks, and pretzels in them for the next housewarming party.


    Decorative glass vases can add grandeur to shelves and tables. They can be used to house greenery in the bathroom, kitchen, or office table. A terrarium looks very chic on any window sill whether it's in the bathroom or kitchen; use our vases for building an ecosystem right at home. Switch on your creative mode and use our glass vases as an aquarium or as a candle holder. Make a candy bowl or a fruit display using our unique range of vases to grab eyeballs.

    Crystal glass straws

    Hunting for an environment-friendly option to sip your drinks? Glass straws are go-to gears to teach your kids to go sustainable. The glass straws are perfect for slurping on some iced coffee when paired with our drinking glasses or double-walled glass mugs. Use it as a sustainable gifting option for kids and friends who are environmentally conscious.


    The glass teapots can be used to serve herbal tea, black tea, oolong tea, or coffee in our elegant glass coffee cups or glass tea cups. Our glass teapot when paired with our exquisite glass cup or glass cup set can make for an excellent gifting option. One can serve lemonade in our transparent glass teapot to tickle the taste buds of their guests differently. The stunning glass body of our teapots will allow tea enthusiasts to enjoy the striking color of their favorite flush of tea while pouring it into the transparent glass cup.

    Glass stew pots

    Glass stew pots can be used for serving pasta, spaghetti, or noodles in the glass stew pots during a board or card game with peers. One of the most interesting uses of stew pots is to sauté veggies and meat. Our range is not only versatile in terms of looks but also functionality.

    Glass drinkware sets

    One can use our drinking glasses or juice drinking glasses to serve lemonade, water, or a refreshing soft drink after a hectic day at work. Our drinking glasses are also apt for serving warm water, hot cocoa, or ice cream after meals. Our cocktail glass or juice glass can be used to serve delicious fruity mocktails, poolside drinks, brunch beverages, or even summer juices.

    Textured tumblers

    Our collection of water tumblers comes in mesmerizing patterns. Place them on the dinner table for daily use or to serve guests delicious smoothies and juices. Experiment with our range of glass tumbler sets in various shapes, colors, and sizes, and pair them up with our varied range of drinking glasses set to serve iced teas, fruit juices, and lemonades. Try making mixed flavored drinks to come up with a fascinating mocktail punch and serve it fresh to guests at the office or home parties in our transparent cocktail glass or juice drinking glasses.

    Do you know that the people who designed our elegant range of crockery, cutlery, and glassware have certain rules in mind? For example, our transparent wine glass is shaped in a way that the body heat released through fingers can enhance the taste of the wine. It is also a great idea to invest in mugs, jugs, and delightful fancy glasses for drinks.

    As all of our products are unique in their own way, choose anything from the urbane assortment that we have. It is not an easy game to throw an epic party, so stay mindful of both the environment and function. Our collection will not only look good on any dinner table but will also enhance the appeal of the work desk.

    Irrespective of the need and budget, we have something to accommodate everyone's requirements.