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    Though the name has ‘strain’ in it, it is devised to cleanse the strain away. Yes, you have heard it right! Imagine, if it’s a world without a strainer, we would’ve to separate the tea leaves from the tea by our bare hands or spoon, and when we are finally done doing it, sitting relaxingly to enjoy the refreshing cup of tea, yuck! Tea leaves are still hiding in the cup.

    Isn’t that a mood killer? Not just tea, several other treasured beverages get ruined because of such tidbits not getting removed completely. Chilled lemonades, iced teas, fruit juices, all are dependent on strainers for a smooth blend and taste.

    Strainers are the most common kitchen tool that is sold. Do you know why? For the sole reason, that one can never be enough. When you’re buying one, you need to get another because a little voice keeps on saying, “This one might be a waste soon, what will you do if one fine morning, you miss your tea because of a petty strainer?”

    Quality strainers are an economic purchase. With its long-term durability, superb material strength and astonishing power of segregation, a strainer can go a long way.

    As a matter of fact, Mad Hatter’s tea party is our inspiration to design such alluring strainers. The idea that’s imbibed in every unique creation is to enjoy your tea the way you like! Let your first sip take you to a Wonderland of your choice. Ah, de-alice-ious!

    Nestasia’s range of tea strainers varies in shape and style. They are available in quirky outlines of a shell, oyster, bird, or a Christmas tree, with supreme material guarantee and effective functioning ability. With long and short handles, it is easy to buy one according to your convenience.

    The price starts from as low as 190 and climbs the top till 350. The tea strainers are packed with affordability, durability and long-term guarantee. So, amp up your par-tea with this extraordinary addition.