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Dried flowers are an eloquent way of connecting with nature that remains amiss with the busy schedules taking up the leisure moments. There are a plethora of benefits that make sustainable home decor a must-have asset for one’s home, bathroom, living room, or even kitchen. At Nestasia, one can explore a spectacular range of flowers for a soothing, aesthetic ambiance, be it natural dried flowers or artificial flowers.

Scented dried flowers are all-time favorites because they can bring life to long-lasting fragrant flower arrangements and beautiful bouquets. We, at Nestasia, use a unique technique to dry and dye flowers so that the end product looks beautiful and natural. Those who feel apprehensive to buy real plants can go for dried flowers as a good alternative as they are low maintenance and simply require occasional dusting. Nestasia’s range of dried fragrant flowers does not undergo machine processing; what customers get is 100% organic.

Nestasia houses a variety of dried flowers in an assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes. We focus on our ability to provide added value to your home through these natural picks. It undergoes dyeing, frosting, and glittering before it reaches our valued customers. Spice up the surroundings with our exclusive range of dried flowers to bring a fancy twist to your home décor. Get the dried flowers year-round for festivities, birthdays, weddings, or any other kind of celebration. During festivities, focus more on fragrant flowers with glitters that can uplift the mood of the surroundings.

There’s an unfathomable beauty that only flowers can provide. Fresh flowers do boast an unmatchable range of vibrant colours and fragrances but they’ll eventually wilt, dry, and lose their charm. However, our dried flowers have been crafted to provide an earthy charm to the interior. With their permanency and longevity, dried flowers are the perfect way to incorporate natural beauty to any space. Our dry flower sticks such as Cattail stems, natural Star Grass stems and dried wheat stems give you the freedom to mix and match them with real flowers or dried flowers and dried roses to make your own bouquets. Our dried flower clusters feature an amalgamation of different types of dried flowers. The dried flower clusters feature peonies and roses crafted of dried shola while dried sticks and wheat grasses have been tied together to present the stunning mini dried flower bouquet arrangement. The dried flower cluster can be used to beautify gift hampers or one can use them to make personalised DIY arrangements.

Nestasia staying true to being a caterer of multifunctional and multi utilitarian products has dried flower bouquets with Reed sticks that act as an essential oil diffuser. Our dry flower cluster comprises dried botanicals that have been bound together to create an eye-pleasing display. The dried flower bouquet comprises Reed sticks that can be placed in a bottle of essential oil to act as an essential oil diffuser. Our mini floral bouquets or dry flower clusters are designed to be elegant but the best part is, they are low maintenance. One can simply wipe off the dust with a dusting cloth which requires almost very little or no maintenance. The dried mini flowers are the perfect addition to a hamper. Designed to last several years, dried flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers.

Decorative cones and lotus pods

For all those looking for an eco-friendly option, Nestasia’s decorative accents crafted of dried pinecones and lotus pods are the ideal options. The natural wooden brown of the dried pine cones looks appealing in transparent and clear vases. Interesting arrangements can be made with the pine cones from our collection by painting them in colorful hues. The naturally dried lotus pods by Nestasia make for exotic additions to the decor, while their metallic shades of silver and gold look luxurious in transparent glass bowls and vases. The attractiveness of any beautiful arrangement formed with pine cones is enhanced by the fact that each piece in the pack of the cones and lotus pods is unique. Use a clip to attach a single pod as a gorgeous place-card holder, stack them high in a clear glass vase or a tinted glass vase, or thread the pods together with rope for a modern décor setting - the pods may be used as ornaments, garland, or party favors. One can also make adorable woodland creatures out of pinecones and lotus pods.


Potpourri is a classic range of petals in different colors to freshen up your space. Vibrant potpourri in a ceramic or glass bowl will make it look beautiful and bright. Nestasia’s range of potpourris also comes with a bottle of aromatic fragrances which tickle the nose buds favorably. The potpourris can be used for aesthetic adornment for parties, events, and occasions. The decoratives also make for stunning table centerpieces. Potpourris can help the interiors smell fresh 24x7 and also make for stunning centrepieces on the table. The potpourri flowers can be placed in ornamental dishes or potpourri bowls to create a beautiful presentation. Our potpourris feature naturally dried flower petals and botanicals that can be infused with any essential oil of your choice, even if our bottle of the aromatic fragrance has been used up. Apart from just being a decor accessory, the potpourris can also be used as room fresheners and car fresheners. The potpourris can also be placed inside cupboards and suitcases to get rid of any odors or musty smells. Crafted of natural dried flowers, potpourri with their composition of scented dried flowers can also make for great party favours and ‘thank you’ presents.

Decorative sola balls

Want to upgrade your home décor in a quirky and organic manner? Go for decorative sola balls made by artisans from the stems of Sola plants. It can be used in vases of various shapes, colors, and sizes. Pair the sola balls with colorful flowers to bring in a homely appeal. Sola décor balls bring an unusual charm to the home décor. It has an endless list of uses. Loading it in bridal bouquets, crafts, floral wreaths, or home and office decorations has already captured the trend. Use it for festive decoration to pour in more aesthetic value. If you want to go some notches higher, then add it to baby carriages or holiday ornaments.

Bell cups

Add sophistication to the decoration with the bell cups from Nestasia’s collection. The bell cups are natural pods with an alluring charm. Use it to upgrade your home, office, or even a kid's bedroom. Since it comes in bright hues try using varied combinations and pair them up with more neutral-toned flowers. One can team it up with metallic flowers to fashion unique flower art. Place it in tall vases from Nestasia’s collection for centerpieces or make significant displays in any living room.

Bell Cups are a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind complement to any floral craft project or home interior design. The classic red bell cups are eco-friendly decorative pieces naturally dried and sifted by skilled local artisans. The round natural pods have a distinctive charm and can be used throughout all seasons if treated with care. Attach the bell cup to a wired stem for placing perfectly in a tall vase with other pods, dried or fresh leaves, and other ornamental grasses. Bell cups may be used to decorate one's house, or office, or work as a home entrance attraction. Give all the decorations a fancy twist by making thousands of varied combinations using bell cups.

Decorative sticks

The decorative sticks from Nestasia are statement pieces for a contemporary addition to the home. It can become an eye-catching element for any décor. Make it a true treasure by adorning the surrounding space with some spray-painted sticks. Nestasia’s decorative sticks include Cattail stems made of dried Cattail plants and then dyed in vibrant colours, delicate Pampas for an aesthetic natural addition to the home, and stems crafted of natural Sola. Team it up with vase fillers to bring out some creative spark. Add glass pebbles and marbles in a transparent vase for that perfect blend.

One can create gorgeous vase arrangements around the house or workspace using the naturally dried bulrush stems. Produced on a small scale and through a meticulous process of handpicking, drying, and dyeing, the dried stems can serve one's decoration needs for years. Mix the cattail stem with other bright colors of dried stems from the collection that include millet, and corn grass to create a unique setup for your coffee or study table. You can add the dried stems with real plants to create an arrangement adding your personal touch to it. The dried cattail stems are sold in a set of ten and may be used in any fresh or artificial flower arrangement. The ornamental stem will undoubtedly add elegance, brightness, and chirpiness to one's house. The stem, which has been organically dried and colored, has a fresh appearance and feel, contributing to the coziness of any place. The organic decorative Cattail stems are lovely and vibrant. The products have been established with the goal of adding a touch of elegance to drab tables, backgrounds, vases, and centerpieces. The ecologically friendly stem looks great on a table, in a bridal bouquet, at a party, in a conference room, or anyplace else. 

Our stem bunches of dried Star Grasses and Wheat Grasses add an element of quintessential coastal decor to the interior. In a vase arrangement, wheat stems and star grass stems appear larger and more striking, adding to the beauty of even the most basic setup. Fill vases with the soft foam texture stem and make it the center point of any vase arrangement, whether a glass vase, metal vase or a ceramic clay vase. The ornate stems are the product of craftspeople's tireless efforts to provide clients with high-quality merchandise. The stems serve as an evergreen adornment for a magnificent home that lacks sufficient sunlight to support the growth of fresh greens. The stems are an excellent option for those who appreciate the aesthetic value that plants bring to any living environment.

Vase fillers

Vase filler is a fundamental ornamental alternative for bouquet and flower arrangements. Vase fillers are versatile decor elements that can easily enhance the decor setup. Vase fillers are intended to enhance the overall aesthetic of the vase by adding volume, depth, and colour. Some people use a vase filler to support a floral design. Vase fillers not only help to stabilise an arrangement but also give more colour to go with the flowers of your choice. Even by themselves, some people utilise vase fillers as a decor arrangement. This gives you a brand-new option to highlight your crystal vases. Nestasia’s collections of bespoke heart shape vase fillers and ball-shaped vase fillers, crafted of natural fiber, make the surrounding appear unconventional. Put fragrant oils on the vase fillers for that lingering sweet smell all day. An all-time favourite among home decorators is sea shells and sand to add some nautical unique vibe to any bathroom, living room, or commercial space. Do use elegant sea shells or textured sand along with our vase fillers to make the space look eccentric.

Place your artificial flowers with soothing fragrances both indoors and outdoors. With all the detailing, it looks real. Place it by the windowsill or the bedside table, it will surely add a smile to your face. 

Get a picture-perfect look with sustainable home decor at Nestasia to make your home special!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do dried flower decor items uplift your home decor?

A home needs several decor items to uplift the overall look and feel of the space. While fresh spring flowers only last for a few days, dried flowers arrangement in the home can last for quite a long time. Back in the trend, bohemian-style dried flowers definitely add a wild, organic, classic, and whimsical vibe to the decor setting of your home.

2. What are the advantages of using the best dried flowers for decor?

Dried flowers have some wonderful advantages which have brought back their popularity recently.
1. Dried flowers are super long-lasting and do not require frequent care.
2. Dried flowers are low maintenance and do not require special care.
3. Great value for money as they would last for a very long time as compared to fresh flowers.
4. Dried flowers are utterly gorgeous and can even uplift the aesthetic of a dull room.
5. Dried flowers are available all year round.

3. How should one take care of dried flowers?

Dry flowers are very easy to take care of and do not need any special attention. However, they are a little fragile and would change over time if not used in the correct way. Firstly, do not water dry flowers as it can make them weak and moldy. Avoid keeping dried flowers in direct sunlight as their color may fade over time. Dry flowers are fragile, so handle them gently and also make sure that the space where dry flowers are kept has good airflow to avoid their getting moist.

4. How to use potpourri in the right way?

If you love floral decoration and fragrances, then you must have heard of potpourri. It is a dried floral arrangement with a scent that can be kept at any corner of the house or center table. For making potpourri, add a mixture of herbs, dried flowers, spices, and your favorite essential oil, in a bowl and place it in your home or office for a natural fragrance.

5. How should one clean artificial dry flowers?

There are two simple ways in which you can remove the dust from artificial dry flowers. In the first method, simply use a dry cloth or paper towel and gently wipe off the dust collected on them. In the second method, you can use a hair dryer in the lowest or cool mode to gently blow away the dust from the top of the flowers. Both these methods work great in cleaning artificial dry flowers.