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Travel enthusiasts are always looking for an excuse to get on the road and are busy planning their next big adventure. Amidst all the travel planning, looking for the best travel accessories online can be quite a hassle. There are so many items to choose from - toiletry bags, cosmetic bags, vanity kits, makeup pouches, and much more. Not to mention, there’s no guarantee that one will find all the necessary travel accessories on one particular shopping site. Needless to say, it might even take days to find the most suitable items. Browsing through several online sites in the search of the best collection of travel accessories can be a tedious task. That’s why Nestasia’s wide selection of travel accessories can be the perfect online shopping solution for all travel enthusiasts out there. 

Introduction Of Travel Accessories

Travelling can be therapeutic, but packing all the necessary travel essentials is not. Tourists and travel enthusiasts often struggle to find the right travel accessories online to neatly fit their travel essentials and end up stuffing them haphazardly inside their suitcases and backpacks, creating an absolute mess. But with Nestasia’s exclusive collection of travel accessories, carrying travel essentials, such as toiletries, passports, and personal care products, can become easier than ever. Travellers can enjoy their vacations without worrying about their belongings being misplaced, thanks to these travel accessories from Nestasia. 

Collection Of Travel Accessories Available At Nestasia

Nestasia’s travel accessories collection is not just limited to toiletry bags but includes every travel kit that tourists might need while they are on the road. Our travel accessories range from vanity kits and cosmetic bags to complete travel kit sets and passport covers. Whether someone needs to organise their toiletries and hygiene products or keep their makeup and jewellery in order while travelling, Nestasia has just the right travel accessories. So, get ready to explore our travel accessories collection and put all your travel worries to rest. 

Vanity Kit

When we talk about travel accessories and travel essentials, medicines and personal hygiene products surely sit at the top of the list. Travelling, especially long vacations and tours, can be quite exhausting, so it’s always best to carry all the necessary medicines and hygiene products. Although it’s not possible to carry the entire medicine cabinet while travelling, a vanity kit can be an excellent alternative. A vanity pouch set can go a long way in helping one keep all their personal belongings in order while travelling. 

Not to mention, when it comes to carrying medicines, it’s necessary to keep them well-organised to avoid misplacing them because nothing’s more important than maintaining good health and hygiene. Nestasia’s wide range of vanity kits and vanity pouch sets can be the ultimate saviour for all travel enthusiasts. Available in different colours and designs, our vanity kit collection features premium quality vanity pouches that can easily double as a toiletry bag and a makeup pouch. Furthermore, since personal hygiene items, cosmetic products, and medicines are sensitive to temperature and humidity, they should be kept inside a durable and waterproof travel case. That’s why Nestasia offers multipurpose vanity pouches in different sizes having a waterproof interior, making them perfect for safely carrying makeup items, medicines, and other personal hygiene products. 

The larger vanity pouches can also be ideal travel bags for men because they have sufficient space to store men’s shaving products. So, these travel pouches can be used as a men’s toiletry bag for carrying their shaving kits, along with being an excellent pill caddy. Moreover, the vanity pouch has a quilted and cushioned exterior to protect personal belongings from being damaged or destroyed. The concealed zipper also ensures that everything inside the travel pouch remains stored safely without any risk of being misplaced or spilt because losing personal items is a common problem that people encounter when travelling. Not to mention, the concealed zipper of the vanity pouch allows anyone to safely store valuable items, including spare cash or jewellery while travelling, making it extremely versatile. Hence, this range of vanity pouches from Nestasia can be excellent travel accessories for men and women. 

Toiletry Bag

It’s essential for people to always carry their personal hygiene products and toiletries while travelling to avoid compromising their health and hygiene. That said, fitting all these items inside their travel backpacks can be quite a struggle and might cause damage to these products. Carrying a separate toiletry bag can be perfect for neatly storing and organising all personal care items while travelling. Nestasia offers an assorted collection of travel bags, available in various sizes and colours. Each leather travel bag can be used as a travel toiletry bag to safely carry all personal care products. 

The durable vegan leather material of these toiletry bags makes them ideal for travelling and resistant to wear and tear. Whether one is looking for a toiletry bag for women or a complete travel kit for women, Nestasia’s travel kit sets are ideal for every purpose. The sturdy zipper design of our travel kit sets also makes them perfect for keeping small cosmetic products and jewellery. Thus, anyone can conveniently use our travel kit like a makeup kit bag or even a jewellery organiser while on the go.  

Furthermore, each toiletry kit is made of waterproof leather to ensure that all products stay completely protected when travelling under unfavourable weather conditions. Not to mention, people travelling often prefer carrying a hanging toiletry bag, which they can hang anywhere to easily access their daily toilet essentials, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving kits, soap, and shampoo. Our toiletry bags come with a sturdy handle design made from premium quality vegan leather, making them extra durable and easy to hang anywhere while travelling. 

Travel Kit

It’s always more convenient to look for a complete travel kit online featuring all the necessary travel accessories like a vanity pouch, toiletry bag, makeup pouch, cosmetic kit bag, and more, instead of buying all these items separately. Keeping in mind the needs and requirements of tourists and travel enthusiasts, Nestasia offers a range of travel kits that can be the one-stop solution for carrying and organising all necessary travel essentials. 

Our collection of travel kit sets includes four leather travel bags of different sizes having multipurpose applications. The extra-large travel bag included in Nestasia’s travel kit sets come with a sturdy, durable leather handle with a transparent design, making it convenient to hang the bag anywhere without any hassle. So, it’s safe to say that this travel kit set from Nestasia can make carrying and organising toiletries and other personal care essentials much easier for tourists no matter where they are travelling. Not to mention, the transparent design of this extra-large travel bag makes it easier to spot all the personal belongings kept inside while travelling. The extra-large size of this travel bag also allows one to effortlessly carry daily-use items, such as towels, flip-flops, perfume bottles, hand mirrors, and more, without stuffing them inside the luggage bag. 

Nestasia’s travel kit set also includes a large vanity pouch bag made of waterproof vegan leather and comes with a sturdy zipper design. This large vanity pouch can perfectly double as a cosmetic kit bag for carrying all the makeup essentials. Since the large travel vanity bag has a solid design with no transparent cover, it can be ideal for the safe keeping of valuable items and personal hygiene products. So, one can safely carry their jewellery, spare cash, and other personal belongings in this vanity pouch while travelling. 

At the same time, the medium travel bag included in Nestasia’s travel kit can be perfect for neatly organising toiletries and medicines. Like the extra-large travel bag, the medium travel pouch also has a transparent design, making it more convenient to spot medicines and toiletry items. This travel bag is ideal for carrying soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving kits, and other toilet essentials needed for everyday use. 

The fourth and final item of Nestasia’s travel kit sets is a small travel pouch that comes with a sturdy vegan leather design featuring a handy zipper. This small travel bag is perfect for carrying one’s sunglasses, passport, ID proofs, and other essential documents. Female tourists can also use the small travel pouch to carry their all-time makeup essentials, like lip balms, lipsticks, kajal, and compact powder, for an easy and quick touchup whenever and wherever they want while travelling. 

Cosmetic Bag

Besides a toiletry kit, a travel makeup bag can also be quite essential for a comfortable travel experience, especially for female travellers. While looking for the best travel bags for women, it’s best to consider travel kits having ample space to safely store and neatly organise different cosmetics, makeup products, and jewellery to avoid misplacing or damaging any of these personal belongings. 

Since Nestasia’s travel kits come with bags of different sizes, it’s easy to use the smaller bag to carry cosmetic products without stuffing them inside the suitcase. Not to mention, a cosmetic kit bag or a makeup pouch set makes it more convenient to keep all the makeup and cosmetic products neatly organised without misplacing any of them. Travellers can carry the travel case separately if they want to save up some suitcase space while taking all their necessary cosmetics and makeup essentials during travelling. 

Why choose Nestasia to buy travel accessories?

If you are wondering why to choose Nestasia for travel accessories, we assure you that our collection of travel accessories is not just limited to the travel kit, cosmetic kit bag, or vanity pouch set. Nestasia also has a unique collection of passport covers and jewellery organisers to make travel preparations even easier for travel enthusiasts. The jewellery organisers and passport covers are available in different colours and designs, making them both attractive and highly functional. 

If people want to keep their precious jewellery, like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, separate from their cosmetics and toiletries, it’s easier to carry along a small travel pouch solely for jewellery. This way, they don’t need to rummage through other travel essentials to look for their favourite jewellery pieces. That’s why Nestasia has an assorted collection of foldable jewellery organiser rolls. Since these little travel pouches are extremely lightweight and foldable, tourists can easily slip them inside their backpacks or luggage without any hassle, making them easily portable. This jewellery roll bag hardly takes up any space but offers ample room thanks to its six different compartments to neatly organise all jewellery items so that they don’t wind up with other travel essentials and personal belongings. Not to mention, one can hang this jewellery roll bag anywhere they want to easily access their jewellery. 

When talking about looking for the best travel accessories online, it’s almost impossible to not search for a handy passport case or passport cover to carry the passport and other essential travel documents or identity proofs. International tourists mostly prefer to have a passport holder wallet instead of carrying a separate travel case for their passport and travel documents. Additionally, a passport holder wallet can conveniently serve the dual purpose of a travel wallet and a passport case. To fulfil the travel needs of tourists, Nestasia offers a range of embroidered passport covers made of luxurious polyurethane leather featuring cute, little hand-embroidered illustrations. The embroidered illustrations and the bright colours of these passport holders make them quite popular among female travellers. Plus, the leather passport holder from Nestasia comes with double compartments to neatly organise and carry cash, passport, photo ID proofs, and other essential travel documents.  

In addition to these embroidered passport holders, all Nestasia’s travel kit sets come with a small, zippered travel pouch that can work beautifully as a passport cover. Tourists can also use this small pouch to carry their sunglasses and shades on their holiday trips. Since the pouch features a durable zipper, tourists don’t have to worry about losing their passports, photo IDs and other important documents while using this product.   

When you have the perfect travel accessories, getting travel ready becomes much easier. So, set those long-awaited travel plans into motion with these stunning collections of travel accessories from Nestasia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we need travel accessories?

Travel accessories can be useful for making travel more convenient and comfortable. Travel pouches and makeup pouches can be useful in a variety of ways:

  • Organization: They can help keep travel essentials or makeup items organized and easy to access.
  • Space-saving: By having items stored in smaller pouches, they can help to save space in luggage or bags.
  • Protection: Pouches can help protect delicate items like makeup from damage or contamination.
  • Convenience: Having items stored in a compact pouch makes it easy to grab-and-go or transfer from one bag to another.

Overall, travel pouches and makeup pouches can make travel and daily routines more efficient and organized.

2. What are travel accessories?

Travel accessories are products designed to make travel more convenient, comfortable, and efficient. Some examples of travel accessories include suitcases, comfort items like eye masks, and personal care items such as toiletry bags, makeup pouches, and jewellery organizers. These items can help make travel more comfortable, organized, and secure, and can also help reduce stress and make the travel experience more enjoyable.

3. How can one pick the right cosmetic bag?

Here are some tips on how to pick the right cosmetic bag:

  • Size: Consider the size of the bag in relation to your makeup collection and the amount of space you have in your luggage or purse.
  • Material: Look for a material that is durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. Some popular options include canvas and PU leather.
  • Compartments: Consider the number and size of compartments you need for your makeup items. Some bags have multiple compartments for organization, while others come in sets.
  • Style: Select a cosmetic bag that matches your personal style. Look for a design that is both functional and visually appealing to you.

4. What are the different types of makeup pouches available at Nestasia?

Makeup pouches at Nestasia come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials. Some common types of makeup pouches include:

  • Zipper pouches: Pouches with a zipper closure for easy access to your makeup.
  • Roll-up pouches: Jewellery organisers that roll up and can be fastened for compact storage.
  • Tote bags: Larger bags with several compartments for organizing and carrying larger quantities of makeup.
  • Travel sets: Sets that include multiple pouches of various sizes for organizing and storing all your makeup essentials while traveling.
  • Hanging pouches: Pouches with a hook or loop for hanging on a hook or towel bar for easy access to your makeup.

5. What should I put in my travel bag?

A travel bag or pouch can be used to store and organize a variety of travel essentials, including:

  • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, lotion, etc.
  • Makeup: foundation, powder, eyeliner, and other cosmetics
  • Technology: phone, charger, headphones, and so on
  • First aid: pain relievers, band-aids, allergy medications, or emergency aid
  • Snacks: energy bars, dried foods, protein shakes, and more
  • Money and documents: passport, boarding pass, cash, credit cards and other such documents

The contents of a travel bag or pouch will depend on your specific needs and travel style.


Product Name Price
Canvas Shoe Storage Bag Set Of 6 Rs.499
Velvet Travel Pouch Set of 4 Blue Rs.1495
Travel Bag & Pouch Set Of 4 Pink Rs.1495
Multipurpose Travel Kit Set Of 4 Grey Rs.1495
Travel Organizer Kit Set Of 4 Green Rs.1495
Travel Organizer Kit Set Of 4 Ivory Rs.1495
Multipurpose Travel Kit Set Of 4 Yellow Rs.1495