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Introduction of Bags 

The everlasting companions, handbags and bags, keep the most important items, phone, cash, set of keys, and sunglasses- all of them, close at hand and swing a little over the shoulder. And one thing is certain: the bag, whether it's a purse, pouch, handle bag, or travel bag, is what brings the ensemble together and also creates a reflection of the customer's personality. Fashion is not the only factor in determining what is hot. The accessories we like to use to decorate oneself are influenced by both social and contemporary trends.

Women's best friends have always been fashionable bags and handbags. Most people don't know how women's purses or handbags first came into trend. When gowns no longer had pockets in the year 1927, women needed a way to carry their necessities. Bags were consequently introduced. Women have long had a fascination for handbags, and their affection for branded handbags has grown as well-known designers have entered the market. Women kept being drawn to the new handbags that the major companies in the market were offering as their needs changed, and the forms, sizes, designs, colours, and everything else about them changed as well.

With time, fashion has blended with utility. Handbags for women, stylish bags, potli bags- all these have retained their extravagant charm along with being spacious, true to material quality and beaming with durability. Hence, people don’t just focus on big brand names, nowadays, but how a bag can serve or suit their purposes. From being bejeweled or embellished, the demand for minimalistic designs have given rise to the production of solid-coloured bags and purses along with those that add a pop colour to your shelf. 

Additionally, the handbags have incredibly gorgeous decorations, tassels, chains, straps, and more included in their fabrication. The potli bags have a unique flair about them given their fancy embellishments that are sure to take your breath away. Their incredible craftsmanship- nowhere else will you find details of this kind. Potli bags, surely, should be seen as an investment as a result.

Collection of Bags Available at Nestasia

Whether you're heading for your workout session, shopping, or travelling, stylish bags for woman offer a secure and handy option to carry your belongings. They assist in keeping your hands free so you can carry groceries or hold onto a child's hand. So, here are the types of bags for woman that we have in store for a wholesome bag online shopping experience!

Tote bags

Tote bags are a timeless selection that shouldn't be excluded from your wardrobe because they are a really roomy and comfortable type of bag to utilize. The word "tote," which refers to what a tote bag is, is derived from the Old English verb "to carry." It was first used for bags around the beginning of the 20th century. Convenient, spacious, light, stylish, and reliable! Totes are quite adaptable and can easily go from a casual daytime outing to a glamorous evening extravaganza. Tote bags online come in a variety of designs, sizes, styles, and materials. It's outstanding in every aspect! Tote bag for women and men were a classic representation of style and fashion from the start of the 20th century. Thanks to its excellent material, sleek form, and several spaces, it's the best option for carrying necessities securely over the shoulders. Tote bags are outstanding champions for practicality and fashion because of their extensible characteristics.

Tote bag for women are the main topic of conversation whenever big bags are brought up. Why, after all, wouldn't they be correct? Big, fashionable, and most importantly, tote bags online represent the newest fashion trend. Totes are essentially large bags with several compartments that are often constructed of durable materials. They're not entirely off base when they say that "a lady carries her entire world in her bag," are they? This is another reason a tote bag for women needs to be very practical. Finding a suitable tote bag that can accommodate all of your belongings should be your primary goal, simply being fashionable won't do.

It takes everything to succeed in an office. The tote is ideal if you frequently need to bring a number of items to the office. A laptop can be kept in the large compartment, and the charger can be kept in your work bag on the side. You can bring your lunch and a water bottle in the spacious compartment without worrying about running out of room.

Everyone looks forward to their vacation since it gives them the chance to travel, wear their favourite outfits, shop, and do other activities. Overpacking is at the top of this list for everything. Let's face it, we have all overpacked for trips. But when you're travelling and touring, you can't be hauling all four of your large baggage, can you? Totes are ideal for these excursions. When you want to leave your hotel room and explore the area, just fill your bag with the necessities, like a water bottle, wallet, snacks, and sunglasses, and head out.

Pyjama parties, Netflix, snacks, and lots of laughter are hallmarks of a friend's house sleepover. You also have a lot to carry because you have a packed night planned. All of it can fit in a tote, eliminating the need for additional bags. The only additional items you need to bring are a spare set of clothing and pyjamas, and what if there is an unplanned trip plan? You can store your house keys and wallets in one area. So bring a pair of adorable dresses, your phone, a cosmetics bag, and contact lenses. Don't worry; you can fit it all in and still have a great day with your girlfriends or 'gal pals'.

The essential and heavy items are packed into every piece of luggage if a journey abroad is scheduled. What about the hand baggage limit, though? Every airline permits you to bring a handbag that weighs a few kilos to hold all of your tiny items. You can pack your mobile phone charger, wallet, passport, visa, sunglasses, wallet, and even a magazine in that hand baggage tote bag since you don't want to spend the next several hours at the airport waiting around and getting bored.

Laptop Bags

A laptop for personal or professional use is no longer seen by many as a luxury item. A laptop is one of the finest purchases you can make to maximise your social life, career, and other areas of your life due to its quality and portability. It is essential that you have a sturdy laptop bag for women so you can transport it to and from work or home without an issue. A laptop handbag is ultimately a costly long-term investment, and we, at Nestasia, understand it more than anything!

First and most importantly, a bag like that enables you to bring your laptop along without risk. An appropriate laptop handbag for women or a laptop backpack, like Nestasia’s, with additional protection on the interior, can greatly lower the danger of crash and impact damage when carrying a laptop on the road. The selection of laptop bags from Nestasia also comes with guarantees of quality and durability. The laptop handbags for women have prolonged durability, ensured by the use of dependable and durable materials, making this a superb investment.

More and more laptop bags are becoming fashion accessories as well as practical tools. Our three different laptop bag colours will fit you according to your sense of style and desired appearance. They can convey a professional yet timeless impression while still having a daring and fashionable edge.

In terms of dimensions, you can anticipate a large variety of various bags. Finding the appropriate bag for your laptop is vital since not all laptops are the same size. At Nestasia, we provide laptop bags that are suitable to fit laptop sizes ranging from 10 inches to 15 inches. So there's a fix for every laptop!

A laptop handbag is also a wise buy among bags and accessories because it takes up little room. Such a bag is the answer you need if you want to carry your laptop effortlessly without taking up too much room. However, the bag allows your laptop ample "breathing space," which is crucial for the laptop's longevity!

When travelling to an area with a lot of rain or leaving for a meeting in the pouring rain, our premium, waterproof laptop handbags for women can literally save your life. These containers protect the devices from water, which frequently causes electronic devices to short-circuit. It will also keep the other items in the bag dry. Therefore, a waterproof laptop bag will safeguard one's belongings in any condition, including rain, snow, and hail. It's a terrific idea to safeguard one's electrical devices with one of the many laptop bags that come with rain covers.

Additionally, beverages, food, or makeup might leak in laptop bags, thus today's waterproof laptop compartments are available.

Today, an individual may need a laptop at any time or location, including on a flight, when travelling, or at a dining establishment. One can transport their laptop with ease if they have a bag for it. One need not be concerned about the security of the laptop. In order to contact potential clients, one may now log into work emails and be more productive. Thanks to travel laptop handbags, students and employees may easily do work instead of only commuting!

Lunch Bag

For a number of reasons, you could discover that packing your lunch for work is better for you! A lunch bag is among the nicest presents you can offer yourself. Nothing is as wholesome as eating home-cooked, freshly prepared meals, therefore if your work schedule is busy, a lunch pack is the solution. You may make every meal at home and pack it in a lunchbox to take to work. The meals are portable and may be eaten at work while still hot (or cold, depending on preference; you can always reheat it!). You might be sure that you won't need to rely on fast food or unhealthy snacks by doing this.

Bad eating habits are easy to develop since the majority of people lead extremely hectic lives. Due to work or lack of time, you could routinely miss meals, order junk food, or both. If you bring food with you, though, you may even dine while on the go! This makes purchasing a lunch bag for office a smart financial decision. The dependable lunch bag for office or tiffin bag effectively shields your food from contaminants.

Jute lunch box bags make the perfect storage bags for your place of business. They are not only sustainable and good for the environment, but they also come in appealing types that you would like to use in your institution or place of business. Since they are made from materials that come from the earth and are thus ecologically friendly, jute lunch box bags are the best and most sustainable of all materials. Jute lunch bags for office are quite durable and strong since, as we all know, the material itself has a higher potential for durability. When compared to synthetic lunch box bags available in the market, jute lunch box bags for office, school, picnic, and travelling, are of a far higher quality. Due to how durable jute is, your money will be well spent on them.

Due to its elegant appearance and soft, delicate feel, velvet is a great fabric choice for lunch bags for office. It resists alkalis, chemicals, and moulds and is exceedingly pleasant to use and carry. Making lunch box bags for office with this fabric is straightforward because of its medium range of flexibility. The fabric does not readily wrinkle or distort and maintains its form since it is resistant to shrinking. Velvet's robust fibres make it durable and water-resistant.

With a pleasant handle and a reliable clasp, canvas cotton tiffin bags for the office are versatile and smooth to the touch. Additionally, you can easily fold up your empty lunch bag and carry it neatly in your handbag, backpack, or car when your meal is completed. You won't feel uncomfortable carrying these bags because of their size or form because they are lightweight and adaptable. Cotton canvas lunch box bags for office are ideal for the zero waste lifestyle as they are cost-effective.

Potli bags

Potlis are the ideal way to give your overall appeal the extra pzazz you need and have become the quintessential item for us ladies during bridal soirees. They come in a variety of sizes and forms and are exquisitely embroidered with flowers or decorated with pearls and sequins.

Therefore, we have the most expensive and fashionable potli bags to come to your help! They coordinate flawlessly with your attire and give you enough room to successfully complete the wedding festivities without any problem!

These adorable potli bag designs have won our hearts! Choose your favourite from Nestasia's elaborate collection and match it with your attire to totally rock the wedding events!

Sling Bags

We are all mindful of the power of bags to enrich a persona. An arm candy is all you need this season to create a fashion statement, whether it's a small shoulder bag or a large tote bag for women. But if there is one bag that is all about simplicity, it's time to get a sling bag. Since a sling bag is designed to be carried around, guess what? Your arms would stay stress and load-free, so you wouldn't ever feel like you were carrying one.

It's time to add some drama to your appearance with the help of a gorgeous sling bag. You're guaranteed to impress the crowd when paired with a flowy dress or a top with puffy sleeves. By including a shoulder sling bag in your outfit, you can up your style game. Reach out to a unique bag while remaining at ease, and be ready to steal the show this season. Whatever the event, if you are seen anywhere near that edgy bag, you will undoubtedly be the focus of attention. Going out to lunch with the girls? Put on a statement purse that will quickly become your favourite piece of arm candy. Our sling bags make the perfect accessory for every occasion, every style.Their versatility is complemented with eye-catching designs.

Christmas Gifts At Nestasia

The festive season presents you with the perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation for your colleagues and coworkers, who work tirelessly throughout the year and leave no stone unturned in delivering the best work. We have put together the best Christmas gift ideas for colleagues. Our Christmas gift items are perfect for celebrating these special people beyond the confines of work and adding a little joy to their holiday celebrations. Our Xmas gift ideas are here to make Christmas truly merry!

Why choose Nestasia to buy bag?

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but Nestasia's range of stylish bags is her loyal companion through and through. Not only are they a stylish expression of your personality, they're a convenient and functional must-have for every occasion. When browsing through our fashion bags online and shopping for a new one, these are the four qualities of our bags that will surely win your heart:

  • Fashion has always placed a high value on versatility. Nestasia's bags, which can be worn in a variety of ways, are frequently more enjoyable to play with, simpler to wear, and far more practical for the fashion-conscious buyer. Choose from a variety of colours- the choice that works best for you.
  • Some consumers buy for trends, while others look for quality. Who says we have to make concessions? A high-quality bag will strike the perfect mix between trendy and robust; it will stand the test of time and go with you on all your excursions (and perhaps, a couple of mishaps). Safeguard your personal items in our bags, which are guaranteed to protect your requirements.
  • Trends come and go, but a good investment never goes out of style. Nestasia's classic bags will take you through the years, leaving no worries about any kind of fashion faux pas. A timeless design, much like Nestasia, will never steer you wrong. Its unisex form adds great advantage to the classicism it promises. It comes with colour-matched straps and leather lining. Its industrial design is never boring, but always reliable.
  • Your bag should be a reflection of who you are. It must be stylish and elegant, similar to you and to Nestasia's bags, and it must smoothly fit into your way of life. Need we say more!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main purpose of a bag?

Bags suit the purposes of both defining or redefining the style statement and fulfilling the target of utility for which one selects them. A perfect bag should be spacious and durable, have compartments to store essentials, and should project a modern style that would go seamlessly with any outfit. To add to its purposes, a good bag will help in carrying all the necessities while going to office or while travelling.

2. What are bags made of?

Nestasia's artisanal and handmade bags are made of 100% premium quality fabrics like velvet, PU leather, jute, and cotton canvas. While velvet and PU leather serves the purpose of fashion that's comfortable and durable, usage of jute and cotton canvas makes the products sustainable and eco-friendly.

3. Why is it called a tote bag?

Originally from North America, the word "tote" means "to carry" or "to transfer," usually in reference to a large weight or burden. Our tote bags are appropriate to store laptops as well as lunch, wallet, purse and other essential items. A tote bag is any bag that is large enough for its user to carry a number of items comfortably.

4. Is a tote bag better than a backpack?

Since they offer more storage space than backpacks, tote bags are more adaptable. They work considerably better for transporting things like umbrellas and water bottles as well as books, laptops, folders, and other accessories. Tote bags also have the benefit of being more visible amongst tons of luggage due to its relatively larger build.

5. What should I look for in a lunch bag?

A lunch bag is perhaps one of the most versatile and valuable accompaniments in existence. However, your lunch carrier possesses innumerable qualities that make it one of the top creations in the world of serviceable bags. It should be lightweight, durable, waterproof, leakproof, of premium material, easy to clean, and dust free.

6. How often should you replace a lunch bag?

Nestasia's lunch bags have a quilted and lightly cushioned soft velvety outer surface, with a waterproof lining and is stain-free in case of oil leakage from the tiffin box. A sturdy handle has been fitted to the lunch bag, made of high-quality PU leather, that allows ease in carrying the bag while on the go. The lunch bag is packed with outstanding attributes, one of which is long-term quality assurance. The bag will be there with you for years, and it's easy to clean so you don't need to worry at all. Stains can be removed from the bag by using mild soap or wiping clean with a damp cloth.

7. What are the uses of potli bags?

When attending lavish occasions like weddings and festive parties, potli bags are a common choice for ladies to wear with ethnic clothing. A potli bag is ideal for holding mobile phones and other items that tiny clutch purses sometimes struggle to hold. The embellished bag is a fantastic example of Indian craftsmanship and goes perfectly with ethnic attire including sarees, lehengas, and suits.


Product Name Price
Stylish Sustainable Thermal Insulated Jute Lunch Bag Teal Rs.499
Everyday Canvas Vegetable Bag Set Of 2 Rs.499
Denim Insulated Food Storage Picnic Bags Set Of 2 Rs.950
Eco Chic Mini Tote Bag For Women Rs.1092
Black And White Tote Bag For Women Rs.1696
La Fusion Sling Bag For Women Sage Green Tan Rs.1174
Multipurpose Denim Tote Bag Rs.1350