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French fries, onion rings, potato wedges- all of these are everyone’s munching time favorites. Whenever we are craving something crunchy and delicious, we opt for these options, a category that also includes chips and crackers. Sometimes they are freshly fried mccain fries and sometimes they are some homemade delicacies that emerge so alike pringles flavors. Whatever the snacks be, the more thoughtful question is how to serve them and what they should be served on. When it comes to selecting things that can match any given theme or style, it might be a little difficult. Well, don't worry! Nestasia is here to help you with all of your challenges!

The advent of snack baskets in industrial kitchens can be counted as a blessing. Everyone prefers dipping their crisp French fries in some ketchup and eating them with a mouthful of a burger, next to pizza or other Italian miracles. The snack basket or french fry basket should be highlighted while discussing meal arrangements for finger foods. The stainless steel blends seamlessly with any dining setup as it doesn't use any vibrant colors. Nestasia's snack baskets have a chic look attributable to the perfectly polished material.

One of the most common ways to serve fries is in a snack basket. Hence, they should be served in style. To offer your favorite salty and flavorful snacks, choose from our extensive selection of trendy fry baskets

Everyone's favorite finger foods are mainly onion rings, mozzarella sticks, pretzels, hot fries, cheese puffs, and chicken fingers. But cleaning the dishes is the worst part of serving everyone an excellent dinner. It turns out that French fry baskets can be placed in the dishwasher without any worry. Such fried food might taste unpleasant when collected in a bowl or platter due to excess oil. The solution to this difficulty is a french fry basket since the oil eventually settles. The sizzling meal is also cooled down by this. Who would have imagined the fry server could fulfill two purposes?

Our snack baskets are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs and are manufactured of food-grade stainless steel to let you serve your meals in the most enticing ways imaginable. Present your fries in a french fry basket on the table to raise the tempo, and Nestasia comes with an array of designs to choose from:

The snack basket cone or conical fry basket is a great way to serve hot fries. The finger food basket makes it simple to eat without making a mess while also keeping your hands clean. To add more to the cone snack baskets, we have made them in three different designs- one cone, three cones, and four cones. So, if you’re someone who says, “How many French Fries are too many French Fries?” undoubtedly the last one should be yours.

However, servicing a large crowd from a single stand could be challenging; in these situations, fries can be served in a square french fry basket. Another type of square metal snack basket comes with a welded handle that remains cool to the touch to prevent it from getting too hot. No matter how full the basket is, you can still hold it with ease with the sturdy handle.

The process of making American-style fries has never been simple. Offering fries together with other foods in a snack basket gives customers more alternatives when they dine. Try out other snack baskets in different hues, such as rose gold, gold, red, maroon, and black.

Not every basket is meant for the potato kingdom. There’s also a place for pretzels, donuts, onion rings, etc. Yes! The sugary delights can also be on the menu. The onion ring stand can be used as a station for keeping the sweet treats, surprising a sweet tooth with an innovative and thoughtful idea.

Have you explored the idea of putting your fries and other fried snacks in a basket that can also hold the dip? Stainless steel snack baskets or stands with ramekin dip bowls are the most convenient way to serve fries that are just incomplete without mint mayonnaise, tangy salsa, tomato ketchup, or maybe, mustard. So if you haven't tried it before, now is the time, especially while hosting parties. These munchies can be the best party snacks and the snack baskets will be your loyal assistants. Cleaning is also simple because you just need to use one tool, so they won’t give you any trouble.

Serve finger foods in some quirky-shaped baskets if you're hosting a party and don't want to stack them. To add just the right amount of whimsy to the party, use the snack basket in the shape of a boat or the tray basket, for instance. The little cart and cart-shaped basket can be used for a single serving of appetizers during small events. 

The most outstanding of all is our Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand. With the power of its charm and your yummy-licious desserts, the cupcake stand is ought to be the talk of the party. One can keep rotating the Ferris Wheel gently to see its magic.

After reading this, if you’re craving these easy appetizers or probably calling your friends over, get the table ready with our snack baskets.

Product Name Price
Quirky Cone Basket Rs.980
Silver Finger Food Basket With Dip Bowl Rs.925
Silver Finger Food Basket Rs.555
Iron Snack Basket Rs.495
Cone Basket Rs.580
French Fries Basket Rs.835