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Home Decor Items and Essentials Under ₹1499

Experience the finest selection of home decor solutions with Nestasia all under ₹1499

Nestasia offers an exclusive selection of amazing home decor items, all priced below the nominal price of ₹1499. Explore a host of fantastic possibilities to upgrade your home with our selection of home decor items, all without breaking the bank. Enhance every area of your house with Nestasia's carefully curated selection to add a touch of elegance and style to your living space. 

As you set out on your journey to browse our user-friendly online store, you'll discover a wide selection of opulent dining and household necessities that expertly combine functionality and elegance. Discover a treasure trove of carefully chosen home decor items that represent both style and usefulness and give your living space a pleasing balance.

Discover mesmerizing home decor gift items where every product emanates a distinct charm, making them great gifting choices for your loved ones or even to treat yourself to something wonderful. Nestasia's premium collection of luxury home and dining essentials ensures that your house is decorated with only the best items ever, regardless of whether you are biased towards classy and sophisticated or fun and quirky. 

Enter a world of imagination and beauty and change your living spaces with the appealing quality and reasonable prices of Nestasia's home décor and dining necessities.

Explore luxury home and dining collections at Nestasia under ₹1499 

We know all too well how much you like quality items at the most affordable prices. And that’s why we have brought to you the height of elegance with Nestasia’s “Everything under ₹1499” collection! Nestasia brings to you its carefully chosen selection of high-end home decor items and dining essentials, all priced under ₹1499. Improve your living and dining experiences with a wide range of beautiful options that appeal to any taste and fit all aesthetics.

Elevate your Dining experience

Enjoy the art of fine dining right inside your home with Nestasia's amazing selection of dining necessities, all of which cost less than ₹1,499. With our alluring collection of cups and mugs, glasses, and drinkware that seamlessly combines design and utility, you can turn your meals into exquisite affairs. With our handcrafted bowls, plates and platters, which feature a symphony of durability and design, you can enjoy every bite with flair. 

Our premium table linen collection, which includes placemats, trivets, and coasters that protect and improve the appearance of your table, will help you adorn your dining table with a sense of refinement. Explore our selection of Cutlery, which comes in a variety of styles to elevate your eating experience. 

Nestasia's dining collection guarantees that your table is always elegant, whether you're hosting a formal dinner party or just having an intimate lunch with your family.

Redefine Your Kitchen

Nestasia's carefully picked Kitchen products, all conveniently priced around ₹1,499, is sure to elevate your culinary explorations. With our premium Cookware and Bakeware, which are made to stimulate your culinary imagination, let your inner chef out. Keep your goods fresh and handy by organizing your pantry with our modern yet useful Jars and Containers. Our selection of Lunch Boxes is thoughtfully created to keep your food fresh while you are on the go. 

Our Kitchen Racks offer effective storage options without sacrificing aesthetics, so you can make the most of your kitchen's available space. With our selection of Kitchen Tools, you can elevate your cooking game and make your cooking experiences effortless all the time. 

The kitchen essentials from Nestasia are designed with both the aspiring cook and the seasoned chef in mind, making your kitchen a culinary heaven.

Stylish Workspaces: Elevate Your Productivity with Nestasia

With Nestasia's carefully picked stationery selection, all of which are priced under ₹1499, you can unleash your creativity and boost your productivity. Our selection of professionally created stationery items that combine practicality with aesthetic appeal will improve the environment of your workspace. 

Our range is a seamless blend of functionality and elegance, from elegant notebooks that inspire your thoughts to artistic desk organizers that keep your things close at hand. You can truly embrace the joy of organization as you complete our tasks with flair and make your notes, ideas, and projects aesthetically pleasing. 

With Nestasia's stationery selection, you can turn your office into a paradise of creativity and productivity. 

Embrace Comfort and Style with Nestasia's Soft Furnishings

Besides furniture, what do you think is super important to elevate the decor of your house? Soft furnishings, of course! Nestasia's alluring range of soft furnishings includes a delightful assortment of cushion coverings and is thoughtfully priced under 1,499. With our soft furnishings, you can truly experience the art of leisure and design. Decorate your couches, chairs, and beds with our intricately crafted cushion covers to improve their comfort and appearance. 

With our soft furnishings in vivid hues, elaborate patterns, and plush textures, you can instantly turn any space into a comfortable sanctuary. For example, our cushion covers provide countless options whether you want to design a comfortable reading corner, a comfortable lounge area, or simply an aesthetically appealing ambiance. 

Enjoy the fun of combining various designs to show off your personal style, and let the distinctiveness, comfort, and beauty of each cushion cover speak for itself. Nestasia invites you to explore the world of soft furnishing, where cushion covers become artistic expressions of your home's personality and charm, all within an affordable range.

Elevate Your Bathroom Sanctuary

Our carefully designed collection of bathroom accessories can truly help you experience the joy of pampering yourself. Nestasia makes sure that your bathroom is transformed into an opulent retreat with chic bathroom furnishings that effortlessly combine form and function. 

Our bath collection embodies richness and functionality in every little detail, whether it's stylish toothbrush holders, soft towels that caress your skin, or exquisitely crafted soap dispensers.

Decor: Adorn Your Spaces with Distinctive Elegance

Explore the variety of home decor items at Nestasia to add a little magic to your living spaces. Find Candles that emit a cozy glow and fill the room with enticing aromas; Wall Mirrors that reflect light and style; and other Decor Objects and showpieces that are wonderful conversation starters. 

Our carefully picked collection also features adorable Vases, Tissue Boxes that match your decor flawlessly, and Indoor Planters that bring the beauty of nature within. Immerse yourself in a creative world with Wall Art that speaks to your uniqueness. You can also add more sophistication to your rooms with the classic beauty of dried or Artificial Flowers. Enhance the mood in your space with fragrant items like potpourri, reed diffusers, and incense diffusers to create a warm and enticing environment that lingers in the air.

Bags and Accessories: Elegance on the Go

Nestasia's range of bags and beauty accessories is made to add elegance even when you are in a hurry. Find a variety of bags that blend fashion and utility, Lunch Bags that elevate meals, and Travel Accessories that enhance the fun of your adventures. Our well-designed Jewellery Organisers will help you find everything you need in one shot, and our stylish Scarves are made to add a touch of class to your attire. Enhance your beauty regimen with our collection of accessories, each of which is made to be functional and glamorous.

Experience the height of luxury and style without going over your budget thanks to Nestasia's under ₹1499 collection, which will transform your dining area and house into areas of beauty and elegance. Explore these opulent dining and home collections from Nestasia, all carefully selected under ₹1499, so you can transform your rooms and infuse style, usability, and imagination into them.

Discover a wide range of home essentials and decor items at Nestasia to smarten up your living space 

  • Dining

Every type of dining necessity that you might possibly need to lend a genuine touch of luxury and sophistication to each of your meals can be found in Nestasia's dinnerware collection. You can embrace the thrill of sharing scrumptious dishes with your loved ones in the coziness and warmth of your home by starting with our gorgeous dinner sets. Along with a variety of plates and platters, our tableware collection also consists of a wide range of bowls, such as serving bowls, soup bowls, snack bowls, and section bowls. You can find different kinds of plates and platters, including dinner plates, snack plates, pasta plates, and more, in our sizable selection. Our exquisite silverware and glasses, suitable for any occasion, will complete your table setting. Embrace the joy of dining with Nestasia's exquisite selection.

  • Bath

Who says your home bathroom can't provide a spa-like experience? You can discover a wide variety of bathroom accessories in Nestasia's range of bath accessories that perfectly balance both appearance and function. Thus, you can completely relax and feel refreshed after each bathing experience. Our opulent range of bathroom accessories includes elegant soap dispensers, bath sets, and toothbrush holders that seamlessly blend functionality with a contemporary aesthetic to improve the ambience of your bathroom. With the help of Nestasia's thoughtfully designed bath collection, you can transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation.

  • Kitchen

Nestasia's kitchenware collection is all you need to improve your kitchen! Utilize Nestasia's premium cookware for wonderful culinary experiences each and every time. In addition to being functional so you can try out any recipe, the cooking pots and cast iron cookware in our premium cookware range also make your kitchen appear like a little slice of culinary paradise. Along with our cookware selection, you can browse the numerous kitchen racks, kitchen tools, and storage options for your kitchen, such as kitchen organizers, to always keep your kitchen neat and tidy. Discover our high-performance bakeware, which comprises deep dishes, baking dishes, and baking trays, to assure excellent culinary outcomes and beautiful presentation.  Discover a world of culinary possibilities with our premium cookware collection. 

  • Decor

With Nestasia's extensive selection of home decor items, all of which are under ₹1499, you can lose yourself in a world of magical possibilities. Explore the uniqueness of each decorative item that has been carefully chosen to enhance your living space. Our selection resonates with both aesthetic charm and practical appeal, from exquisite candle stands that create a warm glow to intriguing photo frames that capture moments in time. 

Improve the look of your interior space with stylish mirrors that give the impression of more room and elaborate votives that add a touch of class. Explore our selection of carefully chosen furniture items that flawlessly combine both design and utility. Embrace traditional Urli pieces while fusing classic beauty with contemporary flair. Decorate your racks and shelves with expertly crafted baskets, tissue boxes, and vases to add structure and beauty to your room. 

Redefine your walls with a variety of wall decor options, from strong statement pieces to understated accents, all of which are created to show off your individuality. Explore Nestasia's extensive collection to see how each piece of decor embodies our commitment to balancing luxury, affordability, and creative quality.

  • Soft furnishing

With Nestasia's selection of soft furnishings, you can give your house a warm, inviting feel. Browse through our diverse selection of velvety cushions, trendy rugs and carpets, exquisite throws and blankets, and soft furnishings for your home. Every soft furnishing product we provide is an excellent fusion of comfort and style that complements any design taste. You can create a cozy and welcoming ambiance with our selection of soft furnishings. Your living space is transformed into a haven of serenity and beauty by our soft furnishings, which mix comfort and elegance. 

At Nestasia, we take great satisfaction in offering a variety of design accessories and home necessities that enhance your quality of life. We have carefully chosen home décor items for every room in your house, including dining and bathroom accessories as well as cookware, bags and accessories, and soft furnishings. Shop with Nestasia to improve the design of your house and make it a haven of beauty and usefulness. Take pleasure in transforming and decorating your area with our wonderful designs and high-quality materials. Discover the world of Nestasia and use creativity and sophistication to redesign your home's interior.

Look at Nestasia's online collection of home decor gifts, hampers, and gift cards 

  • Wedding gift hamper

At Nestasia, we know the profound celebration of harmony and joy that results from the union of two souls in matrimony. And for this belief, our carefully chosen Wedding Gift Hampers represent love and joy. Each gift hamper features expertly chosen items and immaculate presentation, delighting couples with thoughtful and elegant gifts. Every element is carefully picked for a seamless gifting experience, from exquisite tableware to fascinating home decor items. We think that every wedding is a special celebration of love, and Nestasia's gift hampers elevate the art of gift-giving by enhancing the joy of unique occasions. Our Wedding Gift Hampers, which are prized keepsakes in themselves, convey love and foster cherished memories. Discover our collections to perfect the art of thoughtful gifting with gorgeous hampers that exquisitely represent romantic celebrations.

  • Gift cards

Gift Cards from Nestasia reflect the joy of giving as well as receiving. Our broad selection is carefully crafted to reflect your emotions on each occasion. These cards, which come in categories like Birthday, Best Wishes, Anniversary, and Rakhi, provide a personal touch to each gesture. The Birthday Gift Card enables your loved ones to choose the perfect gifts from our selection of home decor, in keeping with your sincere desires. Gift cards for anniversaries are the ideal way to celebrate love. Best Wishes cards bring happiness and are appropriate for a variety of events, such as graduations or new jobs. Our Diwali cards encapsulate the joy of the holiday, bringing light into people's lives. Gift Cards from Nestasia are remarkable expressions of affection that commemorate special occasions and make every day unforgettable.

  • Gift bags

At Nestasia, we think that making sincere gestures to commemorate every occasion can make your festivities truly memorable. With our great selection of party bags, return gift bags, and gift bags, you can improve the experience of giving gifts. Our lovely gift bags give gifting that extra dash of luxury and elegance. They complement your thoughtful gifts and well wishes for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming celebrations, or acts of gratitude because they are expertly crafted.

Our return gift bags, which feature enduring expressions of thanks, let you demonstrate your appreciation. These aesthetically pleasing bags represent genuine feelings, enhancing each event. Our goodie packs are ideal for bringing joy and smiles to the little ones. To guarantee happiness at occasions like birthdays, school gatherings, or festivities, use Nestasia's gift bags.

With our party bags, which are designed to exude festive spirit and charm, you can add glamour to any occasion. They add a touch of elegance to events like birthdays, receptions, or baby showers. Every occasion is further enhanced by Nestasia's own collection of gift bags, which offer beautiful home decor gifts online, heightening the spirit of celebration. With Nestasia's exquisite gift bag assortment, you can enhance your special occasions and spread the happiness of giving and receiving.

Don't forget to browse Nestasia's online offerings of rakhi hampers and rakhi cards

You can sincerely celebrate the bond of siblinghood with Nestasia's exclusive collection of Rakhi Gift Hampers. Our premium, luxurious Rakhi gift hampers are hand-picked to fit every taste and preference, allowing you to gift them to any sibling while taking into account their unique likes and dislikes. Because of this, our Rakhi Gift hampers are the ideal gift option to give your siblings on the auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan to show them how much you care about them. With the intention of pampering your loved ones with affection and best wishes, each of our Rakhi gift hampers contains festive feelings, heartfelt wishes, and the most amazing home decor items. 

Nestasia’s Rakhi gift hampers are meticulously designed and adorned with luxurious home décor items that can lend any setting a sense of sophistication and class. Our gift hampers for couples are sure to impress, as they include everything from decorative accents to delicious treats and even crockery. At Nestasia, we take pride in providing unique and premium quality home décor gifts that capture the essence of Rakhi. Our Rakhi gift baskets are the pinnacle of tastefulness and elegance, making them perfect for fostering long-lasting relationships of affection.

Shop from our superb collection of Rakhi gift hampers right away to start making unforgettable memories for this auspicious occasion with the elegance of Nestasia's home décor gifts. Celebrate Rakhi in style and express your sincere feelings in the most amazing way with hampers that redefine the art of gift-giving.

Why Choose Nestasia?

Nestasia - the place where affordability and elegance come together. Find the most special collections of home decor and dining essentials that redefine your living spaces without sacrificing style, all for less than ₹1499.

At Nestasia, we carefully create a premium selection of home furnishings that show our dedication to excellence and aesthetic refinement. Our distinctive fusion of function and style brings to you a collection of home decor items and decorative gift items that go beyond simple utility and add sophistication to your home.

In addition to offering you affordable pricing, we are committed to giving you durable, high-quality decor. This is what makes us unique. Our collection includes decorative gifts, dining and kitchen essentials, bathroom accessories, and more. Every item is meticulously crafted to improve your living space.

Nestasia is more than simply a name; it's a journey of discovery. Our selection of mesmerizing home decor items ensures seamless integration into your individual aesthetic with an emphasis on a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary. Join us on a journey of artistic discoveries where each piece honours your refined taste and adds to the appeal of your living spaces.


  • What types of home decor items can I find in Nestasia's collection?

The stunning home decor items in Nestasia's range are sure to take your living room decor to new levels. Our carefully chosen collection brings beauty and personality to every space with anything from scented candles and mirrors to wall art, vases, and picture frames. Each item combines beauty and practicality to make your house a warm haven of creativity and elegance.

  • Can I find dining essentials in the "Everything under ₹1499" collection?

The "Everything under 1499" collection does really have a wonderful selection of dining necessities. This contains fancy dinnerware like dinner sets, cutlery, glasses, mugs, and table linens. Enhance your dining experience with these chic and useful additions, and you can make sure that every meal is a delicious affair without breaking the bank.

  • What makes Nestasia's gift hampers special?

Because of their exquisite design and mindful selection, Nestasia's gift hampers stand out. Each hamper is a thoughtfully put-together collection of products that exhibit both flair and usefulness, making them excellent presents for a variety of occasions. These hampers express feelings of love and appreciation by fusing elegance and usefulness to produce treasured memories and joyful moments.

  • How can I shop for Rakhi gift hampers and other Rakhi items at Nestasia?

Shop for Rakhi gift hampers and Rakhi gift items at Nestasia by browsing our collection on Rakhi in our user-friendly online store. Discover exquisitely chosen hampers and Rakhi necessities created to celebrate the love between siblings. Pick from a variety of choices that reflect the concept of Raksha Bandhan and offer heartfelt ways to show love and affection.

  • What sets Nestasia apart from other home decor brands?

Nestasia distinguishes itself from other brands with a tasteful fusion of value, style, and excellence. Nestasia, in contrast to other home décor companies, provides a wide variety of designs and tastes, enabling you to add sophistication while staying within your budget for your living spaces. You can transform your home into a haven of creativity, beauty, and functionality with the help of carefully picked objects, which distinguish Nestasia in the world of home decor.


Product Name Price
Portable Jewellery Organiser White Rs.1150
Lady With Rose Hand Gesture Decor Object 11 Inch Rs.1190
Rose Crystal Red Wine Glass Mauve Set Of 6 300 ml Rs.1290
Crystal Water Glass Amber Set of 6 Rs.1185
Angel Decor Rs.1350
Kitchen Jars With Airtight Clip Lids Set Of 4 1500ml Rs.1450
Floral Family Photo Frame Large 9.5"x7" Rs.1190