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Buy kitchen tools, baking tools, moulds, plates, cooking pots online at Nestasia

A kitchen is the soul of a home, where memories are made and delicious food too! With Nestasia’s motto of ‘Make Home Special’, we aim to add zest to the kitchen and make things easier when it comes to cooking, baking, and organization. 

Nestasia has an array of baking bowls, dishes, and trays that make for a bakeware wonderland for confectioners and bakers. The ceramic ramekin bowls feature textures and aesthetic pastel hues as well as monochromatic colors, giving one the option to set up the kitchen in any color palette they wish. The bowls give one the option of baking buttery and tender desserts like souffle, banana bread, puddings, creme brulee, deep-dish cookies, and brownies.

The ceramic baking bowls with handles are utilitarian dishes that allow easy handling, baking, serving, and eating. Several dishes from our collection feature colorful patterns that beautifully contrast the white glazed ceramic surface while others are available in monochromatic as well as pastel shades and vibrant colors. The bowls are ideal for baking a 2-person serving of pasta or macaroni, spongy cakes, pizza, cheesy veggies, or meat.

The baking trays and dishes are a baker’s dream come true with their variegated patterns, shapes, colors, and dimensions. Whether one favors a minimalistic and modern kitchen interior or a colorful decor that oozes homeliness, Nestasia has all the ‘ingredients’ to make the kitchen special. The ceramic baking dishes are ideal for baking sheet cakes, cookies, brownies, seafood, pasta, and lasagna

Display the deliciously baked desserts with ultimate elegance on Nestasia’s cake and dessert stands. The 3-tier ceramic stands will help one create an exquisite array of servings, be it chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, chocolates, or more. The cake stands are an exquisite way to make gateaus the star of the feast and highlight the cake on the table.

Get creative with the shapes of homemade chocolates and cake toppings with Nestasia’s range of silicone moulds that are available in shapes of flowers, alphabets, geometrics, and several more fun and exciting options.

Nestasia has Cooking Pots that every home chef needs to stir things up in the kitchen. The ceramic cooking pots with lids also feature handles that provide ease in serving the food while also being flame-safe. The ceramic cooking vessels feature eye-soothing pastel shades, vibrant uniform colors, and decorative patterns. The pots have been crafted to ensure that the most flavorsome and tasteful meals are cooked in the pots.

The use of Cast Iron cookware in the household dates back to generations. The food cooked on the cast iron cookware enhances flavors and is all the more healthy. The cast iron pans and kadais by Nestasia are hand-crafted with expertise to provide flavor-busting food. The cast-iron pans and kadais are naturally non-stick, pre-seasoned with cooking oil, and are safe to be used on the flame, oven, and induction. The pans may be used for searing chicken, and seafood, or for baking pizza and pasta in the oven.

Storage is a quintessential part of the kitchen and to ensure that spices, seasonings, and condiments are stored hygienically and are more accessible while cooking, Nestasia has a range of jars with lids and spoons too. The airtight jars enable the components in it to stay fresh and prevent any debris from entering. The jars with lids and spoons also let one serve chutneys apart from just storing seasonings.

It’s possible to have fresh hot home-cooked meals using our Electric Lunchboxes, without the hassle of heating them up separately. The anti-hot insulated lunch boxes ensure all-over equal heating while maintaining a 70°C temperature. The electric lunch boxes comprise a removable USB dual flat-pin plug wire. Carry the air-tight lunch box along on a long trip or to the office to take a touch of home along.

Nestasia offers an amalgamation of kitchen utilities including salt and pepper grinders to season and jazz up dishes, pizza cutters to get that ideal slice, and measuring spoons to measure and concoct the perfect dish. The high-quality utilitarian accessories make cooking an easier and more enjoyable experience.

As all facets of life get the ‘smart’ tag, so does the kitchen with smart kitchen appliances. The electric and portable choppers, and whisks make meal prepping an easy feat with just the insertion of a plug. There’s no need to go chop-chop on the veggies, instead, just put one in the electric chopper. Ideal for daily use, the electric appliances combine form and function to be the best kitchen buddy. 

Aprons are a must-have accessory for the kitchen and prevent the cook from getting any spills and stains on their clothes. The aprons also have a front pocket that enables one to keep a ladle, spatula, or even a cloth for wiping hands. Cooking can often get hectic and aprons come to the rescue, protecting against oil spills and burns.

The kitchen, the heart of the home, deserves to be made special and Nestasia is the destination to provide one with the inspiration and tools to customize the space to one’s heart’s desire.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What materials are kitchenware made of?

The range of kitchenware by Nestasia is here to cater to everyday needs, be they organising, storing, serving, or cooking. The multi-tiered organisers are made of metal while the premium cast iron cookware will help one make healthy and tasty dishes. We have platters cum chopping boards of wood and bakeware, and cookware crafted of ceramic. The glass jars and ceramic jars are ideal for storing condiments, jams, and pickles.

2. What is the difference between an appliance and a kitchenware product?

Kitchenware products usually refer to utensils that are used in a kitchen, primarily cookware, cutlery, plates, bowls, and spatulas, all of which are available at Nestasia. Kitchen appliances refer to electronic items for the kitchen like toasters, microwave ovens, and blenders. Nestasia has handy kitchen appliances namely choppers and whisks that boast utility and functionality in the kitchen.

3. How do you maintain bakeware?

Non-porous ceramic surfaces are typically simple to clean. Allow the bakeware to thoroughly cool before cleaning. You can clean it with a dishcloth or soft sponge and warm, soapy water after each usage. If there are any burned foods, immerse the bakeware in boiling water for 30 minutes. To thoroughly clean the bakeware, soak it in hot, soapy water for some time and then scrub it with a non-abrasive pad.

4. What is the most preferred baking set?

Ceramic baking sets are the ideal baking dish choices as ceramic baking sets are non-toxic and ensure even heating of the food, preventing hot spots and burnt food. Ceramic baking sets are relatively easy to clean and if there's burnt food, it can be removed with warm water. One can opt for multiple cooking methods with ceramic baking dishes, such as braising, baking, roasting, and even reheating.

5. How do I choose a baking pan?

For choosing a baking pan, it's important to keep in mind what and how often you cook and bake. Nestasia's ceramic bakeware with its coating, won’t leave any lingering flavors after in the cooked dish and is also easy to wash. It also retains heat well, so your baked dish will stay hot. Nestasia's baking sets are available in varied colours, and patterns & look stunning on the table.