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Introduction to Collection of Products At Half Price

As we reveal our special deal, get ready for an incredible experience where everything is a whopping 50% off! Yes, you heard it right — a remarkable 50% off on a wide selection of magnificent home decor items that will take your living spaces to new levels of sophistication and charm. Our goal is to redesign your living spaces and transform your house into a dream home. 

Say goodbye to budget constraints and hello to a world of endless possibilities – where your imagination comes to life and every decor aspiration becomes a reality. We believe that luxury shouldn't be reserved for the privileged few; it should be accessible to all who appreciate beauty and refinement. With our incredible 50% discount on all home decor items, you can now transform your living spaces into a haven of comfort and elegance without breaking the bank. 

With Nestasia, decorating your home has never been more convenient or delightful. Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond just offering remarkable discounts. Our dedicated customer support team is always at your service, ready to assist with any inquiries, resolve concerns, and offer personalized recommendations to ensure your decor journey is as smooth as possible.  

At Nestasia, we take delight in making your decor dreams come true and your shopping experience seamless. Our user-friendly website is designed to showcase our extensive range, complete with detailed product descriptions and vivid visuals that let you immerse yourself in the beauty of each item. 

With every item available at an incredible 50% off, we invite you to embrace your unique decor style, express your individuality, and create living spaces that reflect your dreams and aspirations. Join us in this extraordinary adventure where affordability meets elegance and where every decor aspiration comes true. Welcome to Nestasia - where beauty, quality, and unbeatable prices meet in perfect harmony. Let your decor journey begin!


Explore Nestasia, the ultimate online home decor brand, where you can uncover a captivating range of dining essentials at an unbeatable 50% discount! Elevate your dining experience with our thoughtfully curated collection that seamlessly blends functionality and style, turning every meal into a cherished moment.

At Nestasia, you'll find a wide selection of home accessories that have been thoughtfully created to elevate your dining experience, including snack plates, platters, ramen bowls, snack bowls, soup spoons, dip bowls, Cutlery sets, bowls with handles, spoons, Dinner Set, tea sets, Snack Baskets, pasta plates, table mats, stirrers, chopstick holders, cups and mugs, Glassware, thermos flasks, and dinner plates. Our budget-friendly selection of dining essentials will give your dinner table a touch of class whether you're hosting a dinner party or just eating supper with your family every day. Browse through our selection to choose your favourite dining essential!

Bags & Accessories

Discover Nestasia's exceptional collection of bags and beauty accessories, where eco-friendly fashion meets unbeatable discounts! Dive into a world of sustainable style with our jute Lunch Bags, thoughtfully designed to carry your meals with convenience and environmental consciousness. Embrace ethical elegance with our vegan leather Sling Bags, a perfect fusion of fashion-forward design and compassion for the planet.

At Nestasia, we believe in harmonizing fashion with sustainability, and our curated selection of bags and accessories reflects this ethos. Each product in this collection is now available at a jaw-dropping 50% discount, empowering you to accessorize responsibly without compromising on style. Shop now and embark on a sustainable journey of elegance and affordability with Nestasia!

Bath Accessories

Elevate your bathroom decor with our exquisite ceramic soap dispensers, offering both elegance and functionality at an incredible 50% discount. Embrace beach vibes with our vibrant and plush beach towels, perfect companions for seaside adventures or poolside lounging, now available at a fraction of the price. Step into a world of comfort and aesthetics with our soft and absorbent floor mats and towel mats, designed to elevate your bathroom ambience effortlessly. 

Nestasia believes in transforming your personal space into a haven of style, and our bathroom accessories collection exemplifies this ethos. Embrace the joy of redesigning your bathroom with premium decor items without straining your budget. With each product in this collection available at a remarkable 50% off, you can revamp your bathroom with ease and savings. Shop now and indulge in the luxury of affordable elegance with Nestasia's bathroom accessories!


Experience Nestasia's enchanting world of Kitchen products, where style and functionality blend seamlessly with unbeatable discounts! Explore our carefully curated range, featuring essential kitchen items such as Jars and Containers, cooking pots, baking dishesbaking trays, wine racks and moulds, all available at a remarkable 50% discount.

Elevate your culinary adventures with our versatile mason jars, perfect for preserving homemade jams or storing delightful treats in a stylish manner. Embrace the art of cooking with our high-quality cooking pots, designed to ensure even heat distribution and exceptional cooking results. Indulge in the joy of baking with our durable and elegant baking dishes and trays, allowing you to create mouthwatering delicacies with ease. Unleash your creativity with our assorted moulds, making baking a fun and delightful experience for all age groups. 

At Nestasia, we believe that the heart of every home lies in the kitchen, and our collection of kitchen accessories embodies this sentiment. With each product in this collection available at an irresistible 50% off, you can enhance your culinary space while enjoying substantial savings. Shop now and immerse yourself in the beauty of affordable elegance with Nestasia's kitchen accessories!

Soft Furnishings

Step into the realm of Nestasia's enchanting soft furnishing collection, where comfort and style meet affordability, with an irresistible 50% discount! Discover a delightful assortment of cushion covers, thoughtfully designed to elevate the ambience of your living spaces with a touch of elegance. Embrace the joy of exploring an array of captivating patterns, colours, and textures that allow you to curate the perfect look for every room. 

Each cushion cover is meticulously crafted to offer both comfort and beauty, making your decor dreams come true without breaking the bank. With every product in this collection available at an astonishing 50% off, you can indulge in premium soft furnishings and transform your living spaces into a haven of style and relaxation. Shop now and immerse yourself in the charm of affordable elegance with Nestasia's cushion covers. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to embrace luxurious comfort at unbeatable prices!

Home Decor

Indulge in the world of Nestasia's captivating home decor accessories, where style and charm converge with unbeatable discounts! Explore our meticulously curated range, encompassing Indoor Planters, Vases, Decor Objects, Tissue Boxes, Baskets, Artificial Flowers, artificial plants, Candles, candle holders, tealight holders, handheld mirrors, captivating mirror trays, and Photo Frames, all available at an astonishing 50% discount. 

Nestasia believes in transforming your home into an oasis of style, and our collection of home decor accessories embodies this ethos. Embrace the joy of updating your decor with premium pieces without straining your budget. With each product in this collection available at an irresistible 50% off, you can revamp your living spaces with ease and savings. Shop now and immerse yourself in the luxury of affordable elegance with Nestasia's home decor accessories!


Unveil Nestasia's exceptional range of desk organizers, where style meets organization, all available at an unbeatable 50% discount! Explore our thoughtfully curated collection, meticulously designed to keep your workspace clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing. From sleek pen holders that add a touch of elegance to your desk to functional file organizers that streamline your paperwork, our desk organizers cater to your every need. 

Nestasia believes that a well-organized workspace enhances productivity and creativity, and our desk organizers embody this ethos. Each product is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring both functionality and visual appeal. Now, with every item available at a remarkable 50% off, you can transform your desk into a haven of style and efficiency without compromising on your budget. Shop now and immerse yourself in the beauty of affordable elegance with Nestasia's desk organizers. 

Check out Rakhi gift card & Rakhi Gift Hampers online at Nestasia

Rakhi gift cards from Nestasia's selection are a lovely way to show someone you care about them on this auspicious occasion.  With the flexibility and simplicity of our gift cards, you may commemorate the sibling bond while assuring a special Rakhi celebration. 

Our Rakhi gift cards offer a seamless and distinctive gifting experience. From our wide range of gorgeous home décor gifts that are available online, recipients can browse and choose the products that best suit their personal tastes. For your loved ones, Nestasia offers a wide range of options, such as lavish Rakhi Hampers and lovely decorative goods. Browse our enticing variety of home décor products online to make this Rakhi celebration special. 

Why Choose Nestasia?

Quality, utility, and beauty (QUB) are the three things that Nestasia values most highly. Our online shopping experience for home décor has been meticulously developed to offer various sumptuous possibilities. Visit our expertly curated online store and browse our selection of home decor items, which make lovely gifts and self-care items. You can enhance the atmosphere of your living room with our incredible range of contemporary decorative items made just for it. Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of modern design while letting your unique sense of flair shine through.

Immerse yourself in the unmatched attraction of our expertly curated collection, where each item possesses its own charm and invites you to advance your adventure in home decor with Nestasia. 


What is the "Everything at Half Price" collection all about?

Everything at Half Price means that all products or items within a specific collection or category are available for purchase at a discounted rate of 50% off on their original price. This promotion allows customers to enjoy significant savings on a wide range of products, making them more affordable and accessible. It is a special offering where customers can purchase high-quality items at a fraction of their regular cost, providing an excellent opportunity to indulge in premium products without straining their budget. 

Is there a selection of bakeware available in this collection?

Yes, the collection "Everything at Half Price" includes an exquisite collection of bakeware. You can find a variety of bakeware essentials such as cake pans, baking dishes, baking trays, moulds, and more, all available at an incredible 50% discount. This provides a wonderful opportunity to upgrade your kitchen and baking arsenal without breaking the bank.

Can I find a variety of cups & mugs in this collection?

Yes, the collection offers a diverse range of stylish and functional cups and mugs. Whether you prefer classic designs, modern patterns, or quirky styles, you will find various options to suit your taste. From elegant coffee mugs to charming tea cups, each product in this collection is available at an incredible 50% discount, making it the perfect opportunity to refresh your drinkware collection. 

Are the home decor items in the collection available in different sizes and colours?

Yes, the home decor items in the collection are available in various sizes, colours, and designs. You can choose from a wide range of options to suit your unique style and interior decor theme, all at an incredible 50% discount. Whether you prefer large statement pieces or small accents, classic neutrals, or vibrant hues, our collection caters to diverse preferences, allowing you to personalize your living spaces with affordability and elegance. 

Can I find dining essentials like tableware and cutlery sets in this collection?

Yes, the collection indeed offers a wide range of dining essentials, including tableware and cutlery sets. From elegant dinnerware to stylish cutlery, you can explore high-quality options to elevate your dining experience. Whether for formal occasions or casual meals with loved ones, you'll find the perfect choices. With the remarkable 50% discount, now is the perfect time to upgrade your dining essentials without overspending. 


Product Name Price
Soboku Red And Black Large Serving Bowl 7.5 Inch 1.3 L Rs.1200
Luxe Velvet Lunch Bag Grey And Green Rs.705
Tissue Box Holder With Storage Organizer Green Rs.895
Fancy Soap Pump Bottle Rs.475
Mandala Long Dish Rs.590
Cactus Mug Rs.590
Luxe Velvet Lunch Bag Grey And Pink Rs.705