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Discover your style with Nestasia's women's tote handbags, the perfect blend of style and comfort. Buy the best tote bags designed for work and everyday elegance.

Buy luxury tote bags online on Nestasia

Tote bags have acquired a prominent place for themselves in recent times and have garnered immense popularity likewise. Carrying all our essential belongings has become so convenient, thanks to the innovation of tote bags. No matter its size or composition, a tote should be easy to pack and unpack, useful whether you’re heading to a coffee shop or an office, and attractive and versatile enough for you to bring it along to dinner afterwards. Buy luxury tote bags at Nestasia at the best price. We have tote bags for every occasion. When it comes to designs and patterns, our tote bags are unmatched. Come explore with us our aesthetically pleasing designer tote bags.

Explore different tote bags available online at Nestasia

  • Laptop Tote Bag For Women

Laptop tote bags are a perfect accessory for all working women. It is a perfect amalgamation of functionality and style. Not only do the laptop tote bags offer protection for your gadget, but they also consist of a comfortable room inside for all our extra essentials to be carried on the go. 

  • Leather Tote Bag

Whether you're climbing some sort of corporate ladder, or you're a creative person who works outside the confines of a nine-to-five routine, the best leather tote bags are the ones you want to carry at least five days per week.

  • Office Tote Bag

The criteria for a work tote bag are only two - style and functionality. When we are buying a tote bag for work, several questions pop up in our heads, whether the tote bag will be able to fit all the work essentials easily? What size of tote bag would be ideal for work? Will it be comfortable? Etc.

  • Laptop Tote Bag

Bringing your laptop everywhere is the new reality for those following a hybrid work schedule. Yet, finding a stylish bag that is up for everyday use can be quite a challenge, whether you prefer a tote bag or a backpack. When commuting or travelling, all of these functional yet stylish laptop bags will keep you organized, hold all of your everyday essentials (with room to spare!), and most importantly, protect your laptop.

  • Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas tote bags can do it all. You can use one as your work bag to carry your laptop and planner to and fro. It might also double as your gym bag for sweaty clothes and workout shoes. Perhaps you’re even using it for quick trips to the store in which you inevitably “pick up” a few more things than you intended.

  • Men’s Tote Bag

With the fast-evolving fashion trends, the occurrence of tote bags for men can be seen with a significant rise in popularity. Tote bags for men are a great choice. It combines versatility, style, and superior designs.

What makes Nestasia the best place to buy premium tote bags online?

Elevate your fashion and functionality with Nestasia's premium tote bags. Our trendy tote bags are a great addition to your collection. Our elegant and detailed tote bags are carefully crafted and sustainable, keeping in mind that every choice we make contributes to the well-being of our planet. Our bags are more than just carrying your daily essentials with you. We understand that tote bags must be both practical and fashionable, therefore, our bags are designed with pockets and compartments to ensure organisation without compromising on the style quotient.

Explore other categories online on Nestasia

Nestasia has several amazing products that are here to make your life look easy and pretty too. You name it, we have it. Come explore with us some of our trendy and most coveted products.

  • Gifts for Wife

Discover our exquisite collection of gifts for your wife, thoughtfully curated to celebrate the special moments in your life. From elegant vases and artificial flowers that add a touch of nature's beauty to your home, to cosy cushions and stylish coffee mugs for those cherished moments together, we have it all. 

  • Gifts for sister

The love-hate relationship between sisters is a never-ending phenomenon. Especially when it comes to sharing each other’s stuff. But there is no harm in pampering your evil twin once in a while. At Nestasia, you can choose from a range of amazing products. From chic scarves, elegant baking dishes, bowls with handles, and decorative objects that reflect your sister’s unique personality, to our selection of planters and vases, complemented by artificial flowers. Our trendy and elegant products will add charm to her living space.

  • Gifts for grandmother

Delve into our heartwarming collection of gifts for grandmothers, thoughtfully selected to celebrate the love and wisdom she imparts. Brighten her home with charming planters, vases, and artificial flowers that radiate beauty. She can cozy up with our cushion covers and enjoy her tea or coffee in exquisite mugs and tea cups. Our platters, serving bowls, and snack bowls are perfect for sharing meals with loved ones. For precious memories, our photo frames and stem glasses add a touch of elegance. Let her indulge in her favourite snacks on our snack plates and table mats, while our dinner sets and tableware make dining a delightful experience.

  • Scarves

Scarves, like any other beauty accessories for women, are a cute addition to their exquisite collection. Not only are scarves a fashion accessory, but they also protect us from harsh sun rays. Moreover, they are available in a variety of beautiful prints and materials, making them a must-have accessory. Shop for elegant scarves from Nestasia and give a touch of freshness to your wardrobe.

  • Beauty accessories

Looking for the perfect beauty accessory for yourself? We’ve got them for you! Get your daily dose of glamour and protection with our trendy mask selection. We also have a range of eyewear accessories to up your fashion game. If you are looking for a new BFF in town, then our beauty blenders are sure to be one for you.

  • Pouches online

Whether you are traveling or just want to organize your daily essential products, pouches are a great fit for these tasks. From stuffing your pouch with your makeup essentials to using it on the go to carrying all your “just in case” list to your work and holiday travels, Nestasia has a range of travel pouches and makeup pouches that will make your organizing hassle-free.

  • Cushion covers

Add a pop of colour to your home decor with Nestasia’s exquisite collection of luxuriously embellished cushion covers. These cushion covers are perfect for everyday use as well as for festive occasions at home. These artisanal cushion covers are sustainable too.

Discover Premium Christmas Gifts Online At Nestasia 

Our extensive collection of Christmas gift items has been thoughtfully curated to meet the varying needs and preferences of your colleagues and family. Whether you're searching for sentimental keepsakes, alluring decor items, or practical gadgets, we have something for everyone. Our heartwarming mementos include personalized ornaments, photo frames, and handcrafted decorations to add a personal touch to your loved ones' holiday season.

Why Choose Nestasia?

Starting the journey from culminating the idea of sustainable home decor to seeing our vision come true, we have come a long way. Our love for pretty home accents has driven us to provide high-quality products for homes at a reasonable price. We believe that adorning our homes doesn't necessarily have to be expensive and burn a hole in our pockets. Therefore, Nestasia has come up with a unique collection of home decor accents that are reasonable from a price point of view and does not compromise on the quality of the product.

All FAQs related to tote bags answered

What makes a tote bag unique?

Tote bags have been gaining popularity rapidly. They are perfect for carrying all your essentials on the go. Not only are tote bags a practical and versatile choice, but they can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as carrying groceries, books, or work essentials. They are perfect for everyday use and are great for both casual and formal occasions. With a variety of designs, prints, sizes, and shapes available in tote bags, these make for trendy yet purposeful bags for everyday use.

How long should a tote bag last?

Tote bags are usually sturdy and durable, and if you clean and take care of them, they are likely to last for a year, to say the least. 

How much weight can a tote bag hold?

While there is no fixed weight limit for all tote bags, most are designed to comfortably carry everyday items such as groceries, books, clothing, and personal accessories. Overloading a tote bag can lead to stretching, tearing, or damage to the bag, so it's best to use it within its intended capacity to ensure its longevity and prevent any accidents or discomfort while carrying it.

How can tote bags protect the environment?

Tote bags are reusable and can replace disposable plastic bags, which take hundreds of years to decompose. By using tote bags, people reduce the demand for single-use plastics, helping to minimize plastic pollution and its harmful impact on the environment.

Can tote bags carry laptops?

Yes. Tote bags are spacious, and if you are sure that your tote bag can handle the weight of your laptop, then you can easily carry your laptop in it.

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Tote Bags Pricing

Product Name Price
Classic Chic Black And White Tote Bag With Sling Rs.1850
Vegan Leather Book Tote Midnight Blue Rs.1850
Black And White Tote Bag For Women Rs.1850
Multipurpose Denim Tote Bag Rs.1550
Everyday Canvas Vegetable Bag Set Of 2 Rs.499
Plaid Checkered Handbag With Sling Rs.1850
Eco Chic Mini Tote Bag For Women Rs.1150