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Lunch Bags Introduction

Even though there's nothing wrong with ordering a quick burger or pre-made sandwich occasionally, it's probable that almost 90% of people are purchasing their lunch at work almost daily. It's convenient, yes, but is it the best choice?

You could find that bringing your lunch to work is significantly healthier for you for a variety of reasons! One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a lunch bag. There is nothing as healthy as eating home-cooked, freshly prepared meals, and if your schedule is hectic at work, a lunch pack is the answer. All of your meals can be prepared at home, then packed in lunchboxes for the workplace. The meals can be consumed at the workplace and will stay hot (or cold, as desired- you can reheat it, of course!). By doing this, you could be certain that you won't have to rely on fast food or unhealthy snacks.

Because most people have highly busy lifestyles, it is simple to form bad eating habits. You could frequently skip meals because of work or lack of time or simply place an order for junk food. However, you can even eat on the go if you are taking food with you! For this reason, buying a lunch bag is a wise investment. The durable tiffin bag or designed lunch bags completely protect your food from germs.

If you’re thinking about why packing lunch when you can simply purchase mouth-watering food from a restaurant and save your efforts, well here are some important points you can take note of-

  1. Packing your lunch helps you to save money by reducing your purchase of junk food. Making it at home allows you to manage the real quality and freshness of the components and to know precisely what is in them.
  2. You'll definitely benefit from carrying snacks if you easily get hungry during the day. By simply including a few of your favourite snacks with your lunch, you can avoid the mid-afternoon sugar drop or hunger episode. It will provide you with the energy and positive attitude you need to go through the day.

Collection Of Lunch Bags At Nestasia

Jute Lunch Bag

The best storage bags for your workplace are jute tiffin bags. Why? You may use jute lunch bags for office for a number of reasons and in the process discover that there are a number of advantages to it. Not only are they environmentally friendly and sustainable, but they also come in attractive varieties that you would want to bring to your workplace or institution.

Jute lunch box bags are the best and most sustainable of all materials since they are produced from materials that originate from the earth, making them environmentally friendly. You might also contribute to the sustainability of nature by just purchasing these bags in a way that will benefit you as well. Lunch bags made of jute are extremely sturdy and long-lasting since, as we all know, the material itself has a greater durability potential. The quality of jute tiffin bags is far superior to those of synthetic lunch bags you can get in the market. Jute bags will make the most of every penny you invest in them because of how long-lasting they are. You might not even be aware that you've had a jute bag for years and it still looks brand-new!

Velvet Lunch Bag

Velvet has always been the comfort fabric when it comes to clothes, bags, or anything which comes in contact with our skin. Velvet has long been synonymous with elegance and is everlasting. The material, apart from being a very skin-friendly material, is elegant in appearance, and when we are talking about bags made of it, they ought to be the most stylish ones on the shelf! 

The fabric is an excellent option for lunch bags for office due to its delicate texture and classy look. It is incredibly comfortable to carry/use and resistant to alkalis, chemicals, and molds. Its medium range of elasticity makes the fabric simple to work with while making lunch bags. Since the fabric is resistant to shrinking, it does not easily distort or wrinkle and keeps its shape. Velvet is enduring and water-resistant because of the strong fibers.

Printed Canvas Lunch Bags

Anyone wishing to pack their lunch without using damaging plastic bags may find cotton canvas tiffin bags for office to be the perfect solution. While some people might believe that plastic bags are more practical for packed lunches, most of us are aware of the issues with them. Our cotton canvas lunch bags for women are far more lightweight, cleanable, and durable than plastic bags. To ensure longer lifespans, these cloth lunch bags may even be made waterproof. Not to mention, they can greatly increase the inclusion of sustainability in your lifestyle!

Splashes and spills won't hurt your cotton canvas lunch bag much. You may spot clean anytime and leave the bag to be properly washed at home once in a while with very few requirements- warm water and a small amount of soap. If you're in a rush, you can always turn your lunch bag inside out and throw it in the washing machine even though a light hand wash will typically be sufficient.

Cotton tiffin bags for office are smooth to the touch and adaptable enough to take anywhere, with a comfortable handle and a secure clasp. Additionally, once your lunch is finished, you simply fold up your empty lunch bag and store it neatly in your handbag, backpack, or car. These bags are light and versatile, so carrying them won't make you uncomfortable due to their size or shape.

Textile lunch bags may survive their less environmentally friendly counterparts, which reduces trash production over time and conserves natural resources. Utilizing a cotton canvas lunch bag made from resources that are sourced sustainably benefits the environment and sets a great example for others to follow. This trendy lunch bag is perfect for kids, ladies, men, and essentially anybody who wants to support environmental preservation. It is reusable and suitable for carrying meals, or even groceries.

We strongly promote the zero-waste way of life, of which you may be conscious already. Because they save money, cotton canvas lunch bags are perfect for this way of life.

They not only prevent waste from going to landfills, but they also contribute to resource preservation. Cotton canvas lunch bags' reusability can help individuals transition away from less environmentally friendly bags. With even one lunch box packed in a cotton bag at a time, these adaptable, strong, and washable lunch bags may benefit the environment much more in the long run.

Why Choose Nestasia To Buy Lunch Bags Online?

How does a particular lunch box bag look? Well, they are small and have no style or space in them. Nestasia's lunch bags for men and lunch bags for women are a better choice than the small usual lunch bags online as they come in all sizes, and you can fit that in as per the place or need.

Benefits of Netasia’s lunch bags:

  1. Nestasia's premium quality tiffin carrier bags are usually insulated or made of fabric that will help the packed lunch stay warm and fresh for a long time. The lunch bags are both environmentally friendly and food-safe. Excellent shielding is provided by the material, which is free of plastic or hazardous chemicals. You can eat hot, nutritious meals every day if you have a lunch bag like that! Cold salads or smoothies may be transported in your lunch box bag for office or anywhere, and will stay chilled for a long time.
  2. Our high-quality lunch bags are resistant to dust and do not let dirt get inside or sit on the fabric. This makes the interior of the bag incredibly sanitary. Your food will be 100 percent secure. There is no potential for bacteria to develop because the interior is clean. As a result, you won't need to worry about your lunch bag's contents getting affected by the pollution as you travel back and forth.
  3. Talking about our spacious lunch tote bags, they can be the ideal choice if you're planning to place different boxes, containers, or even water bottles, or if you are someone who necessarily carries a few boxes of pre-lunch and post-lunch requirements. The space allows you to easily organize your lunch and other meals inside your lunch bag without one falling on the other and creating a mess inside. Now, when you open the zip, you can find an organized set of meals waiting for you to start your day.
  4. The leather handles of lunch bags for lunch boxes are made of high-quality waterproof material. Going outside in the rain is simple, and even if a few drops land on your lunch bag, they won't saturate or even reach the containers. There is no possibility of your food becoming contaminated or getting wet; it will remain absolutely dry. Camping and other outdoor activities are perfect occasions to use waterproof lunch packs. Canvas, velvet, or PU leather lunch bags that are waterproof are quite light. Even when they are wet, they won't be heavy on your shoulder. As a result, you may transport your lunch bag with ease to work or wherever else you need to go.
  5. Your lunch bag should always be clean since you bring food in it every day. The material used to make lunch bags is washable. You might not be able to wash your lunch bag every week; that, however, is not an issue. Cleaning your lunch bag is as simple as cleaning it down with a damp towel, and only washing it monthly or every two weeks. Your lunch bag will remain fully clean and hygienic if you practice it.

A lunch bag is very versatile. You can easily carry it along with your usual purse or office bag. Lunch bags are available in various colours, patterns and sizes. You can also accessorize your lunch bag, did you know it? Nestasia's huge collection of pouches, jars, small or large bags and drinkware can complement your desired lunch box bag. If you are going on a hike or even planning for a long day at work, packing multiple meals and snacks in separate pouches and then packing them in a large lunch tote is a great option.

There is always a necessity of carrying your own set of cutlery along with a yummy lunch. And, what’s better than Nestasia’s very own sets of cutlery that includes sets for spoons, forks, butter knives, etc. To keep them dust free, there are small pouches that can be kept in our lunch bags. Just as the cutlery pouch will help you to keep the cutlery collected in one place, you won’t forget the pouch if our lunch bag is there to protect it. 

Glass is typically used to make food jars. Nestasia has made sure that the jars can be carried outside, hence PVC comes to rescue. From cutesy to quirky ones, even the glass jars are made of resilient, borosilicate glass that can endure one or two slip-ups. But you may also go for other food jars made of stainless steel. For parents, the lunch bags are spacious to make space for baby bowls that you can shop from our baby bowl collection. However, you may use a smaller bag that will fit in your lunch bag for lunch instead of bringing them with your lunch box. Snacks, yogurt, and even tiny salad servings may be transported in food jars!

Apart from cutlery and small jars, even water bottles and flasks can fit in our lunch bags. “Stay hydrated”, the mantra hasn’t lost its spark when we talk about staying fit and healthy. Am I right or not? With every meal, a sip of freshly poured water is important. You can bring water from your home by filling it in our stainless steel bottles or borosilicate sippers. For the extremely hot and humid summers or chilled winters, one can store flavoured tea, aromatic coffee, cold drinks, lemonades, etc. in our flasks. All of them can easily fit into our lunch bags.

The kinds of lunch bags available in Nestasia's collection are numerous. You may select a bag that fits you well and bring your lunch to work each day. By doing this, you may be sure that you're consuming wholesome foods at the right times. Investing in a lunch bag is a simple but important aspect of living sustainably.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should you look for in lunch bags?

There are some important factors to consider before you find the right lunch bags:

-Consider the size of your lunch bag to ensure you can accommodate all your food items and drink in your lunch box bag for office.

-Choose a tiffin bag that is made with the finest quality material to ensure durability like our jute lunch bags and velvet lunch bags.

-Make sure that the lunch bag has a zip closure to keep your food and drink secure.

Finally, look for a stylish yet functional tiffin carrier bag that complements your style and you can choose from our lunch bags for women and lunch bags for men.

2. How do you clean a lunch bag?

Cleaning your lunch bags from time to time is important to maintain hygiene. You can start by brushing off any crumbs or debris inside the lunch box bag, followed by removing any stains using a damp cloth. Make sure not to do harsh scrubbing and gently clean the surface of the tiffin bag by using mild soap and cold water. You can handwash the lunch bag to thoroughly clean it. Pat the surface of the lunch bag with a clean cloth to remove excess water and hang the canvas lunch bag or velvet lunch bag to dry.

3. What should not be kept in a lunch bag?

There are certain items that should not be kept in a tiffin bag for office as they can cause spillage, damage the bag, or cause the food to rot. These foods include perishable items like raw meat and seafood. Avoid packing dairy products, sauces, juice, etc., inside the lunch bag in usual containers as they can spill and damage the tiffin carrier bag; make sure the items are packed in air-tight and leakproof containers.

4. How long can jute bags last?

Nestasia's jute lunch bag can last for several years with proper care and maintenance and will continue to provide an eco-friendly and practical solution for carrying lunch every day. The durable nature of the jute fiber makes it a great material for lunch bags. The jute tiffin bags are strong enough to carry multiple containers in one go, without you having to worry about regular wear and tear. Moreover, regular cleaning and proper storage also increase the lifespan and durability of the jute lunch bags.

5. What is the size of jute lunch bag?

You can find jute lunch bags available in multiple sizes. However, at Nestasia you can find lunch bags online and our jute lunch bags are 15 inches long and 10 inches in breadth, which is large enough to carry multiple containers. The canvas lunch bag can easily fit 10-12 lunch boxes or containers so you don't have to leave back any lunch box due to a shortage of space. The spacious lunch bags for women and lunch bags for men are even more comfortable to carry, while all your meals stay packed inside securely.

Product Name Price
Designer Thermal Insulated Lunch Bag Pink Rs.1135
Thermal Insulated Travel Lunch Bag Green Rs.1135
Sling Velvet Thermal Insulated Lunch Bag Black Rs.1195
Thermal Insulated Lunch Bag Black Rs.1290
Thermal Lunch Bag For Office Pink Rs.1290
Multipurpose Tiffin Bag Navy Blue Rs.1290
Insulated Tiffin Bag Light Blue Rs.1290