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Emerging as a small yet indispensable companion, the keychain has viable uses in our daily lives. Fitting snugly in the palm of your hand, this portable piece goes beyond being a form of personal expression. Apart from their aesthetic appeal and personal affiliations as memoirs or keepsakes, they serve a practical purpose. Keychains are invaluable for organisation, be they car keys, house keys, or keys to a locker. Eliminate the time wasted rummaging through drawers packed with keys, and add some character to your keys wherever you go. Assign different designs to different keys, and bid farewell to chaotic last-minute hunts for keys. You can also group all your keys and tack them onto a single keychain to keep them in one place and avoid misplacing them. Explore Nestasia’s collection of cutesy charm keyrings that are perfect for sorting important keys and adding a playful touch.

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Penguin Keyring

Combining form and function, our penguin keyring breaks the adorability scale. Maybe it is their cute, wobbly gait or the fact that they are hopeless romantics, but there is no denying that they tug at heartstrings. Our quirky penguin keyring features an adorable purple-hued penguin wearing an all-white sailor’s cap and the cutest little tie. Crafted from silicone, the penguin charm has a smooth finish. The teeny, tiny penguin comes with a small clover tree clasped in one hand, adding to its charm. The sturdy metal chain always allows you to securely latch it onto your backpack on keys. 

Teddy Keychain

Available in gleaming hues, pick out a teddy keychain to add a pop of colour to your keys. Perfect to be buckled onto clutches, backpacks, and keys, our teddy keychain has a seamlessly clean and polished surface. The premium-quality silicone construction not only makes the teddy trinket eco-friendly but also renders the keychains smooth, comfortable, and odour-free. 

Hello Kitty Keychain

The cuteness of Hello Kitty is truly unparalleled. Remember the old days when you would plead for a Hello Kitty backpack or pouch? Well, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane with our adorable Hello Kitty keychain. Our blue Hello Kitty rocks a Sailor Moon outfit with a blue bow and a blue skirt. Whether you embrace the child in you or get one to surprise your kids, this keychain will certainly capture everyone’s attention.

Heart Keychain
Heart keychains do not necessarily have to be a cliché. Boasting two dual-toned fleece hearts and a striking gold rexine heart, our heart keychain is great to add to your collection. Equipped with a sturdy lobster clasp, it is ideal for handbags, purses, backpacks, and more. The lovey-dovey embellishments make this keychain equally suitable as a romantic Valentine’s Day gift for your partner.

How To Choose A Beautiful Keychain For You?

Choosing a beautiful keychain goes beyond picking up the first one you see. It is important to consider the weight of your keys before selecting a keyring. If you carry bulky keys, plush toy keyrings will only weigh down your keys owing to the added bulkiness. On the contrary, lightweight yet stylish keyrings deliver both in terms of convenience and aesthetics. 

At Nestasia, You Can Explore Other Categories As well

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Whether you are looking for statement pieces or looking for clean and refined decor accents to blend into a modern home, our assortment of decor objects won’t disappoint. You can also explore our animal decor collection to bring home the unhindered beauty of the wild. 

Women’s Day Gifts

Celebrate the special women in your life with our Women’s Day gifts. Win their hearts with colourful indoor planters, embroidered cushion covers, dried flowers and fragrances, towering candle stands, ceramic dinner sets, and more. Be it your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend, express your gratitude for their presence in your life. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts

We’ve put together Valentine’s Day gifts from the heart and for the heart. Get your girl a luxuriously silky scarf or stylish sling bag for your date nights. You can also explore useful lunch boxes, laptop bags, and duffle bags for your partner.

Wedding Gifts

Big fat Indian weddings are incomplete without extravagant presents. Explore ceramic dinner sets for intimate family meals, embossed glassware, snack bowls, wooden platters, and more household items that are soon to be their favorites.


Enjoy a mess-free drinking experience with Nestasia’s assortment of colourful coasters and playful patterns. Keep your surfaces safe from smudges, heat damage, and spills with our coasters.


Crafted meticulously with ornate details, our decorative trays are perfect for displaying trinkets, decor objects, and more. Our food-safe trays are perfect for entertaining guests and major festivities, whether you are serving sweet treats or delectable starters. 


If you are looking for rugs online, your search ends here. Our handwoven rugs have been painstakingly crafted for comfort and warmth. Check out our collection of rugs to find the perfect backdrop for your decor. 


Turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones with the help of our beautifully crafted teapots. Not only do they serve as a vessel for holding and pouring your freshly brewed blends, but they also uplift your mood.

Metal Keychain From Nestasia: Why Choose Us?

Premium Quality: Crafted from ecologically friendly silicone and sturdy metal, our commitment to premium quality materials underscores our priority for producing top-notch products. Our keyring charms have a silicone construction, whereas the chains and lobster hooks have been crafted from robust metal.

Stunning Aesthetics: The cutesy trinkets dangling from each keychain are a testament to captivating aesthetics, making our keyrings perfect for buckling onto your bags, keys, and clutches.

FAQS To Know More About Keychains

What is the purpose of a keychain?

Apart from aesthetic reasons, a keychain is perfect for grouping your keys and preventing them from getting misplaced. By assigning different keychains for different keys, it will also be easier for you to find the right key at the right time. 

What is the difference between a keychain and a keyring?

A keyring is simply a ring carrying one or more keys, whereas a keychain connects a chain and a ring to which a key may be attached. A keychain enables a key to be used more easily than that of a keyring.

What materials are keychains made of?

Keychains are crafted from a variety of materials, such as plastic, metal, silicone, faux leather, and more.


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