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Whether you are an amateur cook or a trained chef, our premium cookware and high quality cooking utensils are here to upgrade all your culinary creations.

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Introduction of Cookware

Elevate Your Culinary Creations with Premium Cookware Sets 

Get ready to elevate your culinary creations with our modern cookware items from Nestasia. As a premium home decor brand, we are thrilled to introduce you to a world where culinary artistry meets modern sophistication. Our collection of premium cooking utensils is meticulously curated to elevate your culinary creations, bringing a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Crafted with precision, our premium collection of cookware showcases a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. Each piece ensures even heat distribution and retention, allowing you to create dishes that are nothing short of extraordinary. 

Whether you're searing, simmering, or sautéing, our collection of non-toxic cookware/cookware with lid provides the control and performance you need. With Nestasia, your culinary journey becomes an art form, where every meal is a masterpiece waiting to be crafted. Join us in exploring the world of premium cooking pots online and elevating your culinary adventures to new heights.

Explore Cookware and Essentials at Nestasia

  • Ceramic Cookware

  • Cooking pot with lid

Discover the versatility of our oven-safe cookware collection, featuring ceramic cooking pots with lids. These culinary companions are microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe, ensuring hassle-free cooking and cleaning. Elevate your culinary creations with this premium cookware, combining style and functionality effortlessly in your kitchen.

  • Deep cooking pot

Browse through our oven-safe cookware collection online, featuring deep cooking pots with lids. These versatile kitchen companions are microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe, ensuring seamless meal preparation and cleanup. Upgrade your culinary journey by exploring our selection of deep cooking pots online.

  • Glass stew pot with Lid

Enhance your cooking experience with our glass stew pot, conveniently available for online shopping. Crafted for efficiency and convenience, these cookware items are microwave and dishwasher-safe. However, please note that they are not intended for oven use. Explore our selection of cookware with lids online and elevate your culinary journey.

  • Cast iron cookware

  • Cast iron tawa

Experience the versatility of our non-toxic cast iron tawa, suitable for microwave, oven, stovetop, and induction cooking. However, please note that it's not dishwasher-safe. Explore our selection of non-stick cookware online and add this essential cooking utensil to your kitchen for a seamless culinary journey.

  • Cast iron pan

Unlock culinary excellence with our non-toxic cast iron pan, perfect for microwave, oven, stovetop, and induction cooking. However, it's important to note that it's not dishwasher-safe. Explore our selection of non-stick cookware online and elevate your culinary experience with this essential cooking utensil that is designed to transform your culinary creations into masterpieces.

  • Cast iron kadai

Elevate your cooking experience a notch higher with our non-toxic cast iron kadai, suitable for microwave, oven, stovetop, and induction cooking. However, please note that the kadai is not dishwasher safe. Get ready to explore our collection of non-stick cookware online to turn your culinary creations into masterpieces.

Things to consider while buying Cookware items


When browsing through cookware online shopping platforms to find the perfect modern cookware for your home, several crucial factors should be taken into consideration. These considerations will help you choose cookware online that suits your cooking style, budget, and kitchen needs.

Material Quality: The material of your cookware plays a pivotal role. Opt for modern cookware made from ceramic, cast iron, or copper for durability and heat retention.

Heat Conductivity: Effective heat conductivity ensures even cooking, reducing the risk of hotspots. Cast iron and ceramic excel in this aspect.

Durability: Longevity is essential. Well-crafted, high-quality cookware made from ceramic or cast iron can endure frequent use and high temperatures.

Maintenance: Opt for modern cookware that is easy to clean and maintain. Non-stick cookware items simplify cleaning; hence, it is always advisable to go for cooking utensils made from materials like ceramic or cast iron that are non-stick in nature.

Prices: It's always advisable to set a budget based on your cooking needs and preferences before purchasing cookware items online. High-quality cookware may be pricier, but it can be a wise investment in the long run.

Must have tools and organizers for the kitchen

Elevating your culinary game always begins with the appropriate kitchen tools and organizers. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, having essential equipments and kitchen storage solutions is important. Get ready to discover the key elements that can turn your kitchen into a culinary powerhouse, making meal preparation a breeze.

Jars & Containers: Innovative kitchen storage is incomplete without the presence of exquisite and convenient ceramic and glass jars and containers. These versatile containers not only keep the ingredients fresh but also add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen space.

Kitchen Tools: Elevate your culinary journey to new heights with our range of premium kitchen tools. From versatile kitchen tool sets to efficient oil pouring bottles, spray bottles, and chopstick holders, our selection caters to every chef’s needs and preferences.

Aprons: Explore our collection of aprons online, featuring premium quality denim aprons that perfectly blend style and functionality. Enhance your culinary flair while staying stylish and protected in these exquisite kitchen aprons.

Bakeware: Enhance your baking endeavors with our exquisite bakeware online collection. From versatile baking trays and baking dishes to adorable moulds, our collection ensures that your baking journey is smooth and successful.

Kitchen Storage: Discover the art of kitchen organization with our kitchen storage online collection featuring versatile kitchen racks, practical lunch boxes, and efficient kitchen organizers. Elevate your kitchen organization while maintaining a stylish and efficient space with these exquisite kitchen storage solutions.

Discover home essentials and decor items at Nestasia for all your interior needs

  • Dining

If you’re thinking of elevating your dining experience, you can never go wrong with Nestasia’s dining essentials. Our collection of exquisite dining essentials comprises everything from plates, platters, cups and mugs, glassware, cutlery, cutlery holders, snack baskets, and fondue sets to cake stands, bowls, table mats, dinner sets, and more. Every item from our collection perfectly blends form and function, making them the ideal addition to any existing dinnerware collection.

  • Bath

Step into the world of elegance with our stunning assortment of bath essentials and bathroom accessories thoughtfully created to elevate your bathroom's aesthetic appeal. From opulent bathroom sets to refined soap dispensers, plush towels, toothbrush holders, and cozy floor rugs, these home accessories are meticulously designed to infuse a sense of refinement into your bathroom ambience.

Find the perfect blend of style and functionality in our range of home and bathroom accessories. Craft a tranquil and inviting bathroom environment that caters to your practical needs while appealing to your aesthetic sensibilities.

  • Home Decor 

Nestasia, a renowned name in the realm of home decor and lifestyle, presents a diverse assortment of meticulously curated home accessories destined to elevate your living space's allure. Our collection encompasses an array of contemporary home accessories and decor items, featuring elegant showpieces, indoor planters, artistic wall art, mirrors, Urli, vases, baskets, artificial flowers, and more. Each item has been thoughtfully chosen to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home, reflecting our commitment to providing quality and style.

Dive into our exceptional collection of home decor items, which range from contemporary to classic and are designed to suit an array of tastes and inclinations. Allow your living space to mirror your individual style by choosing the right home accessories or home decor items that resonate most harmoniously with your personal preferences from our meticulously curated selection of home decor items and home accessories online.

  • Bags and accessories

Get ready to elevate your travel game a notch higher with Nestasia’s exquisite collection of bags & accessories that are crafted to perfection with premium quality materials. Our collection comprises a diverse range of items like sling bags, tote bags, duffel bags, hair accessories, laptop bags, scarves, eye masks, vanity pouches, and lunch bags that are a perfect amalgamation of fashion and function.

Every piece from our collection is crafted meticulously to meet a wide range of tastes and preferences. Embark on a journey through our online selection of bags and accessories, and pick the one that resonates most harmoniously with your individual style.

  • Soft furnishing

Indulge in the opulent comfort offered by Nestasia’s exquisite collection of luxurious soft furnishings that are thoughtfully crafted to enhance the overall appearance of your home. Explore our collection of home decor items or home accessories featuring a curated assortment of home furnishings that not only radiate a sense of snugness but also lend a touch of sophistication to your home setting.

From lavish bedcovers to cozy rugs and throws to intricately designed cushion covers and carpets, every item in our collection is meticulously designed to transform your home into a haven of comfort and style. Explore our home furnishing collection online and select your favourite pick!

Browse through Nestasia's online collection of home decor gifts, hampers, and gift cards

  • Wedding gift hamper 

If you're on the lookout for exceptional presents to celebrate the weddings of your dear ones, you're in the perfect place. Weddings in India are synonymous with joy and fervour. Nestasia, a renowned home decor and lifestyle brand, offers an extensive collection of opulent wedding gift hampers especially curated for newlyweds. These luxurious wedding gift hampers are thoughtfully crafted to bring delight to the newlywed couples, reflecting the care and attention that went into their curation.

Every gift hamper within this assortment emanates a flawless fusion of usefulness, flair, and refinement, rendering it a superb choice for newlywed couples. Whether it's delectable indulgences or exquisite decorative pieces, our compilation encompasses a diverse array of gift hampers that cater to your desires and inclinations. Take a journey through our collection of opulent gift hampers and pick the one that resonates most harmoniously with your personal preferences.

  • Gift cards

Stuck on what to present to your loved ones? Nestasia's gift cards have the solution, making the task of finding the perfect gifts a breeze. With options spanning various occasions, our opulent array of gift cards offers recipients the liberty to select the ideal present that resonates with their preferences.

With Nestasia's gift cards in hand, individuals can delve into our vast selection of premium home decor items and luxury gift hampers. The gift cards empower them to handpick the perfect gift items that align most harmoniously with their personal preferences and needs.

  • Gift bags

Nestasia believes that gifting goes beyond mere financial transactions; it's a manifestation of consideration, affection, and concern. At our online store, discover our assortment of lavish gift bags that are thoughtfully crafted to enhance your gifting journey. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or any joyous occasion, our gift bags radiate allure and sophistication, making them the ideal partners for your heartfelt gestures.

Explore our wide range of appealing gift bags that showcase exquisite craftsmanship and feature a range of modern designs and captivating patterns. Browse through our extensive collection of gift bags at our online store and find the gift bag that matches your taste and preferences. 

Diwali gift hampers & gift card Online at Nestasia


Embrace a world of opulence and refinement as you browse through our collection of luxury Diwali gifts and home decor items at Nestasia’s online home decor store. Get ready to immerse yourself in our assortment of gifts, where the fusion of tradition and elegance captures the essence of the occasion, infusing a touch of grandeur into your festivities.

Discover our assortment of luxury Diwali gifts that seamlessly blend tradition with elegance. Our thoughtfully handpicked range comprises a diverse selection of dining essentials like snack plates, cups and mugs, tumblers, soup bowls, dinner sets, serving bowls, cake stands, glassware, and dip bowls that ensure your dining table becomes a visual spectacle. You can also elevate the allure of any living space with our collection of exquisite home décor items that include photo frames, indoor planters, decorative glass trays, showpieces, vases, artificial flowers, candle holders, wall art, and candles.

Don't forget to browse through our kitchen storage essentials, charming cushion covers, captivating wooden board games for endless enjoyment, and bathroom accessories including versatile bath sets. Elevate your Diwali festivities with a dash of sophistication and create cherished memories that mirror the brilliance of the festival, courtesy of our meticulously curated selection. 

Why Choose Nestasia?

Nestasia, a well-known brand for home decoration and lifestyle products, places importance on providing top-notch quality, usefulness, and aesthetic appeal in its products. Browse through our handpicked collection of home décor items to uncover a wide array of delightful options. Explore our online assortment of home decorations and home accessories that strike a balance between elegance and practicality.

Delve into our exquisite range of modern home decor items, meticulously designed to enhance your home environment and elevate the appeal of your living space. Embark on a journey through our online store, where you'll discover a fusion of contemporary sophistication. Our online collection of home decor pieces is curated to reflect your distinct preferences and characteristics, ensuring that your living space resonates with your unique style and preferences.


What materials are used in the cookware collection?

Our cookware assortment is distinctively composed of kitchen essentials meticulously fashioned from high-grade ceramic and cast iron. This deliberate selection guarantees exceptional quality, while the use of these premium materials broadens the spectrum of cooking possibilities. The combination of ceramic and cast iron in our collection not only assures superior performance but also underscores our commitment to offering versatile and reliable culinary tools for the discerning chef.

Can these cookware items be used in the oven?

Yes, the cookware items highlighted in our assortment, expertly crafted using high-quality ceramic and cast iron, have been deliberately designed to be entirely suitable for use in the oven. This exceptional feature not only expands their range of uses but also grants you the effortless ability to transition from traditional stovetop cooking to the realm of oven-based techniques like baking or roasting. This incorporation of oven compatibility further heightens the functionality of our cookware collection, promising a smooth and enjoyable culinary journey, whether you're at the stovetop or utilizing the oven.

Are the cookware items dishwasher-safe?

Yes, our cookware collection offers distinct care instructions for different materials. The ceramic cookware items are indeed dishwasher-safe, providing convenience in cleanup, while our cast iron cookware items should not be put into a dishwasher to maintain their longevity and performance. 

Are the handles heat-resistant and comfortable to grip?

Yes, the handles on our cookware collection are not only heat-resistant but also designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. This ensures your cooking experience remains safe and convenient, even when handling hot cookware items.

What kind of cookware is better?

When it comes to cookware, the best option depends on personal preference, cooking needs, and budget. Ceramic cookware offers even heat distribution, is easy to clean, and comes in a variety of styles and colors. Cast iron is great for searing and heat retention, but it requires seasoning and can be heavy. Both types of cookware are durable and long-lasting, making them great investments for any kitchen.

What should I check for in quality cookware?

When purchasing cookware, it's important to check for quality to ensure that it will perform well and last for a long time. Look for cookware made from high-quality materials such as study ceramic or cast iron. Check for sturdy handles and lids that fit securely. Inspect the overall construction and ensure that the surface of the cookware is non-stick.

What is the most used cookware?

Cast iron is a classic choice of cookware for its heat retention and searing capabilities, while ceramic cookware offers even heat distribution. Ultimately, the most commonly used cookware varies based on personal preference and cooking needs, but these types of cookware are among the most popular.

Which cookware should I use for frying?

Cast iron cookware is an excellent choice for frying due to its ability to distribute heat evenly and retain it well, making the cookware ideal for cooking foods that require high temperatures. The cast iron cookware also provides a natural non-stick surface when properly seasoned, and the cookware's durability allows it to withstand the rigours of frying without warping or losing its shape.

Is cast iron cookware easy to maintain?

Cast iron cookware is relatively easy to maintain, but it requires a bit more care than other types of cookware. To keep the cast iron cookware in good condition, it's important to season it properly, avoid soaking it in water, and dry the cast iron cookware thoroughly after cleaning. It's also recommended to use a bit of oil or fat when cooking with cast iron cookware to help prevent rusting and maintain its non-stick surface. With proper care, cast iron cookware can last a lifetime.

What type of cookware is the healthiest?

The healthiest type of cookware is typically made from non-toxic materials that don't leach harmful chemicals into your food. Some of the healthiest materials for cookware include stainless steel, ceramic, and glass, as well as cast iron when properly seasoned. Avoid cookware made with non-stick coatings that contain PFOA or Teflon, as these chemicals can be harmful when heated to high temperatures.

Is it healthy to use cast iron cookware?

Yes, it is generally considered healthy to use cast iron cookware, provided that the cast iron cookware is properly seasoned and maintained. Cast iron is a natural material that doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or coatings that can leach into your food. In fact, cooking with cast iron cookware can even increase the iron content of your food, which can be beneficial for people with iron deficiency.

How long does cast iron cookware last?

Cast iron cookware is known for its durability and can last for generations if properly cared for. With proper maintenance, such as regular seasoning and avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture, cast iron cookware can last for decades or even a lifetime. Over time, the surface of cast iron cookware may become slightly rough or pitted, but this doesn't affect its performance. In fact, many people believe that cast iron cookware improves with age, developing a natural non-stick surface that makes cooking easier.


Product Name Price
Glass Cooking Pot With Handle Rs.5850
Dainty Patterned Ceramic Cooking Pot With Lid 1800 ml Rs.4095
Empress Cast Iron Ultra Smooth Flat Base Kadai 9 Inch Rs.1521
Empress Cast Iron Ultra Smooth Dosa Tawa 12 Inch Rs.1350
Empress Cast Iron Ultra Smooth Shallow Pan 9.5 Inch Rs.1138
Empress Cast Iron Round Bottom Ultra Smooth Kadai 10 Inch Rs.1673
Glass Cooking Pot Rs.1692