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Serve home-cooked food in style with Nestasia’s array of ceramic clay pots for cooking, glass pots and cast iron non stick kadais and non stick frying pans. The range of ceramic cookware and cast iron cookware by Nestasia have been crafted keeping in mind the daily essentials of the house, in terms of durability, form and functionality.

The cast iron cookware by Nestasia has been handcrafted by expert craftsmen to provide an easier cooking experience which enables one to make tastier meals, be it fish fry, steak, pan pizza, crispy fried chicken, lasagna, s'mores, crepes, pancakes, one pot pasta or other fried food items. We have Paniyaram pans and non stick tawa that can be used as Dosa Pans or Dosa Tawa which help to get that crispy crust on these regional delicacies. Non stick Cast Iron pots and pans have been proven to make the food cooked in it more flavourful and healthy as cooking in cast iron skillet and cast iron pan increases the iron content of the food. The 100% natural cast iron cookware require the occasional seasoning and wash to make meals flavoursome.

The ceramic cookware and glass pots by Nestasia are flame safe and ideal for cooking one pot dishes. The ceramic pots and glass pots are ideal for cooking food that need to be stewed, simmered and braised. Stews, rice, lasagna, are some of the dishes that can be cooked in ceramic cookware and glass pots. The ceramic cookware by Nestasia has porosity and natural insulation properties that causes heat and moisture to circulate throughout the cooking pots. Ceramic pots and cookware may take some time to heat up but they retain heat for a longer duration, allowing for gentle cooking with less chances of the food getting burnt.

Nestasia’s ceramic cookware with lid features small outlets that let the steam pass and allow optimum moisture to be present in the pot while cooking. The ceramic cookware come in bright popping shades of orange, yellow, red, green and soothing shades of white, grey and pastel pink. The ceramic cookware with a long handle and a lid can be used as a saucepan for making sauces, or some delicious evening milk tea or coffee.

The glass cooking pots and cookware sets by Nestasia have been manufactured with sturdy borosilicate glass that doesn’t crack or break when placed over the flame. With an aesthetic appeal the glass pots are the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. The lid on the cookware ensure proper cooking of the food and prevents any debris or dust from entering into the bowl. 

The ceramic clay pots for cooking and glass pots also double up as serving bowls and can beautify the dinner table with their addition. Elevate your cookware collection and make cooking a more enjoyable experience by welcoming Nestasia’s cookware collection to your home.