Home Dining Fondue Sets

    Fondue is a form of molten cheese dish served in a fondue pot placed over a portable stove that is heated by a candle or spirit lamp. A fondue is eaten by dipping bread croutons or crumbs, veggies and fruits or marshmallows into the molten cheese with the help of fondue forks that are also called skewer sticks. Fondue can not only be cheese fondue but also chocolate fondue, generally served with a sweet or a savory that blends in with the molten cheese or chocolate. The perfect way to serve fondue is to serve cheese fondue or chocolate fondue with crispy bread crumbs, marshmallows, fruits like strawberry, apples, orange or veggies like broccoli and baby potatoes, carrots, savory like chips, nachos, fries and more. Fall or winter season is the right time for relishing hot fondue at home or in a restaurant that can enliven a Christmas party, new year party, a winter evening gathering or even a simple dinner at home. 

    Fondue sets are available in various sizes-ideal for doing a chocolate fondue or a cheese fondue with friends or family. During the festive season, a fondue set can be the star of a Christmas party, a New Year party, or a winter family gathering. A portable fondue warmer below the fondue pot, makes it very simple to store when not in use. The fondue pot on the top, due to its detachable characteristics, can also be used independently as a bowl. We have a blog on 10 fun ways to use a fondue set, which is ideal for everyone wanting to enjoy fondue at home.

    Nestasia's Fondue collection has a range of fondue sets that can suit all formal and informal settings. Our fondue set collection has fondue pots that can serve one or many at a time. The fondue sets come with a fondue pot, a fondue stand or a fondue warmer, fondue sticks and a tealight candle. The fondue sets are easily storable and can be reused anytime. Rearranging the fondue sets is extremely simple and storing the fondue pots and fondue warmer or stands becomes easier because of their detachable characteristics. The size of the fondue pots makes them compact and easily usable for times when not many people are planning enjoy a fondue evening. The warming stand and bowls can be kept separately when not being used. These fondue sets are available in different colors, as well as in classic black and white- ideal for a chocolate fondue, cheese fondue, or keeping your sweet or savory dishes warm. The fondue skewers can be used for dipping savories and sweets into the fondue dish and can also be used for eating fruits. 

    If one is looking to enjoy fondue at home, fondue recipes, how to make fondue then our blog on 10 fondue ideas is the place to go to. For those who like to experiment, the blog gives 10 creatives ideas on how to use a fondue sets other than using it for cheese fondue or chocolate fondue.