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Celebrate Rakshabandhan with Nestasia! Shop from the best selection of Rakhi gifts for brother and sister to make your festivities memorable.

1. Introduction about Rakhi

Rakhi, also known as Raksha Bandhan, is a significant Hindu festival celebrated in India and by the Indian diaspora around the world. The festival holds great cultural and emotional importance as it commemorates the sacred bond between brothers and sisters.

The word "Rakhi" originates from the Sanskrit term "Raksha Bandhan," which translates to "the bond of protection." The festival is typically observed on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana, which usually falls in August. On this day, sisters tie a decorative thread called a "rakhi" around their brothers' wrists as a symbol of their love, care, and protection.

The history of Rakhi can be traced back to various legends and mythological stories. One such story dates back to ancient India, where it is believed that during a fierce battle, Queen Karnavati of Chittor sent a rakhi to the Mughal emperor Humayun, seeking his protection. Touched by her gesture, Humayun immediately set out to defend her kingdom. [1] Another popular tale relates to the epic Mahabharata, where Lord Krishna's devotee, Draupadi, tore a piece of her saree and tied it around Lord Krishna's wrist when he injured his finger. In return, Krishna pledged to protect her from any harm, and he did so during her times of distress. [2]

The festival's significance lies in its celebration of the unique bond between brothers and sisters. The rakhi represents the sister's love and care for her brother, while the brother promises to protect and support his sister throughout her life. The ritual of tying the rakhi symbolizes the sister's prayers for her brother's well-being, and the brother's vow to safeguard his sister from all difficulties.

Today, Rakhi transcends biological relationships, and it is not limited to brothers and sisters alone. It is also celebrated among cousins, close friends, and even between neighbours, symbolizing unity, love, and a sense of community. Now Lumba rakhis are also tied to sisters or sisters-in-law.

During the festival, families come together, exchange gifts, and offer prayers to seek blessings. It is a joyous occasion filled with festivities, sweets, and the exchange of heartfelt emotions. Rakhi serves as a reminder of the cherished bonds we share and the importance of nurturing and protecting those relationships throughout our lives.

Rakhi is celebrated on different dates each year as it follows the Hindu lunar calendar. In 2024, Rakhi is expected to be celebrated on the 30th of August. However, it is important to note that the exact date may vary depending on the sighting of the moon and regional customs. It is always advisable to refer to the Hindu calendar or consult local authorities to confirm the precise date of the Rakhi celebration in a particular year so that you can send Rakhi online in India.

2. Send Rakhi Online in India from Nestasia

When it comes to buying and sending rakhi online in India, rakhi gifts for sister-in-law and Rakshabandhan gifts, Nestasia stands out as an excellent choice. Nestasia offers a range of unique and fun rakhi gifts including gifts for elder bro and younger sis that make it a preferred destination to purchase and send rakhi online in India and Rakhi hampers. 

Nestasia offers a compelling choice to buy and send Rakhi online in India including unique Rakhi gifts for sister and fun Rakhi gifts for brother. One of the standout features is the comprehensive hamper selection we provide. Nestasia goes beyond just offering beautifully crafted Rakhi sets and Rakhi-lumba sets. Our hampers include a variety of utilitarian items and delectable snacks and chocolates. This ensures that you not only celebrate the festival of Rakhi but also provide your loved ones with practical and enjoyable gifts.

When it comes to Rakhi sets, Nestasia ensures that each piece is beautifully crafted with meticulous attention to detail. These Rakhi sets showcase excellent craftsmanship and aesthetics, making them meaningful and visually appealing. The Lumba rakhi and rakhi are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. With Nestasia, you can expect to find Rakhi sets that not only symbolize the sacred bond between siblings but also serve as beautiful keepsakes.

What sets Nestasia's Rakhi hampers apart is the inclusion of utilitarian items. We curate fun rakhi gifts for brothers and unique rakhi gifts and rakhi gift hampers for sisters that go beyond traditional gifting and add practicality to the mix. You can find hampers and presents that include useful items such as lunch bags, duffle bags, notebooks, cups and mugs, indoor planters, snack plates, and much more. These rakhi gift items add value to the gift, as the recipient can incorporate them into their daily lives and find utility in them long after the Rakhi celebration.

In addition to utilitarian items, Nestasia understands the joy of indulgence. That's why our unique Rakhi gift hampers and rakhi gifts or presents also include delightful snacks and chocolates. These treats enhance the Rakhi celebration and provide a moment of sheer delight. Nestasia sources high-quality snacks and chocolates to ensure a pleasurable and satisfying gourmet experience for the recipient.

Nestasia offers a convenient gifting solution with its unique Rakhi gifts and presents. You can simply browse through our unique selection be it for younger sis or elder bro, and choose the hamper that suits your preferences and have it delivered directly to your loved ones. This eliminates the hassle of individually sourcing and packaging different gifts, saving you time and effort. With Nestasia, you can enjoy a thoughtful and comprehensive Rakhi gifting experience with ease.

Nestasia also offers a diverse collection of trending rakhis, ensuring that you find the perfect one for your brother. Whether you're looking for traditional rakhis, designer rakhis, or contemporary styles, Nestasia has a wide variety to choose from. You can explore their extensive selection and find a rakhi that perfectly matches your brother's preferences and personality.

Rakhi and Lumba couple rakhi online set hold immense significance in the Rakhi tradition. While Rakhi is tied on the wrist of brothers, Lumba is tied on the bangle or wrist of sisters-in-law. Nestasia ensures that the rakhi hampers encompass these integral elements of the festival. The couple rakhi online Lumba Rakhi sets included in our hampers are beautifully crafted and designed with attention to detail, symbolizing the bond between siblings and their spouses.

By including Rakhi and Lumba sets within the hampers, Nestasia provides a complete Rakhi experience in a single package. This eliminates the need to search for individual Rakhi and Lumba sets separately, making the gifting process more convenient and enjoyable. With Nestasia's hampers, you can celebrate the festival of Rakhi with utmost authenticity and ensure that all the essential aspects of the tradition are present.

Last year, Nestasia witnessed an overwhelming response from Rakhi shoppers, with over 25,000 sisters placing their trust in Nestasia to send Rakhi online in India. This impressive number of customers choosing Nestasia is a testament to the brand's reliability and popularity. It reflects the growing recognition and trust that sisters have in Nestasia's ability to deliver high-quality Rakhi products and provide a seamless online shopping experience. 

Nestasia's Rakhi hampers provide a unique blend of beautifully crafted Rakhi sets, utilitarian items, and delightful snacks and chocolates. We offer a convenient gifting solution that allows you to express your love and affection for your siblings in a comprehensive and meaningful way. Celebrate Rakhi in style and make it memorable by choosing a Nestasia Rakhi hamper that encompasses love, thoughtfulness, practicality, and indulgence.

3. Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas & Raksha Bandhan Gift Hampers on Nestasia in 2024

Gift Ideas For Homemakers

When it comes to Rakhi gift ideas for homemakers, unique Rakhi gifts for sister and fun Rakhi gifts for brother, Nestasia offers a variety of thoughtful and practical options to send rakhi online in India. Nestasia's range of gifts includes not only Rakhi and Lumba sets for brothers and sisters-in-law but also useful items that can enhance their home and kitchen. Gifting Rakhi and Lumba sets allow you to gift the rakhi hampers to both your brothers and sister-in-law.

Nestasia also offers raksha bandhan gift hampers with snack plate sets, which are both stylish and functional. Homemakers often enjoy entertaining guests and serving snacks and appetizers. With these snack plate sets, they can elevate their hosting experience and impress their guests by presenting snacks in an elegant and organized manner. These raksha bandhan gift hampers & gift sets add a touch of sophistication to their dining table and make entertaining an easy feat.

Raksha Bandhan gifts, Rakhi gifts for bhabhi with kitchen glass jars with lids are another fantastic gift option from Nestasia. Homemakers can use these jars to store various pantry items, keeping them fresh and easily accessible. The glass jars not only provide practical storage solutions but also add a touch of elegance and organization to the kitchen. These jars can be used to store ingredients like spices, grains, and other dry goods, making them an essential addition to any homemaker's kitchen.

For a complete gifting experience, Nestasia offers Raksha bandhan gift hampers or unique Rakhi gifts for bhabhi that include trays along with small trinket jars. This combination serves as a versatile gift for homemakers. They can use the tray for serving snacks or as a decorative piece, while the trinket jars can be utilized for storing spices, condiments, or small trinkets. These hampers are not only practical but also add a stylish touch to the homemakers' kitchen or dining space.

Nestasia's Rakshabandhan gifts for homemakers may also include condiment jars designed specifically for kitchen use. These jars are perfect for storing and organizing various condiments such as sauces, chutneys, and pickles. They add functionality and aesthetic appeal to the homemakers' kitchen, making cooking and meal preparation more convenient.

Nestasia's rakhi gift hampers also include bakeware and other kitchen essentials such as spatulas and kitchen cloths. These items are practical and necessary for homemakers who enjoy cooking and baking. By including these essentials in the Rakhi hampers, you can support and encourage their culinary endeavours while providing them with high-quality tools for their kitchen.

Gift Ideas For Stationery Lovers 

For stationery lovers, Rakhi gifts/Rakshabandhan gifts from Nestasia cater to their passion for all things related to writing and organization. Nestasia offers Rakhi hampers and Rakhi with Lumba hampers that consist of notebooks and planners, perfectly suited for stationery enthusiasts. These hampers can be further enhanced by adding pen stands and pencil pouches from Nestasia's collection.

One delightful gift idea is to select unique Rakhi hampers or Rakhi with Lumba hampers from Nestasia that include notebooks and planners. These stationery essentials provide a canvas for creativity, note-taking, and planning. Nestasia's collection of notebooks and planners features beautiful designs and high-quality paper, appealing to stationery lovers who appreciate aesthetically pleasing and functional writing materials.

To make the Rakhi hampers even more enticing, Nestasia offers the option to include Rakhi and chocolates. This combination adds a sweet touch to the stationery gift, making it a delightful treat for the recipient. The Rakhi symbolizes the sacred bond between siblings, while the chocolates provide a delicious indulgence to enjoy while using the stationery items.

To complement the notebooks and planners, Nestasia's collection also includes pen stands and pencil pouches which can be bought separately. These accessories add functionality and organization to the stationery lover's desk or workspace. The pen stands provide a stylish way to store and display their favorite writing instruments, while the pencil pouches keep pens, pencils, and other stationery essentials neatly organized and easily accessible.

By combining Rakhi gift hampers or Rakhi with Lumba hampers featuring notebooks and planners with pen stands and pencil pouches, you create a comprehensive gift package for stationery lovers. Nestasia's collection ensures that the items are not only practical but also visually appealing, allowing stationery enthusiasts to showcase their love for writing in style.

Whether you're gifting to a sibling or sister-in-law, these Rakhi hampers and accessories from Nestasia provide a thoughtful and personalized gift for stationery lovers. The combination of Rakhi, chocolates, notebooks, planners, pen stands, and pencil pouches creates a perfect ensemble that captures the essence of the Rakhi tradition while satisfying the stationery enthusiast's passion for writing and organization.

Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves His/Her Home

If you're searching for Rakhi gift ideas for someone who loves their home, Nestasia offers a range of thoughtful options that will appeal to their passion for home decor. Rakhi hampers from Nestasia, which include resin showpieces, candle stands, flower vases, reed diffuser sets, decorative platters for potpourri, and scented candle votives, are the perfect choice. These unique rakhi gifts online will not only add beauty to their home but also elevate their space with unique and stylish accents.

Resin showpieces are an excellent choice for Rakhi hampers. Rakhi gift hampers from Nestasia provides a variety of fun and unique resin showpieces that are intricately designed and visually captivating. These showpieces can serve as focal points in any room, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the recipient's home. Whether it's a figurine, sculpture, or art piece, resin showpieces are sure to impress and delight the home enthusiast.

Candle stands are another wonderful addition to Rakhi hampers for home lovers. Nestasia offers a wide range of candle stands in different shapes, sizes, and designs. These candle stands can add elegance and warmth to any space, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance. They can be placed on tabletops, and mantels, or even used as centerpiece accents during special occasions or gathering.

Flower vases are a timeless and versatile gift option. Nestasia offers beautiful flower vases in various styles and materials that can complement any home decor theme. These vases provide a charming way to display fresh flowers or artificial arrangements, bringing life and natural beauty to the recipient's home.

Reed diffuser sets are perfect for those who appreciate a fragrant and relaxing home environment. Nestasia's reed diffuser sets come with enticing scents and stylish bottles that can disperse delightful fragrances throughout the space. These sets not only create a pleasant aroma but also add a touch of elegance to the home decor.

Decorative platters for potpourri can enhance the recipient's home with both visual appeal and pleasant scents. Nestasia offers decorative platters that can be filled with potpourri or decorative items, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. These platters can be placed on coffee tables, sideboards, or shelves as decorative accents that exude charm and style.

Scented candle votives make a charming addition to Rakhi hampers for home enthusiasts. Nestasia's scented candle votives come in a variety of fragrances, enveloping the home in soothing scents. These votives can create a cozy and tranquil atmosphere, making the recipient feel relaxed and at ease in their cherished space.

Gift Ideas For Fashionistas

When it comes to Rakhi gift ideas for fashionistas, Nestasia offers a range of stylish options that will appeal to their love for fashion and beauty. Rakhi hampers from Nestasia can include makeup pouches, beauty blenders, and cosmetic mirrors and make the perfect & unique Rakhi gifts for bhabhi. These gifts will not only complement their fashion-forward style but also enhance their beauty routine.

Makeup pouches are an essential accessory for fashionistas who love to stay organized on the go. Nestasia’s rakhi hampers contain trendy and chic vegan leather makeup pouches that are both functional and fashionable. With a stylish makeup pouch, they can keep their cosmetics neatly organized and easily accessible, whether they're at home or traveling. Beauty blenders are a must-have tool for flawless makeup application. Nestasia offers high-quality beauty blenders that provide a seamless and airbrushed finish. These sponges are perfect for fashionistas who are passionate about makeup and strive for flawless complexion. 

A cosmetic mirror is another great gift idea for fashionistas. Nestasia offers cosmetic mirrors that are not only functional but also stylish and elegant. These mirrors are designed with attention to detail, featuring sleek and trendy designs. A cosmetic mirror is a handy accessory for on-the-go touch-ups and allows the fashionista to ensure their makeup is always on point.

Gift Ideas For An Organised Person 

For an organized person, Rakhi gift ideas from Nestasia can cater to their love for orderliness and tidiness. Rakhi and Lumba hampers can include practical items such as a watch box and kitchen storage jars to help them maintain an organized space. Additionally, Nestasia offers a range of additional products like organizing baskets, trays, and multi-tiered organizers that can be added to the hampers for an enhanced organizational experience.

A watch box is a perfect gift for someone who values organization and wants to keep their watches safe and in order. The box not only protects valuable timepieces but also allows the recipient to easily access and choose the perfect watch for any occasion.

Kitchen storage jars are another fantastic addition to Rakhi hampers for organized individuals. Nestasia provides a variety of kitchen storage jars in different sizes and designs. These jars help keep ingredients, spices, and other kitchen essentials neatly organized and easily accessible. By including kitchen storage jars in the hampers, you provide the recipient with a practical solution for maintaining an orderly and efficient kitchen.

Gift Ideas For The Office Goer

For an office goer, Rakhi gift ideas from Nestasia revolve around practical and stylish items that enhance their work-life balance. Rakhi and Lumba hampers include velvet quilted laptop bags, velvet quilted lunch bags, and hampers with coffee mugs, catering to the needs and preferences of office professionals.

A velvet quilted laptop bag is a perfect gift for someone who commutes to the office. Nestasia offers laptop bags that are not only functional but also stylish. These bags provide protection for laptops while adding a touch of sophistication to the recipient's professional look. The velvet quilted design adds a luxurious and trendy touch to the bag.

A velvet quilted lunch bag is another thoughtful gift idea for office goers. Nestasia's lunch bags offer a stylish way to carry meals to the office. These insulated bags keep food fresh and at the desired temperature, allowing the recipient to enjoy a home-cooked meal during their lunch break. The velvet quilted exterior adds a touch of elegance to their lunchtime routine.

Hampers with coffee mugs are also a great option for office professionals. Nestasia offers hampers that include stylish and durable coffee mugs. These mugs can be the perfect companion for their daily dose of caffeine, whether it's at their desk or during meetings.

Gift Ideas For The Gym Enthusiast

For gym enthusiasts, Rakhi gift ideas from Nestasia cater to their active and health-conscious lifestyle. Rakhi hampers including items like a vegan leather duffle bag and cotton towel or a hamper with glass sippers, provide practical and stylish accessories for their workout routines.

A vegan leather duffle bag is a perfect gift for gym enthusiasts who prioritize both functionality and style. Nestasia offers duffle bags made from vegan leather that are spacious enough to carry gym essentials such as workout clothes, shoes, towels, and water bottles. These bags are not only durable and practical but also add a touch of sophistication to their gym attire.

A cotton towel is another thoughtful addition to Rakhi hampers for gym enthusiasts. Nestasia's cotton towels are soft, absorbent, and perfect for workouts. They provide a hygienic and convenient solution for drying off after an intense session at the gym.

A hamper with a glass sipper is an excellent choice for gym enthusiasts who prioritize hydration. Nestasia offers hampers that include sleek and eco-friendly glass sippers. These sippers are not only stylish but also provide a safe and sustainable way to carry water or their favorite beverages to the gym. 

Gift Ideas For The Adventurer

For the adventurous souls who love to explore, Rakhi gift ideas from Nestasia encompass practical and stylish items that enhance their travel experiences. Rakhi hampers include stylish duffle bags with stainless steel bottle sippers, notebooks, planners, and travel essentials from Nestasia's collection.

A stylish duffle bag with a stainless steel bottle sipper is a perfect gift for adventurers. Nestasia offers duffle bags that combine functionality and fashion, allowing travelers to pack their essentials in style. The stainless steel bottle sipper ensures they stay hydrated during their adventures, while the duffle bag provides ample storage space for their belongings.

Hampers with notebooks and planners are ideal for adventurers who love to document their journeys and plan their trips. Nestasia offers notebooks and planners with attractive designs, perfect for recording travel memories or organizing itineraries. These items allow adventurers to capture their thoughts, jot down travel plans, and preserve cherished moments.

Pairing Rakhi and chocolate sets with travel essentials creates a thoughtful and comprehensive gift package. Nestasia's collection includes large duffle bags that are durable and spacious, perfect for carrying belongings on long trips. Insulated lunch bags keep food fresh during outdoor excursions, while glass water bottles provide a sustainable and stylish hydration solution. Travel kits with different-sized pouches help adventurers stay organized and keep their essentials within reach.

Gift Ideas For The Coffee Enthusiast

For coffee enthusiasts, Nestasia offers a range of gift ideas that will satisfy their love for a perfect cup of coffee. The Rakhi Gift hampers include a variety of coffee mugs in different designs and colors, such as glass mugs, plain-colored ceramic mugs, patterned ceramic mugs, or even a hamper with a mug and coffee pot. Additionally, there is a hamper option with a glass mug, lid, and stirring spoon, providing a comprehensive coffee experience.

Coffee mugs are an essential part of a coffee lover's collection. Nestasia offers a wide selection of coffee mugs that cater to different preferences. Glass mugs provide a sleek and modern look, allowing the recipient to appreciate the beautiful colors and layers of their coffee creations. Plain-colored ceramic mugs offer simplicity and elegance, while patterned ceramic mugs add a touch of charm and personality to the coffee experience.

With Nestasia's Rakhi gift hampers designed for coffee enthusiasts, you can show your support and appreciation for their love of coffee. These gifts will accompany them in their moments of relaxation and indulgence, making their Rakhi celebration even more special and enjoyable.

Gift Ideas For The Party Person

For the party people who love to celebrate and enjoy social gatherings, Nestasia offers exciting gift ideas that will elevate their party experiences. Rakhi hampers include rotating whisky glass sets, hamper with stemmed champagne glass sets, and hampers with snack plates, catering to their love for entertaining and hosting memorable parties.

Rotating whisky glass sets are a perfect gift for those who appreciate fine spirits. Nestasia offers whisky glass sets that feature a unique rotating mechanism, allowing the drinker to appreciate the aromas and flavors of their favorite whiskies. These sets not only enhance the whisky-drinking experience but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their party setup.

Raksha Bandhan Hampers with stemmed champagne glass sets are an excellent choice for those who enjoy toasting and celebrating with sparkling beverages. Nestasia provides champagne glass sets with elegant stems, perfect for raising a toast to special occasions. These sets add a touch of luxury and glamour to their party moments, creating a festive and celebratory atmosphere.

Hampers with snack plates are a practical and stylish addition to Rakhi hampers for party people. Nestasia offers snack plate sets that are designed for serving delicious appetizers and finger foods during gatherings. These sets come in various designs and sizes, allowing them to present their party snacks in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner.

With Nestasia's Rakhi hampers designed for party people, you can show your support and appreciation for their vibrant and sociable nature. These gifts will enhance their party experiences and make their Rakhi celebration even more lively and enjoyable.

4. Rakhi Gift Card Online at Nestasia

Nestasia offers Rakhi e-gift cards, providing a convenient and versatile gifting option for your loved ones. Sending a digital gift card from Nestasia is simple and hassle-free. Here's how it works:

- Select a gift card: Choose from the available options, which include values such as ₹1,100.00, ₹1,500.00, ₹2,100.00, ₹2,500.00, and ₹3,100.00. These values allow you to select a gift card that suits your budget and preferences.

- Choose the value: Add the selected gift card to your cart and proceed to checkout.

- Add notes: In the notes section during the checkout process, you can include any personalized message or special instructions for the gift card. This allows you to add a thoughtful touch to your gift.

- Checkout: Complete the checkout process by providing the necessary details. This includes providing your email address, as the gift card with a unique code will be sent to you via email.

- Once you receive the gift card by email, you can forward it to the intended recipient. They can then redeem the gift card by entering the code during the checkout process on the Nestasia website.

Now, the benefits of gifting a gift card from Nestasia:

- Flexibility: A gift card offers the recipient the freedom to choose the items they truly desire. It allows them to explore Nestasia's wide range of products and select something that matches their personal taste and preferences.

- Convenience: With a digital gift card, the recipient can easily shop online from the comfort of their own home. They have the flexibility to browse through the Nestasia collection and make their selection at their convenience.

- Personalization: The option to add notes or a personalized message to the gift card allows you to convey your heartfelt wishes and make the gift more meaningful. It adds a personal touch to the gifting experience.

- Time-saving: Gift cards are a great option when you're short on time or unable to physically visit a store or browse the website. They allow you to express your love and appreciation with a thoughtful gift, even when time constraints limit your options.

By gifting a Nestasia e-gift card, you provide the recipient with the opportunity to explore and choose their own perfect gift. It offers convenience, personalization, and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for Rakhi and other special occasions.

5. Explore Gift Cards & Hampers Online for Festivals & Occasions at Nestasia

At Nestasia, you can explore a wide range of gift cards and hampers online even for someone who has everything, unique Rakhi gifts for sister, fun Rakhi gifts for brother, couple rakhi online, rakhi gifts for sister-in-law, rakhi gifts for bhabhi/ Rakhi gifts for sister-in-law and Rakhi gifts that are perfect for festivals and special occasions. Whether it's Rakhi or any other celebration, Nestasia offers a diverse selection of gift options that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Nestasia's Rakhi hampers and Raksha Bandhan gift hampers for younger sis or elder bro or even for someone who has everything are thoughtfully curated to capture the essence of the festival. These couple rakhi hampers online can include beautifully crafted Lumba Rakhi sets, symbolizing the bond between siblings. Alongside the traditional elements, the hampers also feature additional items to enhance the gifting experience. For example, there are rakhi hampers that include utilitarian items like lunch bags, duffle bags, notebooks, mugs, planters, snack plates, and much more. These practical and stylish additions make the hampers more versatile and appealing.

In addition to couple rakhi online hampers, Nestasia offers a wide range of other gift options. You can explore our collection of crockery, dinner sets, and decor objects, which make for elegant and timeless gifts. These items allow the recipient to elevate their dining experience and add a touch of sophistication to their home decor.

Nestasia also offers home furnishings as rakhi presents, like bed covers and cushion covers that can transform any space with their beautiful patterns and textures. These make for excellent gifts, allowing the recipient to enhance the comfort and style of their living spaces.

For those who appreciate fashion and accessories, Nestasia has stylish sling bags, backpacks, and tote bags that make for trendy and practical gifts. These bags are designed with attention to detail and offer a perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

Whether you choose to explore the Rakhi hampers or other gift options at Nestasia, you'll find a wide range of choices to suit every occasion and recipient. The thoughtfully curated selection ensures that you can find the perfect gift to make your loved ones feel special and cherished.

6. Why Nestasia for your gift-giving on Rakhi?

When it comes to gift-giving on Rakhi, Nestasia stands out as a trusted choice for several reasons that make it the preferred destination for finding the perfect gifts. Here are some reasons why you should choose Nestasia:

Quality Assurance: Nestasia is committed to offering high-quality products that meet rigorous standards. Our products undergo thorough quality checks, ensuring that you receive gifts that are crafted with precision and built to last. The emphasis on quality reflects Nestasia's dedication to providing a satisfying gifting experience.

Best Pricing: Nestasia strives to offer competitive and affordable pricing without compromising on quality. We understand the importance of value for money, ensuring that you can find gifts that fit your budget while still being of exceptional quality. With Nestasia, you can discover a wide range of options at the best prices.

Timely Delivery: Nestasia prioritizes timely delivery, recognizing the significance of on-time gifting for special occasions like Rakhi. We have a reliable and efficient delivery system in place, ensuring that your chosen gifts reach the recipient promptly. You can have peace of mind knowing that Nestasia values timeliness as much as you do.

Unique and Curated Range: Nestasia offers a unique and curated range of products, ensuring that you can find gifts that stand out and reflect your thoughtfulness. Our collection spans various categories, from home decor accessories and kitchenware to fashion accessories and more. With Nestasia, you can discover distinctive gifts that will impress your loved ones.

Customer Satisfaction: Nestasia places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. We strive to provide an excellent shopping experience, from browsing their website to receiving the chosen gifts. With a focus on customer-centric service, Nestasia aims to exceed your expectations and make your Rakhi gifting experience special. 

7. Frequently Asked Questions on Rakhi Gifts 

Are there any Rakhi gifts that are designed for kids or younger siblings?

Nestasia has delightful quirky Rakhi hampers designed for kids and younger siblings. The hampers feature quirky dinosaur showpieces that are sure to captivate their imagination and bring a sense of wonder. Additionally, the hampers may include practical items like a feeding cup and spoon, making mealtime more enjoyable for the little ones. The combination of fun and functionality ensures that these Rakhi hampers bring smiles and excitement to the younger recipients. With Nestasia's thoughtfully curated gifts, you can celebrate Rakhi with the perfect quirky presents that are tailored to the interests and preferences of kids and younger siblings.

What are the popular Rakhi gift ideas for sister?

For sisters, popular Rakhi gift ideas often include thoughtfully curated hampers that cater to their interests and preferences. One popular option is a hamper that combines a rakhi and lumba set with a makeup pouch and beauty blender set, allowing them to enhance their beauty routine. Another appealing choice is a hamper featuring a baking bowl and spatula, perfect rakhi gifts for sisters who enjoy baking and culinary adventures. Additionally, a hamper with a stylish laptop bag can be an ideal gift for the sister who is always on the go. With a wide range of options available, you can find hampers that suit your sister's unique personality and make her feel loved and appreciated on Rakhi.

What is the return or exchange policy for Rakhi gifts?

At Nestasia, we strive to provide the best products and ensure customer satisfaction with our Rakhi gifts. However, please note that due to the nature of Rakhi gifts and hygiene considerations, we do not offer a return or exchange policy for Rakhi gifts online. This policy is in place to maintain the highest standards of product quality and safety. We take great care in selecting and curating our Rakhi gifts online to ensure that only the best products are offered to our customers. Our team ensures that the products are of superior quality and meet our stringent standards before being included in our collection.

What is the cultural importance of Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan holds significant cultural importance in India. It is a traditional festival that celebrates the bond of love and protection between siblings. "Raksha" means protection, and "Bandhan" refers to the bond or tie. On this day, sisters tie a sacred thread, called a Rakhi, around their brothers' wrists, symbolizing their love, prayers, and a promise of lifelong protection. In return, brothers give gifts to their sisters and vow to protect and support them. Raksha Bandhan reinforces the values of love, respect, and solidarity within families, strengthening the sibling bond and fostering a sense of unity and responsibility towards one another.

What should I gift my bhabhi on rakhi?

When selecting Rakhi gifts for bhabhi, consider thoughtful hampers that cater to her interests. Hampers with snack bowls or snack plates can be a great choice for a food lover, allowing her to enjoy her favorite treats. Alternatively, a hamper with a makeup pouch, makeup hand mirror, and beauty blenders can be ideal for someone who enjoys cosmetics and beauty routines. For a touch of elegance, rakhi lumba hampers with decorative golden-colored platters are a sophisticated option. Hampers with planters and gardening tools are perfect for those with a green thumb. Choose rakhi gift hampers that reflect her personality and hobbies, making her feel special and cherished on Rakhi.

What is the history of bhabhi rakhi?

The tradition of Bhabhi Rakhi or Lumba is believed to have originated in the state of Rajasthan, India. It is a beautiful custom that celebrates the bond between a sister-in-law (bhabhi) or sisters. The Lumba Rakhi is a decorative thread adorned with colorful beads, sequins, and threads, usually tied around the wrist of the sister-in-law or tied to the bangle. This ritual symbolizes the sisterly love and affection between sisters. The Lumba Rakhi is considered auspicious and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the marital life of the sister-in-law. It is a cherished tradition that strengthens the familial bond and adds joy to the festive occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

What to gift someone for Rakhi?

For a perfect Rakhi gift, consider Nestasia's exquisite Rakhi hampers. With a wide range of options, our gift hampers include beautifully designed Rakhi sets paired with delightful accompaniments such as chocolates, snacks, bowl sets, showpieces, and more. These thoughtfully curated rakhi hampers are a perfect way to express love and make the occasion memorable. Choose Nestasia's Rakhi hampers for a truly special gift this Raksha Bandhan.

What is the best Rakhi gift for bhaiya and bhabhi?

When it comes to the best Rakhi gift for bhaiya and bhabhi, Nestasia's hampers with Rakhi and Lumba sets are a perfect choice. These hampers beautifully combine the traditional significance of Rakhi with a touch of elegance and style. With intricately designed Rakhi and Lumba sets, accompanied by thoughtful additions like chocolates, snacks, or decorative items, Nestasia's hampers are sure to bring joy and happiness to your dear brother and sister-in-law. Celebrate the bond of love and togetherness with Nestasia's exquisite Rakhi and Lumba hampers.

Which gift is best for sister?

Nestasia's gift hampers are the perfect choice for your sister. From makeup pouches and beauty blenders to lunch bags and glass lunch boxes, we have a variety of options. There's something for every sister's taste with mugs, planters, bath towels, and more. Show your love with Nestasia's thoughtful and stylish hampers for a memorable Rakhi gift.

Which gift is best for brother?

Nestasia's gift hampers are the ideal choice for your brother. With rakhi sets paired with chocolates or savoury snacks, gym hampers featuring duffle bags and towels, and cookware gift hampers, they offer a wide range of options. Whether your brother is a fitness enthusiast, a food lover, or a practical individual, Nestasia has the perfect gift hamper to suit his preferences and make him feel special on Rakhi.

What is ladies' Rakhi called?

The ladies' Rakhi is commonly referred to as "Lumba." Lumba is a special type of Rakhi that is specifically designed for sisters-in-law (bhabhi). It is usually tied alongside the traditional Rakhi on the brother's wrist. Nestasia's Lumba Rakhis feature intricate designs, vibrant colours, and embellishments, making them a unique and beautiful accessory for sisters-in-law during the Raksha Bandhan celebration. Nestasia offers Rakhi hampers that include both Rakhis and Lumbas, ensuring you can celebrate the bond with your brother and sister-in-law in style.

Can we tie evil eye rakhi?

Yes, you can tie an Evil Eye Rakhi. Evil Eye Rakhis are believed to ward off negative energy and protect the wearer from harm. Nestasia's Evil Eye rakhis feature several Evil Eye rakhis, which are widely recognized as a talisman for protection and good luck. Nestasia offers a variety of Rakhi hampers that include Evil Eye Rakhis, allowing you to express your love and wish for the well-being and protection of your brother and sister during the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

What is included in the Rakhi gift hampers?

The Rakhi gift hampers from Nestasia are thoughtfully curated to make your Raksha Bandhan celebrations special. The rakhi hampers include a beautiful assortment of items such as designer Rakhis, decorative Lumbas, delicious sweets, savoury snacks, chocolates, roli-chawal sets, and other delightful surprises. With Nestasia's Rakhi gift hampers, you can express your love and affection for your siblings in a meaningful and memorable way.

Are the Rakhi gift hampers suitable for all ages?

Yes, the Rakhi gift hampers from Nestasia are suitable for all ages. Whether you're looking for a Rakhi gift for your younger brother or sister, or you want to surprise your elder sibling, Nestasia offers a wide range of hampers that cater to different preferences and age groups. From fun and playful hampers for kids to sophisticated and elegant options for adults, there is something for everyone in Nestasia's collection of Rakhi gift hampers.

Is the roli-chawal bottle set reusable?

Yes, the roli-chawal bottle set included in the Rakhi gift hampers from Nestasia is reusable. The set typically consists of small containers or bottles filled with roli (sacred red powder) and chawal (rice grains), which are traditionally used for performing the Rakhi ceremony. After the ceremony, you can store the remaining roli and chawal in the bottles for future use. The bottles are designed to be durable and can be refilled as needed, making them convenient and reusable for subsequent Rakhi celebrations.

Can I order multiple Rakhi hampers for different recipients?

Absolutely! You can order multiple Rakhi hampers for different recipients. Simply add the desired number of hampers to your cart and provide the appropriate shipping addresses during the checkout process.

Are the rakhis and lumbas in the hamper handmade?

Yes, we take pride in offering handmade Rakhis and Lumbas in our hampers. Skilled artisans craft these beautiful pieces with love and dedication, ensuring their uniqueness and craftsmanship.

Are the rakhis and lumbas in the hamper suitable for long-term use?

Our Rakhis and Lumbas are designed to be durable and can be treasured for years to come. However, like any delicate accessory, proper care and storage are recommended to maintain their condition.

Can I add additional items to the hamper?

No, the Rakhi gift hampers from Nestasia come pre-packaged with carefully selected items to create a complete and thoughtful gift experience. However, we offer a wide range of hampers with various themes and contents, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your requirements. Explore our collection and find the perfect hamper that suits your preferences and the occasion.

Which gift is best for elder sister?

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your elder sister, Nestasia's hampers offer an excellent selection. Consider gifting her a specially curated Rakhi gift hamper from Nestasia, which includes a range of thoughtful items tailored for elder sisters. These hampers may feature makeup storage pouches, bakeware hampers, home decor hampers, and indulgent treats. With Nestasia's hampers, you can express your love and appreciation for your elder sister with a thoughtful and memorable gift.

Are the rakhis and lumbas in the hamper suitable for all wrist sizes?

Yes, the Rakhis and Lumbas included in our hampers are designed to be adjustable and suitable for various wrist sizes. We understand the importance of a comfortable and secure fit, which is why our Rakhis and Lumbas come with adjustable tie-up strings. Whether your wrist size is small, medium, or large, our Rakhis and Lumbas can be easily adjusted to ensure a perfect fit for everyone.

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Rakhi Pricing

Product Name Price
Terracotta Kulhad Rakhi Hamper For Bhaiya Bhabhi Rs.1040
Leaf Platter Rakhi Lumba Gift Hamper Rs.1911
Aromatic Haven Rakhi Hamper For Bhaiya Bhabhi Rs.1145
Beach Day Rakhi And Lumba Gift Hamper Rs.894
Golden Paradise Rakhi Hamper For Bhaiya Bhabhi Rs.2105
Elephant Whisperer Rakhi Lumba Gift Hamper Rs.2245
Bathroom Bliss Rakhi Gift Hamper Rs.1320