Decor Objects

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Home Décor Decor Objects
Animal Miniatures - Set of 3
Rs. 1,450
Musician Showpieces - Set of 6
Rs. 990
Wooden Rickshaw
Rs. 990
Wooden Auto Rickshaw
Rs. 990
Wooden Bottle Opener
Rs. 390
Golden Frames
Rs. 295
Pineapple Decor
From Rs. 750
Table Chef
From Rs. 990
Round Hanging Mirror
Rs. 1,490
Wooden Pen Stand
Rs. 550
Rs. 60
Pink Cactus Display
Rs. 1,190 | Rs. 1,250
Flamingo Music Box
Rs. 990
Wooden Music Box
Rs. 990
Dog Phone Stand
Rs. 990
Owl Decoration Red
Rs. 690
MERRY DIY Butterfly Tile with Colour Pens
Rs. 950
Rs. 70
Gold Pineapple Plate
Rs. 850 | Rs. 920
Tea Light Candle Holders - Set of 4
Rs. 1,490
Angel Basket
Rs. 2,150
Cactus Figurine
Rs. 790
Unicorn Statue
Rs. 2,290
Cactus Sculpture
Rs. 790

Decorative objects for Home

Decor objects are those items in your home that bring out your personality and an element of interest and fun in a space. It can help uplift a plain simple look to a vibrant and elegant one. Interactive decor objects like noughts and crosses or knots and crosses or simply tic tac toe become a conversation starter in your home. They can help lighten up the space with a natural blend of materials like stone, marble and wood, good craftsmanship with beautifully well rounded edges and small pieces. They can also be used to play a game and be put to actual use. Ideal for all ages and looks great too.