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Starting with the ultimate objective of transforming a house into a home, Nestasia’s array of home decor items comprises artefacts, showpieces, photo frames, table accents, wall hanging, decorative trays, and a variety of home accessories to beautify and personalise one’s abode. Home decor objects by Nestasia feature various styles, shapes, patterns, and designs to suit all styles of home decor and our customers' personal preferences. Any place can be simply enhanced by home accessories and showpieces. Showpieces can serve as anchors for other, more prominent design elements when they are positioned properly. Home decor items can adorn those bare shelves and give character to dull and drab corners.

Decorative showpieces like those of adorable puppies and kittens to make one go “aww”, resin unicorns that’ll gallop through the room spreading magic, and resin figurines that are the perfect gifts for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Housewarming or traditional festivities make our unique collection. Decor objects are those items in your home that bring out your personality and an element of interest and fun in the space. It can help uplift a plain simple interior to a vibrant and elegant one. Interactive decor objects like noughts and crosses or simply tic tac toe become a conversation starter in the home.

Utilitarian home decor items like showpieces adorning small dishes are multipurpose as they not only accentuate the interior but also serve the purpose of keeping trinkets, chocolates, and mouth-fresheners. If you’re searching for a perfect gift for that biker friend, the metallic bike showpieces are the perfect showpiece gifts that feature a rustic tone and makes for a rugged addition to the home. The resin couple showpieces are the ideal gifts to give to your significant other as they are beautifully crafted with care and expertise to showcase the bond shared with the one who has received the gift. 

If one wants to add quirky fun decor objects to their home, the balloon dog decor objects, and animals with fun expressions are ready to sit and entertain on the tabletop. The showpieces are also perfect to be placed in a kid’s room as their bright colours and merry designs, not only brighten up the interior but one’s mood as well. Featuring varying shades of pastel, metallic, and bright colours, the decor objects will revamp the home interiors.

For the history buffs and antique collectors, the vintage decor objects by Nestasia, can be the highlights of the home and enhance their interiors. The wall hanging Athena Vintage Photoframe radiates an age-old charm, while the Augustus Roman Pillars are reminiscent of the ancient Roman architecture of focusing on elegant swirls and high attention to detail. The range of antique showpiece that Nestasia offers have been curated keeping in mind the aesthetics that add essence and character to the home.

The unique and amusing range of ‘Chef’ decor pieces makes for great home decor ideas. The Chef decor objects are not only entertaining but also utilitarian as wine holders, pepper and salt shaker holders, and trinket dish holders. The small home decor items by Nestasia make for the ideal addition to a home chef’s kitchen as the quirky home decor items of the professional chefs encourage one to experiment and whip up new mouthwatering dishes that are drool-worthy and impressive. For the baking connoisseurs, the cupcake and cake decor toppers feature fun Aeromobile designs and are also occasion focused with bright and colourful hues that amp up the festive ambience as a whole.

Nestasia’s range of fragrance oil diffusers may also double as tealight holders. The ambience may also be beautified by placing fairy lights in the ceramic holders instead of flame candles. The tea lights cast ethereal beams when placed in holders that have symmetrical holes and carved designs. The exquisite candle holders by Nestasia are decorative and utilitarian accents to set the environment alight, whether it’s for festivities or an aesthetic dining setup. Additionally, lighting a candle provides a tranquil and relaxing ambience that soothes and relaxes the body, mind, and spirit. Candles were traditionally employed as the main source of lighting, but today they are frequently utilised as ornamental accents or for their calming and uplifting effects. The tapered candle holders by Nestasia with their sleek metallic sheen are ideal to highlight dinner candles to give the dining room table an elegant and sophisticated look.

Exquisite street-style decor objects on Nestasia’s website feature the hand-painted vibrant kettle decors, truck decor objects, wooden duck tealight holders, and decorative trays. The one-of-a-kind decor objects feature ethnically designed florals to give a ‘Desi’ touch to one’s home with popping hues that reminisce the traditional Indian village art. 

The decor objects by Nestasia have been curated to ‘Make Home Special’, with each featuring a unique functionality and style. Aiming to beautify corners and transform homes, the home decor items by Nestasia will surely do their bit for creating stunning interiors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can we choose a showpiece for the living room?

Nestasia has a range of unique decor items and showpieces that can revamp the living room. Set up the decor with a theme and colour scheme in mind. Go for a vintage-themed decor with our Greek mythology-inspired showpieces or opt for modern-themed decor with our modern-art resin showpieces. We also have festive themed decor like Christmas special wall hangings and showpieces and Diwali special tea light holders.

2. Why should you buy home decor items at Nestasia online?

Nestasia houses one-of-a-kind home decor items that are high in quality and extremely durable. With the unique home decor items at Nestasia, revamp any corner of the room and brighten up the ambiance. Nestasia’s array of home decor items comprises artifacts, showpieces, photo frames, table accents, wall hangings, decorative trays, and a variety of home accessories to beautify and personalise one’s abode. Home decor items by Nestasia feature various styles, shapes, patterns, and designs to suit all styles of home decor.

3. What are the types of Christmas decor items at Nestasia?

Nestasia is all prepared to help you celebrate a jolly and merry Christmas with its range of festive special decor items. We have fine wood Christmas tree hangings that house adorable snowmen and reindeer. To decorate the entrance, we have the classic Christmas wreath and for the tabletop, the small Christmas trees, wooden train, and reindeer decor items are perfect. To top off the Christmas vibe, decorative red stockings and fine wood wall hangings will make for stunning festive additions.

4. What are the trendy living room decor items?

The resin chef decor showpieces make for great quirky living room decor. The resin chefs are our bestsellers and feature cheerful chefs with quirky gestures while some are also utilitarian as pepper and salt shaker holders, and wine bottle holders. The stubby chefs are ready to serve at any time of the day and also make for great gifting options for cooking enthusiasts.

5. What are the essential home decor accessories?

Some essential home decor accessories are Nesatsia's rugs and mats that keep the floor clean while providing comfort with their lush texture. Our metal and resin book ends are perfect for organising your books and magazines, the decorating plate stands that come in two-tiers can be used for placing trinkets and keys while our small home decor showpieces can also double up as paper weights.