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Introduction of Online Gift Cards

The idea and the concept of gift-giving have changed tremendously over the past few years. It has become more about attaching some emotional value to each gift instead of choosing random products for gift-giving. Every occasion holds a different meaning to each individual, and the gift should be a reflection of their emotions and hold some value to them. Hence, it’s safe to say that the days of giving people random physical gifts are long gone. That’s why gift cards have become so much more popular in recent years because they add an emotional quotient to the purpose of gifting. 

Since most gifts are now bought online, gift cards are preferred, though both are acceptable. If you buy gift card, it allows you to give them the option to choose their preferred products from our website. Not to mention, if you buy online gift card, it becomes easier to send personalised gift cards to your loved ones with heartfelt messages to make gift-giving even more special. To make things even easier, one can buy online gift card for every occasion with just a few searches. These days, online gift cards are a popular option for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, festivities, and other events as well.

Furthermore, with online gift cards, one gets to choose from different value options before they decide to buy gift card for any special occasion. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party - there are numerous online gift card options to choose from to make gifting truly memorable and hassle-free. So, buy gift card for loved ones, no matter what the occasion is. 

Collection of Gift Cards Available at Nestasia

When it comes to an assorted range of online gift cards, Nestasia has just the right collection to offer. Our gift cards are available in 4 different categories - birthday gift cards, anniversary gift cards, best wishes gift cards, and Rakhi gift cards. No need to worry about browsing through tons of products or going out on a last-minute shopping spree because we have just the right online gift card for every occasion. 

Our digital gift cards take away the hassle of choosing luxury gifts while being a thoughtful gifting option. The gift cards are available in several value options to make shopping for the right gift card even more convenient. Buy online gift card and choose the value. Add to the cart, add any notes for the gift card in the notes section, and checkout! We will send the gift card with a code by email that can be sent to your gift card receiver.

When we say our gift cards can be the perfect way to make gifting special, we truly mean it.  The gift cards give you the option to add a heartfelt note or send a personalised message that’ll bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. With our gift cards, you can convey your best wishes in your own words to friends and family members and make them feel loved and cherished on special celebratory occasions. 

Moreover, since you can buy online gift card, distance is no bar when it comes to gifting your loved ones with a card full of happiness. In fact, Nestasia’s gift cards are especially great for gifting if you wish to send the gift to a person who stays in a different city or country. So, even if you stay away from home, we’ll ensure to deliver the gift cards to your near and dear ones on every occasion. 

Rakhi Gift Card

When in doubt, get a Rakhi gift card for your sibling(s). This is the best rakhi gift you can get when you're not exactly sure what you get for your brother or your sister for Raksha Bandhan. This Raksha Bandhan gift voucher allows you to choose any amount worth of items you would like your sibling to get. This way, your brother or sister gets to buy something they really want by picking the gift out by themselves.

Our Rakhi gift card for brother(s) and sister(s) has an expiry date of one year. So, have a worry-free Rakhi and get your sibling a Rakhi gift card and let them choose their gift(s) this Raksha Bandhan.

Birthday Gift Cards

Birthdays are always a happy occasion and with the right gift cards, birthday celebrations and gift-giving can become even more special and memorable. Our birthday gift cards are specially designed to make gifting your loved ones on their birthdays so much more convenient. The Birthday gift card features the message ‘Make Birthday Special’ and is adorned with patterns of cupcakes and flowers, signifying a cheerful time. On top of this, our online birthday gift cards offer 4 value options, making it easier to choose any option based on your budget. 

Use these birthday gift cards and let your friends and family choose anything they want as their birthday gift from the wide range of products available at Nestasia. It can be ceramic crockery, glassware, cutlery, decor objects, bags, or multi-utilitarian items like our wide array of different types of organizers that help keep the home clutter-free. 

Nestasia also offers an assorted range of lifestyle and fashion accessories, from tote bags to stylish scarves, that your loved ones can choose as their perfect birthday gifts using our online gift cards. At the same time, if someone loves to travel, gift them our birthday gift cards and they can look through Nestasia’s selection of travel essentials, including passport covers, travel kit sets, vanity pouch sets, travel mugs, and much more, before selecting anything they want using the gift cards. 

On the other hand, if you have a master-chef friend who loves cooking and hosting dinner parties, Nestasia also offers the finest range of table decor items and kitchen organisers that can be the perfect gift. With our birthday gift cards, one can choose whatever they want from our collection within the price range. Whether it’s our handy glass jars with lids or the cute little table chef decor figurines, send our birthday gift cards to your close ones and let them take the best pick based on their preferences and requirements. No more worrying about choosing the best birthday gift or whether someone will like your gift or not, simply buy a gift card online and let your loved ones select whatever they want hassle-free.

Anniversary Gift Cards

Anniversaries are a celebration of togetherness and call for a special gift for the lovely couple. But people often struggle with finding the right anniversary gift to make the special day even more memorable. That’s why Nestasia’s online anniversary gift cards can be the perfect solution to the gift-giving dilemma. Our anniversary gift cards feature attractive floral designs and are available in 4 value options. Whether you are looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your better half or your close ones, you can choose any value option while choosing our anniversary gift card based on your budget. 

Our anniversary gift cards also come with a simple text saying ‘Make Anniversary Special.’ But if you want to make the anniversary gifting truly special for your significant other or for your close ones celebrating their day of togetherness, you can write heartfelt, personalised messages and send them along with Nestasia’s Anniversary gift card. The card has been designed with colourful flowers that will brighten up the faces of anyone you gift the card. 

The recipient of the anniversary gift card can choose any product from Nestasia’s collection as their anniversary gift. From luxurious crockery sets to cute couple mugs - Nestasia has a wide range of items that can be the perfect anniversary gift and the anniversary gift card allows the recipient to choose whatever they want within the price range. For instance, if someone is enthusiastic about art and interior design, they can use the anniversary gift card to check out our collection of stunning framed wall artwork pieces and take the best pick to adorn their living room or bedroom wall.

Not to mention, our decor showpieces can also be an excellent pick if someone wants to use an anniversary gift card. Whether one wants to elevate the aesthetic appeal of their bookshelves or is planning to add a touch of elegant charm to their work desk, Nestasia’s range of decor showpieces and sculptures is hard to beat. So, gift our anniversary gift cards to your loved ones and let them choose their favourite decor pieces for a lovely and memorable anniversary. 

Best Wishes Gift Cards

best wishes gift card works like a one-stop solution for all your gifting needs. Nestasia’s online Best Wishes gift card comes with a simple yet cheerful design that’ll set the right festive vibe, no matter what the occasion is. Our Best Wishes gift card is available in 4 price options, allowing you to choose any gift card option suitable for your budget. 

The ‘Best Wishes’ gift card is the ‘all-rounder’ gift card that is perfect for any and every occasion. Whether it’s for Bhai Dooj, Holi, Navratri, Rakhi, housewarming, or any other festivals and occasions, the gift cards can also be gifted to your best friend, significant other, or friends and family during any special occasion. 

Surprise your loved ones with the Best Wishes gift card on festive occasions and make their day even more special. Let them use the gift card to take the best pick from Nestasia’s excellent collection of glassware, dinnerware, crockery sets, home decor items, fashion accessories, travel essentials, bags and organisers, and much more. 

For instance, you can send the Best Wishes gift card to your close friends as a Holi gift and they can use the online gift card to buy Nestasia’s vibrant and sustainable wall decor items to adorn their home for the occasion. On the other hand, the Best Wishes gift card can be an ideal Rakhi gift for your sister because she can use it to browse through our assorted collection of fashion accessories, from scarves to denim tote bags, and choose the best pick within the price range of the online gift card. 

Diwali Gift Cards

Make the festival of lights exceptional and memorable for your family, friends, and loved ones with Nestasia’s online Diwali gift cards that are available in 5 value or price options. The gift cards also feature a soothing yet attractive design featuring ‘diyas’ and festive floral wall decor. Hence, the ‘Make Diwali Special’ e-gift card is the perfect gift for the festival of lights. 

We know that gift-giving amidst all the Diwali festivities can be a mammoth task. Browsing various items and selecting the best gifts can be a tedious and time-consuming affair. On top of that, you have no way of knowing whether you’ve picked the right Diwali gift for someone based on their preferences and needs. So, use our Diwali gift cards and take all the guesswork out of the whole gifting process. 

The Diwali gift card is not just a great gift that your loved ones can really enjoy but it also gives them the fun shopping experience of picking what they love from Nestasia’s wide collection. With a range of Diwali gift hampers and products like tea light holders, candles, votives, incense cones, incense diffusers, and stunning decor objects, you can give them the option of choosing their desired products with our gift vouchers or gift cards.

Why choose Nestasia to buy/send online Gift Cards?

If you buy the Rakhi gift card, it becomes much easier and simpler to stick to your spending budget instead of looking for the perfect physical gift. You don't need to stress about going over budget for something you think would be "ideal" but is actually a little bit more expensive. With Rakhi gift cards, all you need to do is choose a value.

Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about whether the recipient will like your gift if you choose to buy online gift card for a special occasion. Gift cards provide the recipient freedom to select the items they want to buy. It lessens some of the stress related to selecting the ideal present. Who doesn't enjoy having the freedom to fulfil their own desires? It's the ideal approach to give a versatile present that everybody can appreciate. And with Nestasia’s range of online gift cards, you can choose an ideal gift card for any occasion. 

There’s also the complication of wrapping presents that can lead to messiness, as the presentation isn’t always great and gift wrappers aren’t a sustainable option. However, our e-gift cards are sent digitally that cause no wastage and also ensures that it isn’t misplaced.

Make gifting special with Nestasia’s beautiful gift cards by sending them to your friends and family and make their special moments more memorable and enjoyable. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Is a gift card a good anniversary gift?

Buying the perfect anniversary gift always involves a lot of guesswork, and gift cards can be the perfect solution. Using a gift card as an anniversary gift allows the recipient to pick whatever they want, making their anniversary celebrations even more special. So, a gift card is a perfect anniversary gift because the recipient can have the liberty to select their ideal gift all by themselves.

What are the benefits of e-gift cards?

Online gift cards or e-gift cards make it easier to send gifts to close friends and family members who live in different countries or cities on special occasions. It's also possible to write heartfelt personalised messages while sending e-gift cards. So, any festive occasion can become extra special for your friends and family with e-gift cards, no matter the distance. E-gift cards are also a more sustainable and eco-friendly gifting option because they do not require any messy plastic packaging.

Why do people use gift cards?

Using gift cards can make the gifting process entirely hassle-free without going through the trouble of browsing tons of products and stressing about picking the perfect gift. Gift cards allow the recipients to choose whatever they like within the price range. Gift cards take away the guesswork involved in traditional gift-giving and make it much simpler and more convenient.

Do gift cards expire over time?

All gift cards usually come with an expiration date, and the recipient is supposed to use the gift card within that time to purchase anything they want. Similarly, Nestasia's gift cards have an expiry date of 1 year from the date of purchase. So, the recipient needs to check the expiration date before using the gift cards.

Can a gift card be cancelled?

No, you can't cancel Nestasia's online gift card purchase order. As soon as you place the order, Nestasia sends a code to your registered email address in reference to the purchased gift card. So, order cancellation for Nestasia's online gift cards isn't possible.

When do the Rakhi gift cards expire?

The Rakhi gift card online takes around a year to expire. So, if you get the gift card today, you have a whole year to use the gift card before it expires this time next year.

How does a Rakhi gift card work?

All you have to do is simply select the amount you want the Rakhi gift card to have. This gives the sibling a wide range of options of gifts to choose from within that particular amount that the Raksha Bandhan gift card has.

Product Name Price
Rakhi Gift Card Rs.1100
Birthday Gift Card Rs.1000
Anniversary Gift Card Rs.1000
Best Wishes Gift Card Rs.1000