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Around the world, placemats are a type of fabric used on dinner tables. Before placing dishes on the dinner table, it is typically utilized by homeowners or those who love to host parties, as a protective layer between dishes and their table tops. Today, it has come to represent extravagance as well as a medium to lay a basic arrangement on the table. They are mostly employed as corporate meal hosts in professional contexts.

Placemats are necessary for your dining table since everyone wants to protect the shining crystal and beautiful wood surfaces of the table. The perfect selection and arrangement of placemats can instantly brighten your entire dining area in addition to protecting your furnishings. Placemats are a fantastic way to add color and designs to your tablescape and the overall interior design of the house. The placemats in our collection are ideal for dining tables, side tables, center tables, and so on.

The art of choosing the right placemat ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. But that is where we excel. We have curated a range of table mats that would suit all preferences. After all, different placemats are needed for every occasion and function. They are available in a wide range of forms, sizes, colors, and materials that are appropriate for various events. The shapes and colors of the table mats can hugely affect the layout of a table, hence, while selecting tablemats, you should keep in mind what tablescape you are looking for.

Our collection of table mats is mostly made of PVC and PU leather and are available in shapes such as oval, round, square, octagon, and rectangle. What creates a difference is their patterns and styles. Let’s have a look at what we have got for you:

  • PU Leather Mats
  • PU leather is smooth and waterproof, hence it’s one of the best materials when selecting table mats. The suede back side is a non-slip base, giving you a soft touch. The table mats are easy to clean- just wipe them with a wet cloth or paper. The PU leather mats are mostly solid colored, and the other side can also be swapped and reused. These are primarily solid-colored hence they are perfect for formal occasions or daily use.

  • PVC Mats
  • The decorative PVC placemat essentially transforms your table and cheers your mood. You could fall in love with these placemats since they contain alluring stripes and handcrafted patterns. No matter how gorgeous they look, they serve the basic purpose of protecting ceramic or glassware from damage.

  • Cotton Mats
  • Every kitchen table, breakfast nook, and dining table should have printed placemats to beautify the ambiance in no time. These placemats, which are made entirely of cotton, have long been a favorite. Since they are made of multiple layers of cotton, they are thick enough to shield your table from spills and burns. The floral print adds to the overall decor of the room and is best suited when hosting any in-house event.

    Table mats and coasters, particularly coasters, have several uses in the forte of home decor. They perform a variety of tasks, including shielding delicate or expensive furniture from unpleasant stains and blemishes and shielding surfaces from heat, scratches, and uneven surfaces beneath vessels.

    Additionally, if they are properly thought about and handled, they can be utilized as business favors or to draw customers into cafes or restaurants. If they are used for photo shoots, they should be interesting, captivating, and alluring. Another goal is to reduce noise when you set your drink down and prevent the breakage of your delicate objects.

    The sizes, colors, and forms of coasters can vary widely. Additionally, they could be constructed from a variety of materials, including ceramic, glass & acrylic beads, and with a cork base. Decide which pair of coasters would best serve your needs and select them for your table.

    From embellished beaded ones to traditionally patterned Mediterranean series, our range of ceramic coasters are sure to leave you awestruck. Beautifully beaded butterfly coasters are here to get your heart fluttering as you scroll through the collection. And, as you move on, you will find where these butterflies like to gather around- the ceramic flower-shaped coasters. Apart from this iconic match, our other ceramic coasters reflect a traditional pattern that has been popular in Mediterranean countries for decades. The Hamsa hand coasters are quirky and painted with vivid colors to restore vibrance and prosperity to every home. 

    The coasters with cork bases are considered the selector’s favorite as the cork is light in weight, resists heat efficiently, and adds to the durability of the coaster. Our coasters and mats are also offered in a set of 2. So, choose your pick and deck up the table as you like with our coasters and mats. By any chance, if you want to spruce it up any further, have a look at our range of vases and faux flowers.