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The art of gifting is surely not an easy one. If you want to make your gifts count, make sure they cover three main themes for the person you’re gifting to - utility, quality, and presentation. How useful the gift is for that person, the quality of the gift that you’re giving, and of course, how you present it at any given moment in time. While these moments make a big impact on your relationship with that person, what you gift matters the most. Keeping that in mind, Nestasia offers great gift ideas for your brother, whatever he may like.  

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We know how hard it is to find great gifts for men. And trust us, we know what we’re talking about. When it comes to finding gift items for your brother, capturing his essence will make your gift great. Dive right into our carefully curated collection of thoughtful presents for your brother, that cover various occasions/life events.

Wedding gift for brother   

Wedding gifts can be tricky to pick, especially when you’re looking for good options for your brother. Our premium collection of wedding gifts gives you ample options to choose from. When selecting a classy and premium wedding gift for your brother, you'll want to consider his tastes, interests, and the couple's preferences as well. Some elegant gifting ideas for his wedding can include - 

Dinnerware - When hunting for a wedding gift, it is considered a polite gesture to think about the couple rather than one single person. Not to mention, it is also more heartfelt and easier to fulfill. One great gift you can give to a married couple is classy dinnerware. Considering weddings usually come with endless hosting opportunities for people, dining essentials will not only be an appropriate gift but also very functional for the couple. Check out our premium dinnerware collection, which includes dinner sets, plates & platters, bowls, cutlery, tasteful table linen, and the list goes on. These kinds of gifts for your brother and his wife are sure to grab the attention of guests at the dinner table.


 Daily office essentials - if you’re looking for a gift that will shine brightly in the hall of functionality, then stop right here. There’s no denying that there are some things that we use on a daily basis. These things might be different for different people, but a whole bunch of things like this exist for everyone. Some of the most promising gift items for your brother can include lunch bags, laptop sleeves, laptop bags, adult lunch boxes, and insulated mugs. Imagine gifting your brother something that he uses every day! Not sure about you, but that’s a sure-shot way to get in our good books. 

Glassware - Another hosting staple for couples is glassware. Be it hosting a party for 12 or enjoying a drink over the weekend by yourself, gifting drinkware/glassware is ALWAYS a good idea. Crystal wine glasses, champagne flutes, or whiskey decanters are the epitome of elegance and functionality. Plus, they make great gifts because of how presentable they are. These can surely make a unique wedding gift for your brother. 

Travel accessories - Travel accessories can make excellent wedding gifts, adding a touch of adventure and wanderlust to the couple's journey together. Whether it's a set of matching, high-quality luggage, elegant passport holders, personalised luggage tags, or travel bags/pouches; these items not only provide practical utility but also help you organize all the necessities. Travel accessories can be both thoughtful and stylish, enhancing future trips. They encourage exploration, relaxation, and shared adventures, making them an ideal choice to kickstart a lifetime of adventures together. These useful gifts for your brother will make him your favourite for sure


Birthday gifts for brother

Choosing a unique birthday gift for your brother is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and make his day extra special. For one-of-a-kind presents, consider his interests, hobbies, and personality. If he's a tech enthusiast, surprise him with knick-knacks such as placemats for his laptop/tablet. If he loves to organize, make sure to check out our desk/travel organizers for the neat freak in him. For a fitness fanatic, a subscription to a virtual workout program or gym essentials such as water bottles, and lunch boxes to pack his protein-packed meals are a great option too! If your brother enjoys culinary pursuits, a cooking class with a renowned chef, a stylish personalized apron, or, better yet, a pretty dinnerware set can ignite his passion for food. Check out these and many other categories at Nestasia.  

Custom-made essentials, such as water bottles, diaries, bags, travel tags or travel pouches on his birthday add a sentimental touch to your gift. In all cases, whatever you may choose, the key to choosing a unique birthday gift for your brother lies in showing that you know him well, appreciate his individuality, and want to make his special day memorable and meaningful. 

Anniversary gift for brother

Some of the most unique anniversary gifts for your brother and his spouse are heartfelt gestures to celebrate their love and commitment. Consider personalized items like photo frames with their favourite moments, cherished forever. Well, you’re in luck ‘coz our photo frames are pleasing to look at as well! Little trinket boxes to store accessories make for great gifts because they look good and solve the purpose as well! For a more practical touch, a weekend getaway or a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant, paired with amazing gift hampers, can create lasting memories. Thoughtfully chosen gifts, whether sentimental or luxurious, demonstrate your love and appreciation for the couple as they continue their journey together.

Gift ideas for brother who has everything

We know! It’s pretty much established that it’s hard to choose gifts for brothers, especially when they say that they have everything. Well, not anymore. Our specially curated range of gift sets/hampers is all set to wow your brother and make him realize that he needed the gift anyway! Queue in for Nestasia’s luxury gifts that are made to pamper your loved ones. Here are some of them to get you started. 

Home decor 

Stand-alone decor pieces are definitely the showstoppers for any given space. Turns out, home decor can also be one of the great gift ideas for your brother. When it comes to gift-giving, home decor pieces are a way of self-expression. Choosing home decor as gifts for your brother is a thoughtful and personal way to enhance his living space and make it truly his own. Home decor items can range from stylish and functional to decorative and aesthetic. Consider gifting him a set of high-quality, designer throw pillows that add a pop of color as well as comfort to his sofa or bed. Artwork, such as a unique abstract painting or a framed print of his favorite artist, can be a beautiful addition to his walls, reflecting his taste and personality.

For a more practical touch, elegant tableware like a set of fine porcelain dinner plates or crystal glassware can elevate his dining experience when hosting guests. Personalized decor, such as a custom-made family name sign or a beautifully crafted wooden coffee table with engraved initials, can add a sentimental touch to his home.

Additionally, you might opt for functional yet stylish items like an antique-style floor lamp, a trendy area rug, or even a set of smart home devices to make his living space more convenient and contemporary. Home decor gifts not only enhance his surroundings but also convey your care and thoughtfulness in helping him create a welcoming and personalized sanctuary. It's a wonderful way to celebrate his home and make it a reflection of his unique style and personality.

Apart from stunning home decor, you can never go wrong with gifting stationery to him. Do check out our collection for it. 

Explore other categories at Nestasia

Bathroom decor

More often than not, our bathroom gets ignored while our home stays decked to the brink. Make sure to give it some attention by adding a couple of basics. Dispensers and other bathroom sets not only help you keep your toiletries organized, but also make your wash area look more presentable. Indulge in luxury rugs and towels that are bound to tie the space with textures. Our ever-expanding range of cotton, bamboo, and beach towels is all set to make your drying experience fast and effective. 

Dessert Plates 

To make sweets sweeter, Nestasia’s extensive collection of dessert plates is the epitome of presentation and convenience. With intricate designs and swirling patterns, making meals special is something we take seriously. Moreover, these dessert plates go super well with our fine collection of dinnerware & glassware. To add to that, our dining table accessories add a much-needed touch of sophistication to your living area. Making meals an experience is our forte, so embrace the contemporary art of accessorizing and sprucing up your space. 

Pasta Plates

Pasta plates, including other dining accessories at Nestasia, are sure to make your dining experience more promising. Be it a family reunion or hosting a formal gathering at your place, our carefully picked selection of dining table essentials is a must-have to make your home super special. 

Lunch boxes

While embracing hectic days at work, it is important to have proper meals during the day. Because that is what helps you keep going through the day. Having said that, lunch boxes are an everyday companion that will accompany you to work every day. Hence, make sure to choose wisely. Our premium lunch box range comes packed with features to help you carry delicious meals on the go. Glass lunch boxes have garnered popularity because of how easy they are to clean. Check out our collection of glass lunch boxes here. Another new arrival is definitely our Bento Lunch Boxes - inspired by the Japanese lunch boxes that come with multiple compartments and warm water insulation. The insulation keeps your food warm, and the multi-sectional goodness allows you to carry more than one dish to work. 

Lunch Bags

While you’ve explored our range of lunch boxes, take time to explore a category that helps you carry the meals with ease. Our premium range of lunch bags is made to make organization on point for you. Select from a wide range of lunch bags at Nestasia, with eco-friendly options as well. The velvet lunch bag is perfect to carry for work because of its texture and classy look. Jute bags, however, are more spacious and an eco-friendly choice. And our printed canvas lunch bags are well accustomed to spills and splashes. 

Farewell gifts

When it comes to saying farewell, a proper way to say goodbye to a person is to always gift them something as a good gesture. Nestasia’s collection of farewell gifts is like a goodbye hug that makes the person feel validated and worthy. With ample options to choose from, it’s a cakewalk to pick according to preferences. From everyday essentials to decor pieces that stun the person you’re gifting to, explore the world of gifts that make every encounter special. 

Laptop Bags

Gone are the days when you carried uncomfortable backpacks to work. Upgrade to laptop bags from Nestasia that are made with vegan leather and come with multiple compartments to fit in all your essentials for a busy day at work. The various textures and designs give all the more options to someone choosing them, plus the classy look is perfect for an office setting. 

Travel kit

When travelling, it is important to keep your things organized so you do not skip taking important stuff. The travel kits at Nestasia come in 4 different sizes of bags to help you carry it all, without any size issue. They also come colour-coordinated to help your luggage look more put-together. The four sizes include XL, L, M, and S size bags with easy-to-use zipper closures. The kits can also be used to carry makeup, toiletries, grooming essentials, medicines, jewelry, and much more. 

Corporate gifting

From decadent dinnerware to festive essentials such as tealight holders and candles, make your corporate gifts stand out with Nestasia’s corporate gifting range. To add to that, you can also customize the gift wrapping to add your personal touch. Get exclusive discounts on bulk orders and make festivities special!

Diwali gifts

Diwali is known to be celebrated by exchanging gifts. The art of gift-giving is also synonymous with positive and impactful business relationships on a more professional level. It symbolizes thoughtfulness and appreciation. When you gift something to someone in a professional setting, the relationship transcends from being just another colleague-to-colleague happenstance to something that holds more value. Hence, while buying gifts, make sure to add a little personal touch to them. Explore the wide range of Diwali gift sets at Nestasia, that are bound to fetch you compliments from your loved ones.

Why buy presents for your brother from Nestasia?

Our brand promise of quality, utility, and beauty transcends through every present that we curate with perfection. We make high-quality products that serve their purpose and look elegant in the process of doing so. And, not to mention, our impeccably seamless online ordering process and fast delivery of goods make it the number ONE choice for online shoppers of decor, dining, and festive staples. 


How can I surprise my brother on his birthday?

Get him gifts that reflect who he is as a person. Make sure to add a personal touch to his special day by cooking a meal for him. You can also add our dinnerware range to the mix to make his D-day all the more special. 

What gifts do boys like?

It solely depends on what the person likes, his interests, and his passions. Make sure to keep these in mind while selecting unique gifts for your brother. 

What is a very special gift for a brother?

A photo frame capturing a precious moment can be a unique gift for your brother. It will make him relive the moment and also help him cherish it for years to come. 

What gift can I give my younger brother?

A series of gifts that make him feel pampered are a good start. Start with smaller gifts such as stationary and make your way to bigger gifts such as travel kits or daily office essentials.

What gift can I give my elder brother?

Gift your elder brother something that helps him personalize his space. An abstract art framed painting can add a touch of creativity to his space, while keeping it colourful. Followed by plush pillows and rugs to personalize it more.   

Gifts For Brother Pricing

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Ceramic Mug Yellow 220ml Rs.350
Ceramic Mug Navy Blue 220ml Rs.350
Ceramic Mug White 220ml Rs.350
Multipurpose Travel Kit Set Of 4 Yellow Rs.1495
Brown Travel Kit Set of 4 Rs.895
Bluish Grey Travel Kit Set of 4 Rs.895
Black Travel Kit Set of 4 Rs.895