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Home Decor Items and Essentials Under ₹999

Introduction to Home Decor Items Under Rs.999

Revamp your home interiors with our exquisite collection of home decor items priced under Rs.999! Discover a delightful assortment of home decor items that are crafted to lend a fresh look to your home interiors. Whether you’re aiming to add a splash of colour, a cosy touch or a dash of elegance, our curated collection has something for everyone. Our reasonably priced yet elegant design options allow you to improve the ambience of your house and showcase your individual flair. 

Embrace the joys of interior design with our pocket-friendly home accessories that promise to create a harmonious and inviting environment in every corner of your abode. What are you waiting for? Explore our home decoration collection online and get ready to redefine your home decor game with our home decor essentials under 999!

Everything Under 999 Items Available At Nestasia 

Looking for budget-friendly home decor items but can’t decide where to buy them from? Well, you have come to the right destination. In a world where elegance is always associated with extravagance, Nestasia, a renowned home decor and lifestyle brand, challenges the norm by presenting a wide range of home decor items under Rs. 999, which redefines the very notion of luxury. Discover a treasure trove of carefully curated home decor items as you embrace the thrill of reasonably priced elegance. Each piece is designed to infuse your room with charm, personality, and refinement. Our dedication to making luxury available to everyone is demonstrated by our Everything Under 999 collection, which shows that furnishing your house doesn't have to be expensive.

As a home decor brand, we at Nestasia understand that home decor is a reflection of your individuality and taste. Our Everything Under 999 category comprises an exquisite collection of home decor items online that are curated to satisfy diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you adore contemporary minimalism, bohemian chic, or traditional designs, our collection comes with a wide range of options to suit your taste. From charming wall art and stylish tableware to plush pillows and alluring kitchen tools, each item has been thoughtfully included in the collection to ensure that your decorative journey becomes both enjoyable and satisfying.

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to redefine your home interiors. Yes, you heard it right. Explore a world where style and affordability coexist, where your dream of a beautifully decorated house may become a reality, and where every room exudes the allure of skillfully chosen decor. Allow Nestasia to be your guide in designing a home that captures your distinct taste while adhering to your spending plan. Enjoy the satisfaction of budget-friendly shopping online, where each purchase puts you one step closer to the house of your dreams.


Our exquisite collection of dining essentials under 999 comprises a wide range of options to cater to your tastes and preferences. From subtle shades to vibrant hues, we have a variety of dining essentials and home accessories you’ll need to create an elegant and inviting dining room. 

Discover an array of snack plates, platters, ramen bowls, snack bowls, soup spoons, dip bowls, Cutlery sets, bowls with handles, trivets, section plates, serving spoons, pasta plates, table mats, cups and mugs, Glassware, napkin rings, coasters, dinner plates and other home accessories online at Nestasia that are thoughtfully designed to enhance your dining experience to new heights. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying your everyday meal, our affordable collection of dining essentials will add a touch of elegance to your dinner table. Explore our collection and lay your hands on your favourite dining essential!

Bags & Accessories

Indulge in the ultimate fashion spree without stretching your budget with our captivating bags and beauty accessories under Rs.999 collection. Nestasia takes pride in offering a wide variety of options meticulously curated to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Crafted from premium quality materials, our budget-friendly collection comprises Scarves, travel pouches, vanity pouches, makeup pouches, jewellery organisers, pencil pouches, eye masks, hair accessories and more that are designed to add convenience and charm to your everyday routine. With our affordable prices, you can showcase your individual style without sacrificing quality. Whether you're a frequent traveller, a beauty fanatic, or you just enjoy accessorizing, our collection is sure to satisfy all of your requirements. With our stylish and versatile pieces, which are ideal for any occasion, you can easily up your style game. Shop now from our pocket-friendly collection today!

Home Decor

Step into a world of possibilities as you explore our exquisite assortment, featuring Indoor Planters, Vases, Decor Objects, Baskets, Artificial Flowers, artificial plants, Candles, candle holders, key chains, tealight holders, hand-held mirrors, and captivating Wall Art. Each item has been carefully chosen to enhance the aesthetics and personality of your home while expressing your individual style. 

Nestasia takes pride in providing an enticing choice of home decor items online without breaking the budget thanks to a vast selection of options that have been carefully chosen to fit a variety of tastes and preferences. Our assortment meets all of your home decor needs, whether you like a minimalist look or extravagant decorative accents. As you create a home that genuinely feels like home, embrace the joys of interior design and let your creativity soar. Shop now to enjoy the thrill of decorating your home without exceeding your finances.


Nestasia is a premium home décor brand that takes pleasure in providing an enticing assortment of Kitchen products without putting a strain on your wallet. Our collection comprises a wide range of options that have been carefully chosen to meet a variety of tastes and preferences. Our collection contains everything you need to give your kitchen a fresh new look, whether you prefer subtle colors or vivid ones.

Discover our carefully curated selection of essential Bakeware, such as baking dishesbaking trays, and moulds that are uniquely crafted to become your ideal baking partner. While our assortment of kitchen tools makes cooking easier and more effective, our airtight Jars and Containers assure organization and freshness. Upgrade your kitchen right away to create a cozy, fashionable area where cooking will bring you joy. Explore our collection of kitchen accessories or home accessories today and grab your favourite pick!

Soft Furnishings

Nestasia, as a premium home decor and lifestyle brand, brings to its customers an enchanting collection of cushion covers and throw blankets under Rs. 999! Our collection of home furnishings, or soft furnishing, offers a wide range of items that have been carefully chosen to suit different tastes and preferences. Our collection contains everything you need to update the appearance of your living areas, whether you prefer subtle colours or colourful shades.

Indulge in the luxurious touch of premium quality materials that ensure your cushion covers and throws retain their newness for a longer period of time. Embrace the joy of decorating as you explore our thoughtfully designed range, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and coziness to your home.

Gift Bags

Enjoy the pleasure of gifting with our lovely gift bags priced under Rs. 999, where each gift becomes a totally unique experience. Our gift bags are suitable for every celebration and occasion, and there are a wide variety of styles to pick from. Whether you favor pastel colors or colourful tones, our assortment provides a wide range of options to meet your gifting requirements.

Our budget-friendly collection of gift bags allows you to express your sentiments with grace and sophistication. From birthdays to anniversaries or other special occasions, our gift bags are the perfect addition to make every occasion truly memorable. Shop now to enhance your gift-giving experience with our stunning selection of quality gift bags.

Bath Accessories

Transform your bathroom into a haven of style and functionality with our captivating bathroom accessories collection priced under Rs. 999. Available in a diverse range of designs to choose from, our bathroom accessories are the perfect choice to revamp the look of your bathing space. Whether you prefer subtle colours or vibrant hues, our collection offers a wide array of choices to suit your taste and preferences.

Our bathroom accessories, such as toothbrush holders, floor mats, and soap dispensers, are built to last and promise to stay brand new for a very long time. Embrace the thrill of adorning your bathroom with our thoughtful pieces that improve your daily routine with both efficiency and elegance. Shop today at Nestasia to find the ideal fusion of design and function that will improve your bathing experience.


Discover the joy of creativity and organization with our exclusive Stationery collection priced under Rs. 999. Offering a diverse range of designs to suit every preference, our stationery assortment is a treasure trove for all stationery enthusiasts. Whether you're a writer, artist, or someone who loves to stay organized, our collection comprises a variety of options, including notebooks, DIY paint kits, and desk organizers.

Our affordable assortment enables you to put up an attractive and useful workspace, so you can boost your stationery game without breaking the bank. Enjoy the benefits of working with superior stationery that reflects your sense of style and creativity. Purchase our stationery collection for under Rs. 999 today and discover a world of limitless possibilities. Our premium stationery is both fashionable and useful, elevating your job and organizational effectiveness.

Check out Rakhi gift card & Rakhi Gift Hampers online at Nestasia 

Nestasia's collection of unique rakhi gift cards is a wonderful way to show someone you care about on this auspicious occasion.  Celebrate the bond between siblings with the convenience and flexibility of our gift cards, ensuring a memorable Rakhi celebration. 

A seamless and unique gifting experience is provided by our Rakhi gift cards. Receivers can browse and select their favorite items that suit their individual taste from our extensive selection of stunning home décor presents available online. Nestasia offers a wide variety of solutions for your loved ones, including opulent Rakhi Hampers and appealing decorative items. Make this Rakhi occasion memorable by perusing our alluring selection of home décor items online. Let your sibling's heart bloom with joy as they receive a gift chosen just for them.

Why Choose Nestasia?

At Nestasia, we place great importance on quality, utility, and beauty (QUB). Our online home décor shopping experience has been meticulously developed to provide a wide range of opulent options. Explore our carefully curated online collection of home accessories, which is great for both giving and treating yourself. With our amazing selection of modern decorative objects that are specifically designed to improve your living room, you can elevate the overall vibe of your living space. Immerse yourself in the height of contemporary design while letting your individual style shine through.

Embrace the perfect harmony of QUB as we extend a warm invitation to discover the exquisite beauty that will effortlessly reflect your one-of-a-kind style. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled allure of our curated collection, where each piece carries its own charm, inviting you to elevate your home decor journey with Nestasia. 


  • What is the "Everything Under 999" category all about?

  • The "Everything Under 999" category features a carefully curated selection of our brand's budget-friendly home decor items. It offers a wide variety of items that are all wisely priced at Rs. 999 or less, including bakeware, eye masks, baskets, desk organizers, notebooks, cups & mugs, and cushion covers.

  • Can I find products suitable for gifting in the "Everything Under 999" category?

  • Yes, there are many items in the "Everything Under 999" category that would make thoughtful gifts. Pick from our classy candle holders, artistic trays, quirky mugs, stylish stationery, plush cushion covers, and more. Each item makes a thoughtful and budget-friendly gift for various occasions, reflecting the recipient's taste and style. 

  • Are the decorative items in this category suitable for various interior design styles?

  • Yes, the decorative items in the "Everything Under 999" category have been thoughtfully chosen to complement different styles of interior design. Regardless of your decorating preferences—contemporary, boho, traditional, or eclectic — you can find a wide range of decorative items that work well with what you already have. Each piece, from wall art to vases, is selected to go with a particular aesthetic, making it simple to improve the ambience of your home while staying within your budget.

  • Can I find elegant and luxurious decor pieces in this affordable collection?

  • Yes, the "Everything Under 999" category features a variety of gorgeous and opulent decor items while being an inexpensive collection. Each piece has been picked with care to ooze sophistication and refinement, giving your living spaces a hint of grandeur without the hefty price tag. You'll find a variety of design items that will add an air of refinement to the atmosphere of your home, from magnificent candle holders to intricate ornamental mirrors, from fashionable sculptures to luxurious-looking vases.

  • Are the products in the "Everything Under 999" category of good quality? 

  • Quality is one of our top priorities, even in the "Everything Under 999" category. We understand the importance of offering products that not only meet your budget but also exceed your expectations in terms of quality and durability. Each item in this collection undergoes careful evaluation to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards. We take pride in providing you with home decor items that are not only affordable but also crafted with attention to detail and built to last.


    Product Name Price
    Tulip Coffee Mug Green Set of 2 330ml Rs.945
    Side Bowls Set of 4 Nitori Rs.710
    Table Chef With Salt And Pepper Shaker Rs.895
    Glass Storage Jars With Lid Set Of 16 50ml Rs.995
    Crystal Glass Lotus Decorative Bowl With Stand Amber Rs.660
    Vintage Tissue Box Rs.850
    Glass Storage Jars With Lid Set Of 6 Large 400ml Rs.710