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There is always room for desserts no matter what the occasion or the hour of the day is. A delicious piece of cake presented eye-pleasingly on some stylish cake stands would surely make your guests grab one. So what is more important, a delicious cake or an aesthetic cake plate? We say both. 

Cake stands are must-have tableware for neatly serving cakes, pastries, sandwiches, and many other desserts. Whether it is a tea party, a birthday celebration, or a wedding, the perfect cake stand elevates the look of your tablescape. Want to know how! Browse through Nestasia’s extensive collection of elegant cake stands that are made to suit all occasions. From single tier-cake stands, two-tier stands, three-tier stands to more, the choices that you get with us are endless. With a good presentation, uplift the cake you prepare for your family or guests and leave a long-lasting impression. 

Types of Cake Stands

At Nestasia, you would get to pick from various kinds of cake stands.

1. Pedestal Stand: This is one of the most popular of all cake stands. It consists of a cake plate and a pillar to hold it in place. Explore our wide range of pedestal stands that come in an array of quirky shapes and sizes. All our stands are made to blend seamlessly with all kinds of table decor. The types and materials of the cake stand available at Nestasia are plenty. This includes wooden cake stands, marble cake stands, and ceramic cake stands that come in both matte and gloss finish. 

The good thing about our pedestal stands is that all of them are made multi-functional. You could either choose to present a delicious cake on them or can also use them as fruit stands or jewelry stands. Additionally, you can also use these stands to display an array of delicious cupcakes. The sophisticated designs of the pedestal stands elevate the look of both formal and informal events in style.

2. Tiered Cake Stand: You would also know them as cupcake tower or cupcake holder. Tiered cake stand can have multiple tiers. Scroll through our quirky collection of visually pleasing and long-lasting tiered cake and cupcake stands. Choose from a variety of 2-tier trays, 3-tier tray stands,  and even 4-tier cake stands. You would also find sectioned tier stands that would help to separate the desserts served neatly. The tasteful selection of colors is bound to gracefully uplift your table decor leaving your guests impressed. Additionally, at Nestasia you would also come across multiple design, pattern, and texture options. 

3. Cake Plate: If you are looking for a cake stand with a lid then Nestasia has got you covered. Our cake plates come with a lid to ensure your cakes, cupcakes and their yum factor remain intact. The choice of styles of our cake stands are plenty. These include marble cake plates, cake plates in visually soothing colors, dual color cake plates, and much more. You can use the cake plate to serve a wide range of delicacies from macarons to Bundt cakes. 

4. Rotating Cake Stands: These are an absolute favorite of all the chefs since they can easily rotate the plate for dressing the cake. Nestasia has rotating plates in classic wooden looks to subtly add beauty to your modern table decor. These also come with transparent lids that keep your desserts fresh and away from dust. 

Colors of Cake Stands

Nestasia has a wide selection of cake stands with subtle colors that would make your cake stand out and pop. The range includes pretty monochromes such as white, green, pink, and black, as well as a perfect mix of dual tones. Along with that, there are also various texture choices that would effortlessly add to your tablescape irrespective of what the occasion is.

Shape and size of Cake Stands

Our cake stands come in a different variety of shapes and sizes. Whether it is a dinner setup, breakfast for two, a tea party, or more Nestasia has your back. We have round shapes and square shapes. We have a quirky Ferris-shaped cupcake stand that is a must-have for you if you seek something fun and unique to add to your decor. We have cake stands in various sizes ranging from small, to medium, and large. All the capacity and the sizes are mentioned properly for you to take home the one you exactly need. 

Price and Usage of Cake Stands

Each cake stand is multi-functional, and easy to dismantle, clean, serve, and use. You can use the cake stands to serve different types of desserts and small food from sandwiches to cakes, fruits, and more. Additionally, you can also use them as jewelry stands. The price range varies according to the shape, size, color, and materials used for the cake stand. Our cake stands are made to fit various budgets.