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Home Kitchen + Dining Cake Stands
Cupcake Display Stand
₹ 1,750
Ceramic Cake Stand
₹ 3,250
Cupcake stand
₹ 2,590
Cake Stand Blue And White
From ₹ 2,790
Cake Stand
₹ 3,390
Cake Stand With Lid
From ₹ 5,350
Cake Display Stand
₹ 5,690
Cake Plate With Cover
From ₹ 2,250
Rotating Cake Stand
From ₹ 2,550
₹ 310
Metal Cake Stand
From ₹ 3,580 | ₹ 3,890
Cake Plate With Dome
From ₹ 1,490
Cake Stand With Dome
From ₹ 3,390
Mini Cake Stand With Dome
₹ 1,090
Metallic Cake Stand
From ₹ 4,490
Cake Stand With Cover
From ₹ 3,990
Cake Stand Pink
From ₹ 3,090
From ₹ 1,790
Black Cupcake Stand
₹ 2,350
₹ 360
Wooden Cake Stand With Dome
₹ 4,130 | ₹ 4,490
Green Cupcake Stand
₹ 2,690
Display Stand
₹ 1,450

Cake Stands

Range and usage of cake stands

There’s always room for desserts, said someone. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, or simply a spot of afternoon tea, there is a whole plethora of cake stands to hold and display your sweet delicacies. Cake stands come in various types like a pedestal stand  which is Probably the most commonly used of all types, the pedestal cake stand is the one you will be used to seeing in cafés and bakeries. The pedestal stand consists of a main base that is also called a cake plate and a pillar underneath the plate. Cake stands are also available as tiered stands that are often called cupcake stands, mainly used to display a range of cupcakes and pastries. The tiered stands are available as two tiered stands, three tiered stands and sometimes even four tiered stands. The most sought after cake stand for bakers is the rotating cake stand that generally has a wooden cake plate supported by a routine plate with wheels underneath. This helps the bakers in frosting and dressing the cakes with intricacy. The cake stands are generally complemented with a cloche that is a transparent cover that protects the desserts on the cake plates. The cake stands with dome keep the cakes away from flies, dust and from spilling over. If you are looking for cake stands online, or any type of rotating cake stand online or a cloche cake plate online, Nestasia is where you should land. Nestasia has a range of cupcake stands, cake stand and cloche cake plates in all sizes.   


The original shape of cake stands is round since cakes were originally made round. However with modern day fondant cakes and techniques, cake stands and cake plates have also taken up new shapes. Nestasia too houses rounded cake stands, tiered cake stands as well as square cake stands for all your fancy baking needs. The domes or cloches of the cake stands can also be round or square or rectangle, depending on the shape of the cake plates. 


Colourful cakes and cupcakes at birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and all occasions need cake stands that can complement them well. At Nestasia, you can find a range of white and colourful cake stands online. Whether it is a textured cake plate, a white cake plate, white cake stand, wooden cake stand, black cake stand, black cupcake stand, blue cake stand, pink cake stand, green cupcake stand, red cupcake stand or even golden cupcake display stand. 


There’s one for all and all for one when you shop at Nestasia. We have mini cupcake stands that are great for dinner dates or breakfast for two, cupcake stands medium and large size cupcake stands for your party needs. We also have cake stands with cloches in multiple sizes to choose from. 

Prices of cake stands

Cake stands can be used over and over again which makes them a good buy for the house. Nestaia’s cake stands range from INR 1000 to INR 6000 depending on the size, colour and material of the cake stands.