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Cushions are a great way to add color and texture to a living room, bedroom, lounge area, sofa, couch, or seating area. Following the color scheme in your cushion covers will compliment the decor of your room or add contrasting colors and patterns that make the decor stand out. Adding a range of colorful and cute cushion covers would also add some eclectic charm to the decor. 

The overall beauty of any house largely depends on furniture, fixtures, paint color, decor setting etc. But, even the small elements like cushions, curtains, table mats, and rugs also play an important role in giving an aesthetic look to the decoration style. The cushion covers play a pivotal role in determining the overall effect of your interior styling. The well-suited designer covers, with different patterns and textures can add oodles of glamor to your entire interior design.

Cushions help to spruce up furniture, and add elegance and comfort to the space. Nestasia's online range of embroidered and colorful cushion covers can adapt to any season or festive celebration and can revamp any corner of your house, sitting area, office space, and so on. Be it your living room or your bedroom, cushions add a sophisticated touch to any room with the correct cushion covers.

Shape and Size

Choosing the right shape and size of cushion cover is crucial as it enhances the interior of your home by reviving its appearance and ambiance. As cushion covers should effortlessly match with your decor, so finding the one that matches with your design is important. 

Traditionally the most common shape for a cushion is square, but Nestasia offers cushion covers in both rectangular and square shapes. Made in ideal shapes and sizes, the cushion and pillow covers will be the right pick for your cushions. The square ones go well with sofa cushions, couch cushions, or chair cushions, while the rectangular pillows for throws can be covered in our soft and comfortable throw pillow covers.

To give your house a detailed look, experiment and play with the shapes and sizes of the cushions and their covers. They provide a change of style and creativity while enhancing the look of your home decor. It is best to play around with throw pillows along with the big cushions to make your living room very polished.

Color and Pattern

Get a range of patterns, textures, and colors in cushion covers online in our soft furnishings collection. Nestasia offers a wide range of cute pastel color cushions, knitted cushion covers with pom poms, fringe and zippered covers in a variety of colors like pink, white, beige, navy blue, red, brown, green, orange, teal, black, multicolor and so on.  

Choose the color of your cushion cover as per your interiors and the type of ambience you would like to create. You can just buy cushion covers online from Nestasia that has a wide variety available. Once you know the right cushion covers to buy according to your requirement, you can be bold with choosing patterns. Cushion covers are designed in beautiful patterns such as abstract, animal, argyle, cartoon, checkered, zig zag, damask, embroidered, floral, geometric, graphic, paisley, polka, striped, and many other patterns.

Range and Usage

Cushion covers primarily function as a decoration for the sofa, couch, chair and bed, providing an inexpensive way for styling your living room or bedroom. Right from picking out appropriate furniture to decorating every nook and corner, we put in effort to create a living space that exudes comfort and style. Cushions bring about the comfort while the cushion covers take care of the style. Your cushion cover can complement or spice up the look of your room. 

From embroidered cushions to digitally printed cushions, we have it all for you to amp up the home with a varied range of cushions covers. There are several options to choose from, the relevant parameters being textures, motifs, hues, fabrics, and styles.

Nestasia’s range of cushions covers is wide which includes all types of prints like geometric, abstract, animal prints, pop art, retro, floral, cartoon, mandala, marble prints, plants, space, girly prints, harry potter, polka dots, hearts, multicolor and so on. The variety is innumerable and looks pretty with most of the decor settings. Our range also includes cushion covers for festivals and special occasions. The decorative pillow covers would be an add-on for the festive season. 


Nestasia not only offers the best quality but also offers an affordable price range for cushion covers. Our cost-effective products are made with the goal of providing the best to your homes. Our quality cushion covers are up to the mark to suit your home decor requirement. The prices of the products may differ depending on the size, shape, pattern, color, and texture of the cushion covers and cases. You can buy the best cushion covers online from Nestasia available at best prices and choose from a wide variety of beautiful covers.