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Whether you are looking for the perfect cups and mugs for your morning beverage or bath sets for your modern bathroom, we have extensive collections for all of these necessities.

Thinking of cooking and kitchen essentials? Well, we have got you covered for those too! We understand the importance of having the perfect dining experience whether you are having a nice, quiet evening with your loved ones or hosting guests. We understand how valuable a delightful dining experience can be for every occasion. Not to mention, you really cannot have a good dining experience without the right cutlery. And your one-stop destination for all of these is, of course, Nestasia!

Now that we have covered dining, what about decorating your living room? Spruce up your living room with our mesmerizing decor items, including candlestands, mirrors, artificial flowers, and indoor planters, adding a touch of warmth and charm to your space. Revamp your bath area with our exquisite dispensers, toothbrush holders, and bath sets, creating a soothing oasis for relaxation. 

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Explore Premium Home Decor & Accessories Online at Nestasia


At Nestasia, you can discover a world of premium dining essentials and a treasure trove of exquisite home accessories. Deep dive into the beautiful world of our premium dining essentials, painstakingly designed to make a luxury statement every day on your dining table. Our dinnerware collection consists of both sleek and minimalist designs and fun and quirky patterns, thus offering you endless possibilities to express your personal style.

-Cups and Mugs

Cups, mugs, cups and saucers are essential dishes that add style and convenience to the serving of beverages. Nestasia’s ceramic cups, glass cups, ceramic mugs, and glass mugs come in a wide variety of materials, designs, and functionalities, catering to different preferences and needs. We have a range of ceramic cups, ceramic mugs, mugs with lids, cups and saucers, double-walled glass mugs, and glass cups and mugs available at half the price in our Clearance sale.

-Plates and Platters

A dining experience is incomplete without the use of premium, high-quality plates, and platters, and you can get the most luxurious ones here at Nestasia at half price. Not only are these durable but also showcase the intricate craftsmanship that our artisans demonstrate through each of these pieces.

-Cutlery and holders

Complete your dining experience with the best of cutlery and cutlery holders, all available in our extensive collection here at Nestasia. Explore our collection of premium quality cutlery, that showcases intricate craftsmanship and lends a touch of elegance to each one of your dinners.


Discover a world of luxurious, interesting, and quirky kitchen necessities that will improve your cooking and eating occasions. In our Kitchenware Collection, you'll find the ideal fusion of fashion and utility. Explore our online store and let our collection of kitchen accessories alter your cooking and dining experiences when you can get them at 50% off in our Clearance sale.

-Baking Dishes

Making a delicious treat is no longer just about the taste. It’s equally important to present the dishes in style and Nestasia’s range of bakeware including premium-quality baking dishes and deep dishes, is here to encourage novice bakers and equip seasoned perfectionists. 

-Baking Trays

The joy of baking increases with Nestasia’s range of baking trays, which have been each crafted of high-quality ceramic. Whip up baked goodies in style, be it a fluffy chocolate cake, caramelized custard, tangy red sauce pasta, or classic baked cheesy chicken, and serve in these beautiful baking trays.


Bakers, assemble! Making the perfect cake requires many ingredients and Nestasia is here to support you with beautiful silicone cake moulds for every occasion! Whether you are making a cake, cupcake, or chocolates, Nestasia’s moulds will be your best friend.

Home Decor

With our Home Decor Collection, you can explore a magical world where each piece is a work of art waiting to embellish your living area. Our Home Decor Collection has an array of choices that represent artistry, craftsmanship, and timeless beauty.  Shop right away at half the price to embrace the art of interior design and establish a haven that reflects your distinct taste and character. 

-Candle stands

There are many ways that you can create an environment of opulence and luxury in your living room. Do you know the best way to do that? The answer is candles and candle stands! Prepare to be immersed in the comforting environment created by the warm glow of our alluring candles and their dancing flames and candle stands in our collection.

-Artificial flowers

It is not always easy to take care of and maintain real flowers in your flower arrangements. However, you can always add a touch of sophistication to your home decor by making a flower arrangement out of our artificial flowers, dried stems, cattails, and more. The best part is that you won’t have to break the bank for it.

-Indoor planters

Fond of gardening but don’t have the space for a real garden? How would you like a solution that keeps your passion for gardening alive and also amps up your living room decor? We bring to you an extensive collection of indoor planters like wall planters and hanging planters that not only add elegance to your living room decor but are available at 50% off!


Our collection of bathroom accessories is the pinnacle of elegant bathroom design. All of our bathroom accessories have been painstakingly created to improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and add a sense of luxury and elegance. You can buy numerous items from our collection and avail discounts of 50% off!


Don’t you just hate it when you are washing your hand with a bar of soap and it just slips and falls? Not only is this a breach of hygiene, but it also gets messy to clean the soap off your bathroom floor. You can avoid all of that by buying soap dispensers at amazing prices from Nestasia’s collection!

-Toothbrush holders

It is necessary to always keep your toothbrushes and other toiletries in a designated space to maintain proper hygiene and keep your bathroom looking clean and exquisite. One of the most important bathroom accessories that you must have is a toothbrush holder, and at Nestasia, you can get the one you like at amazing prices!

-Bath sets

Love the experience of a spa? You can create one right in your bathroom with Nestasia’s amazing collection of bath sets that include everything you need for a luxurious bathing experience every single time, all at the best prices too!


What types of bowls are commonly used for dining?

Commonly used bowls for dining include soup bowls, salad bowls, rice bowls, and cereal bowls. Soup bowls are deep and ideal for soups, stews, and broths. Salad bowls are wider and shallower, perfect for tossing and serving salads. Rice bowls are smaller, with a capacity for individual servings of rice. Cereal bowls are designed for breakfast cereals and often have a wide mouth. These versatile dining bowls come in various materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stainless steel, catering to different preferences and occasions, making them essential for any dining table.

How do I choose the right baking dish for my recipes?

Select a baking dish based on the recipe's requirements and your preferences. For casseroles and savory dishes, opt for deep and oven-safe dishes. For desserts like brownies and bars, a shallow baking dish works well. Use round pans for cakes and pies. Material matters too; glass and ceramic promote even heating, while metal pans give crisp edges. Non-stick coating aids easy release. Also, check the dish's heat resistance to match your recipe's temperature requirements. Lastly, consider the dish's aesthetics, as oven-to-table options add style. Carefully selecting a baking dish that complements your recipe ensures better cooking results and presentation.

Can I use silicone moulds in a conventional oven?

Yes, silicone moulds are oven-safe and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. They are flexible, making it easy to remove baked goods without sticking. Yes, silicone molds are safe to use in a conventional oven. They are heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures typically used in baking. Silicone molds are flexible, making it easy to remove baked goods without sticking. Remember to place the silicone mold on a baking sheet for stability when transferring it in and out of the oven. Their versatility and non-stick properties make silicone molds a popular choice for various baking needs.

How do I choose the right soap dispenser for my bathroom?

When selecting a soap dispenser, consider factors like the dispenser's design, capacity, and material. Opt for a style that complements your bathroom decor and ensure it can hold enough soap to last between refills. Look for a dispenser with a sturdy pump mechanism for smooth operation. Opt for a material that complements your bathroom decor, such as glass, ceramic, or stainless steel. Ensure the dispenser is easy to refill and clean. Additionally, check for features like drip-free technology and anti-slip bases for convenience and mess-free usage.

What are some creative ways to use indoor planters in home decor?

Indoor planters are versatile decor pieces. Transform them into miniature herb gardens in the kitchen for fresh culinary delights. Group various-sized planters to create a captivating centerpiece for the dining table. Use hanging planters to add greenery and life to your walls. For a unique touch, convert a planter into a pen or stationery holder on your desk. Indoor planters can also be used as stylish storage for bathroom essentials like cotton balls and makeup brushes. The possibilities are endless; let your imagination flourish!


Product Name Price
Mandala Snack Bowl Set Of 6 With Chopsticks Rs.945
Crystal Round Mirror Tray Large Rs.2080
Balloon Heart Coffee Mug Pink Set of 2 330ml Rs.1510
Fondue Set Rs.2175
Tulip Coffee Mug Yellow Set of 2 330ml Rs.945
Angel Statue Rs.1130
Tissue Box With Wooden Lid Blue Rs.520