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Dine in style with our exquisite collection of dinner sets from our modern dinner set collection. Discover a range of crockery sets that will turn every moment into a memorable occasion.

Luxury Ceramic Dinner Sets

Discover the Finest Dinner Sets Online for Unforgettable Dining Moments

Dinner sets are the most essential components of a table setup. Setting up a table setting with the perfect dinner set for the perfect occasion plays a vital role, and Nestasia is here to ensure that you’ve got your dinner set preferences fulfilled. Ceramic dinner plate sets are available in various colours, patterns, shapes, sizes, and designs at Nestasia. We also ensure that the dinner plate sets are crafted of the highest quality materials, be they premium clay or chip-resistant glass. 

Our dinner sets feature exquisite craftsmanship, with each dinner set receiving the proper treatment to make the plates, bowls, mugs, and tumblers food safe and lead-free. The ceramic dinner plate sets from Nestasia come in various patterns, from beautiful floral themes to geometric patterns, to suit different tastes and aesthetics.

We, at Nestasia, are aware of how crucial it is for a dinner set to match the occasion. Hence, our designers and artisans have crafted glamorous party dinner sets, casual dinner sets, modern dinner sets, formal dinner plate sets, and much more. Our dinner sets also vary in sets, meaning, we have dinner sets for a single person, as well as for a group of 6. The dinner sets offer a complete collection for each eating occasion and come with a range of components, including dinner plates, salad plates, snack bowls, serving bowls, and mugs.

We also ensure that our dinner sets are extremely durable, be they ceramic and porcelain dinner sets, glass dinner sets, or stoneware dinnerware sets. The sturdy build of the dinner sets guarantees that the dinnerware does not chip, crack, or fade, allowing you to set up the table with the dinner sets even on a daily basis. Furthermore, the glazes used on the ceramic surfaces provide a protective layer, making the dinnerware resistant to scratches and stains.

The ceramic dinner sets by Nestasia are non-porous, ensuring that no chemicals get leeched into the food and also that no flavours and odours are absorbed by the crockery. The dinnerware crockery without golden detailing is also microwave and dishwasher-safe, ensuring that Nestasia’s dinner sets allow easy functionality.

The dinner sets online from Nestasia combine function and fashion to improve your dining experience. Considering the wide spectrum of dinner set prices or dinner set costs available, our collection is a tribute to Nestasia's dedication to offering stunning home decor products featuring exceptional craftsmanship, modern designs, exceptional quality, and useful functions. Make your meals cherished occasions of joy and elegance by purchasing Nestasia's ceramic dinnerware online.

Discover A Wide Variety Of Dinner Sets At Nestasia

1. Formal Dinner Sets

Nestasia has a range of formal dinner set online that are ideal for hosting elegant dining occasions. Mentioned below are some of Nestasia’s dinner sets that are perfect for any occasion.

- Toujours Dinner Set

The Toujours dinner sets exude a minimalistic appeal, making them perfect for any formal dinner setting. The dinner set has 2 variants. Both the variants have a stark white coloured surface, however, the rims are available in colour options of blue or green.

- White Elysian Dinner Set

The White Elysian Dinner Set exudes elegance and glam, making it perfect for formal dinner parties. The dishes have a beaded rim that is golden in colour, while the rest of the surface is stark white in colour. The dinner set combines minimalistic and glamorous elements.

- Ivory White Dinner Set

The Ivory White Dinner Set online from Nestasia has dishes that are white in colour and have a brown ring design on the surface. The modern design of the dinner set makes it perfect for any formal dining table setting.

- Classic White Dinner Set

The Classic White Dinner set features crockery in white colour with a contrasting black coloured rim. This is the epitome of a formal dinner set, perfect for official dinners or for serving dignitaries. 

- Vera White Dinner Set

The Vera White Dinner Set is an impressive dinner set for a formal table setting. The dishes in this dinner set feature a stark white surface and glamorous golden rims that have a brilliant sheen. Feel free to use this dinner set for festive table settings too.

2. Traditional Dinner Sets

Nestasia presents a selection of traditional dinner sets featuring ethnic-inspired motifs and exquisite handmade craftsmanship. These dinner sets provide the perfect backdrop for celebrating timeless traditions, all while considering your specific dinner set price and dinner set cost preferences.

- Cara Green Dinner Set

The Cara Green Dinner Set online is the epitome of elegance, with golden detailing contrasting the dishes' deep green color. The bright-colored traditional food items will look stunning on these dishes.

- Bohemia Dinner Set

The Bohemia Dinner Set online exudes an artistic flair and features traditional bohemian patterns that make these the perfect dishes for traditional occasions.

- Palm Leaf Dinner Set

The Palm Leaf Dinner Set has white-coloured dishes with patterns of long leaves in blue colour. The earthy elements will complement the traditional theme of the table setting. The artisanal build of the crockery is another charm of this dinner set.

- Holly Jolly Dinner Set

The Holly Jolly Dinner Set is perfect for any traditional Christmas dinner table setting. With Christmas-themed motifs printed on the surface of the dishes and ‘Holly Jolly’ written at the centre, this dinner set embodies the Christmas spirit.

- Pink Ombre Dinner Set

The attractive and graceful design of the Pink Ombre Dinner Set is intended to elevate traditional celebrations. This set radiates elegance with its pink ombre pattern and golden rim. It is the best option for presenting food at festivities and special events.

- Green & White Elysian Dinner Set

The Green & White Elysian Dinner Set online features a combination of green and white dishes with a golden rim. The dining table gains depth and sophistication with the intriguing contrast created by this colour combination. It's the ideal option for people looking for a classic yet contemporary style of dinner set.

- Soboku Dinner Set

The Soboku Dinner Set online lets you experience the traditional Oriental meal it was made to present. This set, which was built using clay, captures the natural beauty and authenticity of the Oriental dining tradition. 

3. Modern Dinner Sets

Elevate your dining experience with Nestasia's range of modern and sleek dinner sets online and add a touch of contemporary style to dining traditions.

- Zoella Grey Dinner Set

The Zoella Grey Dinner Set symbolises modern refinement with its unique design. The designer crockery features an orange-coloured exterior, which contrasts with the sleek grey-coloured interior. This simplistic and stylish dinner set is what modern aesthetics are all about.

- Ocean Blue Dinner Set

This dinner set draws its inspiration from sea elements, but with a dash of modernity. The colours are a serene blue, and the dishes have been inspired by seashells. Crafted from sturdy ceramic, this dinner set is sure to impress guests.

- Pink Marble Dinner Set

The Pink Marble Dinner Set has a soothing marble patterned surface in pink and white, accompanied by a golden rim. The modern dinner set combines glam and modern elements to grace the dinner table with style.

- Grey Marble Dinner Set

The Grey Marble Dinner Set has a soothing marble patterned surface in grey and white, accompanied by a golden rim. The dinner set exudes modernity by combining elements of minimalism and glam.

- Feliz Dinner Set

The Feliz Dinner Set has playful and vibrant aesthetics with white-coloured dishes accompanied by yellow rims and abstract patterns. This modern dinner set can be perfect for daily use in any modern household.

- House of Eden Dinner Set

The House of Eden Dinner Set combines modern elegance with nature-inspired elements. The dishes feature soothing grey colours with leaf motifs. The dinner set has plates and bowls with a matte finish and is perfect for versatile use.

4. Casual Dinner Set

Nestasia has a delightful range of casual dinner sets that are perfect for everyday meals and carefree gatherings. The dinner sets in this category feature whimsical patterns and sturdy builds for daily usage.

- Chrome Dinner Set

The Chrome Dinner Set gives your table an element of fun and playfulness. This set of plates and bowls has a red exterior and a yellow interior, giving it a lively look. It's a great option for hosting casual dinners and lunches.

- Floral Heart Dinner Sets

The Floral Dinner Set has delicate patterns that look even more beautiful due to the white-coloured surface. This casual dinner set is perfect for hosting a spring-themed party.

- Strawberry Dinner Set

This dinner set has white-coloured dishes featuring patterns of red strawberries to add freshness to any casual table setting. Get this dinner set to add cheer to every dinner party.

- Flora Dinner Set

The Flora Dinner Set has ivory-coloured dishes with delicate blue flowers printed near the rims of every dish. This casual dinner set is handmade and exudes artisanal charm.

Discover Our Elegant Dinnerware Sets and Find Your Perfect Dining Companion

1. CARA collection

The Cara collection of luxury dinner sets and designer crockery features ceramic plates, bowls, and other dishes in distinctive colours of white and green. The dishes further have a golden-coloured rim and patterns of gold splatter towards the edge. The Cara collection is sophisticated and glam.

2. Ombre collection

The luxury dinner sets and designer crockery items of Ombre collection feature ombre-shaded crockery items in variants of pink & white tones and green & white tones. The dishes in this collection also have shiny glazed surfaces with glamorous golden rims.

- Plates

This collection's ceramic snack and dinner plates crockery items have a textured surface and exude elegance with their glazed finish and golden rim.

- Serving Bowls

The serving bowls feature the signature vibrant ombre-shaded tones of this collection. The spacious serving bowls are ideal for serving the main course, be it rice and noodles or curry and vegetables.

- Snack Bowls

The ceramic bowls can be used as soup bowls, snack bowls or side bowls to pair with the ceramic plates in the Ombre collection.

3. Ceramic Stoneware Dinner Sets

Ceramic stoneware dinner sets embody a harmonious fusion of durability, practicality, and visual charm. Fashioned from premium clay and subjected to high-temperature firing, these sets are engineered to withstand daily use while upholding their aesthetic appeal, all while staying mindful of dinner set price or dinner set cost. The stoneware's exceptional heat retention ensures consistently warm meals during dining, and its smooth, non-porous surface simplifies cleaning and upkeep, making it a cost-effective choice for busy homes.

At Nestasia, we have the Eclectic Grey Stoneware Dinner Set and Emerald Stoneware dinner set which are artisanal pieces and the epitome of stoneware artistry.

4. Nitori collection

Nitori is a collection of blue and white coloured printed crockery items that exude oriental charm and are perfect for serving guests during festivities as well as for daily use. The Nitori maintains the same colour theme but has variations in patterns, including polka dots, abstract symbols, and circular lined patterns.

- Ceramic spoons

The spoons feature patterned handles with a serene white-coloured base. The depth of the spoon makes it ideal as a soup spoon.

- Ceramic bowls

The serving bowls in the Nitori collection are ideal for serving main courses and curries with their spacious and deep structure. The snack bowls are ideal for being used as soup bowls and side bowls too.

- Bakeware

Nitori baking bowls include handles on either side of the bowl for an easier baking experience. Since the bakeware has attractively patterned surfaces, you can use the bakeware directly for serving.

- Plates

Nestasia Nitori ceramic plates are a captivating fusion of classic and contemporary design. These plates boast a timeless blue and white patterned surface, inspired by the elegance of traditional ceramics. Crafted with high-quality ceramic material, these plates are not only visually appealing but also highly durable, ensuring long-lasting use.

5. VERA collection

Take your luxury dinner sets’ game a notch higher with our exclusive VERA collection. This collection is a reflection of modern-day crockery items that blend perfectly with both formal and casual setups. The collection comes in white, black, and pink with golden rims.

6. Modern Minimalist Collection

Nestasia’s modern minimalist dinnerware sets collection is a flawless blend of minimalist crockery items, giving your dining room a touch of sheer elegance. This collection is the perfect choice when it comes to food photography for the bright colors of the crockery sets make the food pop.

7. Mint collection

The Azure mint collection features dishes in a soothing mint green colour with glam golden rims. The elegantly coloured crockery items make for a stylish addition to one's crockery items’ collection.

8. Geometric collection

Explore a huge range of plates with numerous abstract geometrical shapes. The plates and bowls in geometric shapes are the perfect additions to modern table setups.

9. Hearts collection

The luxury dinner set Hearts collection makes the perfect addition to glam table setups. The plates and bowls in this collection have gold details, heart patterns, blue rims, and a white base.

10. Mandala Collection

Choose from a range of artistic mandala designs in numerous eye-pleasing colours. The intricate Mandala patterns on the plates and bowls make them perfect for serving during festivities and occasions. 

11. Kid’s Collection

Witness a collection made especially for kids with cute cartoon characters and accents. These dishes are made specifically to attract children and ensure that they enjoy eating their food.

12. Earthy collection 

This collection features dishes in rustic and earthy tones, including stoneware and clay designer crockery items to elevate table settings.

Tips and Tricks for Selecting a Dinner Set that Fits Your Lifestyle and Taste

  1. Consider Your Lifestyle: Choose dinner sets, cutlery and crockery sets that complement your lifestyle. If you host frequent gatherings, opt for durable and versatile sets. If you prefer low maintenance, go for dishwasher-safe options.
  2. Reflect Your Taste: Look for designs that resonate with your personal style. Whether it's classic, modern, or eclectic, find dinner sets, cutlery, and crockery sets that bring joy to your table.
  3. Set Size: Consider the number of people in your household and frequent guests. Pick dinner sets, cutlery and crockery sets with enough pieces to accommodate your needs.
  4. Set Extras: Consider extras like serving platters or bowls that complement the dinner sets, cutlery and crockery sets and add versatility to your collection.
  5. Special Occasion Sets: Invest in a separate set for special occasions to add an extra touch of elegance and charm to your gatherings.
  6. Patterns and Textures: Explore unique patterns and textures that add depth and character to your table setting, making dining experiences more enjoyable.
  7. PriceSet a defined budget and remain committed to it when shopping for dinner sets. With diverse dinner set prices or dinner set costs available, you can locate one that suits your budget while meeting your needs.

Check out other dining essentials online at Nestasia 

1. Cups, mugs & drinkware

Ceramic cups & mugs add a cozy and charming touch to morning coffee routines or afternoon tea breaks. Whiskey glass tumblers provide a sophisticated appeal, perfect for savoring fine spirits in style. On the other hand, stemmed wine glasses enhance the aromas and flavors of your favorite wines, making every sip a delightful journey.

2. Bowls

Ceramic snack bowls and serving bowls are stylish and versatile additions to your kitchen. Snack bowls are perfect for casual gatherings, while serving bowls elevate the presentation of your favorite dishes on special occasions. With charming designs and heat retention properties, ceramic bowls offer both artistry and functionality to your dining experience.

3. Plates & platters

Plates and platters are essential elements of a well-appointed table setting. Plates come in various sizes and styles, from dinner plates for main courses to smaller dessert plates. They offer a perfect canvas for presenting your culinary creations with style. Platters, on the other hand, are designed to showcase larger portions of appetizers, roasts, or charcuterie, making them ideal for entertaining guests. 

4. Table linen

Table linen, including table mats, coasters, and table runners, are essential dining accessories that combine both functionality and aesthetics. Table mats and coasters protect your table from scratches and spills while adding a neat and organized touch to each place setting. Meanwhile, table runners run along the centre, offering a decorative element that enhances the overall dining experience.

5. Glassware

Glassware, featuring tumblers and stemmed glasses, adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any beverage service. Tumblers, often versatile and sturdy, are perfect for everyday use and can hold a variety of drinks like water, juice, or cocktails. Stemmed glasses, such as wine glasses and champagne flutes, are designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of specific beverages.

6. Bar Tools

Bar tools are essential accessories for any cocktail or wine enthusiast. Stirrers help mix ingredients flawlessly, ensuring a perfect blend of flavors. A cocktail strainer ensures a smooth and seamless pour, preventing ice and unwanted particles from reaching your glass. Straws add a fun touch to sipping cocktails or mocktails, while wine bottle holders provide a stylish and practical way to store and display your favorite wine bottles.

7. Cutlery

Stainless steel cutlery sets are the epitome of durability and style. With their sleek and timeless design, they add an elegant touch to any dining experience. Easy to clean and maintain, these sets are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. 

8. Cutlery holders 

Cutlery holders are essential kitchen accessories that help keep your utensils organized and easily accessible. They not only declutter your drawers but also add a touch of organization to your countertop or dining table.

9. Snack baskets & stands

Snack baskets and stands are delightful storage solutions for all your favorite treats and munchies. Whether it's a movie night or a casual gathering, these versatile accessories add a touch of convenience and style to your snacking experience. Snack stands offer an elevated presentation for a variety of treats, making them eye-catching centerpieces for your dining table or party setup.

10. Fondue sets

Fondue sets are the ultimate way to create a fun and interactive dining experience. These delightful sets typically include a fondue pot, fondue forks, and a heating source. Whether it's cheese, chocolate, or savory broth, fondue allows you to dip and indulge in a variety of delicious treats.

11. Cake stands

Cake stands and multi-tiered dessert stands are elegant and practical accessories for showcasing your sweet creations. Cake stands provide a stylish platform to display cakes, cupcakes, and pastries, adding a touch of sophistication to any dessert spread. Multi-tiered dessert stands offer a stunning presentation for a variety of treats, maximizing table space and creating a beautiful centerpiece for weddings, parties, or afternoon tea gatherings.

12. Trays

Trays are versatile and practical essentials for serving and organizing with ease. From breakfast in bed to afternoon tea, trays provide a convenient way to carry and present meals and refreshments.

Explore Other Home & Living Essentials Online at Nestasia 

1. Kitchen

Kitchen essentials are the must-have tools and accessories that make cooking and meal preparation a breeze. From versatile cookware like cooking pots and pans to sharp knives and cutting boards, these essentials ensure efficient and enjoyable cooking experiences. 

2. Decor

Home Decor accents are the finishing touches that add personality and charm to your living spaces. Explore stylish & decorative flower vases and candles, wall art, mirrors, and photo frames, and create focal points that add character to your home decor. 

3. Bags & Accessories

Bags & Accessories offer both style and functionality to complement your daily life. Laptop bags provide secure and stylish protection for your devices, while lunch bags keep your meals fresh and ready to go. Backpacks and duffle bags offer versatile storage options for your belongings during travel or everyday activities. Travel accessories kit keep your essentials organized and accessible during journeys. Makeup pouches help you keep your beauty products tidy and easily accessible. Beauty accessories like scarves for women add a touch of elegance to your outfits, while makeup blenders and hair ties complete your beauty routine. 

4. Bath

Indulge in bathroom essentials like plush towels and bath sets for a luxurious and refreshing bathing experience. Wrap yourself in softness and style, transforming your daily routine into a moment of relaxation and comfort. Elevate your bathroom with coordinating bath sets that add a touch of elegance to your space.

5. Soft furnishings

Discover soft furnishings to add comfort, warmth, and style to any living space. From plush cushions and cozy throws and blankets to decorative rugs and comfortable bedcovers, these accessories create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

6. Stationery

The stationery section is the ultimate toolkit for organization and creativity. Journals, notebooks, planners, and notepads help you stay on top of tasks and ideas, while desk organizers keep your workspace tidy. Express yourself and stay productive with Nestasia’s essential stationery items.

Check Out Luxury Gifts Hampers, Bags & Gift Cards Online at Nestasia

Discover the epitome of luxury gifting at Nestasia! Treat your loved ones to exquisite gifts with our curated hampers, stylish bags, and thoughtful gift cards. Whether it's a special occasion or a heartfelt gesture, our selection is designed to make every moment extraordinary. From elegant hampers filled with premium goodies to chic bags that exude sophistication, find the perfect gift that resonates with your recipient's style and taste. Experience the joy of giving with Nestasia's exclusive collection of luxury gifts, available online for your convenience and delight.

Explore Special Diwali Gift Hampers Online at Nestasia

To make your Diwali celebrations truly wholesome, Nestasia offers an extensive assortment of Diwali gifts online, which are expertly designed to make your Diwali festivities extra special. Inside these Diwali hampers, you will find an assortment of items, which perfectly resonate with the fervor and spirit of the festive season. In your quest for unique Diwali gifts, you can explore our carefully curated collection of products. These items will go beyond Diwali, and forever be cherished as memorable keepsakes.

Why Choose Nestasia?

Indulge in the art of dining with Nestasia's exquisite dinner sets and dining crockery sets! With several options to choose from, here's why buying dinner sets, dining crockery sets from Nestasia is an exceptional choice:

- Elegance and Style: Nestasia's dinner sets, dining crockery sets exude elegance and style, adding a touch of sophistication to your dining experience. The carefully curated designs and patterns elevate your table setting, making every meal a delightful affair.

- Quality and Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, Nestasia's dinner sets, dining crockery sets are built to last. The sturdy construction ensures durability, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and functionality of your dinnerware for years to come.

- Versatility: Whether it's a formal dinner or a casual gathering, Nestasia's dinner sets are versatile and suitable for any occasion. They effortlessly adapt to your unique dining needs, making them an ideal choice for all types of events.

- Thoughtful Designs: Nestasia's dinner sets feature thoughtful designs that cater to various tastes and preferences. From classic and timeless to modern and trendy, there's a dinner set to suit every individual's style.

- Comprehensive Sets: Nestasia offers comprehensive dinner sets that include all the essential pieces, from dinner plates to dessert bowls. This completeness ensures you have everything you need for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing table setting.

- Perfect Gifts: Nestasia's dinner sets, dining crockery sets make thoughtful and unforgettable gifts for special occasions, weddings, housewarmings, or anniversaries. Gifting a beautiful dinner set reflects your taste and consideration for your loved ones.

- Customer Satisfaction: Nestasia is dedicated to providing exceptional customer satisfaction. You can trust the brand's commitment to quality, ensuring your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional.


Q: Can I put the dinner set in the oven or freezer without damaging it?

A: When it comes to using dinner sets, dining crockery sets in the oven or freezer, caution is essential. While most standard ceramic and glass dinner sets are oven-safe, it is crucial to check that they don’t have golden detailing, which makes the crockery not safe for use in the oven. Not all dinner sets are freezer-safe. Rapid temperature changes can lead to breakage and it is also important to ensure that the crockery is not kept in the freezer for a long duration. 

Q: How do I find a dinner set that fits my style and budget?

A: Finding a dinner set that aligns with your style and budget requires a strategic approach. First, determine your preferred style and aesthetic—classic, modern, minimalist, or colorful—this will narrow down your options. Next, set a budget range and explore various retailers, both in-store and online, to compare prices and availability. Consider opting for versatile sets with essential pieces that can be mixed and matched to suit different occasions. By combining thorough research, a clear vision of your style, and careful budget management, you'll be well-equipped to find a dinner set that perfectly fits your needs.

Q: How many pieces do I need in a dinner set for my family or guests? 

A: The number of pieces you need in a dinner set for your family or guests depends on the size of your family and your entertaining habits. For a basic set, consider having at least one dinner plate, one salad/dessert plate, one soup bowl, and one cup/mug per person. So, for a family of four, a minimum of four of each piece would be suitable. However, if you often host guests or prefer having extra tableware for convenience, consider getting additional pieces, such as serving platters, serving bowls, and more. Evaluate your dining habits and the number of people you typically entertain to determine the ideal size for your dinner set.

Q: What are the different sizes and shapes of dinner sets available?

A: Dinner sets come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different preferences and occasions. The most common shapes are round, with plates and bowls featuring rounded edges, providing a classic and versatile look. For those seeking a modern twist, square dinner sets and geometric-shaped dinner sets offer plates and bowls with straight edges. Additionally, some dinner sets feature unique shapes like leaf-shaped plates for a nature-inspired table setting, or heart-shaped plates to add a touch of romance and charm to special occasions. With such diverse options, there's a dinner set shape to match every style and aesthetic preference.

Q: Can I use the dinner set in the microwave and dishwasher without problems?

A: In general, most ceramic and glass dinner sets are microwave and dishwasher-safe, making them convenient for everyday use. However, it's essential to be cautious with dinner sets that have gold detailing, as they are not microwave safe due to the metal content. Additionally, while ceramic and glass crockery is generally freezer-safe for short periods, extended freezing can lead to cracking due to the expansion and contraction of the material. Similarly, prolonged exposure to high heat in the oven can also cause issues such as thermal shock or breakage.

Product Name Price
Blue Flower Ceramic 22 Piece Dinner Set For 6 Rs.11990
Luxe Moroccan 28-Piece Ceramic Dinnerware For 6 Dark Green Rs.18450
Earthy 22 Piece Dinner Set For 6 Sage Green Rs.12450
Amber Clay 22 Piece Dinnerset For 6 Rs.12450
White Stoneware Design 28-Piece Dinner Set For 6 Rs.18450
Sage Green Textured 27-Piece Dinner Set For 6 Rs.14990
Lilac Scalloped 22 Piece Dinner Set For 6 Rs.12950