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Round Dinner Plate
₹ 1,295
Plate For Cookies
₹ 1,050
Blue And White Snack Plate
₹ 1,050
Blue And White Dinner Plate
₹ 1,350
Pink Dinner Plate
₹ 1,450
Pink Snack Plate
₹ 995
Pink Soup Bowl
₹ 395
Nibble Bowl
₹ 995
Ceramic Soup Spoon
₹ 175
Sweets Plate
₹ 275
Bloom Bowls
From ₹ 350
Bloom Tray
₹ 1,120
Bloom Dish
₹ 550
Bloom Gravy Bowl
₹ 790
Bloom Bowl With Handle
₹ 750
Ocean Plates
From ₹ 250
Blue And White Ceramic Bowl
₹ 350
Ceramic Small Dish
₹ 190
Blue And White Plate
₹ 490
Leaf Design Dish
₹ 590
Dinner Set Serving Bowl
₹ 1,295
Dinner Set Dessert Plate
₹ 690
Dinner Set Plates
From ₹ 950
Dinner Set Side Bowl
₹ 690
Square Dinner Set
₹ 2,790
Square Dinner Set Blue
₹ 2,790
Square Dinner Set White
₹ 2,790
Azo Dinner Plate
₹ 1,490
Azo Appetizer Plate
₹ 1,190
Azo Serving Plate
₹ 1,350
Azo Serving Bowl
₹ 1,390
Azo Side bowl
₹ 490
Baking Plate Nitori
₹ 875
Snack Plate Nitori
₹ 550
Dinner Plate Nitori
₹ 890
Sunflower Dinner Set for 2
₹ 4,550
Sunflower Dinner Set
₹ 2,690
Long Plate with Design
₹ 850
Quirky Dinner Plate
₹ 850
Strawberry Dinner Set
₹ 2,690
Strawberry Dinner Set for 2
₹ 4,550
VERA White Plates
From ₹ 350
VERA Black Plates
From ₹ 350
VERA Black Bowl
From ₹ 490
Blue Dinner Set
₹ 4,550
Snacks Crockery Set
₹ 1,950
Red Dinner Set
₹ 4,550
Snacks Crockery Set Red
₹ 1,950
Chrome Side Bowl
₹ 450
Chrome Salad Bowl
₹ 890
Chrome Serving Bowl
₹ 1,350
Chrome Long Plate
₹ 1,450
Chrome Snack Plate
₹ 1,050
Colorful Mug
₹ 695
Chrome Dessert Plate
₹ 450
Dessert Plate Set of 4
₹ 590
White Dinner Set
₹ 5,950
CARA 2 part bowl - midnight green
₹ 695
CARA square salad plate - midnight green
₹ 1,095
Cara Square Deep Plate
₹ 1,690
CARA Plate With Wooden Handle
₹ 1,650
Daisy Dish with Handles
₹ 1,650
Daisy Dish
₹ 1,150
Daisy Dish S
₹ 295
Daisy Bowl S
₹ 520
Daisy Tray
₹ 1,290
Daisy Long Plate
₹ 1,590
Daisy Plate with Handle
₹ 1,150
Deep Pasta Plate
₹ 1,050
Coloured Dinner Plate
₹ 1,750
Coloured Plate
₹ 990
Vera White Dinner Set
₹ 8,250
Marble Serving Bowl
₹ 1,150
White Marble Dinner Plate
₹ 690
White Marble Snack Plate
₹ 490
Marble Crockery Set
₹ 6,450
Marble Dinner Set
₹ 6,450
Marble Tiffin Box
₹ 1,350
White Crockery Set
₹ 6,450
Hand painted Dinner Set Nitori
₹ 11,990
Nitori Dinner Set
₹ 11,990
Mandala Oval Dish
₹ 850
Mandala Serving Bowl Set of 2
₹ 950
Mandala Platter Set of 2
₹ 950
Mandala Snack Plate Set of 2
₹ 950
Mandala Dinner Plate
₹ 850
Mandala Bakeware Set of 2
₹ 950
Orient Serving Bowl
₹ 1,295
Orient Deep Plate
₹ 1,175
Orient Plate
₹ 975
Royal Bowl
₹ 845
Royal Deep Plate
₹ 1,085
Royal Plate
From ₹ 895
Royal Platter
₹ 1,545
Royal Soup Bowl
From ₹ 1,155
Royal Spoon
From ₹ 145
Painting Plate
₹ 1,175
Serving Bowl With Handles Nitori Small
₹ 650
Pot With Handle Nitori
₹ 920
Spoons Nitori
From ₹ 120

Dinner Set is much more than crockery for home. You can call it what you like -  dinner set, dinnerware, tableware, serveware, crockery set, crockery, plate and bowls set or dinner set crockery. A dinner set not only defines the dining experience, it also defines the family time at breakfast, lunch or dinner. A dinnerware can enhance the meal and set the mood for it. Selecting the right kitchen crockery is about matching your tableware or serveware with the way you like to eat and entertain. A good choice of dinnerware will have the right balance of style and practicality for your household/ kitchen/ restaurant and be well suited not only to your table, but also to your the way you cook and present your food. 

If you are looking for dinner set online for purposes like a dinner set for gift, dinner set for wedding gift, dinner set for kids or more, look no further. Whether it is a formal dinner set, traditional dinner set, modern dinner set, or a dinner set for casual dinners - you've hit the right place. Nestaisa has a wide range of ceramic dinner sets to choose from. We not only give you the option to purchase a complete dinner set but also the flexibility to mix and match from a range of ceramic plates and bowls. You can tailor make a dinner set, whether it is a dinner set for 2 person, dinner set for 4 or even dinner set for 12. 

Some of Nestasia's popular ceramic dinner sets are-

1. CARA collection - A collection of the best quality ceramic dinner set that comes in shades of green, white and grey. An arena of round and square dinner plates, snack plates, serving plates, side bowls, serving bowls, serving platters, spice jar containers and tea cups. While the white dinner set and green dinner set from CARA collection cannot be used in the microwave, the grey dinner set has microwave safe crockery that can be used as serveware and bakeware.  

2. Nitori Collection - Blend into an artistic dinner setup with the ceramic dinnerware inspired by the famous Japanese art form, 'Shibori'. Microwave safe dinner sets that have hand painted patterns in the royal indigo colour and white. The Nitori collection has complete dinner sets of 33 pieces and also an option to choose from  a range of ceramic dinner plates, ceramic bowls, spoons, chopsticks, platters and bakeware. The Nitori dinner set collection is completely microwave safe. 

3. VERA collection - Elevate your dining experience with the luxury dinner sets from the VERA collection. Available in 5 colors (white, black, blue, pink and green) with a gold border lining, this dinnerware collection is a bespoke collection of modern day crockery. Create your dinner set with the different sizes of plates and bowls or simply buy the complete dinner set from the collection. The modern crockery is suited for both formal and informal dinner settings that can set the tone of the gathering.

4. Ombre Collection - A dinnerware collection that is colourful yet, subtle and elegant. A dinner set collection that goes beyond the solid colours and can still be used for a formal dinner setup. Available in shades of pink, blue and grey, the Ombre collection has a range of deep plates, serving bowls, serving plates, bakeware and even tea sets. Perfect for oriental and Asian meals, the dinner sets can be custom made as per your choice. You could pick between a square dinner plate or a round dinner plate, serving bowl with handle or without a handle, long serving plate or a serving plate with handle. 

5. Ceramic stoneware - Dinner set collection made in fine ceramic that have a stoneware finish. Available in light and bright shades of pink, blue and grey - the ceramic dinner set is the perfect selection for the ones who like to add simplicity to their dinner table.  

6. Modern Minimalist - If you like to style your dinner setup with modern day crockery but also love to cut the extra, the modern minimalist dinner collection is for you. A plethora of ceramic dinner plates, ceramic serving plates, section plates, ceramic plates in various designs that can be used as snack plates, ceramic bowls in various shapes and sizes, tea sets in impeccable design and bright colours and so much more. Perfect for plating and food photography, the modern minimalist collection of dinner crockery swears by colours. 

Other than the above mentioned signature dinner sets, Nestasia also has other stylish and impressive dinner sets. The mandala collection with artistic mandala patterns, the Azure mint collection with a subtle mint and white colours, hearts collection, blush collection in pink, geometric collection with unusual shapes of dinnerware, Earthy collection with rustic tones, strawberry collection with pop of colours, floral and fruity collections, blue and oriental collections of dinnerware, fiesta collection for kids, marble dinnerware for elite marble finish, Natura and sleek collection of textured plates and bowls and so much more. 

Nestasia's colelction ranges from traditional dinner sets to contemporary dinner sets, casual dinner sets to formal dinner sets, dinner set for 2 to dinner set for 8, budget friendly dinner set to luxury dinner set, dinner set for kids to dinner set for family.

How should you choose a dinner set that suits you?

With the multiple options available, selecting one dinner set can be difficult. Choosing a dinnerware set with an elevated border or rim detail will add colour and persona while still showcasing the meal itself. For the more informal dinners, make a splash with the colours and patterns that are attractive. Be adventurous and consider going with crockery sets that are trend driven. If you are purchasing for longevity and do not like to experiment a lot with crockery, classic or solid white dinner set is a timeless, versatile option. 

The shape of your dinner plates can also change the tone of your serving. While square plates, oblong plates and oval plates have an edgier, contemporary appeal, round dinner plates retain the classic appeal. For large gatherings, consider serving bowls and platters that are microwave safe for quicker heating and serving. 

When you look for dinner set online at Nestasia, dinner set price no more remains a concern. There is no right or wrong way of selecting a dinner set - make your own dinner set from the collection that suits your budget, occasion and family size. The style of your dinner set will reflect your personal taste and bring you pleasure every time you set the table.