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Floormats and Runner Rug

Whether you have marble, carpet, or hardwood flooring, floor mats can be an excellent addition to any home or office. Our versatile range of floor mats and door mats offer a wide range of benefits, and there are lots of ways you can use them for a number of applications. Floor mats are very common in Indian households. They serve many functions, right from keeping your floors stain-free, to keeping your feet warm during winters and offering a comfortable surface to lie down on during summers. The place of a floor mat in your home becomes irreplaceable once you get used to it.

More than serving just as a dirt-resistant accessory in homes, offices, and other places, floor mats also serve the purpose of protecting you from accidental falls, slips, and trips by maintaining a better foot grip. 

The first thing that comes to the entrance of any place is the door mat, which makes the entry dust-free while giving the entrance an elegant look. We have brought before you a list of the best door mats for your home, that will make your home look more attractive by keeping it clean.

Shape and Size of Floor Mats

Not all mats are made in a similar size. Before buying mats for inside or outside of your home, there are a few things to consider like the texture of the mat, shape, and size of the mat, material, utility, and so on. Floor mats for home come in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles, each offering a unique attribute. Think about the place where you want to place the mat, and accordingly choose the shape and size of the floor mat

Floor mats are available in a range of shapes, including rectangle, semicircle, round, oval, square, etc. At Nestasia, floor mats are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Our sizes are ideal to be used indoors and outdoors. For indoor mats, choose a size that is not too overpowering as per the size of the room. Floor runner rugs are of the perfect size if you want to decorate small or narrow spaces. For outside the house or in bigger spaces, the size of the floor mats can be larger as it would not affect the functionality of the space. 

The most common shape for a floor mat is rectangular and Nestasia offers shapes like rectangles and semicircles, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The semicircle-shaped floor mats give a more attractive look to the area. The rectangular floor mats are generally used in the bedroom, kitchen, living area, and so on. 

Color and Pattern of Floor Mats

While choosing floor mats for house, you have a lot of color choices to choose from. The color of the floor mats should define the type of your existing decor and should not be something bizarre, so choose a color that is familiar to your home decor. You can even choose colors that complement other colors that are already being used in your decor. Also, avoid using color as that of the floor, for instance, if the surface color is brown, go for bright colors like yellow, light blue, white, and so on. 

Nestasia has made floor mats available in an array of colors like yellow, light blue, dark blue, white, green, purple, pink, red , and so on. Choosing the right color of the floor mats or door mats is crucial as they would be the first impression on someone as they enter the house or office. You can buy a wide range of the best floor mats online at Nestasia. 

If we talk of the patterns of door mats that Nestasia offers, there are cute and pretty patterned floor mats that would complement every type of decor. Our patterns generally include floral designs that are available in two variants, then there are floor mats that are of simple solid colors in a variety to match every decor.

Range and Usage of Floor Mats

Floor mats and door mats can have several different types depending on their functionality. Floor runners and mats can be used for domestic as well as corporate purposes, so the mats come in a lot of variations to be used at different places. 

At Nestasia, floor mats are available in different sizes to be used in various places like the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, entrance area, and so on. These floor mats are designed to absorb water and trap dust and dirt particles. 

These mats are crafted with high-quality material that works effectively and keeps the house clean. All our mats have a soft and comfortable texture that will also keep your feet warm on cold days. The floor mats have good absorbency that would quickly absorb water or dirt particles from outside. One such variant of floor mats is available which has an absorbent foam inside and has the property of quick-drying. These can be well used as bathroom floor mats and kitchen mats.

Price of Floor Mats

Our set prices of floor mats and door mats online will surely suit your budget requirement. Our cost-effective products are made with the goal of providing the best quality products to your homes. Nestasia’s quality of floor mats is up to the mark to suit your requirement. The set prices of a variety of products may differ depending on the design, texture, pattern, color, shape, and size of the mats.