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    Trendy notebooks can add color to your desk and life!

    With the correct apps, a smartphone can do most things, but at times it is sensible to occasionally ditch your phone in favor of a dependable notebook. A switch is mandatory from relying on phones to physical notebooks. It is something that can help one to wean from smartphone addiction. Pull away from the screen by outsourcing some digital tasks to our assorted range of notebooks. We house a range of pleather notebook for both professional and personal use. You can also experiment with various vibrant colors in suede and pleather for business purposes. Our products come with premium finish to appease our valued customers.

    Unsure of what to fill in the notebook? Start with something easy like a planner, keeping track of goals or appointments, etc. A notebook is a go-to tool to make one more organized.

    Love fancy notebooks? You will see a lot of people on this boat. People always get pulled to the stationary aisle, aahing and oohing over the elaborate covers and flipping through the pages, budding with creative possibilities. A stylish or colorful notebook in our suede collection is a great place to pen down diagrams, doodles, or sketches. It is not solely meant for writing. Hence, in the spirit of minimalism and mindful buying, explore and put together an exhaustive list of ideas in our fancy and pretty notebooks.

    Notebooks as a diary- is one of the most simple and obvious use of a notebook. Journaling is a very significant habit which one can use aptly to live their best lives. Fancy notebooks can become the storehouse of dreams.

    Do you know every dream is fascinating? Dreams can also be incredibly ephemeral. Dream journaling consistently will train the brain to remember visions. It might help to deduce a pattern and understand what dreams mean. No wonder doctors are recommending journaling to combat mental health issues.

    Pen down your daily routine in notebooks housed by us. Tweak your daily routine to plan out the day in an organized manner. Writing down routine in something tangible will cement it in the brain, pushing one closer towards goals.  Using notebooks as a planner is quite a fashion to carve out a layout. Get the freedom to design it the way you like, unlike readymade planners.

    Our range of catch-all notebooks will do exactly what it says. It will pull out random little questions or ideas that pop up throughout the day. It is easy to carry our notebook in purses or backpacks to make sure that brilliant ideas do not slide away through the cracks.

    Want to record travel memories? Look no further. It is always a good idea to dedicate a small notebook from our assorted collection for a trip. Our notebooks are an all-time favorite and priceless souvenir. Anytime one wishes to re-experience the whole trip freshly, they can just flip through the pages.  People even make a record of the places they visit. Go creative and add illustrations, print outs, museum tickets, brochures, and even stamps. It can make the notebook look fancy inside-out, loaded with memories of various trips.

    Need a trip planner? Do it in a quirky way. Anybody who planned a trip knows it requires remembering a ton of details-flights, buses, contact information, hotel reservations, addresses, etc. People planning huge trips should keep a notebook handy to track minute details and we provide something for just that.

    Notebook for skills

    Learning calligraphy or brush lettering? Using our extravagant notebook will not only inspire to practice but keep track of progress. Image and quote collection is an all-time favorite among teens. It will spark the creative bug. Anything that inspires you, write it down in our plain notebooks and add a personal touch. Notebook is a vital source of inspiration when people run out of ideas.

    Want to learn a new skill? Be ready to face the challenges, when it gets tough and you feel lost, write down those feelings. When in the future the venture blooms, flip through our notebook and smile to see your achievements.

    Blogging is not an easy piece of cake. It involves a lot of hard work. Using our notebooks can help one to organize all the odds of crazy blogging. Pen down fresh ideas, plan content calendar, keep track of passwords and even jot down ideas already posted.

    With resources handy, learn a new language using our adorable notebooks. Divide our notebooks into multiple sections as it will keep all the learning materials in one place.

    Express creativity by using our vibrant color notebooks as a sketchbook for doodles or diagrams.

    What makes notebooks worthy gifting options?

    Many people regard notebooks as their prized possessions. Gift them a good quality pleather notebook from our range and they would appreciate it.

    Gift our brown pleather notebook to your perfectionist friend. For them taking down notes is a form of art in itself and they will surely appreciate it.

    Surprise someone with an ornamental notebook who loves to cook or is a professional chef. Notebooks are famous all over the world as kitchen favorites. Gift them and wait for interesting recipe journals.

    Nestasia houses notebooks in various colors like yellow, pink, blue and even nude colors to blend with the fashion ensemble of fashionistas. Our stunning blue hardcover notebook will become an eye-catching tool in meetings and coffee houses.

    Nobody can deny that there are endless educational and cognitive benefits that a child would imbibe from reading and writing. Our bright color yellow or orange notebook would not only stimulate their imagination but also broaden their horizon for understanding the world. It is a way to instill invaluable skills in action. Add a personal touch by gifting them character notebooks. In a way, kids would retain more information relating to those characters.

    Gifting personalized notebooks as return gifts for kids’ birthday parties is quite a trend. Notebooks can be good New Year or Christmas gifts. People in the corporate culture also prefer gifting our range of pleather notebooks during workshops and seminars to help team member’s jot down vital points in official meetings. It can become a great personal diary for people who love to pen down thoughts regularly.

    A good notebook is always a writer’s delight, explore our range at Nestasia!