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Introduction of artificial flowers

A balcony garden, an open outdoor space, a terrace, or even a small window corner can be turned into your green patch by accessorizing it with planters, pots, plants, and flowers. If you like plants and the freshness of flowers, this section is for you. Decorate a corner with planter pots and instantly add a homey feeling to your garden. 

Garden stakes can help add an extra bit of cheer and colour to your garden to create an alluring space. And if your home has corners that do not get natural light, you can always brighten up those spaces of your home garden with artificial flower bouquet for decoration that you can pick and choose from our wide range of assorted artificial flowers online for decoration.

The presence of flowers and plants can dramatically change the atmosphere of your residence, not only by ushering in more brightness but also by enhancing your spirit. On the other hand, fresh flowers aren't always practical and might not be the best option for you. Fortunately, there are some excellent small artificial flowers as well as big artificial flowers for decoration available that resemble the freshest ones that you might have seen while walking back home, in both appearance and texture. These artificial flowers for decoration also come with a number of benefits that you might not have known about.

Most people believe that having plants in the house is a good idea. Plants dramatically improve the delight in a home. It is challenging to upkeep plants when you are busy with a hectic schedule, even if it's simply a pot of green plants. There are several possible explanations, including the possibility that you have been sick for a long time, won't be at home for a while, or that life is simply too chaotic for you to take care of your plants. Whatever the cause, don't worry; you have many choices.

Artificial flower bunch and artificial flower bouquet are mostly used as a replacement for actual plants to decorate various indoor and outdoor spaces. The fact that artificial flowers don't require the upkeep that comes with actual plants is one of their most significant advantages. In truth, all fake flowers can be made to look nice all year long with a little bit of occasional maintenance.

Artificial flowers online for decoration may also be used to illuminate gloomy areas that receive little natural light because they don't require light to grow. Artificial plants, flowers, and trees may be utilised in almost any setting because they don't require soil, water, or repotting. You can use an identical fake flower to get the desired look if you can't put a real flower you've had your eye on in a certain position because it's too hot or cold. Artificial flower bouquet for decoration is an excellent solution for those who have pollen allergies, as well as adding colour and life to your office and creating a relaxing atmosphere. If your workplace is often visited by clients, this quality is very important.

The fact that certain fake plants are produced from high-quality materials and have a lifelike appearance is another advantage of employing them. Additionally, you don't have to bother about fertilising, trimming, or watching out for pests and illnesses while using small faux flowers and big artificial flowers.

Our faux plants and flowers are made of-

PU Silk: The closest one can achieve to authentic flowers are PU silk flowers. They often feature quite a bit of detail, which sets them apart from other kinds of artificial flowers and plants, and contributes to their incredibly lifelike appeal.

Foam: For flowers with delicate and petite petals, foam greens are the best option. Even though they might not seem to be particularly realistic, they can be paired with other actual or faux flowers to enhance their appearance.

PVC: PVC plants and flowers are generally not the usual choices of the selectors, but ours will surely steal your glance with their fresh appeal and texture

Collection of artificial flowers online at Nestasia

A high-quality artificial flower bouquet will seem even more authentic with the proper colours, as though you just plucked it from your garden! And that’s what we deliver here, at Nestasia. When it comes to fake flowers, traditional, natural colours are always popular since they make the blossoms seem even more realistic. Our faux flowers are skilfully made keeping in mind the important factors that make them no less than real flowers.

It's a good idea to choose small artificial flowers and big artificial flowers with colours that are true to nature, and it's also a good idea to seek tonal rather than flat petals. The appearance of the imitation bloom will be more artificial the flatter the color. If you buy from the correct designers, you may be confident that the colours were carefully and precisely hand-painted. You'll see minor design details and possibly even some flaws that combine to make a faux bloom appear genuine.

Our elaborate collection mainly includes-


We are all aware that red roses are typically connected to romantic and amorous emotions. But various rose colours might signify different things. Lighter tones of pink are believed to express admiration, grace, and elegance, whereas darker shades of pink are used to say "thank you" and to convey gratefulness. Pink roses are, in our opinion, the perfect flower to add to your home's interior decor.


The delicate, exquisite peony blossoms are well-known for their beauty and are very well-liked all around the world. They are also referred to as the "king of flowers" in Chinese cultures because of their associations with love, luck, and success. These words guarantee the success of incorporating peonies for any party decoration or gifting, and the pink peony is without a doubt our favourite variety. Peonies will look great when small artificial flower bunch and artificial flower bouquet are kept around them.


The purification, new life, reincarnation, and abundance represented by lilies are well known. Additionally, they represent femininity and adoration, much like roses do. They are gorgeous artificial flowers for decoration in addition to being significant.


Beautiful, eye-catching hydrangeas are known for their voluminous blooms. According to legend, hydrangeas represent sincere affection and admiration. However, depending on the colour, much like other flowers, their symbolism can vary. Hydrangeas are associated with romance and admiration. We believe that having some imitation hydrangeas in your home will provide some beauty and positive energy!

Our collection of artificial flowers also include camellia, chrysanthemum, begonia, wisteria, iris, bougainvillea, carnation, cherry blossoms, daisy, tulips, flower bud sets, sunflower, wild flower, etc. Apart from these, we also have lush green leaf stems, fruit stems, hanging willow, artificial leaves, vines of leaves and flowers,  cotton bud stems, and paddy bunch.

Why choose Nestasia to buy artificial flowers?

Superb resilience

The fact that artificial flowers for decoration and artificial plants can survive for many years is one of their great features. Even the most recently bloomed buds only last for a maximum of 12 days. On the other hand, artificial flowers for decoration and plants don't wilt, turn brown, or release the stuffy odor that natural flowers could when their lives come to an end. If artificial flowers for decoration are properly cared for, they can survive for years.


Beautiful freshly cut flowers are gorgeous, but they are not inexpensive, and the expense of replacing your bouquets soon increases. However, a one-time, modest purchase that will brighten your space is a bunch of faux flowers and greens.  For a small fraction of the price, Nestasia offers a sizable artificial flower bunch and artificial flower bouquet, small artificial flowers for decoration and big artificial flowers for living room and plants that might radically change the appearance of your humble abode.

Maintenance Is Optional

For various types of flowers and greenery, different watering regimens, fertilizers, and pest and parasite protection are required. With our busy lives, we don't always have the time to give our plants the care they necessitate. There is a lot to learn. In addition to looking just as magnificent as organic flowers, artificial flowers online for decoration also require very little upkeep. When you do your weekly cleaning, a little dusting will make them seem brand new.

For Pets And Humans!

If their favourite hooman admires flower arrangements and beautiful bouquets, the pets are no exception! Similarly, while humans can, animals also can suffer lethal consequences from specific flowers and species of plants. Lilies, for instance, can seriously harm cats' kidneys, and other animals can also suffer due to English ivy. 

You can maintain your desired home design aesthetic while avoiding any adverse effects on your pets by using artificial flower bunch. If you have any kind of allergy, fresh flowers and greenery are usually the last things you want in your house. You don't have to pass up this opportunity, though! You can adorn your house with whatever flora you choose by using artificial flowers for home decoration without having to deal with the side effects of cut flowers, such as sneezing fits and itchy eyes. You choose to use artificial flowers for decoration without having to deal with the side effects of cut flowers, such as sneezing fits and itchy eyes.

How To Use Artificial Flowers For Home Decoration?

  1. Choose something a little unique if you want to show your artificial flower for home decoration in a different container than the usual vase. Many people like to display their flowers in jugs or pitchers instead of vases, and some people utilise empty wine bottles for this purpose. However, there are no restrictions here; use empty cans, mason jars, mugs, teapots, or whatever else you choose! Simply cut the stems of your chosen flowers to fit the container of your choice.
  2. If you want to keep actual plants and flowers looking their best, your options for using them are restricted. Because they will not need water, fake flowers for decoration can be utilized in a number of ways. Make a floral garland or a picture-worthy background, a handmade wreath, or place the flowers in a creative vessel like a basket, lantern, or artistic vase, which you can choose from our wide range of products. The only limitation is in your creativity! What else? Your next event can be decorated with our faux flowers and plants only!
  3. Given that artificial flowers for home decoration are made to last a very long time (or forever if you take proper care of them! ), it's probable that you'll grow tired of them eventually. Changing your artificial flowers bunch seasonally to replace your summery bouquet with one that is full of vibrant autumnal colours is one way to address this. You can keep your flowers hidden till the next year when you're ready to bring them back out because they'll last! Additionally, since you can change them to suit the blooms that are in season, using this approach will actually make your artificial flowers for living room appear more genuine!
  4. Making a modest display out of other objects from your home's decor is a common approach to design your artificial flower bouquet. To create a space in your house that will make you smile every time you look at it, arrange your artificial flower bouquet next to your favourite print, some of your personal decorations or keepsakes, or even close to your favourite scented candle.

Despite the fact that fake flowers require less upkeep than their fresh counterparts, you should still give them a little attention now and again. Your display won't fade if you place your artificial flower for home decoration out of direct sunlight or sometimes turn the vase to cover them from the sun. Cleaning your fake flower arrangements is another crucial step in ensuring that they look their best. You can read our finest cleaning advice for synthetic flowers here.

The intricate floral selection at Nestasia has the most lifelike artificial flowers online you can discover. You may select from the finest blossoms that are clean and natural looking and have the same eye-catching appeal as fresh flowers thanks to the work of skilled imitation floral designers.

Not sure where to begin when picking out your artificial flowers for living room? View some of the floral designs we've featured in our blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are artificial flowers made from?

Nestasia's beautifully crafted bunch and stems collection is made of the best quality PU silk, velvet, foam, and PVC. Each of the materials is selected for its specialty. The 100% quality materials used to make each of the artificial flowers give it strength, long-lasting ability, and most importantly, a lifelike appearance.

Is it alright to keep artificial flowers at home?

It's always a great decision to keep artificial flowers at home on a pedestal, shelf or a table in the living room, bedroom, or on the dining table. Decorating with artificial flowers can be beautiful and a few personal touches can really bring them to life. A high-quality artificial flower arrangement will last for years and can be used throughout your home year-round.

Why should you buy artificial flowers?

Artificial flowers come with outstanding benefits which would make you think of them being one of the best decor investments. They are non-perishable, hypoallergenic, maintenance-free, and not restricted to any season. These artificial flowers are the simplest and most timeless way to decorate a table or interior decor.

How to clean artificial flowers?

Artificial flower bunch is the best to spruce up the home decor in the most minimal way. Though artificial flowers are always fresh and non-perishable, it's important to take care of them and clean them to maintain the beauty and vibrancy of the colours. With a damp cloth or a feather duster, one can dust the leaves and blooms. Another quick method to remove dust from your fake flowers is to gently dust them with a hairdryer in a cool setting or spray them with compressed or canned air. However, it's recommended to continue dusting with a hairdryer before using a damp cloth.

How do you arrange artificial flowers in a living room?

Artificial flowers in Nestasia's collection are great for decoration in any part of the home or for any occasion. One can pour in the creativity to decorate with artificial flowers - there are so many ways and varieties of faux flowers to choose from. To make the arrangement look simple, stick to one or two colours and add some fresh greenery to the display. Mix and match a variety of vases in different materials such as glass, and ceramic which are available in Nestasia's collection, as well as wicker, rattan, or Sabai planters if your choice is shorter stems or flower bunch to keep things natural.