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Get ready to host a soiree with Nestasia’s exclusive collection of stylish Serving Bowls!

Are you in search of some classy serving bowls for your newly designed kitchen? Then, you are at the right spot. Nestasia is a one-stop store where you can lay your hands on a wide range of exquisite serving bowls, glass serving bowls, ceramic serving bowls, and a lot more. Nothing can be more satisfying than serving delicacies in exotic serving bowls that add elegance and style to your dinner table! 

Amp up your serving game with Nestasia’s varied range of serveware that comprises serving bowl sets, serving bowls, large serving bowls, glass serving bowls, glass serving bowls with lids, snack serving bowls, ceramic serving bowls with lids, and much more. Our modern serving bowls are crafted in unique designs, that not only elevate your dining experience but also tempt you to enjoy the delicious treats. The greatest thing about our unique collection of serving bowls is that they are available in a variety of vintage and contemporary styles, that suit the tastes of every crockery connoisseur.

Be it a get-together, house party, birthday party, or a regular meal time, Nestasia’s exclusive collection of serving bowls, serving bowls with lids, glass serving bowls, glass serving bowls with lids, serving bowl sets, or large serving bowls, are designed not only to garner your attention but also to meet all your needs. 

If you’re fond of cooking, then our serving bowls and you are bound to be best friends. Our serving bowls are aesthetically appealing and are designed to enhance the look of the delicacies served in them. Our varied collection of serving bowls is versatile too! One can use our serving bowls as breakfast bowls for serving oatmeal, poha, or porridge. Freshly cut fruits, salads, rice, fried rice, chicken curries or gravies, noodles, soups, noodle soup, nuggets, ramen, popcorn, and other delicious treats can also be served in our serving bowls. Our serving bowls, serving bowl set, glass serving bowl, large serving bowl, and serving bowls with lids are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to choose from.

Our serving bowls are enough for serving a modest portion of food, thanks to the ample space they provide! Our serving bowls are multipurpose too. For instance, if your kids are picky eaters, serve them the necessary vegetables mixed together with rice and curry in the serving bowl, instead of serving them on separate plates or bowls. The serving bowl will make the food appear lesser and help in easier feeding of children, while it would help in portion control for adults. 

Apart from size, design, material, and style, colors also play an important role when it comes to choosing a serving bowl. Our mild or subtle colored ceramic serving bowl or glass serving bowl, are designed to exude a breath of fresh air on your dining table, while our vibrant colored serving bowls are crafted to add a pop of color to your tabletop. For instance, if you have a wooden or glass table, we recommend you to lay your hands on our exotic ceramic serving bowls with vibrant floral prints or patterns, especially if you wish to contrast. Our ceramic serving bowls will seem elegant, flawless, and very attractive on wooden tabletops. Ceramic serving bowls are also perfect for quick, informal dinners! 

Your dining table, our responsibility! We, at Nestasia, aim to provide you with exquisite serving bowls, serving bowl sets, large serving bowls, snack serving bowls, glass serving bowls, or glass serving bowls with lids, that are apt for every occasion- be it a birthday party, anniversary get-together, housewarming party or a casual movie or game night. A well-set table is all you need to enrich the culinary experience. For instance, if you wish to create a minimalist table setup for your next dinner or lunch party, add our Nitori serving bowls, Willow serving bowls, teardrop textured ceramic ramen bowls, Sakura serving bowls, Toujours serving bowls, Toujours serving bowls with lids, or Meraki serving bowls, to your existing crockery collection. Pair them up with our dinner plates, snack serving plates, and side bowls of the same hue and design, and you are good to go! If it’s a movie night with your friends, a housewarming party, or a birthday party, our pastel-shaded serving bowls are here to steal your attention!

Choose the serving bowl of your choice from our unique collection of serving bowls, glass serving bowls, ceramic serving bowls, glass serving bowls with lids, snack serving bowls, and serving bowls with lids. Every table arrangement is unique in its own manner, thus the serveware should be selected accordingly. Pick the one that meets your preferences the most and set up your own table for your upcoming lunch or dinner gathering!

Product Name Price
Ceramic Serving Bowl With Double Handle White 800 ml Rs.1150
Pastel Baking Serving Bowl With Handle Yellow 800 ml Rs.1150
Sage Green Large Ceramic Serving Bowl 800 ml Rs.1150
Pink Marble Bowls Rs.450
VERA White Bowls Rs.490
Sylvan Floral Patterned Ceramic Serving Bowl 9 Inch 1 L Rs.750
Nitori Cooking Pot Rs.1250