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Serving bowls are not mere vessels for holding food; they are essential elements that contribute to the artistry and functionality of a well-set table. Nestasia, a distinguished brand in home decor and lifestyle, recognizes the significance of serving bowls in elevating the dining experience. These food serving bowls serve as versatile canvases for presenting an array of dishes, making them indispensable for any table setting. The importance of snack serving bowls, in particular, lies in their ability to enhance the aesthetics of appetizers and treats. Nestasia's collection of snack serving bowls is a testament to this, offering a diverse range of designs, sizes, and materials that cater to various tastes and occasions.

Beyond aesthetics, a perfect serving bowl has a practical purpose by facilitating easy sharing and portion control during meals. Nestasia understands the balance between beauty and utility, ensuring that each serving bowl is crafted with premium materials and unique designs to enhance both the visual allure of the table and the practical aspects of serving. Whether it's for formal dinners, casual gatherings, or everyday use, Nestasia's serving bowls contribute to a dining experience that is not only delicious but also visually captivating and memorable.

Different Types Of Serving Bowls Available At Nestasia

  • Ceramic Serving Bowls

Discover Nestasia's exquisite collection of ceramic serving bowls, each adorned with unique prints and available in various sizes and shapes. Crafted from premium ceramic material, these bowls are the epitome of sophistication and durability. Ideal for serving a variety of delicacies, they add a touch of elegance to any dining experience. Whether you prefer bold patterns or classic designs, Nestasia's diverse ceramic bowl range ensures your table is graced with both style and functionality, making each meal a delightful and aesthetically pleasing occasion.

  • Marble Serving Bowls 

Explore Nestasia's stunning collection of marble-finish serving bowls, each embellished with distinctive patterns and offered in various sizes and shapes. Meticulously crafted from high-quality ceramic material, these bowls exude sophistication and durability with a luxurious marble touch. Perfect for presenting a variety of delicacies, they infuse an elegant charm into every dining experience.

  • Stoneware Serving Bowls 

Discover Nestasia's captivating assortment of stone-ware finish food serving bowls, each adorned with unique patterns and available in diverse sizes and shapes. Expertly crafted from premium ceramic material, these big serving bowls radiate sophistication and durability, capturing the essence of a luxurious stoneware finish. Ideal for presenting an array of delicacies, they introduce a refined charm to each dining experience. 

Tips For Choosing The Right Serving Bowls 

When selecting serving bowls, certain essential factors need to be kept in mind in order to enhance your dining experience. Nestasia, a distinguished home decor brand, prioritizes quality, beauty, and utility in its collection, all on an affordable budget. Serving bowls, if made from ceramic, should be selected for their timeless aesthetic. Our serving bowls with lids combine elegance with functionality, offering a durable and stylish option. Versatility is key, and Nestasia's collection of food serving bowls is suitable for relishing a variety of dishes, while our commitment to quality ensures that your food serving bowls not only elevate your table but also endure, reflecting a perfect fusion of aesthetics and practicality.

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Why Choose Nestasia To Buy Premium Serving Bowls Online?

If you’re in search of exceptional serving bowls to add to your existing tableware collection, you should definitely check out Nestasia’s collection of serving bowls online. With a dedicated commitment to affordability, excellence, and timely deliveries, we offer premium tableware items crafted to enhance your dining affairs. Our carefully curated essentials aim to redefine your home aesthetics, emphasizing quality, utility, and beauty norms. Whether you're looking for ceramic serving bowls or glass ones, each piece is meticulously crafted to infuse a breath of fresh air into your dining occasions.

All FAQs Related To Serving Bowls Answered

How Big Should A Serving Bowl Be?

A serving bowl has a diameter of 16cm (approximately 6.3 inches) at the smaller end and 26cm (approximately 10.2 inches) at the larger end. The serving bowl is ideal for serving main course dishes, salads, and more.

What Is The Purpose Of A Serving Bowl?

A serving bowl serves a dual role, enhancing both the presentation and practical aspects of meal service. It contributes to the visual appeal of the table by invitingly presenting dishes. Additionally, a serving bowl facilitates communal dining, allowing for shared portions, individual preferences, and portion control.

What's the difference between a serving bowl and a mixing bowl?

Serving bowls are crafted to elevate table aesthetics during meals, featuring diverse materials and decorative designs. In contrast, mixing bowls prioritize functionality with practical designs and materials like stainless steel or glass. Deeper and more utilitarian, mixing bowls serve kitchen tasks, providing ample space for blending, stirring, and other culinary preparations.

How do I clean and maintain serving bowls?

Hand wash with mild soap and warm water to maintain and clean serving bowls effectively, avoiding abrasive materials. Prevent scratches using gentle utensils, and air dry or use a soft towel. Store with protective layers between bowls to avoid scratches. 


Product Name Price
Ceramic Serving Bowl With Double Handle White 800 ml Rs.1150
Pastel Baking Serving Bowl With Handle Yellow 800 ml Rs.1150
Sage Green Large Ceramic Serving Bowl 800 ml Rs.1150
Pink Marble Bowls Rs.450
Set Of 2 Pastel Ceramic Serving Bowls 1650ml Rs.2140
Set Of 2 Large Serving Bowls Scallop Grey 1000ml Rs.2030
VERA Green Serving Bowl Rs.1403