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Are you searching for the best pasta plates online? Nestasia has got you covered. Browse through and shop from a huge variety of pasta plates and sets. Starting from ceramic pasta plates, deep plates, pasta bowls, pasta plates, to deep plates, and more, Nestasia has everything you require.

These plates are apt for serving an array of meals across various cuisines. You can serve pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, kebabs and rice, veggie, stroganoff, and other delicious cuisines on our range of pasta plates. Explore and select from a wide collection of patterns, prints, and colors of pasta plates. There are also a variety of different shapes and sizes to choose from. Each of our pasta plates and pasta plates set is curated to make any table decor cheerful and lively.


The range of pasta plates available at Nestasia is numerous. These come in various materials such as glass, and all types of clay, a majority being ceramic. The countless variety of pasta plates, ceramic pasta plates, and pasta dishes that we have are apt for serving various kinds of pasta including ravioli, penne, fusilli, and much more. 

Our deep plates and pasta bowls have a higher height at the rim. The elevated sides of the plates ensure that the soups and gravy do not spill out. You would also find some pasta plates that come with accessories such as handles. These make handling the plates and serving portions of meals easy. 

Along with these, Nestasia also offers long pasta dishes. These dishes are apt for not only serving pasta but can also be used to serve various other food items at the dining table. Some of these long dishes also come with handles that make them easy to carry, serve, and clean. There are also pasta plate sets that include bowls, plates, spoons, and chopsticks perfect for all your Italian cuisine parties. 

Here is a tip from us! Our unique and stylish Mandala baking plates for pasta are apt for gifting something unique and quirky to your loved ones. The plate is designed to add life to any bland and boring table setup. You can either serve some delicious food or can also keep it at the center of the table decor with some colorful fruits to blend well with the sophisticated white color of the bowl. 


The color of the crockery plays a huge role in elevating the look of the food served and the tablescape. Who would not agree to this? 

Nestasia thus offers an array of colors to choose from. Whether it is a fun and quirky color that would make your setup bright and cheerful, or a modern minimalist color to subtly add elegance, there is a wide range of choices for all. The color range includes multiple shades of white, black, green, blue, yellow, orange, and brown. You would find aesthetic shade combinations of these colors in monochromatic and dual tones. Along with that, you also find these colors used seamlessly in various patterns, prints, and textures as well.

There are floral prints, fish prints, bird prints, unicorn prints, spirals, abstract prints, marble prints, artistic mandala prints, and other colorful prints. There are also some lively and cheerful prints of vegetables and fruits as well. We also have ceramic clay pasta plates in visually pleasing colors, light gray and dark gray. Our wide-rim pasta pastes add an elegant touch that makes them apt for serving at the dining table. 

You can choose to get a pasta plate set in a single color, or in lovely patterns and prints. On the contrary, you can also mix and match colors, patterns, and prints and create your own unique table decor. Either way, the sheer look of each of our pasta serving plates is sure to lift your table appearance. 

There are also some fun prints curated especially for the little ones to explore. We are sure the cute cartoon prints are going to add joy to their eating time thereby making them finish the complete meal. 

Shape and Size

Nestasia offers some fun geometrical shapes far apart from the traditional round ones to add some quirk to any setup. There are rectangular pasta plates, square pasta plates, octagon-shaped plates, and more. The plates have varying depths in the center that make them apt for serving food with soups and gravy. These pasta plates come in various sizes as well. There are small pasta plates, medium plates, and long plates. The sizes are mentioned for every product to help you get the perfect size you are looking for. 


Sure pasta plates are apt for serving pasta, but Nestasia’s pasta plates and pasta plates set could be used to serve a couple of other foods as well. Some of the food that you can serve here are various starters, kebabs, sandwiches, veggies, meat, fries, and fitters, amongst others.

Our small pasta bowls can also be used to serve snacks, cupcakes, macarons, and more. You can turn the long pasta plates into serving plates at the dining table as well. With the handles that they come with, passing the plate across the table becomes easy. The pasta plates are microwave and dishwasher friendly. Thus, it becomes easier to heat the food and clean the pasta plates later.


Nestasia’s pasta plates give you complete value for your money. There are various options available across various budgets. All the plates are durable and are multi-taskers. Additionally, the classy finish of each plate is going to be an incomparable addition to your table appearance.