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Chip always comes with dip! Enjoy your favourite snacks and dips together with our collection of section plates.

Modern Section Plates

Nestasia’s section plates can be your snacking game-changer. The presentation of food plays an important role in pulling all five senses into the experience of having a meal. Visual appearance is as important as the taste of the food. Our serving plates and platters can be used to serve appetizers, dips and sauces, fruits, and much more, perfect for outdoor or indoor parties, house parties, and events. From a casual get-together to formal dinners, these compartment plates work best in all cases. These plates create a sense of sharing and help guests to be in a more comfortable and relaxed environment. 

Our ceramic section plate can be one of the best things that you can have in your kitchen. Ceramic utensils have a charm that makes food look more delicious and gorgeous. A colorful and shapely platter can enhance the overall look of your dining table and brings a special feel to the meal shared by loved ones. These plates serve as multi-purpose plates which include a dip section to serve the delicious sauces and chutneys. Our attractive collection also has serving platters for kids with attractive prints to make a fun snack platter.

Shapes and Sizes

Our section plates are available in various shapes and sizes like circular, square, rectangle, and oval platters, while some are in quirky shapes like abstract plates, cupcake plates, shell plates, Christmas tree plates, pseudo plates, and so on. All the plates are available in small, medium, and large with different types of plates having different capacities. You can also find two-tier dessert stands in our collection with an attractive handle for carrying. These plates are of adequate size to serve snacks and dips. You can choose from our wide collection of section plates with varying sizes as per your need.

Color and Patterns

Nestasia’s collection includes a wide array of elegant and quirky patterns of large serving platters which elevates your impression of food. It has nothing to do with the taste but it enhances the look of your meals and raises expectations of taste. 

We have several color options in our section plates like blue, white, black, green, emerald, grey, pink, red, brown, and yellow. We also have multi-color options with geometric patterns, pseudo patterns, striped, fish prints, animal prints, fruit and vegetable prints, and abstract prints. Our collection also includes plain colored divided plates and chip and dip platter

There are several other patterns of ceramic platter that you can choose from. Some of our plates can be divided into several other plate sections and can be reassembled back into the complete set. These are in the shape of half-arc and the dip sections resemble a yin-yang symbol. The sections avoid getting the food mixed with each other.


Nestasia offers a variety of serving ware to ramp up your kitchenware collection. Our ceramic platter comes in various designs from simple to quirky, each with a unique design. We also have a kids-friendly collection in exciting colors and patterns to make them more attracted to food. These numerous varieties of serving ware can be used for serving different dishes at parties and get-togethers. Explore and buy from our exclusive collection of serving plates and platters and add more variety to your dinnerware.


The section plates can be easily carried anywhere. They are ideal for serving snacks and munchies at parties and small gatherings. They are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. Some of our sectional plates come with handles, which makes them easy to carry and serve. The divided plates can be divided into sections and can be separately used for serving. 

These plates can also be used to serve desserts, cookies, dry fruits, and salads. The platter with dip bowl can be used as a sushi plate, momo plate, nacho plate for fries, sandwiches, and what not.


The price of our compartment plates is sure to suit your budget requirements. Our quality of ceramic platters is up to the mark to suit your requirements. The prices may differ depending on the size, shape, pattern, color, and texture of the platters.

Section Plates Pricing

Product Name Price
Ceramic Chip And Dip Platter Pink 550 ml Rs.825
Chip And Dip Platter White Raddish 550 ml Rs.825
Radish Ceramic Snack Dish Pink 300 ml Rs.450
Radish Snack Dish White 300 ml Rs.450
Chip and Dip Plate Nitori Rs.540
Nitori Shell Section Plate Rs.570
Cavern Clay Sectioned Party Platter Rs.1216